Making Strategic Decisions Based on Game Sense and Scouting

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    I am looking for advice on how to make wiser decisions when it comes to scouting information.

    What techniques do you use to determine the best course of action when assessing an opponent’s strategy?


    Survivalist’s youtube channel


    Knowing what your enemy is going for in early feudal is extremely important.

    If you see ranges, you know that you shouldn’t waste time making small walls.

    Instead, you may create your own range and add skirms if you’re ot already committed to an aggressive strat yourself.

    You should already start thinking about possible spots for towers in your base and maybe build one already if you feel like a big archer push is comming.

    If you see a stable, you can small wall your resources or add a couple spears.

    If you don’t see military buildings, your opponent may be going for a fast castle and you can try to take advantage of that with feudal aggression.

    Or you can try to go up faster by delaying your walls since there shouldn’t be aggression coming your way in the next couple of minutes.

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