Playing random civ in actuality helped me toughen my games.

Hello guys,

I real fair nowadays bought relieve into this absolute gem of a game and spent address 120 hours+ learning the basics and working out blueprint orders. I wasted no time playing normals or crew games and went straight into 1vs1s in ranked. A scary trip that intention me greater than a hundred hours of flicks would.

As most contemporary players terminate, I picked 2-3 civs that I address and performed them a little bit but I couldnt in actuality lunge above 800 Elo. It in actuality frustrated me to terminate all blueprint orders precisely, hit time reqirements and soundless lose to drush, trush, fortress drop and heaps others.

That changed into once the second I started rewatching my games after which it hit me address a truck. I changed into once by no procedure in actuality reacting to the strenghs my enemy participant/ civ had. I’d stick with unitcompositions and builds I learned even supposing they own been shocking for the hot teach. So I made up my mind to terminate the scary thing and real enter 1vs1 on random civ to end me from doing that and power me to mediate on the gap.

And real address that my whole game trip changed. I stoped overthinking my civ and began to scout and imagine what the opposite participant did. I began to react and adapt my builds searching on the game and design. Now I’m on my procedure to crack 1k Elo and it feels unbelievable.

Even supposing there are soundless some random civs I in actuality hate to hit (yeah I’m attempting at you persians) I feel up to now more confident playing now. I in actuality attend all of the contemporary players around here attempting that. Look and analize your games, end sticking to builds and units that don’t match the teach and originate adapting to what your enemy is doing.

Let’s salvage our capacity maxed out and own relaxing!

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21 days ago

wait why keep you detest hitting persians on random civ?

21 days ago

Why keep you detest Persians? They have gotten heavenly fashioned produce repeat. I guessed inaccurate ones will more than doubtless be that ones with non-fashioned openings, like Cumans/China/Huns/etc might be the civs provoking to hit.