TheViper Vs Hera – Replays + Vod – Middle East Tournament Grand Final

Did you miss The Grand Final of the Middle East Tournament between TheViper and Hera? It was Legendary!! The tourney was hosted by Middle East Esports with a prize pool of 2,000 Euros. It was a BO7 (best of 7 games)

I will not spoil the winner, but Here are the recorded games to download:

Replays Pack – TheViper Vs Hera – Middle East Tournament Grand Final BO7

And for those that prefer watching the twitch vod here it is:

Semi Final (TheViper Vs ACCM) starts from 00:10:00
Grand Final (TheViper Vs Hera) starts from 03:17:00


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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