They Had The Same Idea! (Low Elo Legends)

Migration is a map that opens up so many potential cool strategies! Here both players have the same cool idea! Extras Channel …

Hello friends hope you’re having a nice day welcome to a very funny video uh Chloe the Legends recorded game Edition typically I do it live I’ve been really busy been doing a lot of Titan Zig stuff just been casting out all the time and I

Haven’t had the moment to be able to do my normal live thing with only the legend so I was like okay we’re gonna dive into game submissions I’ve got my Scouts looking for games and I will admit I saw the first 12 minutes of this immediately started cackling and

Said I don’t want to spoil the rest for myself okay um so in the red we have uh careless it kind of sounds like careless careless uh playing as the Koreans in the blue then we’ve got friendly penguin playing as the Toots all right and this is migration

Uh and if you’ve been following Titan Zig if you’ve been following a lot of my recent uploads there’s a lot of migration action uh and it’s a map where you start on an island and the goal is to eventually expand to control the mainland right

Um because it is a very long distance to get to the enemy Island typically you’re going to want to control the Seas which controls the the uh the waters which is synonymous for C and now I sound like an idiot but the point is if you control the water

You control the land you control this giant um oddly shaped mainland in fact I I mean I guess it adds a little bit more flavor and spice but the islands are really oddly shaped in general this is the default version of migration and I feel like there’s an imbalance with trees here let

Me just give me a second okay we’re gonna double click Blue’s trees okay what have we got here roughly uh okay 19 000 wood all right on this side Red’s got duh I didn’t get any trees over there Red’s got 24 000 woods so yeah there’s actually way more wood on this island

It’s a very big expansive Little Island so anyway sorry I got a little sidetracked it’s very late right now and like I said this is not normally how I cover lowly the Legends so it’s a bit different um here’s the deal this is how you want to play this map right

Um obviously you want to eventually make a transport trip to go to the mainland yes in normal games um but the key if you’re learning now to play this map is you want to use all this precious wood to make fish and chips because this is a map that where

You do not have bores for food so the best way of you getting food is all the tasty fish out here so uh early Lumber Camp so you can chop the trees get good wood and come so you can dock is the way to go and both players have done that here

So friendly penguin is playing as a civilization that typically Farms a lot very cheap Farms with the tutons but I would say like you can at least aim to combine both of them skipping fishing ships in general just feels like a waste because if you can have your TC

Producing villagers and then also have your dog producing fishing ships simultaneously you’ll have more Eco units the small workers that’s the idea but yeah man like pros make this map Look So Easy uh in terms of how they balance it like we have it down to a

Science in Titan’s league right now on how many fires you add how many fishing ships the timing just because they’re they’re Pro players but here it’s really tough and being 870 ELO they clearly have a solid idea of how they need to start here but believe me when I say because I saw

The first 12ish minutes this turns into something rather unique um great job from both the pushed in the deer thus far blue just working on the last one wasn’t sure if they do that at this rank red is docked over here now a little docking tip for you you always want to

Go to a peninsula so you want to find a piece of land that juts out right um red hasn’t really done the best job so for example if red would have docked here which is where the land pokes out boom deep fish you do it here boom deep fish you just

Have a much better chance of being closer to the Deep fish right red his Ducks not too bad in comparison to what blue has just done because the friendly penguin’s dock is the opposite of what you should search for again you dock here and then you’re close to fish

You dock in here you dock in a bay and you’re gonna be further away from the deep fish ultimately it’s not too bad here I still like the fact we’re seeing these guys docking out fishing chips but just things to think about red of course has added the fishing

Chips but hasn’t sent them to food yet because this game is hard there we go cool all right so red saving up some food getting Loom now indicating that we’re gonna see a transport ship soon there’d be no other reason to get Loom villagers um they’re going to be armored up after

Loom and I think red is about to sail off into the darkness blue simultaneously making a transport chip and this is just you just can’t make this crap up okay this was submitted in my game submissions in my Discord so I’ve got an area if you guys ever have a

Game instead of emailing the email that when you find it on my YouTube channel it says for business purposes only instead of sending me non-business emails and spamming me with games there guys you can go to my Discord and there’s a whole channel for it check it

Out this was submitted for a reason I also don’t know who submitted it I feel like friendly penguin sounds like a name from our community Koreans on a water map sounds like name for my community I don’t know but okay here goes blue so Blue’s like listen this game is hard

I’m gonna sail to the enemy Island and I’m gonna take the fight to that Island they’re never gonna be able to deal with that they’re never gonna be able to expect it and we are we know that Red’s island is a lot of open space here so there’s a

Lot of free uh real estate there for blue blue is intentionally trying to go to the island by the way has forgot about this sheep I know you’re all wanted to see sheep blood today um but yeah I mean if blue wanted the mainland the expansive Mainland blue

Would already be there of course right so okay wait a second wait a second wait a second actually they found the enemy Island and blue said ah actually we don’t like it over there it’s very scary so I don’t know what Blue’s doing right now but I do know is that red

Has hopped in a transport as well and is also taking a similar path on the opposite side of the Mainland and is is just sailing away right now hasn’t dropped the villagers off the mainland yet it’s 23 Eco verse 22 and clearly Blue’s thought process initially was let’s take

It to the enemy Island and I think friendly penguin said let’s instead maybe oh boy there’s a wolf attacking let’s instead maybe just control the like the 60 of the map in the middle that’s probably a better game plan and fluid made of Barracks okay so now can

Make a stable and this is what people are doing in Titan Zig right now is making Scouts to control this because the idea is villagers show up and then you find them and you kill them so Blue’s like I’m so smart I’m so sneaky what a cool Strat

Meanwhile red a lot more daring than Blue’s villager and Scout truly going to commit here to try and find the enemy Island now guys look at this from friendly penguin’s point of view okay this is a peaceful Little Island sure the Dock’s ugly and it’s inefficient but we’ve got Farms we’re toots

I don’t use this that frequently but this shows what’s behind the darkness right so I’m just gonna do this to give you an idea look at this look at this it’s crazy not once has anything been spotted and back here we’re gonna have the Archer range it fits perfectly guys it fits

Perfectly now at the same time loose transports over here red could actually see it because Korean villagers have more line of sight but I guarantee red is only looking at this I read it’s like oh my goodness he’s farming here friendly Penguins farming here we did it Blue’s got no clue

No clue the archery range is there I’m gonna see a sneaky little attack blue meanwhile’s like oh you know what I don’t see anything from the enemy in the middle I think that that is definitely the enemy Island because I see a doc let’s put Scouts into our transport ship so they both

Have the same idea basically the only difference is blue obviously made the stable on the in the mainland which might be a factor later and I had already cackled at this point it was forgive me it was 15 minutes I saw this and I immediately stopped I was like I

Don’t want to spoil anything because this is an amazing moment blue is notice this okay this is about to get really messy I’ve seen people resign over a lot less but friendly penguin has the motivation to be able to simultaneously drop the scouts off at Red’s base and red is

Currently in the midst of what we call feeling like a god feeling like a genius already thinking of the description for submitting the game doesn’t notice their Scouts here at all so we’ve got villagers dropping on both sides we’ve got Panic time on both Islands this is not normal for this map

At all but this is a ridiculous game this is Loi The Legend This is the starting Scout starting Scouts not having it he’s like too good too good to battle he’s like immediately the Scout I’m not a warrior anyways red my advice to you would simply be maybe look back at your base

Once foreign life will be a whole lot easier for you in future games but you know how it is when you play this game it’s fun to watch The Killing now blue seems to be have just let the scouts do their thing and hasn’t looked over here too much I

Don’t even know all I know is red is down to 18 Eco but red has fortifications the red genuinely like still has not looked back at home not even to create any villagers red is just staring at this and Blues in mass panic mode so I think friendly penguin is aware

That a lot of damage has been done with these Scouts I still it’s unbelievable that red isn’t actually looking wait red just started to create bills red noticed red notice um anyways um so I think blue is well aware that damage has been done here

Uh but in order to defend at home just queued up a bunch of militia hoping that would work it’s not actually very good against archers to kill up militia and now you’ll see what red does red um gotta get villagers back to work here the Red’s still really focused on the

Front Okay so this is this is something else there’s villager in the middle collecting gold that’s good no more army for blue whatsoever in the middle we’ll see if red ever wants to get there red seems really fixated on this push still but red you lost 12 villagers to the Scout Rush

It was a little bit painful seems like blue is able to chill for now but what Red’s trying to do is shoot down this Tower now what I would suggest in these moments guys is try and do some other things they’re obviously very tunnel vision but like

I think what would work really well is if red could make some Navy right like blue is making a fire Galley right now that’s a really big deal um making some Navy to get over to the other side if you know the opponent has a DOT can be really helpful to kill

Their fish but Blue’s on the way to Castle age red is nowhere close blue forgot these villagers existed and they want to house wall because they saw it in a video Once well I mean okay well red doesn’t know that villager’s weak and red seems a little a little intimidated

It’s kind of working militia’s gonna get killed off skirmisher’s not doing too bad villager’s gonna run away blue still distracted still curious to see what blue will do but blue is a seven Eco lead and we’ll be in Castle Age first this is looking pretty good it almost looks like

Maybe one of their PCS were lagging here that actually comes through with recorded game sometimes which is really weird I know Dev I don’t know how that works but it’s kind of annoying so sorry about that and Blue’s actually sailing around here with the fire uh maybe looking to attack

The range or something I don’t know also what’s that what is that what is that that is super weird that must be a weird Farm buff why are the I don’t know what’s happening there guys okay but the villagers that accomplished the tower and everything they’re still kicking over here

Still somehow doing their job blue is made a lot of militia blue I would suggest maybe don’t do that again make it like scouts or at least upgrade demanded arms Okay so I think on paper we look at Blue’s position we say Blue’s collected a lot more resources yup

Um Blues in the middle yup but like I’m not sure blue is really gonna know what to do with the middle control we’ll see there’s gonna be knights from freaking a friendly penguin what we could see is we could see Knights go into the transport and then

The knights go to Red space and that that could actually considering what happened in the previous game the previous moment sorry that could actually be really bad it’s a good thing red has eight fishing ships because the farming Eco is not really that good I would like to see maybe another doc or

Sorry another stable at home from Blue and yeah blue has done that honestly as funny as it is that they both rated each other at the same time and as messy as this is right now it feels like Red’s attack was designed to kill the enemy

And doesn’t have much of a backup to it I’m not too sure I could be wrong here but you know I I feel like it blue can just get these Knights over to that Island that this could be really good red is bringing a transport the other way around

Brett is close to clicking up Ken there’s weird things going on what’s happening to the stone what is happening it’s like it’s a ghost mining the stone that’s what it is they’re picking the stone weird probably could restart capture age and that would stop but that is part of my

Enjoyment in this game right now so we’re just gonna leave it and you guys can enjoy it in Red’s on the way up so red still has a villager oh God sorry I had a my dinner next to me well what used to be my dinner I just knocked

The fork off my plate it’s all right this is just this is all good um I’m a little bit of a slob at the moment all right I apologize I’ve been working hard on videos oh God the transport ship read that’s your Escape okay well red saw this Tower was gonna go down

And so started to wall this one up but the transport ship is now gone and wait a second oh there’s another transport ship why are we transporting it okay I guess the knights that were on the uh the main island they wanted a piece of this and so knights from Blue show up

Still hasn’t fully like finished this off but they’ll Kill The Archers the villagers inside there probably are not gonna last too long but I’d like to see from Red here is Turtle ships oh wait now red comes to the middle wow you can’t make it up because blue had the knights here

But was so worried about this and doesn’t want red to be a threat that the now all the knights grouped up together and so now blue won’t be able to see the middle that’s kind of an interesting Strat right it’s like hit their Islands they’re so focused on their Island they

Can’t focus on The Middle I mean I I think Blues got the plan though I mean Blue’s gonna make a ton of knights eventually transport them that’s what I’m waiting for Korean so can make Turtle ships in the castle age we’re in Castle Age come on careless you know this you picked Koreans

You also know that you could use a market and you could buy the stone to drop a castle that’s what you know oh man there’s a TC oh this is gonna get interesting okay so Blues hopped in blue springing Navy as well this is important timing for these villagers these villagers are looking

For a new home they’ve heard good things about this about this island here okay attack signal this could prompt red to make some Navy and we got Turtle ships queued up which excites me a villagers here died and I didn’t show you I’m very sorry this game is moving

Way too fast Louisville Legends is too quick for me fishing chips gonna see that oh my God Red’s fishing ships see the transport there’s three nights in there guys the Turtle ships all in the lake Red’s fleeing with those fish saving the other ones well played red did Red see that

Ugh there’s the turtle the turtle swim turtle swim oh blue ah oh God get out get out with the Knights oh my goodness that was so close Knights can’t swim guys okay so the turtles are on the prowl on water but we’ve got Knights here and I’m worried

For red but I think red noticed that and Red’s gonna make some Spears meanwhile red as transported more villes here and there is a TC up in the mainland which has not happened for blue and Blue’s just gotta play this transport game constantly which is kind of a pain

And you know blue really focused on the attacks right now this is a great game like I really thought red was dead but it took blue a little bit of time to get over here now Blue’s like look at all these trees I don’t have these many trees what is this

And I have to Imagine This Moment Blue is currently distracted with something else because the knights are currently just patrolling here a fire ship’s gonna go down to the turtle boy there you go I don’t know where the other Turtle ship is other Turtle ship is still over here all right so

Red made some Spears just good against Knights two nights are pretty heavily armored they get the extra armor so tonight’s pretty strong here uh honestly there’s not a lot of Eco that blue could really find here if Fred’s paying attention and red is enough to drop a castle somewhere

Archer range will go down so red can’t make any army there Red’s still making more Spears TC fire will help a little bit blue just moving around Blue’s like he’s not all wood over here but also there should be villagers here but I’m not seeing anything either does blue see this TC

Okay blue does not know about that whatsoever this is intense look at the idle Eco time we got the Pikeman upgrade on the way for red just two it’s just gonna be two pikemen though two pikemen aren’t going to be able to do it oh boy okay and Red’s gonna drop a castle

And Red’s gonna drop a castle there obviously this could be denied by Blues Knights but blue doesn’t know the enemy’s there blue continues to just encircle the villagers a red starting TC oh okay and now blue is like okay I’ve got this player I’m gonna win as long as I

Don’t let villagers be here and blues actually found this but these villagers are pretty far away so blue can’t see it oh God and now the turtle ship is killing the knights this is insane this is a classic game at which will allow red to breathe a little bit you

Can tell Blue’s a little distracted with the TC also there’s a turtle ship on the shoreline at Blue space you can’t see the night but there’s a night there and it it just died you see the body that fell into the water kind of funny like red needs the

Garrison with these villagers you need to walk through the knights into the TC otherwise you’d lose your TC and Red’s Castle’s gonna go up and it’s gonna see Blues TC which just sucks for blue like poor friendly penguin that Town Center’s not gonna feel too comfortable

So we have Turtle ship on the shoreline we’ve got just horrible economic States for both red is trying to buy another Castle I think is selling everything trying to buy another Castle really just needs to Garrison here just Garrison and the TC the knights will die might actually eject the villagers if

The TC’s not repaired in a second which is just adding to the comedy this game yeah I think red wants to drop a castle that actually hits the TC blue didn’t even know about that Castle’s existence until that villager tried to build a stable and now the Stables lost and the villagers dead

What is this game blue is great resources and like blue is farmed a bit more I blue is done a pretty good job this game res collected Blues ahead but what do you do with those resources you feel very trapped if your opponent’s got a castle right next to you like that

And I think low ELO players they often play with a bit of fear so I I mean both players have played pretty fearlessly to be honest with you but I think sometimes players assume their opponent knows what they’re doing more than they do it’s a very easy assumption for people in this game

And when you get castle drop you might just feel helpless a blue could think about Imperial age Reds Turtle ships they’re going to group up together they haven’t seen each other in a couple years they were like at 38 minutes and 50 seconds when blue clicks up to imp we

Will meet here and they have this specific location they described the tree so they’re they’re self they’re so close to each other yet so far they can’t see each other but if only that Turtle ship would have been looking here I mean this could have killed all the fishing ships

Could have killed the villagers there as well okay wow this is insane so blue is on the way to the Imperial age we’ll make it to the Imperial h but red is dropping Castle number two red you love the market I get it but my only advice to you I mean live

Your life have some fun but maybe balance your Eco have some working Lumberjacks all right that’s my tip to you is blue gonna have any answer to this though Castle goes up double Castle on the only area that blue has any control and there we go now blue is starting to

Make some Navy so blue can make enough Navy to deal with the turtles then blue could you know maybe freely move around a little bit red can’t really accomplish much to taste on these villagers because red just has one more wagon what a crazy game

Like I think if blue can get a castle down here ish red will have no answer to trebuchets so I think the goal for blue should be to get a castle but well turtles have shown up they’re gonna work together now and uh four Galley upgrades coming in

Inside that dock I mean wargalley upgrade will come in still most likely and so the ships here will be upgraded it’s blue clicked quite a few of them here blue makes it to imp what is Red’s plan I’d like to see red be bold be bold with the wagons go chase down

Those villes you know they ran somewhere problem for red is red as didn’t really have wood until now we’re starting to see a few more wagons when the dock goes down then the transport is going to go down then the knights can go down these Turtles are going to kill a lot more

But blue sees that one of the turtles is pretty weak the other one might not be able to to do much damage because he’s lost his emotional support buddy yep so now it’s just one Turtle ship and yeah Turtle ship should eventually go down it’s going to take some time and

Now Blue’s dropping the castle now Blue’s obviously stressed because there’s a wagon and because of the double Castle drop situation Turtle ship’s pretty tanky is that micro friendly penguin is that micro what do you see that great moves dang yeah Turtle ships are very satisfying to watch sync

Wagon’s getting some kills but Castle’s gonna go up tootin’s free murder holes baby boom and blue nose I need trips I need traps to take down at least one of these castles because if you advance too far like to hit this Castle need to be out here you might need some Army

We need a thousand food to click up to the Imperial age and 800 gold and I know that Red’s got a lot of gold right now but I think it would be really difficult for red to to be able to buy enough to get up to

The Imperial age we do have food being purchased Red’s favorite building is the market war wagon gets converted so now friendly penguins got the only wagon as we even see Redemption for friendly penguin an interesting research to go for right now I’m not sure what the plan

Is but it does allow you to convert Siege and enemy buildings so could be an option I like what Blue’s done here blue is is Navy protecting this area so units can freely transport across and then we’ve got the trims and what I like is how blue thought about this

Well in advance right and and I just say you continue with your castles too once this Castle’s down drop Another Castle here protect your trebuchets Castle’s a really good weapon right now ideally what you do in Red’s position is you find a way to do something crazy

On the opponent’s island or in this case on water right because you eat actually in this game you just try and transport and 50 50 shot but in theory with no water control it’s a little risky but you use this time to try and add Farm Eco which we’re seeing more farming

Eco than ever from Red but obviously all that farming Eco could be trapped away which is the concern you could tell red it red is like the perfect example of the low ELO player because red really struggles with balance red had a fun Strat right new like counter units and I

Had a had a nice idea but that whole time where red never looked at home is a sign of not really like used to balancing things and going back and forth between going for Army and going for for eco and that just comes with experience and sometimes the chaotic games can make

It hard to do that as well like I don’t know all of Red’s games so I don’t know how red plays normally good job from Blue converts a couple more units to the blue side trebs are gonna be on this Castle we have Navy from Blue that’s still out

There not really accomplishing much but it is out there 59 Eco for the friendly penguin 56 Eco for careless and I’m sure careless I’m trying to think of a joke with the word careless um I’m sure red recognizes this game is probably close to finish if all these

Villagers have to run now true to the spirit of the game I would like to see One Transport Castle drop on Blues Island could be really fun um you can run away like there’s a lot of space so maybe the mistake for red was not expanding earlier right

I think it’s so much work red just calls the GG and says I there’s no way I can do this in theory at the second town center and up in here had all the Farms not been here had it all been on this side it would have taken blue a long time

But honestly I think what one blew the game were the scouts that were noticed for a very long period of time like what was it like four minutes because like the second red actually noticed then the scouts died to the town center and Spears were added for the remaining

Scouts right so the issue here for red is that red lost 12 Eco to four Scouts but you know losing 12 Eco to four Scouts and then still being pretty close it’s not bad um red obviously struggled economically compared to Friendly penguin but still I felt had a really good game here

Definitely things to improve upon and that’s lovely the Legends for you so man that was so funny how they both had the same idea to transport it was also interesting how blue showed up here and then almost as if a little birdie was in his ear like control the mainland

With the stable like I saw do you know any never show the stable go here I I don’t know I don’t even know if friendly Penguins on the submitted this or not um but I am curious friendly penguin if you do end up watching tell me why like what went through your

Mind when you clearly went here and then decided to go here was it a mistake because sometimes people mistakenly show up on the wrong Islands in this game that happens I’ve heard um yeah let me know good game uh let me know YouTube what you thought of this

One sorry again we’ve we haven’t had as much loyal Legends recently but I’ve been going through game submissions of late going through the for the best games and man this was like this was phenomenal I really had a good time res collected uh 25k res for blue again

I wish the consistent wood in food Eco I think that really did it for blue the cheap Farms the fishing ships all that stuff untouched was really nice KD it’s pretty close um feudal age times are closed Castle age times we’re not but that comes back

To the fact that blue farmed a bit and added those fishing chips Lou did a really good job honestly I thought blue was gonna I guess the militia were maybe a bit of a panic reaction there from Blue but just adding a defensive Tower and then just kind of backing away right

Giving up this area as well a lot of people wouldn’t give up this Stone and gold they’d be like no I need that stone and gold not thinking well you know you you can still kind of take the stone you’ve got the other gold over on this

Side which is what blue did a good job of

age of empires 2 definitive edition


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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