Press the idle villagers button to find this area at the left corner. Here you can forage food that will help you advance to the next age.


This makes militia spawn in your base. Later you will be taking this guy off the ice and putting other units there so your army can grow more powerful!

Knowing where each player is on the map is helpful.
Keeping some units in the ice on the middle is very important.



Use your resources to get better technology and units so you can defeat your enemies. All civs can research the same things except for unique technology.


Dark Age

  • Set your villager to gather from berry bush
  • Send your militia to fight and send some to middle for tribute
  • Use your heroes to get kills so you can research feudal age soon
  • While you are going to feudal age buy 500 food at market (hold shift key to buy 500 in one click)

Feudal Age

  • Research castle age.
  • Make either scout cavalry from stable or archer from archery range.
  • Research some upgrades for your main unit at blacksmith, archery range or stable.
  • When you are about to go to the castle age you should look at how much resources you have. Use the market to prepare for the next steps.

Castle Age

  • Research imperial age
  • Choose a main unit to spawn, pick between Camel, Knight, Crossbowman or powerful unique units. As a beginner, avoid using slow units such as War Elephants, or any infantry Unique Unit. They can be used effectively but it is not easy.
  • Research treadmill crane at the university.
  • Research upgrades for the unit you are using.

Imperial Age

  • Research chemistry at the university.
  • Research bombard tower at university.
  • Research all range upgrade technology at the blacksmith for your bombard towers.
  • Research the upgrades for your most powerful unit.
  • Research Masonry, Architecture and Murder Holes.
  • When you have a lot of resources, research cavalier upgrade, even if you are not using knights yet.
  • Research Paladins.
  • Research all other useful technologies when you have the resources.

Imperial Gameplay

    When you make it to the imperial age this is where the real battle begins.

  • You will need to build bombard towers to defend yourself from attack as well as allow you to push forward against the enemy. Use your military to defend the villagers from raids, also garrison them if they might die.
  • If you are winning against the nearest enemy you may build your towers closer to his base so you can get more kills or razings.
  • If he has already built towers you must build them further away so that he won’t get easy razes while you are weak. It only takes ten razings to get a Harald Hardraade at spawn, if you can do this without giving too many kills away it is very rewarding.
  • Paladins will very often be the best unit to use when bombard towers are spread across the map. Use them or any other fast unit to kill villagers and raze weak towers. Alternatively, use them as a distraction as you attempt to gain map control using bombard towers.

Kill and Raze List

Both kills and razings will give you rewards.
You will get resources, villagers and extra tower hp for both.
You will get the final tier heroes for both.

  • 1000 Kills – Gawain, a cavalier hero.
  • 1100 Kills – Robin Hood, a longbow hero.
  • 1200 Kills – Theodoric the Goth, a huskarl hero.
  • 1300 Kills – Atilla the Hun, A cataphract hero.
  • 1400 Kills – Charles Martel, A throwing axeman hero.
  • 1500 Kills – Genghis Khan, a magnudai hero.
  • 2000 Kills – Furious the Monkey Boy, a monkey that is furious.
  • 2500 Kills – Saboteur, a blow things up hero.
  • 10 Razings – Harald Hardraade, a berserk that throws axes hero.
  • 20 Razings – Genghis Khan, he knew what he liked.
  • 30 Razings – Furious the Monkey Boy, a boy monkey.
  • 40 Razings- Saboteur, will blow for change.