Advanced Genie Editor All-in-One

Advanced Genie Editor All-in-One
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Advanced Genie Editor All-in-One

Advanced Genie Editor All-in-One: A premier software tool specifically designed for editing .dat and .dll files across all editions of "Age of Empires II," including The Conquerors, The Age of Kings, The Forgotten, HD and the Definitive Edition, as well as Rise of Rome, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Clone campaigns and Age of Empires 1.

The Advanced Genie Editor, also recognized within the community as the AOE2 Advanced Genie Editor or simply Genie Editor, empowers users with the ability to meticulously create, edit, or delete properties of units, civilizations, technologies, graphics, terrains, sounds, player colors, and much more. This tool, synonymous with the advancedgenieeditor3 and advancedgenieeditor names, stands as a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of the Age of Empires II modding community.

Features & Tips:

  • Comprehensive Support: Tailored for the Age of Empires II series, reinforcing its status as a fundamental resource for game modifications.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Incorporates a versatile search feature allowing multiple entries separated by "|" for streamlined navigation and editing. Upper search boxes are inclusive, while lower ones are exclusive, enhancing the tool's utility.
  • Example: Input "tower|ship|ram" to conveniently locate and modify these elements within the game's files.

Dedicated Developers & Contributors:

The development and ongoing enhancement of the Advanced Genie Editor, or AOE2 Genie Editor, is the result of the tireless efforts of a group of talented individuals. We extend our deepest gratitude to:

  • Mikko "Tapsa" P: Principal developer, renowned for his contributions and the development of genieutils.
  • Apre: Contributor to genieutils, instrumental in the editor's functionality.
  • Estien Nifo aka StSB77: A key developer whose expertise has significantly shaped the editor.

Special Acknowledgments:

This project would not have reached its current heights without the support and contributions from a wide array of individuals within the community. We acknowledge and thank:

  • Ykkrosh
  • Scenario_t_c
  • Alexandra "Taichi San"
  • DarkRain654
  • DiGiT, JustTesting1234
  • Cysion, Kris, Sarthos
  • Tevious
  • Grenadier (RvA)
  • withmorten
  • BF_Tanks
  • Donnieboy, Sarn, chab
  • gagman

Their invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in the evolution and success of the Advanced Genie Editor, making it the ultimate Age of Empires 2 editor for fans and modders alike.

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