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    Perhaps because my ELO is getting closer to 1000, I have noticed a rise in the number of players with less than 10 games but who play exceptionally well.

    I always report them, but there is no category specifically for smurfing, so I usually select “other” and explain the situation.

    Although it may be difficult to detect and ban smurfs, have you also observed an increase in these incidents recently?


    if player have less than 10 games how do u expect him to get his elo


    I agree that smurfs are a very annoying problem and there isn’t a good way to deal with it.

    People with less than 10 games can be returning people or people who played the game somewhere else (voobly, HD version etc).

    The thing they need to deal with is people who keep insta resigning so they can smurf.

    I have seen accounts with thousands of games half of them they just resign after a few seconds.

    This can easily be seen and should be dealt with.


    I’ve really delayed playing ranked to the point I was comfortably beating extreme AI 1v1 on arabia with random civ everytime.

    When I jumped into ranked I’ve won my first couple games straight until I’ve started getting opponents with similar skill.

    But obviously I wasn’t smurfing.

    If we’ve matched around 1000 elo during my first few matches you wpuld have wrongly reported me for being a smurf.

    Smurfs are obviously problem but not everyone who beat you is a smurf.


    It’s a common issue around 1000 Elo due to, especially now with all the hullabaloo on the Xbox launch, players returning to the game, many of which may be at 14-1800 Elo but haven’t played for a while and aren’t ranked.

    Are you noticing an equal number of people who are hopeless?

    Because I find for every WTF HOW matchup I have I have 1 or 2 where my opponent reaches feudal at 13 pop 23 minutes in (both over and unders are somewhat uncommon too though), returning veterans of the game amd true noobs all unranked so about 1000 Elo


    I also had the experience of finding a bunch of smurfs and obvious sandbagging accounts when I got to around 1000 Elo.

    Do note that around this level, there is a huge jump in skill around this Elo.

    Almost all players have experience and follow some kind of build order so you will get deathballed or scout rushed reliably.

    They might be countered or not able to follow it up but they still seem like they are much better than you may think.


    I’ve won 4 out of my first 5 ranked 1v1.

    Before that I watched videos and skirmished AI repeatedly.

    Sounds like a skill issue to me, not everyone who beats you is a hacker or a Smurf.


    Unrelated, but I have noticed elo inflation.

    I am not better than I was before, but I went from 900 to 1000 (I don’t play a lot though, so it may be just pure luck).

    It makes sense since the player base increased a lot (and the expectation is that the vast majority of the newer players are worse than the average, thus the average goes down).


    So I am now average instead of below average because the average went down.



    In addition to what you said i believe that there are more players rated between 900 to 1100 than in any other 200 elo bracket.

    So therefore the variance in skill is higher and the elo rating less accurate.


    Why do you report them?

    Nothing will happen lol


    I didn’t play ranked until recently, I’ve played for years and have over 900 hours of gameplay before I ventured into ranked so ya, it is perfectly possible for someone to have less than ten ranked games but good gameplay and not be a smurf.

    No idea why you’re reporting them


    Different friends have played grathwrang at 1100 & at 1400 within weeks of each other.

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