How to Nerf Spanish for Nomad?

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    The Spanish are undeniably the best Nomad civilization, as their win rate of 65.5% (according to SotL) is unmatched.

    Due to this, it’s possible that they might receive a nerf specifically for Nomad gameplay.

    One solution could be to modify their construction speed bonus to only operate once they have already constructed a Town Center.

    This bonus currently allows them to gain an early economic advantage by building their first TC and Dock faster than their opponents.

    However, a change as drastic as this may cripple their gameplay on Nomad, so alternative suggestions are also being considered.

    It’s worth noting that nerfing the Conquistador, which is a crucial part of Spanish gameplay, would not be a viable solution.


    Easy: their faster building bonus not applying to the starting TC


    Well, the easiest way would be to disable the building bonus for the starting tc, just like sicilians.


    Imo Spanish dominance is less due to build speed and more due to conqs


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Spanish are not bottlenecked by their dock build speed.

    They need to build the TC build and collect wood before queueing their first fishing ship, just like any civ except Malians and Persians.

    The faster dock building speed only lets the vill that worked on it collect a bit more shore fish early on.

    If that’s right, then activating Spanish bonus after the 1st TC goes up, much like Sicilians, isn’t that much different from only excluding their first TC but not the dock (or house).


    Does this post seem familiar to anyone?

    I swear I’ve seen this before.

    It just REALLY feels like I’ve seen this post at some point in my life.


    Remove the building speed.


    I’m not against your suggestion but I also think conqs should have 0/0 armor like cav archers.

    Maybe give them 2/2 with elite upgrade.


    Remove all range from conqs – they are now a melee unit with bayonets.

    Optional addition: can research “ammunition” UT to have range again, but their speed is cut in half cause its heavier on the horse.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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