Mongol Pickers ruin my day

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    I play around 13xx and I’m so tired of mongol pickers.

    Every single godamn game.

    They all want to just lame into mangudai and get an easy win, or just taking the lead in feudal with their hunt bonus.

    When I get randomed into playing as mongols its an easy win 90% of the time.

    Its like playing Franks but more brain dead.

    Crazy strong feudal, unbeatable comps late game.

    Berbers are the only counter civ (Gurjaras would probably work if I learned their start) I’ve found and I’ve gotten my PB’s mostly with Berbers.

    Playing Celts and Teutons (as hera pointed out) vs them is pure suffering.

    I wouldn’t be complaining about a civ on here but I’m so damn tired of getting matched vs them so often.

    It used to be a meme on my streams but its actually making me want to play the game less.


    Yes I’m aware steppe lancers are also ridiculous, you don’t have to to go manguedai, Mongol CA are good enough (but Celts and Teutons literally have no answer to Mangudai sooooo)
    Also FFS mongol scout shouldn’t get the extra HP until feudal.

    Celts lost their faster militia in dark age yet here we are.

    The mongol scout having more HP and the LoS on top of that is so strong.


    Pick berbers


    I go to lame them every time i get My starting sheep, i do the same vs meso


    As a person who plays quickplay only, I love mongols and lose all my games.



    A fun thing you can do is find your sheep ASAP and don’t push your deer.

    Instead, go mess with their deer luring.

    Usually, you can really mess with Mongol players who will have a really hard time multitasking.

    I actually played a game last week (I am 13xx like you) where my opponent resigned after I foiled his deer pushing, took off more hp from his scout then I lost on mine.

    He messed up his BO badly and got really frustrated lol.


    what will ruin your day is that the strat u named is actually bad and its not even the mongol true final form


    I dislike playing Vs Mongols as much as the next guy but “Playing Celts and Teutons (as hera pointed out) ”

    Huge eye role

    And what about other civs?


    Franks have better skirms than teutons? (They don’t) and Slavs?

    What about Bulgarians?

    This is called confirmation bias, you want to believe what the pro has told you so you only remember the cases where it matched what you think it should be.

    In reality teutons have better chances of winning Vs Mongols than a wide range of civs, and even with this artificial bias induced by external perception causing surrenders from winnable positions, Mongols still have a better WR Vs other civs than teutons.


    Anecdotally, I also found laming to be very common around 1300 Elo (probably 30-50% of my games the opponent sent their scout forward immediately in dark age), but since getting to 1500 I almost never see it.

    In terms of civ picking though…

    enable mutual random or don’t complain.

    If you already have it enabled, that’s great.

    But if you have it disabled, then it’s on you that you face very strong civs more often.

    Players who enable mutual random might have Mongols, Franks, or some other strong civ picked as default in case the opponent force-picks their civ.


    Skill issue L


    Same issue.

    I despise Mongol pickers.

    But I’ve learnt recently that skirmishers absolutely devour Mangudai.


    Fc steppe bastards i have suffered too.


    >The mongol scout having more HP

    Mongol scouts do not have more HP.

    That’s a Frank Bonus.


    13xx here.

    How often do you actually see mongol pickers?

    I haven’t really seen anyone force pick mongols (except one game on haboob).


    Shameless 14xx Mongol picker here.

    Look mate, I’ve been picking Mongols for over 20 years now.

    I will pick them for 20 more.

    No amount of complaining will ever make me feel even remotely bad about it.

    It’s why I play the game.

    To play Mongols.

    And it’s my favorite game.


    Just pick Franks or something.

    And get over it.


    They are very weak in castle age and early imp.

    Try to punish them.

    Also if I see mongol picker, I rush to scout my two boars and take them to my tc

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