Setting up Age of Empires 2 Multiplayer For Wine Linux 2019

SHH… HAA… AoE2ToolsCloud has been released just today…Hooray!

Q: What’s AoE2ToolsCloud?

A: AoE2ToolsCloud Sets up Voobly and Age of Empires 2 for multiplayer in OneClick. You no longer have to waste time installing the game on windows, installing offline mods, installing UserPatch, installing Wololokingdoms then exporting everything to your linux system. And most of the times, it is a nightmare to set up Voobly and fixing stubborn issues with the game.

Well, the good news is… AoE2ToolsCloud is fully supported on Wine. All you have to do is install steam through a wine32 bit installation (which I am going to show you how to set it up later on this post) and login to your account.

No need to install Age of Empires 2 HD on steam! Cool, isn’t it? – However, you must own all three DLCS to use the tool.

These are the 3 DLCS you need to own on your account:

  1. Forgotten Empires
  2. African Kingdoms
  3. Rise of Rajas

Setting Up Wine (Development) Fully 32bit

Install/Update graphics drivers for Linux System

Before we jump into wine setup we should update or install any missing drivers. Fire up your terminal command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
sudo apt-get update

if it asks for a restart please go ahead and restart then come back to continue from here.

Clean 32bit Wine Install With 32bit Prefix (NO MONO)

For this wine installation, we are going to use “Wine (development version)” and “winetricks” available on your Software Center.


ubuntu software center wine

Once that’s done! Run the following command to set up wine32bit with a 32bit prefix:

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 wine wineboot

Then you need to set your 32bit prefix to windows 10

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winecfg

Now your prefix should be ready for winetricks.

Installing Libraries Components Through Winetricks

Before we proceed with the bash commands, take a few seconds to educate yourself abtout the basic requirements for every app we are about to use:

  • AoE2Tools requires (cmd, corefonts, dotnet45 or dotnet461)
  • Age of Empires 2 on Voobly (corefonts, directplay, directx, quartz)
  • Steam (corefonts, quartz, wininet, other libraries were omitted that may break dotnet461 installation)
Ignore Dotnet Errors
Ignore dotnet errors “Mono does not appear to be installed!”. Just press OK if that error is prompted until it starts downloading and installing all dotnet requirements before installing dotnet461.

If dot461 fails to install whereas dotnet45 has installed, well then that’s fine! It’s all we needed.

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks corefonts
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks cmd
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks directplay
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks directx9
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks d3dx9
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks d3dx10
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks dotnet461
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks dsound
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks quartz
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks wininet
WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks xact

Once again let’s go back to winetricks

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 winetricks

winetricks install all directx dlls

Check every directx dlls to ensure the best gaming  experience possible.

check all directx dlls winetricks


Did you make it here? Well! Congratulations! Your wine installation is ready and looking all lovely.

Setting Up AoE2Tools Steam

In this final section, we are going to take a look at setting up AoE2Tools and Steam while the rest will be taken care of by AoE2ToolsCloud.

Open a new terminal window and let’s take these bad boys to the download folder first

cd ~/Downloads

Downloading, Installing, Running Steam

1. To download the windows version of steam


2. To install steam to your freshly made wine 32bit prefix

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 wine SteamSetup.exe

You know the installation drill! Next, Next, and Finish. Steam will start updating and once that’s over sign into your steam account.

Downloading, Installing, Running AoE2ToolsCloud

1. To download the latest version of AoE2Tools, we will need to install a tiny package first

sudo apt install jq

Now let’s download the latest release of AoE2Tools

file_get=$(wget -q -nv -O- |  jq -r '.assets[] | select(.browser_download_url | contains(".exe")) | .browser_download_url') && wget --output-document=AoE2Tools.exe $file_get

2. To Install AoE2Tools on your freshly built 32bit prefix

WINEPREFIX="$HOME/win32" WINEARCH=win32 wine AoE2Tools.exe

This is similar to Steam installation, Press Next, Next and Finish.

That should bring up AoE2Tools Launcher.

If AoE2Tools didn’t launch you should find the shortcut on your desktop or search “AoE2Tools” as it is likely to be found with your apps. And FYI, AoE2Tools installs to this location

cd /home/$USER/.wine/drive_c/users/yourname/Application Data/AoE2Tools

Don’t forget to change “yourname” to your system username.

Launching AoE2ToolsCloud

This is how the launcher looks like


Press That Cloud Icon, indicated by the red arrows, to get access to the Cloud utility.

AoE2ToolsCloud Verification Stage

Login to your steam account

Once you click that! Steam will be prompted to sign in if you weren’t already signed in.

AoE2Toolscloud Choose your Build

As you can see above, you can pick any installation build (Iron, Copper, Gold, Diamond, Painite) in a prestigious order. Please note that every build has or lacks mods and expansions, so take your time to preview them one by one by clicking the preview image on the top right-hand side of the window.

Below the preview, you can find the featured offline visual mods, and expansions.

Once you select the build of your choice, press Customize in the bottom of the window

AoE2ToolsCloud Configuration Screen

This is the final configuration step which you can just leave as it is unless you want to change Voobly Client language, installation path or import a custom hotkey profile, etc.

Once you press “Download Install”

AoE2ToolsCloud Code

This is how it looks, You simply need to press “Get My Key (Free)” where another tiny window pops up which you need to copy the code from it then Press “Enter Your Code”. That should take you to

Where you are expected to paste your code and press Generate My Key as in the picture below:

AoE2ToolsCloud Generate your Key

Press generate My Key and copy your free key to AoE2ToolsCloud


Finally, Paste your key to AoE2ToolsCloud and hit Validate button

AoE2ToolsCloud Validated

While you are downloading or installing do not forget to use “Autologin Voobly” section so you would be automatically logged into Voobly and automatically joining the preferred lobby when the entire process is done.


That’s it, guys! Feel free to comment or post any issues. Also, remember not to run the game offline if you want to play single player or multiplayer you must use Voobly to do so. Until wine fixes it someday.


If you wish to support this project in any means:


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I went through the tutorial but I had some issues. First, I could not install quartz if I installed the packages in the order they are listed in the article. This caused an issue with Voobly, where after entering a lobby, I had an error telling me to restart the client. I solved this by deleting my entire wine prefix and installing quartz as the first package. The error during installation was: “regsvr32: Failed to register DLL ‘quartz.dll'” and then “regsvr32 quartz.dll returned status 5. Aborting.”. BTW before getting all of this to work, I went through a lot of… Read more »


First of all sorry for my English.
Were you able to install Voobly on native Steam Linux age2?
Could you make a video or exemplify the step by step?
Thanks in advance!


This is all great work. I’d like for it to work on my pc but aoe2toolscloud freezes on my pc in the choosing installation type (iron, copper, etc). I click on one and it freezes, doesn’t even display the content in the “Featuring..” area. In the terminal, this repeats over and over again: “0032:fixme:file:GetLongPathNameW UNC pathname L”\\\\?\\C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\bin\\cef\\cef.win7\\steamwebhelper.exe” 0032:fixme:file:GetLongPathNameW UNC pathname L”\\\\?\\C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\bin\\cef\\cef.win7\\steamwebhelper.exe” 0032:fixme:file:GetLongPathNameW UNC pathname L”\\\\?\\C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\logs\\cef_log.txt” 0032:fixme:file:GetLongPathNameW UNC pathname L”\\\\?\\C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\logs\\cef_log.txt” 00c6:err:module:import_dll Library msdmo.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\bin\\cef\\cef.win7\\libcef.dll”) not found 00c6:err:module:import_dll Library libcef.dll (which is needed by L”C:\\Program Files\\Steam\\bin\\cef\\cef.win7\\steamwebhelper.exe”) not found 00c6:err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Importing dlls for L”C:\\Program… Read more »



As of lately, AoE II HD works flawlessly on Linux using Steam’s built-in proton feature.
This means that it is a little awkward to keep a separate copy of the windows version of Steam on a machine where the Linux version is already installed for various games, including AoE II HD.

Is it possible to adapt this mechanism to use the AoE II HD installation from one’s native Linux Steam installation?

Also, really good work!


Update: I just tried it and it works without adapting actually anything. I was logged in thorugh my Linux Steam client.

Christian Poveda
Christian Poveda

Hi thank you for the tutorial, I’ve been trying to follow it but i cannot launch steam because it crashes. Which wine version are you using?


I want to greet you, for this wonderful tutorial, works like a charm!!


Tested with winehq-development on virtual machine with Linux Mint. Not all dotnet i installed because it took too much time.
During installation with AoE2ToolCloud i got error at “Final configuration” step. You can check error on pastebin
After i got this error i closed it. Then run voobly and everything else was perfect. Game runs without any error. But only one minor problem – some graphical glitch and im pretty sure its because it runs on virtual machine without GPU and i connected via VNC.


And there is another problem – i got a default hotkeys and not from steam.


first i want to deeply apologize for my newbieness
When i try to download aoe2tool it gives me syntax error near unexpected token ‘;&’ what am i missing? i know must be trivial again i’m sorry