Jan Zizka Could Be the Toughest Campaign

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    Man, this campaign is seriously tough for me to finish, especially the fourth one.

    I’ve played the other campaigns and usually only lose once before I get the hang of it, but no matter how many times I try the fourth one, I can’t seem to get a clean run.

    It’s always the same thing too – I can defeat one group but then the other two come at me at the same time with a ridiculous amount of siege weapons.

    It’s frustrating to say the least.

    I’ve beaten this on normal difficulty before, but the extremely limited resources make it even harder.

    Honestly, I don’t think I have the ability to handle the micro-management that’s required for this scenario.

    Yellow team, for example, will send 7 BBC and about 30 archers and light cavalry all at once, while red will send 5 rams, 4 SOs, and 30 knights and TKs.

    I’ve been taking out green team pretty quickly, but maybe I should try leaving them and focusing on yellow first.

    Yeah, I think I’ll give that a shot.


    I did it on hard with the achievement a couple of months ago.

    It’s very difficult if you stick to the comp given in the tips, in general applicable for this campaign.

    Protect the tower on the hill with your slower gunpowder, do the same for the bridge to the west after walling it.

    Add some castles at appropriate positions within the city, get defensive upgrades.

    Iirc I beat red first because red brings siege to attack your city and that makes defending the tower quite difficult.

    You have to mix in some cavalry to have a fast moving army that can snipe enemy siege, just your own gunpowder/infantry won’t do.


    *The Last Romans and Apranik looking down, amused*

    But yeah thats not the easiest one out there.


    The “new” campaigns also have a very long page of “tips”, I hate reading that…


    Rush down green and then set up a market at the southernmost point of the map, then trade with the exposed red market just north of the city.

    The mission falls over once you have an actual gold eco, and this goes for a lot of missions that don’t let you add vils but don’t stop you from making trade units or fishing ships, like Longshanks 2.

    The same goes for mission 6, where you can blitz the green opponent out of the game immediately, get a gigantic gold mine that should cover the rest of the mission, and then casually mop up your remaining opponents.

    The hard part of the campaign for me is how awkward your power units are compared to ladder play.

    The dreaded houfnice can’t hit squat because the enemy doesn’t have to contend with formation nonsense and just runs at you, while splashing your own units.

    The undistinguished stream of enemies cause your halbs to struggle to connect with cavalry, and hand canoneers also struggle with constantly moving enemies and overkill when microed.


    I think Tariq is still way harder.

    Try looking at the speedrun to get some tips for the missions.


    4th campaign of the campaign.

    That’s the hardest campaign

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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