Top 5 Best Unique Units In AoE2

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the video today I’m going to be talking about the top 5 best unique units in Age of Empires 2. this is a really good time to make this video because there’s been a lot of changes to Unique units over the past few months things have been

Kind of shaken up quite a bit and so I felt like it was a good time to drop this list and there’s actually a lot of really good unique units right now so this list was quite hard to actually come up with so I had to narrow down to

Only five with a couple honorable mentions so as always if your favorite unique unit didn’t appear on this list feel free to yell at me in the comments I actually love to read what you guys have to say but with all that said let’s go ahead and take a look alright

Starting off at number five we’ve got the hesite wagon no I’m just kidding I started off at number five we’ve got the Cameo Cameo has been a unit that I’ve always felt like was really strong but the recent Buffs for Incas making the Cameo overall cheaper has just made it

Appear into the top five this unit might be here because Incas received a big buff and Incas are a little bit stronger now thus being more able to get towards the late game where kamyuk becomes a very viable unit maybe that’s part of the reason why this unit spiked up the

List but honest is one of the hardest units to deal with in the game and I honestly feel like if you have anything that deals with like R Plus or heavy cab archers the camera will take care of almost every other unit you know what I

Mean maybe hand cleaner can deal with it but fighting this unit head-on is going to be quite of a suicidal Mission you need something very specific to deal with this unit regular infantry regular Cavalry even a few uniquets most often just don’t do the trick so cavity for me

Is a solid number five moving on to number four we’ve got an all-time classic here it’s the mangadai for the Mongols the mega guy has always been an extremely strong unit but I think it’s kind of got a little power creep there used to be like almost

Number one maybe number two but it kind of got a little power creeps a little Nerfs here and there but overall I still think it remains at one of the top in the game and I put it at number four it’s really good early on in Castle age

It’s also really good at in late game it has very little weaknesses overall with its damage against Siege weapons so it’s really a unit that is a very versatile very flexible and kind of carries the State game composition and is the heart and soul of that Civilization for

The most part they have other options but mango die is really what you think about when you talk about the Mongols so overall number four slot for the students and it is my favorite unit so I’m pretty happy to have it there moving on to number three this unit

Absolutely carries the Sip it’s four and it makes a lot of other Sims struggle against this particular sieve and when I say it’s going to be obvious it is indeed the huskero huskero single-handedly carries the gods imagine if Gods didn’t have Husker and instead they got like another unique unit like a

Decent one like the sidewalk how useless would the Goths be in that case you know what I mean so when you think of it like that husk girl absolutely carries That civilization and it’s kind of a unit that wins you certain matchups on its own like Gods versus mines game plan is

Very simple Gods vs most Archer Subs You’re Gonna Want To Play towards huskero yes the unit has some counters and it’s not like it’s completely overpowered but I honestly feel like it shapes how gods are played and it gives them a lot of good matchups and for me

The husk girl is a strong enough unit to Merit a number three slot another thing with the high school is that it’s just so cheap and so spammable so not only is it just a good unit stats wise but it’s also very hard to deal with in mass and

The raids can get crazy it can basically single-handedly win you the game by taking good fights raiding on the sides and even killing buildings because it isn’t infantry so for me the gods and the hustle they go hand in hand they’re one and the same and hashclaw number

Three is a pretty good slot for it foreign moving on to number two this might surprise a lot of people because this unit used to be at my number one when I talked about unique units it is going to be the Conquistador conquistor is a great unit but it’s recently suffered a

Pretty drastic Nerf it lost one pierce armor The Standard Version the elite version still has it now this might seem like a very small and insignificant Nerf however at this kind of makes the Conquistador quite vulnerable to Archer fire and specifically like TC’s and Castle fire as well the Conquistador

Without this Nerf is to have two Pierce armor and so if you can upgrade them from the blacksmith they can get an extra two Piers armor and a four Pierce armor unit takes only three damage from a crossbow this means that if your opponent’s on crossbow and you get

Conquist that are fully upgraded you can actually close the distance because you’re a faster unit take your shot and then just run away and you take very little damage because you’re so tanky and you can rinse and repeat and conquistadors ended up doing great against Archer units not to mention how

Efficient they are killing Cavalier units in infantry units so overall conquistadors were a very big pain to deal with for a lot of sifts because it just seemingly had no counter skirmishers were okay against it cavacher’s s subpar monks if you get lucky not too bad or if you’re Mr yo I

Think Easter doors were a Powerhouse now without that one pierce armor they still have that one left over and so they can get up to three Parish armor which is not bad engines are still a good unit but I just feel like it has slightly more weaknesses in Castle which to be

Honest is a good thing it’s very well balanced now I feel it’s a strong unit but not overpowered and you still get that pierce armor in the elite version so overall our second key store is still a great unit still insane at killing Cav just a little less effective against

Archers makes it a bit more well balanced and leaves it at number two sloth still a great unique unit and definitely a force to be reckoned with with the Spanish all right before I show you guys number one I wonder how many people can guess that actually leave a comment below and

See if you guys can guess the number one on the list get creative uh but for now I got a few honorable mentions here so honorable mention number one is going to be the lightest lightest I mean it’s just a really strong Cav unit it ignores

Armor has 13 base attack is rather cheap on the gold it only costs 50 gold if I’m not mistaken yeah lightest is a great unit and in my opinion it’s one of the best options for lithuanians going into that mid late game so I think it’s a

Great unit just couldn’t make this top five list this time around it’s probably number six though next up we got the custody another great unit very similar to the lightest is Cavalier units it’s not the most expensive on gold it’s quite strong the charge attack is very

Good running around with good CD and just sniping off monks stray units villagers it’s a kind of a great unit all around that has very little weaknesses I feel and it was very close to making my list and just fell a little short next up we have the janissary

Janissary received a small Nerf recently it went from eight range to 7 range in Castle again another great Nerf it’s still a strong unit if it’s a bit more well balanced and and it’s uh yeah just shy of the list as well it’s probably number seven or eight and uh janissary

Is still a very good unit and played against it and with it since the change and it still feels insanely strong the only difference now is that you can get converted slightly easier because monks have nine you have seven instead of your original eights and you don’t outrange

Magnols as hard so you have the same range as the mega no but generously is still do just as well against Mega notes because they can one shot them and they don’t die to a single shot of megano unless you take it head-on genisers are still quite solid they still get the job

Done and an automation is solid for them moving on to number one the absolute best unique in AOE 2 currently and it’s a unit that I consider to be quite quite overpowered in a lot of cases it’s gonna be the Centurion for the Romans the new civilization and of course it’s going to

Be the most overpowered civilization because it costs you 14 to play it but I mean all that said I mean ceteria is still a great unit has incredible stats it’s the only unit that has blatantly unfair stats in the game I think it has a 140 HP in Castle age it has three

Pierce armor two melee armor and 13 attack this is crazy oh Hera it’s expensive what does it cost 85 gold I mean sure it’s expensive but the Knight is 75 gold you know what I mean so it’s not like is it that expensive to where it’s ridiculous and you can’t afford it

And I just feel like when it gets on the field it basically kills everything in Castle age I will say this in turn in Imperial age is not that much more impressive than like a paladin for example it comes a little bit more balanced in terms of its strength but in

Castle age I think the Centurion is completely overpowered completely unfair and um yeah I just think it’s crazy crazy units only downside is getting converted because then your opponent has an overpowered unit also last thing I said with the Centurion it also Buffs your infantry so not only it doesn’t

Have incredible stats it also has a hidden power like what is it a League of Legends champion that has four abilities now I don’t know what’s going on with this unit but it’s pretty wild very strong units very very overpowered and I’m not gonna call for any Nerfs yet

Because it’s still uh rather new and you know they gotta make their bread sell those DLCs so it’s all good but for now I’ll be using monks against these units and nothing else because nothing else Works smiley face uh but yeah that’s gonna be it for my top five best unique

Units in av2 let me know if you guys agree to my list and let me know if you disagreed and uh yeah as always I’m curious to see your comments thank you so much for watching like comment subscribe if you enjoyed catch you guys next time peace foreign

best age of empires 2 civilizations


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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