Mild Language on ESRB – An Overview of the ESRB’s Mild Language Classification

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    I really enjoy playing Age Of Empires 2’s definitive edition and I have never noticed any offensive language being used in the game.

    However, I came across the ESRB’s rating which suggests that the game contains mild language.

    I am just curious about the basis of this rating.


    Probably in the campaigns dialogue when a certain civilization refers to or mentions another civ in a mildly offensive way.

    I cant remember exact examples but vaguely remember someone being called a swine lol


    It’s because of the campaigns and the fact that you can type anything into a chat.

    For example in the sicilian campaign sikelgaita is constantly teasing bohemond because he’s an illegitimate child.



    I accidentally resigned by mistake.


    “Damn” is sufficient for ESRB Mild Language iirc, so taunt 24 “Dadgum” (goddamned, spoken in a drawl) immediately qualifies.

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