Eli 1000 and the Frustration of Salty Individuals

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    I don’t understand why many people become angry or upset when playing at an Elo level between 1000-1200.

    I recently lost a game on Arena while using a humorous strategy, and my opponent became salty even though he won.

    He insulted my intelligence by saying I didn’t know how to play, even though I acknowledged his ability to counter my approach with a Sicilian Siege Tower Castle drop.


    Sorry new player questions, can someone explain to me what 11 is?

    I get that it stands for LoL but what’s the origin?


    > the dude got salty because he won

    I think you are misunderstanding/misrepresenting the situation.

    So just in case you are actually seeking an answer to your question and not just validation, let me shed some light on this.

    Nobody is salty “because he won.” They are salty because you forced them to waste time and effort on something they consider stupid.

    I know this because I recently beat someone who used an opening that “should never work.” Like, at 10 mins game time I was like OK this guy just threw the game, probably doesn’t want to play this map and is just fucking with me to make me as miserable as he is.

    It was even dumber than the strategy you describe, but still, it took me another 20 mins to actually win.

    I wasn’t exactly salty but it did feel like a waste of time and effort.

    And then he asked for a rematch, and I looked at his other games, and came to the conclusion that this guy is genuinely using this dumb strategy without any malice.

    So now I just kind of feel sorry for him.

    I’d like to think he is still young…

    I am sure he would vehemently disagree with this, but in my mind there is no real difference between what he is doing and hiding a vil in a corner behind 50 layers of walls, because in both cases the only chance of winning is to aggravate the opponent into resigning.


    Try it with Bengalis.

    Extra vils help you get the stone for the castle, You get the only melee unit in the game that doesn’t cost food so you can easily keep your TC running at home while making army in your opponent’s base.

    Tanky monks are great too.


    Because that zone is Elo hell – each time they are about to break out they encounter 10 Smurfs in a row.

    The only people that get out are extremely lucky.


    In 4v4s it’s always the people who barely took part and it was their allies doing the hard work.

    They will then point to their score being high, and it’s usually just because they sat back and booked.


    I love long games on arena, sometimes I run into “meme” strats or full in monk siege push at minute 18 5 times in a row

    I understand the frustration


    I had someone get angry at me for saying “Glhf” lol
    Worst elo to be at from a toxicity standpoint in my experience!

    But all you can do is say Glhf, gg and move on !


    Lol, didnt read Well.

    Thought that the question was about the strategy 11.

    Btw 11 is basicly JAJA


    I have used this strategy.

    It’s so funny.

    Even better when you 21 in chat.

    Been beat badly doing it too.


    I’ve definitely experienced this when I fail at towering 11 nothing more disappointing than a bad winner.


    Yeah man I only just really made it to 1000+ and man so many people resign cause they stuff up their dark age or there’s a little bit of lag, got a lot of salt the other day cause a dude ran his scout into my tc so I said 11 and he’s like shut up noob and resigns…?


    Would u believe me if I told you that happened exactly the same to me?


    Dunning Kreuger, they know the bare basics and have developed an ego for it.

    But are unaware why they’re 1000 losing games and not at 1400


    Still never experienced it and I float between 950 and 1100.

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