A Simple yet Enjoyable Tactic for Swiftly Losing or Winning a Game

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    I prefer short games that can be played in the mornings.

    Can you recommend any strategies or civilizations that would allow me to either resign safely after failing or win decisively in a 1v1 match?


    Really fun high risk strategy is called the “tati rush”.

    Named after tatoh.

    Use saracens and get up to feudal very quickly, like 19 pop (or earlier if you can manage it).

    On the way up to feudal you want to bank a lot of wood.

    Then switch most of your vils to gold and dont make more.

    First thing when you reach feudal is to build a market.

    Abuse the market with your saracen bonus and get forward ranges up almost on your enemies face along with a blacksmith+fletching.

    Spam archers at an insane rate and dominate.

    Maybe you can get a gg in feudal but if not then just use the market to go up to castle and build siege to end things.

    note: a less all in approach has you keep a few vils on your own berries so you can continue to produce some vils and have a functional economy but wheres the fun in this?


    Basically Any 1-TC Yolo all-in strategy.

    Something easy would be Berber/Frank/Hun 2 or 3 Stable knight all-in.

    If you want to be a bit different, you can do a pikes/siege/monk all-in 1 TC push with Celts/Slavs/Teutons or any other civ you fancy.

    Alternatively, if the opponent is open in feudal, you can try an all-in YOLO strategy in Feudal.

    Best civs would be something like Magyars for cheap scouts + free forging, Bulgarians for cheap blacksmith upgrades, Cumans for faster scouts + cheaper stables.

    If you want to go archers, you can go Mayans/Portuguese/Turks for discount, Britons for faster production, Ethiopians for faster firing, Vietnamese for tankier archers

    You can also go Yolo with maa with goths or other suitable civs like japanese or even burmese.


    Tati rush.

    Google it.


    Khmer 23 pop scorpion rush


    Persian Douche.

    Polish or Berber vil rushes.

    They won’t win you many fans but they are pretty strong (albeit super annoying) all-in dark age strats.


    Khmer fc into knights on arabia


    I do full feudal: pre mill drush into 2 barracks endless MAA.

    Control their gold and wall in their side golds, research infantry armor, and watch their base fall apart as they build useless scouts/skirms to defend.


    This boosted me from 1100 to 1500


    3 or 4 scouts, sell the stone to go to castle age earlier, and 2 stables full knight spam.

    Either you crush him early castle age or you’ve lost.


    Mongols 23+2 FC lancers.

    Alternatively open MAA and buy enough time and go up with around 7 farms and market use.

    Anything between 17 and 19 minutes should be doable.

    It’s still very all – in.

    If you lose your maa, you might die.

    Bulgarian 15-18pop maa flood, whatever you are able to do.

    Faster = better.

    Click up, build a barracks asap and sent build a single vill in feudal age anymore.

    You need 6f 2g to keep producing maa, so shut won’t be able to sustain TC production (needs 6f).


    Play offline skirmish.

    Enter “i r winner”

    Winner every time.


    I like the Frush.

    It means the First Rush.

    Basically, get your starting vils and go and fight their starting vils and hope they get so tilted they gg.

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