Age of Empires 2 Scouting Tips For Beginners

Age of Empires 2 scouting tips to learn the way the pros do. Scout and find all resources (8 sheep, 2boars) under 2 mins.

At the start of every game, you usually get 3 villagers and a scout Except (Mayans 4 villagers, Chinese 6 villagers)

new game age of empires 2

In this example, I am playing as Mongols. By the way, the exclamation mark on each villager means they are idle. (this is Advanced Idle Pointer mod by Deadpool for AoC2 OR Advanced Idle Pointer Mod for AoE2 DE). It helps a lot in finding idle villagers)

Next step would be building a house using that one villager nearby sheep (which is west). And those two villagers should build a house north. While the scout should go East. So West, North, East

The (West, North, East) may change depending on where the villagers and the scout are located!

scout efficiently in age of empires 2

(And please note that sometimes you may not find your sheep straight-up as in this tutorial. So try to move your scout or a villager towards the south to find your 4 starting sheep)

The imagery above demonstrate where you should be moving sheep and scout. Now, once the houses are built.  Send the villagers back to the TC (town center) to eat some lamp.

age of empires 2 scouting tips
“scouting path” of the scout

Looking at the minimap. That red circular arrow is the path your scout should follow.

Then later on…

Finish the circular scouting
Finish the circular scouting

At this point, you should have found 8 sheep, 2 boars, and gold/stone piles.

If you are still missing sheep. Just do another round-about like this

Scout from left to right
Scout from left to right

Congratulation! Now just practice it a little bit. And remember sometimes your scout may spawn West. So at that point do it vise-versa.

I hope you enjoyed this short Age of Empires 2 scouting tips tutorial Continue your reading to learn how to scout an enemy efficiently

Meet GregStein, a dedicated Age of Empires 2 fan and part-time developer. With years of experience in multiplayer gaming, GregStein has acquired a wealth of technical knowledge.

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5 years ago

Excellent guide °_° it was very helpful for me as a beginner!!!