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    hi every boddy
    during my project, i worked with modder from
    Age of empire II conqueror extension who made mod with voobly.

    I saw people create drs folder and put slp file on it, but the probleme is
    when you trying to put on Games\ directory no working (for game offline or gameRanger),UserPatch no read drs folder.

    language.ini is not readed by local game, you need to add all language in dll (language.dll,language_x1.dll and language_x1_p1.dll)
    So i made a tool to make this easy to implement the mod offline.

    Aoe2 slp merge into Drs File tool have three functionality:
    -merge slp files into Drs File (you need browser slp directory,browser the Drs file (example for wololokingdom is gamedata_x1_p1.drs)
    and click merge slp into drs button.

    this will create for example gamedata_x1_p1Tmp.drs with all slp files merge into that file.
    -language ini to dll, this functionnality will re compile language dll (browser language.ini,browser langauge dll and click update langauge dll button)
    -language dll to ini this will extract text from the dll (browser language dll, click create language ini button)
    i think this tool will help you to implement mod game more easy
    note: if you you want create local game and voobly mod at the same time,
    put you mod in Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\(your mod)
    create Games folder in Age of Empires II\Games
    copy age2_x1.xml in Age of Empires II\Games
    edite age2_x1.xml and change path value to voobly folder like this: ..\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\(your mod) this methode is optimize because no need to duplicate files (in Games and in voobly folder)

    I worked with modders from the Age of Empire II Conqueror extension who used Voobly to create mods.

    I noticed people creating a Drs folder and putting SLP files in it, but the problem was that when they tried to put it in the Games directory, it would not work for offline play or GameRanger.

    The language.ini file was also not read by the local game, so I created a tool to make it easier to implement the mod offline.

    The tool has three main functions: merging SLP files into a Drs file, converting a language.ini file into a language.dll file, and extracting text from a language.dll file to create a language.ini file.

    If you want to create a local game and a Voobly mod at the same time, put your mod in the Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods folder and create a Games folder in the Age of Empires II directory.

    Copy the age2_x1.xml file into the Games directory and edit it to change the path value to the Voobly folder.

    This method is optimized because there is no need to duplicate files.

    A tutorial is available at the link provided.

    I hope this tool will make it easier for you to implement mods.

    Source: Heaven forums

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