A Minor Adjustment to NAC5

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    Instead of having all players play on day 5, the top player on day 4 should automatically qualify and the bottom player on day 4 should automatically be eliminated.

    Currently, important differences in standings occur between even number rankings, making it difficult to determine who will advance and who will be eliminated.

    By removing the top and bottom players, most matches will have clear stakes, allowing players to control their own destiny.

    This format is similar to a 3-round Swiss tournament, where the top and bottom players are automatically in/out after the first round, creating high-stakes matches.

    This format could be easily applied to any Swiss qualifier.


    I made a quick simulation of that scenario, and there’s a case in which I made the advancing player NOT face either the eliminated player OR any of the players that beat the eliminated player.

    In this case you take away many odds because Hera (advancing player) beating ACCM (eliminated player) first day removes a lot of odds.

    If there’s a player that played both players that aren’t playing last day, also many odds are eliminated.

    So I went for that specific case:

    After day 4 wins are 4 (advance)-3-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-0 (eliminated)

    One of the 3WP faces another 3WP

    the remaining 3WP, who had lost against one of the other 3WPs, can’t face any of the 2WPs, so he is scheduled against a 1WP (the same happens if you schedule the other 3WPs, the remaining one can play one of the 2WP but there’s a 1WP who already faced the rest of the players available)

    The 2WPs face each other

    The remaining 1WP face each other

    It looks good except for one matchup, but this matchup leads to the 3WP not being able to advance as the 2nd, because even if he wins, there will be another 4WP (the one who wins in the 3WP duel) who will take a higher Buchholz points (+3 vs +1).

    This can also assure a spot for the player who faces him as 8th with just 1W due to taking +3 or +4 Buchholz points (remember, there’s a 1WP duel that will leave a 1WP with a low Buchholz number)


    There is a huge issue with that: not all rounds of the Swiss system are played.

    That means players miss out on some buchholz points.

    If you just go by pairings (2v3 etc.) it’s almost a guarantee you will have at least 1 repeat matchup.

    For example, today would’ve been Jordan vs vinch again.

    This is not allowed in a normal swiss system

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