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Hello everyone and welcome back to the video today we’ll be talking about the top 5 best economy civilizations in Age of Empires 2. you always hear all the pros talking about how this guy’s so ahead of me the economy bonus is crazy well in this video I’m gonna go ahead

And explain what exactly we’re talking about and what the best divs for that is uh before I get started though with the list definitely be sure to Mark the date August 1st to 26th hosting a massive massive tournament and I’ve got two videos that I hope my editor will put up

On the screen one is the trailer for the tournament that I’m hosting and one is a 10 minute video explaining all the details so you guys could get up to date with that would love to see you down on my twitch Channel August 1st it kicks off strong I’ll be there covering the

Whole thing live and I hope to see you guys there as well combining my twitch and my YouTube Community for one very special event I’m excited for it and anyways the top into the list starting things off strong for number five best economy civilizations I really look at where they were saving resources

Getting free resources or getting some sort of discount in economy development not on some military attack or whatnot and burgundians for me definitely fit that description not only do we get discounts on all of our Technologies but we also can pick them up one age earlier

This is a really solid bonus and overall it gives the burgundians a fantastic economy so for example in Dark Age we can pick up the double bid acts giving our Lumberjacks an extra 20 faster than our opponents and that is a pretty significant bonus also getting the upgrade cheaper means that you’re always

Going to be saving resources and being ahead in collection rates over your opponent that’s basically two bonuses in one not only that though but you get the same bonuses for hand cart and wheelbarrow which are very expensive Technologies and then we also can get a Burgundian Vineyard which is basically a

Unique Tech that is an economy bonus and a late game gold bonus so it’s a very strong overall economy civilization and I personally very much enjoy the brigantines on those closed build up maps like Arena next up I’ve got another kind of Arena civilization it’s gonna be the Bohemians

Now the behemians might not come to mind when you think of economy civilizations because we consider them to be a very Powerhouse very gunpowder gold heavy sieve but the Bohemians actually have a great economy bonus to sustain That civilization identity they get to both upgrades from gold and stone for free

This is a really big bonus they get the extra Gourmet upgrades right off the bat as they hit the next age and this allows you to get gold and Stone Way quicker than your opponents and you save all the resources that your opponent would spend at trying to pick up those upgrades

Himself however if it was just this bonus it wouldn’t be good enough because Golden Stone they run out so this bonus doesn’t really last forever it’s also very situational because you’re not always going for a lot of gold and stone in the mid game but the Bohemians also

Have another sneaky bonus and it impacts your economy very heavily it’s the fact that they can get further from the monastery and have that affect villagers as well so forever makes the villagers move faster which if you guys don’t know makes the villagers gather faster especially on farms because they’re

Moving faster so it’s less more time and that means higher collection rates overall but especially for those farmers moving on to number three we’ve got the Vietnamese now the Vietnamese have always been pretty solid in terms of economy but they recently just got a pretty big buff and I think it’s

Fantastic the reason buff they got makes it so their economy upgrades research a hundred percent faster that means twice as fast so Vietnamese will be getting double bid ax Goldmine upgrade twice as fast as your opponent so you get a little bit of extra collection rates

Over your opponent not only that we also save on all wood costs for your economy upgrades so you’re getting double bit ax for only 100 food instead of 100 food and 50 wood now you might be thinking that getting it twice as fast barely matters because what you save like 10

Seconds for the double bit ax yeah it’s sure it’s a little bit more res but it’s no big deal it actually is a big deal but not for double bid acts big deal specifically for wheelbarrow and hand card those upgrades come from the town center and we use the Town Center to

Make fills so the longer we’re taking to research wheelbarrow or Hand cards the less fills we’re able to make as you guys know fills are essential for Gathering resources and expanding your economy and so the more Wheels we have the better off we’ll be the better our economy is but the wheelbarrow handcart

Are so crucial tax to pick up so usually these sieves will sacrifice three villagers worth of time to pick up wheelbarrow and then around two villagers worth of time to pick up handguard for Vietnamese since you get those twice as fast you get wheelbarrow in the time it takes to make 1.5

Villagers and handker in the time that it roughly takes to make one villager and so if you put those two together Vietnamese just by playing the game they are ahead of your opponent by 1.5 for wheelbarrow and one for handcart so 2.5 villagers from one town center and that

Is a pretty massive bonus so this bonus combined with the fact that in the same bonus they’re also saving the wood on these important upgrades it just makes their economy insanely strong not only that though but they also for the cultured viewers they also have paper

Money which gives them a little bit of a trickle of gold in late game especially on those maps with you know a lot of wood like black forest and Arena I personally don’t like this deck don’t think it’s too good but it’s definitely worth mentioning here

All right moving on to number two I don’t know if you guys can guess what number two or number one is but number two is gonna be the Romans I actually debated about this and I’m not sure exactly where the Romans should be but I put them at number two and I’m pretty

Confident with that their bonus just lets their villagers do everything basically five percent faster except walking but everything else the Villager can do they’re doing it five percent faster and that is a really significant bonus the reason why this bonus is so good is because this lasts the entire

Game on farms on wood cutters on Builders this literally does everything for the civilization at all points in the game it’s relevant and that is such a big bonus for a civilization to have and so it’s hard to really judge how good that is but I personally think it

Easily deserves number two and it might even deserve number one I just wasn’t confident about it so I put that number two I don’t understand once I show you guys number one which I’m sure a lot of you guys can probably guess by now but before of course I show you guys number

One I’ve got some honorable mentions also Fair alerts here there’s a lot of good economy civilizations so if the Sid that you think is really strong economically didn’t make it on the list feel free to yell at me in the comments below I love reading doing all that hate

In the comments about what zip I missed out and why I’m so bad at the game I’m just kidding there’s actually no hates but it’s always good to victimize a little bit to get some sympathy from the viewers um okay totally joking about that as well it turns to the dark

There’s no hate on these top five videos I promise unless there will be you guys tell me anyways I don’t mention I spent way too long on that already first one I have on the list is the britons now the britons are a very solid civilization because you get the cheaper Town centers

And you get the faster gathering on cheap but I just felt like it wasn’t that much savings you usually make only like two extra Town centers and then the sheep run out pretty quickly so I figured I’ll never mention this fine but they probably wouldn’t make my list next

Up we got the Burmese and the Celts I’m gonna group these together because they both get a significant wood enhancement to bring me to get the free wood upgrades which is great at saving resources those are essential as well and by getting them free they kick in

Right away which is always pretty nice and for Celts they yeah they would 15 faster and that lasts the whole game which is really good again especially on those Maps like Arena and black forest with a lot of wood and my last honorable mention is going to be the Franks

Getting the faster very collection rate is nice and then combining that with the free Farm upgrades definitely makes for a very smooth economy and a solid pick for an economy civilization it didn’t include Mongols because although their hunt bonus is great it falls off rather quickly and it doesn’t really help them

Out later so mogul’s not on the list and that’s one of them that I think people will be maybe upset about clearing that out right now all right moving on to number one the sieve that I think is the only candidate to be better than the Romans that is the Vikings

What like I said this might be obvious because the Vikings have been notorious for their economy free wheelbarrow and free handcuff if you remember about me talking about the Vietnamese Vietnamese getting these twice as fast made it so they get extra villagers well this is twice as true for the Vikings they get

Five free villagers and your opponent still has to pay for wheel bow and handcuff whereas Vikings just get them from the start and don’t have to waste that TC time to pick them up as well so the free wheelbarrow and freehand card is an insane economy phone it’s the only

Downsides to this bonus is that it runs out once your opponent gets Robo and hand guard then the bonus no longer comes into play if you can’t end the game by the time that really matters and it goes to late game the bonus isn’t actually helping you out anymore so that

Is the one downside of the Viking bonus that I can see but even with that in consideration I still think that that advantage that you get from this bonus is more than enough to keep it at number one in my opinion and of course the only thing holding the Vikings back from

Being absolutely insane is the fact that they’ve got a really bad Tech Tree and just not the greatest options overall on most maps on water they Excel of course but on most land maps and stuff they’re just not doing too the economy bonus kind of falls in the wrong hands a

Little bit but I still think it’s an insane bonus in of itself all right that’s gonna do it for my top five best economy civilizations let me know if you agreed or not bring the hate in the comments I’m totally kidding about that and yeah anyways thanks for

Watching guys so much love like comment subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time peace

best age of empires 2 civilizations


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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