Advanced Genie Editor
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  • Create Date December 31, 2021
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Advanced Genie Editor

a free software for for editing .dat and .dll files from Age of empires 2 Conquerors, Kings, Forgotten, Definitive and other expansions in the same series. Advanced Genie Editor lets you create, edit or delete properties of units, civilizations, technologies, graphics, terrains, sounds, player colors and so on.


You can have multiple search entries separated with "|" letter.
Upper search boxes are inclusive and lower ones exclusive.

Example: "tower|ship|ram"

Use the check boxes to toggle matching between all and any entries.


  • Mikko "Tapsa" P
  • Apre - genieutils
  • Estien Nifo aka StSB77


  • Ykkrosh
  • Scenario_t_c
  • Alexandra "Taichi San"
  • DarkRain654
  • DiGiT, JustTesting1234
  • Cysion, Kris, Sarthos
  • Tevious
  • Grenadier (RvA)
  • withmorten
  • BF_Tanks
  • Donnieboy, Sarn, chab
  • gagman

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