1 Basics
2 What, When and How
2.1 Start up to 200 Kills
2.2 200 Kills up to 700 Kills
2.3 700 Kills up to 2000Kills
3 Kills and Raze List
4 Overview of the map


Welcome to my veterans blood beginners guide. In this post I hope to teach you all you need to know to be able to play the map at a beginners level.

Vets is a map that requires a lot of speed, you need to be fighting constantly or you will fall behind. While you are fighting you will have to micro manage special units such as a powerful cavalry hero and bonus Genghis Khans and Sabotuers.

To begin, you will need to know how to create units. You will start with two kings on a large island behind your main base. To create units you must move one of the kings in front of the unit you want to start spawning. Most players will only use Woad Raiders at the start, though some like the Berserk. Huskarls may be used later but ignore them for now. In the following picture you can see the early spawn units.


In the next section I will explain which units to use as you progress, but now we’ll move on to the rest of the basics. The base looks like this:


The most important area of Vets in team games or 1v1 is the middle powerup area.


Every so often you will get a notification saying that all players have gotten a king. This king spawns on the little store behind your base and can be used to buy panic, a middle explosion or a death ray on other players.


Finally, you will receive a bonus Genghis Khan and Sabotuer at points during the game.


What, When and How

Many players go into this map and are not sure what units to make at different points. I will tell you what I usually do. I’m definitely not an expert so you might be better off doing the opposite!

Start up to 200 Kills


As I said earlier, you will start with Woad Raider usually. The start is pretty simple, send your king to start the spawn and send your hero to the middle and try to kill enemy heroes. Once you start making Woads in your base, patrol them out in small groups. Theres no point in being fancy until you know the map better. The goal at this stage is just getting kills. Patrol out as fast as you can. At 100 kills you will unlock Jaguar Warriors, move your king on the spawn island to switch as soon as you get it. The same applies to 200 kills when you get samurai.

200 Kills up to 700 Kills


You will be using Samurai a lot at this stage. You will unlock Throwing Axemen, Chu Ko-No and Plumed archers but you should only use a few of them at a time and only if you can power them up at the middle. Some like to use Tuetonic Knights at 600 Kills alongside archers. Once you get 700 kills and can use Cataphracts you face a decision. You can either rush, which means try to kill the enemy towers or defend and get kills.

700 Kills up to 2000Kills


After Cataphracts you receive Magnudai, these can be useful if powered up on the middle. Once you get Mamelukes you can rush or defend effectively, but watch out for people using Tuets! Conquistadors and Jannisaries are the next two units. Its up to you whether you use them or not. War Elephants are the reward for 1200 kills. This is another time you can go and kill an enemy or wait for heroes.


Once you get Genghis Khan I suggest that you kill the enemy towers!

Kills and Raze List

K = Kills:
25 K: Squires
50 K: Garland Wars
75 K: Thumb Ring
100 K: Elite Jaguar Warrior
150 K: Forging
200 K: Elite Samurai
250 K: Fletching
300 K: Elite Throwing Axeman
350 K: Scale Mail Armor
400 K: Elite Cho Ku Nuu
450 K: Padded Archer Armor
500 K: Elite Plumed Archer
525 K: Ballistics
550 K: Castle Age
575 K: Chain Mail Armor
600 K: Elite Teutonic Knight
625 K: Blood Lines + Husbandry
650 K: Scale Barding Armor
675 K: Chain Barding Armor
700 K: Elite Cataphracts
725 K: Imperial Age
775 K: Leather Archer Armor
800 K: Elite Mongudai
850 K: Bodkin Arrow
900 K: Elite Mamelukes
950 K: Iron Casting
1000 K: Elite Conquistador
1050 K: Plate Mail Armor
1100 K: Elite Janissary
1150 K: Spies
1200 K: Elite War Elephants
1250 K: Plate Barding Armor
1300 K: Robin Hood
1350 K: Ring Archer Armor
1400 K: Harald Hardraade
1450 K: Blast Furnace
1500 K: Charles Martel
1550 K: Chemistry
1600 K: Sabotai
1650 K: Bracer
1700 K: Genghis Kahn
2000 K: Hp Power Up In Base

1: Two Rams
2: 2 Sabs
3: Monkey Boy
4: 3 Sabs
5: Fortified wall
6: Villager + Resources
7: 2 Bombardment Towers Behind Gate
8: Bombard In Mid
9: Power Up To Veteran
10: Ap Power Up In Base

Overview of the map