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Hello everyone and welcome back to the video today we’ll be talking about the top 5 best infantry civilizations in aoe2 before I get started in the video definitely check out my gameplay Channel hero gameplay on YouTube the link in description if you want to check out some Pro gameplay otherwise come check

Me out on Twitch as well link also in the description but anyways let’s go ahead and hop right into the video so starting off at number five here we’ve got Japanese Japanese are a classic strong infantry civilization they’ve been with us since the start of the game pretty much and they’ve always

Had solid infantry and I think more so these days as well since they’ve got a few Buffs lately the thing about the Japanese is they’ve got good infantry at all stages of the game which is a really big factor for this kind of list because I’m not just thinking who’s got the best

Infantry in late game I’m also thinking who can make infantry viable at all stages of the game and Japanese is definitely a good candidate for that you’ve got a really good early militia rush or Mana arm rush because of your good economy and then having that faster attacking infantry kick in from feudal

Age is really strong especially with the minute arm rush you can absolutely destroy a woodland not only that though but going in towards the late game you’ve got fully upgraded Champions with gambesens you’ve also got habiters and Samurai going into Elite Samurai of course which all attack faster and

That’s a really strong bonus in the late game in fact especially for Japanese habit year attacking faster is a really big factor because it allows you to implement the attack bonus more often or lets you put the tag bonus on your opponents more often which makes the Habit yours incredibly strong versus any

Kind of Cavalry so in my opinion no matter what you’re going up against with the Japanese unless there’s like archers or range units you should be completely fine destroying them with infantry mix of help Champion mix of Hub samurai or just pure Champs or Samurai usually does

A great job in mid late game moving on to number four and this is going to come out a bit of a surprise here we’ve got the Goths now the Goths are a great infantry civilization and for many of you they are considered the best infantry civilization and to some

Degree I kind of agree with that but at the same time gods don’t actually have the strongest infantry at different stages of the game other infantry saves actually destroy Gods especially in the late game and usually Goths can’t really go infantry against them in the mid game

Either and so while Goths do have a good transition with infantry from Dark Age it can go for cheaper militia same thing in feudal age with Mana arms that come a little cheaper and they have the faster working Barracks throughout the entire game going into late game they only

Really destroy sips that don’t have great infantry like for example if they’re up against any archesive then the hospitals will definitely carry if they’re up against Cavalry Archer or cavalry sieves then a mix of husk girls and halves definitely do the trick and then against most sivs a mix of

Champions halberdiers and Huskers usually is a good idea they also have strong mid-game rushes with long swords husk girls Pikes a good mix of those can obviously be very strong that being said though their ultimate weakness is going up against the top tier infantry saves in late game and they just simply can’t

Make use of their own infantry against them because they just simply lose way too fast so even though Gods can spam and the 210 pop goth infantries fan late game is definitely solid it doesn’t quite compare against some of the other late games when it comes to powerful

Infantry sets but still number four for goth is no small task and that’s definitely a solid spot on the list moving on to number three we’ve got a recently buff sibs the Incas the Incas are a fantastic infantry sieve but not in the traditional way they actually

Don’t get supplies in organisms but the recent buff making all their food units cheaper applies heavily to their infantry line Incas also get access to some unique units like Eagle Warriors and kamayuks and those are extremely powerful especially when combining it with their unique Tech I see Incas as a

Powerhouse infantry sip in the late game Mass cameos can absolutely destroy any melee unit it’s one of the most powerful units in the game especially with how cheap it is these days if you’re up against any range unit then their Eagle warrior becomes a very strong option so

No matter what you’re playing up against as long as it’s not something strictly anti-infantry like hand kinner or something like that then Incas will have a great option when it comes to their infantry lines they also get fully upgraded Champion minus gambesens and obviously supplies but the discount

Still applies heavily to them and then even in the early game you do get cheaper Eagle Warriors and cheaper Champion line plus the cheaper Hub lines so they have a good option or good options in terms of infantry throughout the entire game and their go rush and

Cast it just no joke and like I said going into late game they’ve got a ton of super powerful options definitely deserving of a number three slot all right moving on to number two we’ve got the slabs the slabs are an incredible civilization when it comes to infantry and their recent buff

Definitely helps them go into infantry a little earlier in the game as well let’s talk about their late game first slav late game in terms of infantry might be one of the strongest out there joshina is such an insane technology and the only downside to it is just the fact

That it’s pretty expensive however it’s insanely worth it it makes your happy deer incredibly strong against pretty much any unit but especially against Mass Cavalier or mass Paladin and especially especially against masses are you absolutely destroy those things but also with joshina habitir actually does very well against other infantry units

Or trash units like if you’re playing halberdier against halberdier and skirms and you’ve got drishina your hubs will actually destroy that kind of composition and it costs you very little to make them since they’re a non-gold costing unit so with joshina your average unit like the halberdier ends up

Being a very well-rounded unit just because the slash damage is so strong you also can mix in Champions with fully upgrade full upgrades including gambesens and then you also get free supplies and free gambasins and that’s going to be us into their early game and

This helps us out a lot going meta arms with slabs and feudal age and then mixing in a couple more is definitely a viable option going for a heavy long sword rush in a castle age is definitely a great option as well because you get supplies in gambusins for free and if

You drop three Barracks they also count as houses giving you five extra population space so you can see that an all-in push with like long Shores or Pike long sword and Siege with the slabs can actually be a great strategy and it’s definitely a very viable infantry approach in the mid game

Moving on to number one but actually before we do that let’s go ahead and check out the honorable mentions and this one I have just for the Viper as well here we’ve got the dravidians but hold on it’s not because the room is frozen so don’t talk about any of that

But the dravidians are actually a great infantry civilization having the cheaper upgrades on their Champion line definitely makes for a smooth transition throughout the game you can go for a strong Mana arm Rush of course with the discounted minute on Tech and then you also get discounted supplies and

Gambesens plus discounted pretty much everything from the barracks which is a really strong bonus and something definitely that helps you throughout the game but the main thing that makes your videos so strong in late game is their Tech woot steel this makes your infantry incredibly powerful and it’s very

Similar to the Slavs where it makes their how but they’re good against pretty much everything because it gives you at least plus three attacks as the standard unit in late game has minimum three armor assuming it’s fully upgraded but of course in some crazy scenarios like up against bulgarians with their

Two-handed Swordsmen crazy armor suddenly your champions for the dravidians ignoring all that armor you just absolutely destroy them similarly dravidians versus Teutonic Knights are just two enchamps in general dravidians will absolutely destroy them and so on so forth you’ve got a ton of options and that would still is really really strong

A couple other honorable mentions is Burmese getting plus three attack on all of your infantry is pretty solid also just from feudal age getting that plus one right away is pretty good too so Burmese is quite solid in that regard as well and then of course Vikings getting

Extra HP and the chieftain Tech makes their infantry quite solid throughout the entire game but honestly Burmese and Vikings are a little lackluster compared to some of the other stiffs on this list I definitely have dravidians at number six for example all right now talking about number one

This ZIP will cost you 14 to play but honestly the Romans are the best infantry civilization in the game right now I actually thought about this quite a bit and I came to the conclusion that Romans can use infantry better at all stages of the game compared to these

Other civilizations I haven’t done extensive testing so I could be wrong on this but for my limited experience the Romans feel absolutely insane when it comes to their infantry play for example in the feudal age you can actually go minute arm rush and then drop down a

Quick I’ve got a sub here real quick thank you for the sub that came in during the video respect though and uh yeah so like the Romans you can go for a minute arm rush you can get cheap infantry armor right away so it only costs 100 food make a blacksmith pick

That up and that counts as plus two armor for both melee and range that is insane if you get that and you go to opponent’s Woodline with meta arms with plus two plus two armor the opponent’s fills will do one damage virtually unkillable your opponent Scouts will do

Two less damage making them deal three damage that’s very very low and so you can see real quick how strong The Meta arms are if you just go for that early blacksmith and that extra little bit of armor not to mention that you’re your opponent’s archers will also deal only

One damage to the meta arms until they get Fletching in which they’ll deal too because the minute arm has one Base Pierce armor plus two makes for three and so these meta arms to the Romans are so strong in feudal age and in my opinion it’s probably the strategy you

Should go for almost every single time with the civilization if you have any chance to do damage definitely the men of arms is a great choice not only that though but going into the castle age long swords with extra armor are also insane and I highly recommend you go for

Long short and Siege push as well because that’s going to make the Romans a force to be reckoned with then going on into late game you’ve got the legionary which is just a one-time upgrade from longswords straight to your final unit you don’t have to go two-handed swordsman and then legionary

You just go straight into that which is obviously saving you a lot of time and resources and the Legionnaire has incredible stats you obviously don’t get the last armor with the Romans but that doesn’t really matter because both your armor upgrades are counting twice so you end up actually being stronger than a

Generic Champion by FR and then the last thing the cherry on top is that if you combine the Centurion which is an OP unique unit for the Romans with the legionary it actually gives them an attack speed buff and a movement speed buff which makes that unit just

Incredible so the late game comp for Romans with infantry should just be an absolute Powerhouse and just dominates most other infantry civilizations in the game save maybe like Teutonic Knights there’s nothing random like that but anyways that’s gonna do it for this video guys hopefully you guys enjoyed

And as always make sure to like comment subscribe if you want to help me out to the algorithm or whatnot and I’ll catch you guys in the next one peace foreign foreign

best age of empires 2 civilizations


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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