How do you counter koreans?

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    How can you possibly counter the koreans?

    Being more specific their special unit.

    I had this game a minute ago where i play 3 ffa map on moderate ai( pretty decent) i had teutons and koreans against me.

    Teutons took me about 20 minutes to beat since they had 2 Tc bullying my troops.

    And then when it came to koreans i just couldnt find a good matchup against em.

    I though they were a cav like unit.

    Khmers have indeed cav skirmishers which have bonus damage against cavs but like…

    the damage was so bad.

    Only effective units were my pikemen (tier 2 since khmer only welcomes tier 2 pikemens) but well they were instantly dead cause they were too slow to reach the enemy and my special unit ( forgot its name my bad) so any idea on how to counter em?

    I lit lost 1.9k unit in this one game.


    Khmer get Halb.


    Skirms, pikes, hussar are all no gold and do well against wagons.

    You just have to mass and spread out the pikes so at least some can get to the wagons before they die.

    Don’t send a few at a time, that’s a waste.


    Dunno how ai plays these days but in imp koreans suck vs skirms unless they use siege.

    War wagons are really bad vs skirms.

    Halberdier are bad vs skirms.

    Their hussar are much worse than normal vs skirms.

    So get a civ with good skirms and something to kill mangonels, like bombard cannons or hussar.


    Any civ with block printing will slaughter war wagons.


    Don’t let them mass War Wagons?

    They need a Castle and War Wagons are super expensive, so you shouldn’t let them mass this unit.


    Skirmishers are generally the answer here, or something with high pierce armor like Eagle Warriors or Huskarls.

    Someone mentioned Camels which work well also, and two unique units that can help are the Vietnamese Imperial Skirmisher and the Berber Genitour


    if low numbers then monks or knights, if big numbers then Siege onager, or paladins or skirms.

    Also remember war wagons are expensive, u need a castle, not easy to mass and they come from a civ that is not good in terms of eco.


    Just skirms…

    and add a few bombards or cav if Korean decide for Onagers.m


    Skirms are Koreans’s biggest enemy.


    I don’t think you were playing khmer by the descriptions you gave.


    Skirms work


    Koreans die to Skirmishers.

    The only thing they got against Skirmishers is Onagers.

    IDK how effective AI is with Onagers but for players below 1400 on open Maps the Micro isn’t there.

    Just keep making skirms.

    The only thing you will need a solution for then is Champions.

    And there are about 100 counter plays to infantry, Hand cannons, Arbs, Better Champions (Koreans lack Blast Furnace), Cavalier, all sorts of UUs.


    Fastest way to identify counters to a specific unit or civ for me is to use this civ and see what is difficult to deal with when you are using it.


    >How do you counter Koreans?

    A mystery the governments of the world have been trying to figure out for decades

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