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1 Introduction
2 Basics
3 What to use and why
4 Kills and Razings


Bacteria is an edit of the old blood map Germz. It is fast paced and easy to learn.

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What to use and why

At the start you have no choice, make Jaguar Warriors and Chu-ko No. Use your hero to get kills faster. Each unit has a counter, for example Tuetonic Knights are super strong against Mamelukes so do not delete a unit unless you are sure you won’t need it. I recommend deleting the jaguar, chuko and samurai once you get to cataphracts.

Use units that counter your enemy and keep getting kills until you can destroy the enemy towers.

Kills and Razings

50 Kills: Elite Samurai |Fast hitter, gets outclassed in late game.
150 Kills: Elite Teutonic Knight |Can kill you if you don’t pay attention
200 Kills: Elite Cataphract |Strong fast tanky unit
250 Kills: Elite Mameluke |Great for countering elephants
350 Kills: Elite Jannisary |Use to hit pesky teutonic knights or mamelukes
400 Kills: Elite War Elephant |Can be used as a tank or to kill a player
500 Kills: El Cid / Villager / Stone |Use as a mameluke distract
550 Kills: Harald Hardraade |Good rushing hero
750 Kills: Genghis Khan / Spies |Last unit so kill fast

1 Razing: Monk / Fortified Walls
2 Razing: Elite Tarkan Spawn
3 Razing: Villager / Stone
4 Razing: Elite Conquistador Spawn
5 Razing: Villager / Stone/ Tower HP