A Guide to Becoming a CBA Hero

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    CBA Hero Random TG tips and tricks

    I won’t be covering fundamental skills such as patrolling or general game mechanics knowledge.

    Instead, I will be explaining some core principals and provide a few straightforward tips.

    Many people (this includes most “2ks”) believes that hero is about killing more and losing less.

    This is true in the long run however in early and mid-game it’s about killing faster.

    A common example is with civs such as celts or vik.

    These civs cage at 200 yet I often see a celts or vik player running instead of fighting.

    If you split your losses, its sometimes even worth it to lose in order to get to 200 quickly.

    Tip 1: Always play for kills when you can with civs that can age up quickly.

    Coming back to the killing faster part, YOU DUMB ****S NEED TO STOP ****ING RUNNING.

    I seriously can only think of a few players that understands the value of staying and fighting.

    Nobody is dumb enough to feed you without killing anything.

    Be smart and control your kills to losses ratio.

    Tip 2: As long as you are killing more/faster you stay put and fight.

    Also relating to killing, stop always patrolling.

    You should only patrol when you need to stack your units in order to win a fight.

    If it is not necessary, don’t do it.

    It’s a waste of time and hurts the efficiency of your troops.

    The end goal isn’t to perfectly stack your troops, but rather “kill better”.

    You often lose kills when your troops stay stacked while an enemy GB.

    Furthermore, stand ground should only be used when you outrange the opponent (except for mong and sara) or run the risk of being trapped.

    Use A patrol when you can since it fully it maximizes efficiency.

    Tip 3: Choose the most efficient stance/formation to maximize efficiency.

    I recommend playing a few 1v1 hero since it is the best way to learn when to use which stance/formation (more specifically focus on brit, mong, sara and celts). 1v1 brings your TG gameplay to another level.
    This last point has to do with general game strategy.

    In hero there are two advantages to be had: the map/pop and the kills.

    You are striving for the control of both but in tight games you need to decide which ones you need to go for.

    In my opinion, both are equally as important and it comes down to how you use each one.

    You need to decide which advantage to focus on in balanced games.

    It’s important that you stick with what you decided on.

    If you choose map make sure you get it at any cost and if you choose kills make sure you kill more and feed less.

    Tip 4: Focus on either having more pop/map or getting more kills in balanced match-ups.

    There are exceptions in all of the aforementioned cases.

    Just use your best judgement.

    Holla at me if you have a question. ;1thumbup

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