Capitalize each first letter: “Capoch’s Updated Guide to Free Build Orders”

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    Greetings to all!

    I have recently updated my guide on Build Orders.

    You can now get 18 builds and useful information (comprising around 35 pages) of my guide on Build Orders for free on my Discord channel’s free-build-orders-guide subchannel: [](

    For the complete manual, if you’re keen, you can access it by subscribing to my Twitch channel: [](

    It contains 97 pages of AoE2 content and is available in English and Spanish.

    If you hold Amazon Prime or Prime Gaming membership, you can subscribe for free on Twitch.

    Or else, it would cost you between 1.59 USD and 4.99 USD, dependent on your location.

    Upon subscribing to the guide, to download the guide, you must join my Discord channel ([](, visit Discord connections in settings and sync your Twitch account with Discord.

    Then locate my private channel in Discord called “build-orders-guide” where you can download the guide.

    You can find some sample pages of the guide below.

    I earnestly hope you find it helpful in enhancing your gaming experience.

    Kind Regards,



    Wow thanks pretty cool


    Maybe this is a stupid question and honestly I should probably know better but I always thought you needed to push a deer to pull off a 20 pop scout build with no eco bonus (and no idle time).

    I guess not?




    Is your logo and the one from TTL and also Nations Cup all from the same designer?

    They looks so similar



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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