An Intriguing Power-Up for Berserks:

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    Here’s my rewritten version:

    What if we made a change to Elite Berzerks, giving them a default regeneration rate of 40 HP per minute?

    Along with that change, we could introduce a new technology for them that provides a bonus of +1 attack (up to +4) for each unit killed, or for dealing a specific amount of damage to the enemies’ units.

    This modification would complement their regeneration, as keeping them alive for longer would lead to an increase in their strength.

    Additionally, this change would align with the theme behind the Berzerks.


    I think for buffing Berserks, they should start by actually benefitting from the Viking infantry HP bonus.

    This is a simpler thing to do, rather than having to rework a tech

    Currently they have only 54/62 HP as base, which is then increased by 20% to 65/74 by the civ bonus.

    This is the same as Jaguar Warriors for reference, so it’s like they don’t even benefit from the HP bonus

    Instead they should have 65/75 HP as base, which will be then increased to 78/90 HP by the bonus.

    By comparison, Viking Longswords & Champions have 72 & 84 HP for reference


    Regardless of the buff, Beserkergang has to be one of the most overpriced upgrades in the whole game


    Attack speed and Regen increases the longer they are attacking.


    I think that with +1 pierce armour would be great… as the obuch.


    Imo berserks are fine as is.

    They have a specific niche that they do exceptionally well (killing cav) and a secondary role they also do pretty well at (raiding eco).

    Giving berserks Berserkergang regen and attack seems like an easy way to break unit/civ balance.

    Beserkergang isn’t exactly a worthwhile tech but buffing berserk isn’t the answer for vikings imo unless you just want to up regen rate for the tech to like 50/55 hp regen.

    If we are talking new unique techs I think moving Chieftains to the imp slot and adding a different castle tech would be interesting.

    For one, this would encourage more berserk use in castle age and Chieftains in imp then essentially functions as a halb upgrade for Viking pike.

    For a castle age tech I’d like to see something for ranged units.

    Without thumbring the vikings are much weaker but archer play IS the civ’s identity (we can argue whether that should be the identity but thats beside the point.) Perhaps too OP but a great synergy with the other civ bonuses would be something like faster producing ranges as a castle tech.

    With free wheelbarrow and handcart this would help the Vikings to utilize their eco and convert it into military.


    A tech so you could make berserks from barracks, or have it be on as default like italians do


    >gives them +1 attack (up to +4?) for every unit killed (or x hp damage dealt on units)

    I dont like the idea of adding RPG elements to aoe2.

    I like it more when a unit is a unit.

    With units having different stats despite allegedly being the same unit it becomes very much luck based and practically impossible to predict whats a good or a bad fight.



    And give them the ability to build longboats and garrison in them.

    And fighting villagers generates gold.


    Would be interesting I suppose but Berserks are already pretty good tbh.

    If they need a buff I would say lowering their total upgrade cost because it’s real pricey especially Berserkergang.


    Slow relatively low hp units (compared to mounted units) often get 1 shot by a volley of projectiles.

    That’s why regen is kinda useless on this unit to begin with.

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