“Conq Counter: How I Stumbled Upon It”

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    As a new player with a 1150 ELO, I’m terrified of facing Conquistadors when playing against Spanish opponents.

    To counter that, I made sure to apply strong feudal pressure to prevent them from building castles.

    I even kept a scout in their base to track their progress toward building castles.

    However, my opponent built five pikes and killed my scout, leading me to make a huge number of skirmishers out of fear.

    When my opponent eventually attacked with Conquistadors, I used camels and skirmishers to counter them and won the game without taking many casualties.

    It felt great to have a killer answer to Conquistadors.


    Yeah, skirms are really good vs conqs because conqs take full cav archer bonus damage.

    Camels are also a cost effective counter, more mobile but less resource efficient than skirms.

    For future reference, monks (with good micro) and guard towers are also viable.

    The real problem with conqs isn’t their military prowess, though.

    It’s that they 3-shot vills while being as mobile as a cavalry archer and having as much armor as a knight.

    Good on you on learning from your personal experience, btw, that’s a surefire way to improve.


    Normally, you don’t want two units that counter the same unit.

    But in this case, Camels not only can counter Conqs, but also Knights that would shred your Skirms.

    The problem of that defense is your game becoming too passive.

    I’d advise you making the most of Skirmisher upgrades, start making Xbows, get to Imperial Age and shred with Arbalesters


    The problem is, a good nomad Spanish player will be much faster to conqs before you can click elite skirms plus ballistics.

    And they won’t make 5 spears to kill 1 scout.

    The best way to kill conqs before you get to ballistics skirms is monks. 1 monk wikl scare away 3 conqs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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