Reply To: Have I Reached My Limit? Am I a Poor Player or Struggling Learner?


not so long ago i boosted an account from 870 to 1300-something . What i found out people do really bad is:

– their starts ( idle time, chosing bad build orders, efficiency problems,etc.)

– they panic a lot with trash units, and i mean a LOT. If u play 4 scouts in feudal its like they make 10 spears. At the first army switch or castle age army/siege they die.

– idle time and bad eco managment

– one match a guy doubled my avg EAPM( he had like 80 average on arena), when i watch the rec i found out his army was attacking super weird , i assume he spammed clicks a lot bc of how his army behaved). Dont force u to be faster, just be efficient.

– around 1200/1300 i encountered some people that spent a lot on big walls really really early ( this kill your eco, it can work but you need to defend and have an eco advantage at some point).

– Building placement and reading the map( sometimes people spend lots of resorces on fully walls just to keep his foward berrys inside,its usually not worth it. Also if u have an important resource foward its probably better to drop military buildings in front of it to to defend it easyer). Also how to wall properly, this is hard to explain and do so i would suggest watch how 2300 or 2400 defensive players wall and defend.

– Not Having a plan for the game, this happended a lot in 900 to 1100 when they just went fast feudal into nothing, like only barracks mining gold and stone early and no range or stable while being fully open. Also doing the opposite is bad too, like for example assuming he is going to do X thing without scouting it or thinking it more than 2 seconds.


Look, i need to get better at my spoken english so if u want i can give you some light-coaching using discord .