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So how do I do a YouTube intro hello no okay this was a more recording so terrible probably do something weird with the intro here welcome to another video today is a topic that I want to bring up will this become a complaint video sort of but

Also suggest in this video okay so you can see in front of me right now I have the Mapco from the current week what do we see rm1 Hideout Arabia Islands Mega random African clearing Fortress Arena the issue I have with this first and foremost is we have so many similar maps

In the map hole Hideout Arena and Fortress are all fast Castle maps of course you will see the odd exception where people try to make something happen in Village but in general the playstyle of fast Castle is encouraged in those Maps because that’s usually the best strategy African clearing in my

Opinion is also a fast cast map you both build up from a nomad start you could be on the opposite side of the maps but of course there will be exceptions where people have to go through later go fuel station this map as well however I still

Think African clearing is a fast Castle map so right now four out of 7 are fast car synapse Islands it’s pretty much the same thing over and over you play for water sometimes the exception there is Landings right make something happen on land etc etc but that’s also a very like

Stale meta map Mega random it can always be anything that one is always up in the air so it could but even that let’s say that one five out of 10 times it’s a closed map suddenly you have like six Maps here that are somewhat similar play

Style but of course Mega random can be anything Arabia however is the map with the most variety but even Arabia in my opinion is a bit stale at the moment because even though there’s more variety in the openings depending on the sieves you still have Scouts archers drush

Militiamen arms opening it’s the same thing over and over with certain sieves but the difference in Arabia is that there’s a lot more Dynamic action and there’s a lot more variety in in playstyles and approaches that are possible and that’s the main thing the possibility is there now obviously I’m

Not the one to dictate who should play how and like which way you’re allowed to play and what you should prefer if you like the closed Maps obviously this map was probably pretty good for you but my point here is why don’t to just add another five Maps right just give us

Another three bands if you want to get rid of maps but give us more choices every single week I feel like we’re seeing the same Maps recycled in and out it’s like I feel like I have I’m playing the same apps over and over in latter the whole year it’s like sure they’ll

Mix they’ll they’ll change three or four maps on an apple and they’ll add three or four new maps but the issue is those new maps were already there the week prior and when you get the option to vote for a map those maps are also the

Ones that have all the maps that have already been there you know it is not only for only one RM it’s also for team random app I feel like whenever I go here it’s usually the same Maps over and over they may have changed a few things

Here and there sometimes they mix in like lombardia or step or anything like to change the Nomad map right but in general I feel like it’s the same thing over and over Empire Wars I mean at this point this could be replaced in my opinion what I would like to see just

Like a quick suggestion on top is like we can make another tab above that says like nine villagers start here like three villagers start nine villagers start and then we could have only one and Team game here as well RM and they could be like 9 minutes to start that’s

Something I would love to see in the game but of course who knows but I feel like Empire Wars is not popular enough to justify to have its own tabs there it’s like it spikes a bit in popularity whenever there’s a Red Bull event or an

Empire worst event but in general I mean I don’t have numbers to back this off to be clear but I feel like that’s the case but yeah for example like let’s say this map Pool is here that’s fine but you know the tournament has been going on

Best of 21s here you see maps that we have been playing in this tournament right Microsoft forgotten Empires listen come to me every time you want to make a new map Pool I’ll take a look at what tournaments are going on and we could rotate in tournament maps that are

Active that people see in competition I often when you see a tournament map you might feel like you want to try that map as well if you see a really cool game on like on a clear video for example right overall although I’ll clearly have been

In the map pool but African Rebels for example I think that’s one has had amazing games in the best of two and one series we’ve had going on now and I think it’s a really cool map as well with a lot of tricky strategic uh things

To think about right Bay for example can be such a nice map to just have on the list that Cycles in every two months or so chaos pit is Fun close to Mountain could be a nomad map creators can be a crazy map cup as well amazing map

Started in Hidden uh hidden Cup right so many good games on this map and I’m sure viewers as well that see these maps in tournaments El Dorado cup they would love to try those maps in the game as well themselves enclosed fish and fish four legs we see that a lot of fridge

Deliquity Boulder’s golden pit with sea golden swamp you have seen a boob is a real cool map I don’t think we see it enough kawasan such a good map as Wellness Meadow moras Northern can even be a water map outcrop is a really cool map sacred spring is real trick him up

To play as well Sheepfold why not right there’s so many Maps here that are options that just increase the variety right I feel like we’re so stuck in playing the same apps over and over again why don’t we just mix in a couple of these Maps right let’s have a look at

The Warlords Maps Arabia Arena Atacama Baltic Bedouins is African clearance just a different version kind of like Forest border is good why not throw on board dispute during war doors for example right what not throwing away says Yucatan while the tournaments are going on why don’t we mix in these Maps

I think there’s so much potential to give us a lot more fun even if I go into the game itself aftermath why not you don’t we can remove the trade posts if they are a problem Alpine Lakes like I I thought I had some really fun games on

Alpine legs I know it has been in the map once or twice before but still our chip logo can be a good map bog Islands can be found bogland can even be fun Budapest you see sometimes cenotes city of lakes like why are we not trickling

In all of these variations and cool maps just to spice up the ladder right of course different Maps mean that the power level of certain sieves creep up a bit higher because some ships definitely perform stronger on certain Maps maybe that’s what they’re concerned about let’s seize the mountain I have so many

Good member remembers some great games on seized Mountain so there is one concern with power spikes of civilizations that makes people at pick sieves have a bit of an advantage but I I I’m not sure what the stats are on lower level I guess more people pick

Sips there than a higher level but uh but either way variation is the spice of life in my opinion I’d rather have five more bands and have maps and have eight bands instead of just three right just to give me the off chance that I can play some different Maps right this is

Not intended as a rant well it is but it also is like it’s just a suggestion as well right I think it can only do good to the game to do that I think it will be very beneficial for also my motivation to grind ladder right if I

Play ladder at the moment like I tend to favorite Arabia myself because I just don’t like much of the other Maps 99 of my ladder games are Arabia due to that I’m sure a lot of people have similar experience to me it is a bit frustrating though I have to

Admit because I mean I’m also in a situation where I’m making a living from the game I’m playing the game over and over again I’m mostly playing rage Forest at the moment partly because of this right I just think if we had more maps available a lot more people might

Play ladder a lot more people would get to experience the variety and the how deep of a strategic and tactical game this can be different Maps would also allow you to see a lot more civilizations uh what are your thoughts what do you think do you agree with me

Do you disagree do you have any other input on this like do you think they would be more worse if there’s more maps I don’t think it should impact queue time because again it’s just just give us more bands to accommodate the extra maps and you will still be able to get

One of your maps in the end but yeah let me know your thoughts and thanks for watching

map pool


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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