1300 Arena: Commencement of Archery

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    I used to struggle on Arena and avoided playing on it, but recently I’ve started leaving it as an option and have been using a strategy of opening with archers, 21p 1 range.

    I’m usually late to castle age, but once I get there, I have a strong force of 15 xbows with bodkin arrows.

    The main advantage of this strategy is that it allows me to deny blind castle drops, which are common on Arena.

    With fletching upgrades, I’ve been able to leave opponents down on stone and lose a significant number of villagers.

    This strategy has helped me win 9 out of my last 10 Arena games, including a surprising victory against a Spanish opponent as Burmese.

    I particularly enjoy using this strategy with Portuguese, as it catches opponents off guard who expect me to focus on castle and siege units instead of archers.

    Archers are also great for controlling the map compared to scouts and spears.

    If I’m able to control the relics or weaken my opponent with my archers, I can even use siege towers to make a mess.

    With Portuguese, the late game is especially strong.

    My current Elo rating is around 1300, which is where I usually play.

    I’m curious how long this strategy will continue to be successful for me on Arena.


    In my view strategies which are reliant on your opponent doing an action which is far from guaranteed (such as fwd castle drop) are not great.

    Some other options:

    – Fast castle with some archers is a more balanced way of doing a very similar thing.
    – Vinch/Obosement (towers with archers) is also fast feudal, but applies pressure even if your opponent doesn’t go fwd.

    However, I am happy you are having success with it, and if everyone you face is going for castle drops then it is fine.


    If your opponent plays standard (LC + monks into boom adding a mangonel), you are going to fall behind significantly.

    If you want to play for the map control in feudal on arena, you need to trush since it’s the only way to force a reaction from your opponent and get some value from your map control


    All your opponent needs to do is go standard 3 TC boom and that completely nullifies your strat.

    Even a castle at home renders your strat ineffective.

    At the elo you’ve said most people do castle drop as players who play arena in that range are either one trick specialists who know no other strat or players who don’t play arena much and got it because they didn’t ban it and just want the game to end quickly/do it for the memes

    Also you don’t really get as much map control with the strat you go for because xbows are way slower to move across the map and aren’t as effective if they’re not in a big group


    I bought game 4 days ago and I’m 380 rating.

    I played so many matches but queue time get longer.

    Any fix?


    I’m like 1500 elo arena specialist and my games rarely have castle drops.

    Maybe happens sometimes from certain meme/UU civs, but just a few scouts on your way to castle should stop it.

    1) You’ll be able to go up much faster than with the archers, as you can produce scouts on the way up


    2) you’ll be able to go up faster than the castle drop player as he needs to mine stone


    3) Even if he doesn’t castle drop or make scouts, you get 5 relics and map control, and you can use that to drop a castle on his face.

    Esp OP with Portuguese who can imp into Feitorias


    5- 6 archers with fletching deny the castle all the same without tanking your castle time and well if i see such fast feudal time i wouldnt go forward with vills.


    Dont see this strat will work in higher elos than 1.3k.

    Where people tend to go scout monk meta play or straight 3 tc boom.

    If you try to push with archers siege opponent just need to make 1 mangonel.

    Usually above 1.4k and 1.5k people hit decent up times in arena despite unit choices and map control.

    So dont think your strat will work above your elo level.


    You see, if you were winning 75% of the games you wouldn’t say “at 1300”, because that static statement implies you’re already losing 50% of games and not climbing anymore

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