200 Versus 200 Game Mode

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    What if 400 players could join a game, with 200 on each team and one assigned as the king/commander.

    Players could choose their own roles, such as villager, infantry, or siege, as long as they bring resources to the commander.

    The king can queue up needed roles, and players can progress by gathering resources and becoming soldiers or special units.

    The king has the authority to research tech and mark things on the map, while players must help build and gather resources.

    Becoming end game units requires more resources, so players must progress in the game.

    Players must coordinate with their team, donate to the commander to progress to the next age, and compete for the best units.

    This is like a faster and more intense version of Foxhole.


    Man you must have some of that good shit, can I get a hit of that?


    hahaha I have had the same thought.

    But instead it is a normal 1vs1 being played by 400 people.

    Like being 200 people, you are in the queue to see what unit you will control, if you die with your unit, you end up last in the queue again.

    And on top of this, you do this but with nations cup, so it is 200 germans vs 200 aussies.


    Perfect opportunity for a collab between farm sim and AoE



    that would be actually awesome


    We need better computers so we can have massive 200 v 200 black forest maps.




    IMO it needs to be VR.

    The commander, if not chosen randomly, takes charge by garrisoning in the town centre.

    When he does that he basically just gets to play age of empires.

    Everyone who wants to join is in a queue and becomes the next unit to be produced, or takes over a unit if someone has disconnected, or however you want to do your idea.

    When in first person mode you get to see the instructions sent to your unit and its up to you to obey or disobey.

    Do you run away when you see the knights coming and increase the amount of time you’re playing, or do you trust your commanding officer and valiantly beat a woman to death for picking berries?

    Imagine spawning with 5 others outside 5 stables with a beacon in the distance (the rally point) and riding into the wind, in search of the glory of battle, only to get converted.


    that cpu is not yet made to get 2 fps


    Servers overheating at the thought of 200 vs 200

    CPUs exploding on the very first frame of the game

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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