April changes to PUP’s balance that I observed

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    Check out the Ornlu video for a more comprehensive list of hidden changes in the game.

    Some general changes include new tech gambesons that give the militia line +1 pierce armor, the elite steppe lancer now has a base pierce armor of 2, and the pikeman upgrade cost has decreased to 160f 90g.

    Each civ also has specific changes, such as Celts’ Stronghold Castles now healing infantry units, Byzantines’ Greek Fire granting +5 blast damage to bombard towers, and Malays’ infantry armor upgrades being free.

    There are also changes to unit costs, upgrades, and bonuses.

    For more details, check out Ornlu’s video.


    Flemish militia is now cost 50f 15g, 60hp, 11 attacks, 1/0 armor


    Turks nerf…Atleast give Steppe lancers in return!


    This is cool.

    These updates make a lot of sense.


    teuton buff where? 🙁



    Spanish +-+


    I actually love this… I think.


    Overall I like the boldness of these changes, sounds like an awesome patch (if this is all true).

    These would be my main concerns:


    Ethopian team bonus seems like a MASSIVE game changer, and might be too storng.

    Ethiopians are already a very common flank pick.

    But now a team with Eth will easily have vision on everything it seems. 25 wood, 15 second construction, 11 line of sight in Feudal age (without town watch), 13 line of sight in Castle age.

    This seems kinda insane to me!

    Ethiopians Royal Heirs – it affects camels?

    Seems kinda weird.

    Ethiopian camels are highly situational.

    Moreover the bonus’s effect is also quite situational.

    Though I assume mounted units includes cav archers and the like.

    Gambesons – I think this will have very small effect on viability of infantry outside of where it’s already viable.

    M@A opening in Feudal doesn’t change, Champions in post-imp become stronger.

    Longswords are still shit.

    This also makes the militia line even harder to tech into.

    Even if they take a few more volleys, archers can still easily kite infantry.

    Malians – This seems objectively better than the Turk gold mining bonus.

    Turk miners work 20% faster but the gold runs out quicker.

    Whereas Malians will effectively work 15% faster yet the gold will last as if there were no eco bonus at all.

    This is not to say Malians are now much stronger than Turks overall, just thought it was interesting.


    Do Berserker have the extra hp regen base now?


    i am confused as to why bohemians dont get the new tech, they have everything else for the infantry tech tree, so why do they miss out on the new one?


    KEKBYE to Sicillians.

    Absolute trash tier.

    How the devs fumble the bag with them is beyond me.

    Vikings look kind of awesome though.

    Go MAA —> FC, put folk on stone, get a defensive castle up, leverage your better eco to mass Swordsmen with +3p armor and put pressure.

    Then get the UT, mass your boys in the castle then let them loose and have them gather gold just killing vils.

    Top tier 1400 strat, big fan of it.



    Stronghold Castles now also heal infantry units around castles in 7 tiles
    well atleast now it is less suck
    Mahayana monks now also takes 10% less pop space.

    seems like a joke how many monk did you have in imp

    Atheism costs 500f300w(previously 500f 500g)

    if atheist cost money then it is not atheist now it is right

    New bonus Receive 20 gold for each researched tech.

    well seem good to quick castle

    Chieftains Infantry now algo gets gold for killing vill(5g),trade units(20g) and monks(20g).

    Finnaly my chieftains is



    Being a Dravidian civ fan, I love this patch:


    Dravidian siege -33% wood, synergizes VERY well with their +200 wood on age-up (150 wood 225 gold Bombard Cannons, TIME TO MURDER SOME FRANK TREB CASTLES)


    Generic Elite Elephant archer upgrade is 800F 500G, down from 1000F 800G.

    This is necessary balance for the game’s only food-costing archer unit (although I still advocate +1 range for elephant archers, they are on a 6 foot elephation 11)


    Gambersons (along with 50% discount for Dravidians) will finally allow Dravidian infantry to soak up some arrows, especially Urumi (who have 0 base pierce armour)


    Generic Pikemen upgrade cheaper (160F from 215F)

    LET’S GOOOOOOOO, all infantry civs are better now!


    Doesn’t the chinese change just make them easier?


    they will perform better at lower ELO since you can immediately queue a vil, then loom and by the end of it you’ll have enough food to keep tc idle at 0 with the same outcome as before the change


    This Malian gold change seema kind of huge if I understand it correctly.

    Faster income while also ending up with more in total.

    Gbeto and Tigui buffs might or might not end up mattering but as a whole a think they are looking pretty good.

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