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Find All Age of Empires 3 cheats with regularly updated list. Some cheat codes will only work if you own DLCs such as The Asian Dynasties, The African Royals and Knights of the Mediterranean.

How to enter Age of Empires 3 cheats

Press ENTER and type any of the cheat codes you find below:

Complete Age of Empires 3 Cheats Table

(Near every cheat code you will find an icon to indicate on which DLC they work on👍)

📌 Most of AoE3 cheats are long, use special characters and slang language.

a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese increases the size of all animals, resulting in a higher Food yield when gathered, affecting both the player and their opponents.Age of Empires III
Give me liberty or give me coinAdds 10,000 coin.Age of Empires III
Medium Rare PleaseAdds 10,000 food.Age of Empires III
< censored >Adds 10,000 wood.Age of Empires III
Nova & OrionGives 10,000 experience points.Age of Empires III
X marks the spotReveals the map for all the players, keeping the fog of war effect.Age of Empires III
tuck tuck tuckSpawns The Tommynator monster truck.Age of Empires III
ya gotta make do with what ya gotSpawns a Mediocre Bombard, a powerful artillery unit that fires Capybara.Age of Empires III
sooo goodComical text appears regarding unit and building kills.Age of Empires III
speed always winsIncreases build, research, shipment, and gather rates by 100 times for all players.Age of Empires III
this is too hardSkips to the next scenario in the campaign.Age of Empires III
where's that axe?Spawns George Crushington.Age of Empires III
o Canada 2005Spawns a Lazerbear.Age of Empires III
don't kick the pitbullSpawns a Learicorn.Age of Empires III
we <3 fluffy!1!Spawns Fluffy.Age of Empires III
wuv woo vol.2Spawns a Flying Purple Tapir.Age of Empires III
wee ooh wee oohSpawns a BigAndy monster truck.Age of Empires III
cowhaxConverts all living units within the map into Cows.Age of Empires III
red pocketSpawns a Lion Dance Parade at the player's Town Center, gifting them resources.Age of Empires III
honey badger don't give aSpawns a Honey Badger.Age of Empires III
the king of all beastsSpawns two Guardian lions.Age of Empires III
Granny NannyTurns all villagers into Dahomey Amazons.Age of Empires III
Release the houndsTurns all units into Wolf Beasts.Age of Empires III
I don't existSpawns a Penguin.Age of Empires III
Flying DutchmanEnables all naval units to move on land.Age of Empires III
safariSpawns 12 random huntables.Age of Empires III
all your base are belong to us <0-8>Assumes control of the given player. Using with 0 takes control of Mother Nature units.Age of Empires III
trojan cowSpawns a Wood Cattle.Age of Empires III
a whole lot of loveAdds 10,000 to each of all available resources.Age of Empires III
ding ding dingSpawns a Monster Ice Cream Truck.Age of Empires III
mustard relish and burning oilSpawns a Flaming Hot Dog Cart.Age of Empires III
trade plzAdds 10,000 export.Age of Empires III
social mediaAdds 10,000 Influence.Age of Empires III
devasdGives 10,000 XP, 10,000 of every resource, fully reveals the map, and more.Age of Empires III
i spit on youSpawns a Gatling Camel with powerful stats.Age of Empires III
venividivinciSpawns a Leonardo's Tank with increased stats.Age of Empires III
feeling whelmed now?Turns all living units and buildings into Leonardo's Tank.Age of Empires III
mercatorReveals the entire map, removing the Fog of War effect.Age of Empires III

Where to get Age of Empires 3 DLCs?

DLCs for Age of Empires 3 cheats to work
DLCs for Age of Empires 3 cheats to work

To get most of the cheats working, you have no choice but to buy all or some DLCs from the following official platforms:

Platform DLCs
  1. United States Civilization (Steam)
  2. Mexico Civilization (Steam)
  3. The African Royals (Steam)
  4. Knights of the Mediterranean (Steam)
MS Store
  1. United States Civilization (Microsoft Store)
  2. Mexico Civilization (Microsoft Store)
  3. The African Royals (Microsoft Store)
  4. Knights of the Mediterranean (Microsoft Store)

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