AoE2 Shotel Warrior Comprehensive Guide

In AoE2, the Ethiopians stand out with their exceptional unit, the Shotel Warrior. In this article, we will explore the formidable capabilities of the Shotel Warrior and provide valuable tips and tactics to maximize their potential on Age of Empires 2 DE.

Why Shotel Warrior?

Aoe2 Shotel Warrior Review and Tips


AoE2 Shotel Warrior is the Ethiopian civilization’s unique unit. This infantry unit possesses an impressive combination of high damage and exceptional movement speed, rapid training time, allowing players to amass a formidable force in a short time. Besides they counter infantry civilizations very well such as Goths’ Huskarl spam or Meso-civs Eagle Rush.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Shotels

The Shotel Warrior exhibits remarkable strength against various targets. They excel in engaging buildings, villagers, skirmishers, pikemen, eagle warriors, light cavalry, monks, and rams. With their devastating damage output, Shotel Warriors can swiftly dismantle structures and disrupt enemy economies.

However, it is important to note the weaknesses of the Shotel Warrior. They are particularly vulnerable to archers, scorpions, mangonels, hand cannoneers, Janissaries, and heavily armored infantry. It is crucial for you to consider these weaknesses and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate them.

One of the Ethiopian civilization’s unique attributes is the “Royal Heirs” technology, which grants Shotel Warriors a -3 damage reduction against mounted units. This defensive advantage lowers the Shotel Warrior weakness against Cavalry units such as Cavalier and Hussars.

Tips and Tactics for Your Shotel Warrior

AoE2 Shotel Warrior tips

To make the most of the Shotel Warrior’s potential, you should employ the following strategies and tactics:

  1. Hit and Run: Leverage the high damage and movement speed of the Shotel Warrior to execute hit and run tactics. Engage enemy units swiftly and retreat before they have a chance to retaliate effectively.
  2. Economy Disruption: Due to their exceptional damage output, Shotel Warriors can two-shot villagers, significantly impeding the opponent’s economy. Targeting the enemy’s resource gathering units can provide a substantial advantage in the long run.
  3. Rams as Shield: Garrisoning Shotel Warriors inside rams serves a dual purpose. Not only do the rams absorb arrow fire from enemy defenses, but the warriors inside can also wreak havoc on nearby structures and units, ensuring the maximum effectiveness of both units.
  4. Armor Upgrades: Upgrading the armor of the Shotel Warriors is essential for mitigating damage from archery units and arrow-shooting structures such as town centers, castles, and towers. Strengthening their defense enhances their survivability and overall combat prowess.
  5. Demolish Buildings: Combining a group of Shotel Warriors with the “Arson” technology (increased attack against buildings) and blacksmith upgrades (+1 attack, +1 armor) creates a devastating force capable of quickly demolishing town centers and military structures. This combination synergizes their strengths, leading to swift victories.
  6. Archery Support: While the Ethiopians are renowned for being an infantry Civilization, they also possess a hidden strength in archery. If facing opponents who spam archers, consider adding Crossbows/Arbalests to your army. These units complement the Shotel Warriors effectively and can dominate the battlefield. Additionally, if your opponent relies on cavalry units, take advantage of the free Pikemen upgrade to counter their mounted forces. Upgrade to Halberdiers if necessary.

AoE2 Shotel Warrior Counters

AoE2 Shotel Warrior Counters
Main counters to shotels

Understanding the vulnerabilities of AoE2 Shotel Warriors is crucial for making informed decisions when engaging them or encountering them in multiplayer:

  1. Archers: Massed archers, such as Crossbowmen or Arbalests, can pick off Shotel Warriors from a distance. Micro-manage to maintain range.
  2. Knights: Cavalry units like Knights or Cavaliers can engage Shotel Warriors effectively. Get armor upgrades and husbandry speed upgrade to catch up with shotels much easier.
  3. Towers/Castles: Garrison your towers or castles with villagers or ranged units. Even elite Shotel Warriors die quickly to arrows.
  4. Gunpowder Units: Hand Cannoneers or Bombard Cannons are effective if your civilization has access to them. They deal high damage.
  5.  Scorpions & Choke Points: Fight Shotel Warriors in choke points with scorpions and use defensive structures such as castles to provide protection to your scorps.


The Shotel Warrior is a fearsome unit that provides the Ethiopians with a significant advantage infantry, villagers and buildings. Their high damage and movement speed make them ideal for hit and run tactics, disrupting enemy economies, and swiftly dismantling buildings. By leveraging proper upgrades and combining them with other units, such as archers, players can create a versatile and unstoppable force.

Remember, careful consideration of their weaknesses is vital to formulating effective strategies. Embrace the power of the AoE2  Shotel Warrior and pave your way to victory.

*Shotel warrior: This unit is accessible on AoE2 de steam


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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