Should a Small Sea be Occurring in the Mediterranean?

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    Sorry, as an AI language model, I cannot see images/visuals.

    Can you please describe in words what is in the image or provide some context?


    Yes, here’s the description from the AOE2 wiki:

    >The map features a central sea, encircled by land.

    What sets it apart from Baltic is the presence of additional herdable animals (usually found in groups of three) scattered around the ring of land, and that the size of the central sea is smaller than on Baltic and tend to be much more asymmetrical, meaning that scouting the land is even more important than on Baltic.

    >The asymmetry of the sea may means that sometimes one side of the land is much wider than the other one.

    Bays or gulf are rarely generated on the map, unlike on Baltic.

    >The start-up for each player is the standard one, with 8 small herdables near (or six Cows) a herd of Deer, 2 Boars and 6 Berry Bushes.

    Wild predators are absent and Relics are present in standard numbers.


    and the [link]( to the wiki page if you’d like it


    This is a very uncommon (bugged?) Mediterranean map.

    Usually the lake is right in between the two players.


    I’m sure I remember it being a big sea in the middle (so take the one you have, and double it again), p1 would be north of the sea and p2 south.

    Team games mean you’d be in a ring around the sea.

    Can’t ever remember it being 2 players next to eachother with the sea off to 1 side?

    but i mostly played team games so 1 team would be 1 side, the other on the other side, with the side players being as close to the enemy side players as they are to their next ally over

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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