The WORST Map Pool of All Time – CSGO

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All right Governor cassade what’s your next take yeah the next one I’m gonna be you know going the directly my attention to the game a little bit and I’m gonna say that we have the worst worst Maple in the history of all versions of Cs so people obviously who don’t know the

Earlier Parts they they should not you know uh try to understand but focus on the Cs go and right now we have seven maps and more more than a half are just absolute [ __ ] when you take Anubis for example it’s a new map it’s about three updates away

From being an actually competitive map and that can be played in the in the land events we all know that every time you add a map like you need at least four or five updates to actually make it you know balance right now it’s super unbalanced the cities are terribly

Cramped up into the sights and they cannot go aggress anywhere you take example of cobblestone the earlier version where you can you know lay site you can go side course and take that space and maybe contain it a little bit early on because you get there before

The teas and have some real estate on the map right now on Anubis you can do [ __ ] on SCT you can do that one-way smoke some B and all these kind of little things that are very obvious and it’s overall a [ __ ] map then we have ancient that it’s not ready yet they

Change the spawns now the teas are getting everywhere first cave middle you know then the Box on the catwalk they’re a main you know everywhere they’re just getting earlier and it’s very again cramped up the cities can do [ __ ] that’s another bad you know map we have vertigo

That most of the people don’t like to play because it says the one style kind of map where you can brawl and that’s it there’s no structure there’s no like crazy defaults like in the other Maps so people don’t like it there and then we obviously have overpass which is the

Most boring map in the history of every game that ever was created not just Counter-Strike so it’s just so wide you need 3 000 flashes to get anything done and then you know obvious there is a little bit more space for the cities but then the teas are so stretchy

It’s so wide and you know just take example of you taking long and balloons and you know all this area you need to use 14 flashes and then you get into a site that is nothing have you ever seen in the last two years of overpass anything change meta wise like a single

Thing has anybody invented anything in two years lower class absolutely zero nothing the map is boring and should be cut out and then after that the fifth one is Mirage which people are just crying about to be updated changed swapped whatever for the past what three

Years now ages yeah yeah they added that bench in the last in the last update and you know there’s a little bit of of switch-ups but it’s still not enough people hate it so and then we have nuke and Inferno which are great Maps especially nuke so the overall we have

Seven maps and five ones are just not to people’s likings people hated players hate it and they’re unfinished they are very disbalanced it’s just terrible right now we have the worst mad pool in the history of Counter-Strike ever I can’t really go back to I mean I just

Do CS go like he said it’s all good yeah I do see years ago okay do you see us ago okay well I’ll I’ll just say the only thing I would say that competes with it in terms of poor map pools was like kind of back to the first major

Where I didn’t I think the nuke back then was very bad I think the old nuke was not I do not think that nuke was very good at all it was five maps by the way it was nuke does two Inferno train Mirage I think that was also the old

Train where you could just see underneath the trains I I hated that one I hated the old nuke but then I’d actually think that when you kind of go with over half of them because it’s only five it feels like it’s a lot new can train being really bad in my eyes but

Then actually dust two back then I don’t think people really hated it people actually yeah yeah it was it was good back then it actually played some pretty interesting matches here and there Inferno was just all-time great always being good yeah and then Mirage even though I’m pretty sure that was the was

That the strike version or I’m not sure but it was like I think Mirage has actually been good for a while I don’t I actually think the argument that it’s stale is pretty much just like that’s just that I don’t really think that holds up like that’s just saying like an

Old movie style like what does that even mean you know that’s just a bad argument for for something that should be judged um so I think like when you say that okay I’ll take I’ll take it like this ancient I agree is bad vertigo I agree is bad

I think overpass I used to like a lot more but I can see why people don’t like it but I can say that what was it what are the other ones Anubis is just new and I think that it could be it could get better so I think that’s a very fair

Point because I think Anubis is really already like as the bones of a very good map but it does I do think it could use a couple tweaks it just got some and I haven’t seen those play out in the Pro meta yet so I don’t know what those are

Gonna do yet and then what was the other what’s the other kind of new one um ancient yeah ancient ancient’s bad so what ancient vertigo Anubis kind of like iffy and then you I mean you’re saying overpass I don’t I don’t really buy the overpass one myself so

But like actually that is still better three out of seven is better than two out of five like that’s just a greater percentage so I think yeah actually you might be right yeah the problem with this one is right to be fair cassad’s slightly overretched there overstretched there behind by saying all of

Counter-Strike because even though I made him like group does it was a boomer I was there in the beginning of the 2000s like technically he means like the end of 1.6 where it had a set map Pool kind of like the beginning of Cs go where it was like the big five famously

I mean sure they added in that stupid one that was like Cobble if you remember this which should never have been there but whatever we’ll forget that one Forge or whatever it was called at the end if you remember but obviously yeah I agree the era when we had the big five was

Probably the best ever it was the most standard V tours every map was legit like if people don’t know in 1.6 the big five Maps like just two will train they were all [ __ ] bangers every one of them was good it was more just like was your team good on it you never

Complained about the map you just said like my team doesn’t like Nuke for example you’ve said nuke’s a bad MAP like they did but the Keith I was gonna say it was technically at the beginning of Calvin strike CS 1.6 when it wasn’t in 1.6 the CPL did used to use

Tournaments where they used like [ __ ] like Prodigy and stuff and Aztecs or technically that would win worse but I agree you would just expand it out for CS go I agree completely because I’ll go from the whole game at the beginning like Maui says the original we start

Well like five again that was just legit again it was like everyone knew what what was good what was about it was like what team you’re on they added in cash initially but that was like [ __ ] oh my God but like eventually that one became fine it was like in the middle of

The pool for everyone I agree the Cobble and overpass ones when it first came in that’s why actually this takes a pretty space one because Albert’s right when they first came in when they would put in that major yes I’ll call on the report that was a disgrace they were bad

Naps but even that isn’t as bad as the map Pool now in my opinion because the other five Maps were great they were all good back then there was no bad Maps so the problem is like you said when you run through the wall you don’t have to

Go with the overpasses of the Mirage which are more like preference picks whether people like them or not I think everyone except the teams that are really good on Anubis vertigorn and [ __ ] in would all agree that’s what always gives it away to me is this obviously the guy who’s permanent is is

Gonna go that’s a bad MAP and the guy who picks it is going to go no it’s good like the old MSL Cobblestone argument back in the day what gives it away is this Maui it’s all the pros in the middle the ones who like it would be in

The middle of their map Pool dude if I actually have like Anubis and my like fourth best map or inch or something and I still don’t ever want to play it that’s a really bad sign like the game’s telling me I should play it my Styles

Tell me I should play the map Pool is but if I don’t want to that’s why I’ve always said the map that has never gotten over with fans is vertigo ancient is still fairly new Anubis is brand new nobody except the teams that are amazing on vertical likes vertigo nobody I mean

Maybe to play in public that’s another thing I always thought muddied that discussion a lot of people I think just like playing in matchmaking they find it a fun map to play I think they will go down in history as the worst map to watch Ever I mean we’ve now seen years

Of it guys remember like dude cassad’s teams would play in that map I think three years ago or something three four years ago it had its time like if it was going to make the evolution that some of the other Maps did Cobblestone over and they become really good it would have

Done it already like it just can’t be fixed that map in my opinion so that one combined with the fact that ancient’s still a bit whack and then you throw in a new map it’s not the fault of Anubis I agree with you guys it could maybe be

Good in like I’m unfortunately actually looks half decent but you carve that plus all those [ __ ] Maps like like you say a minimum that means three like almost half the back pool is [ __ ] and then I’ll I’ll just add in a quick tick because I know people often do go like

Should be the one removed to say I don’t know why anyone says that unless it’s like your poem about or something because the thing where Mirage is I’ll use the Synology Mirage to me now is like that old dust two you were talking about dude no one complained about the

Non-rework does too because the thing it does too is you just know exactly what you’re going to get and you just lean into it so the old does too if people don’t know is the dream map if you have like a one-man rifle carry if you have shocks or [ __ ] Decor or something

Like that you just put them on that map and you go brilliant we’re gonna play like a little bit of Lucia so we’re gonna get these guys their Jewels we’re gonna win that’s what barrage is to this day like you know what people always bring up on that garage they always go

Does VP smokes from like eight years ago work that can’t be the defining Factor guys there’s a more to a map than that like spoiler certain [ __ ] smokes or nukes still work half a decade later like so I think the Mirage ones are [ __ ] the joke is it is a mirage that

You just [ __ ] got caught up in that one boys there’s never been the worst smell at worst it should always be in the middle of the back pool for everyone come on there’s another thing where the [ __ ] Mirage banners let me know about life that map sucks so bad there’s no

Any Innovation where all the people who put Mirage tell you what you’ll have a it’s a bit like Inferno you’ll have a hard time in history finding anyone who purpose that [ __ ] map because that implies and this is a key point to tie back into those other maps that implies

Even if you do think Mirage sucks you’re like at least I know how to play it dude that’s a massive [ __ ] factor for the pro scene I know people I am not exaggerating maybe because I can talk I’ve known Pros where the map the win

Rate said they were good on the map you watch them beat your top team you’re like you’re good on this map and then in private you tell them why don’t you ever play that mouth and they’re like no we don’t feel comfortable like we don’t don’t that could be like maps with their

Top 10 teams in the world that’s a bad sign obviously there’s outliers and there’s people’s not good at Maps but I think it’s a general Trend like I think everyone’s coming around to this one it is a hot tick because obviously you made it for the whole history but I think in

The current map Paul I think a lot of people agree this Maple [ __ ] sucks just to remind you for the old Mirage was you remember the Mirage sea the one that had the wooden [ __ ] instead of it it was like a jungle type like a site all these things and then they changed

It into a a new one which is significantly better strike right so the thing is like if I want to change Mirage I don’t need to like take it out of the map or for example change the configuration of the boxes that’s good enough you know it will

Change the plant yeah it’ll change the executes it will change the cities I actually think by the way I actually I’ll also I’ll go one further it’s not only not a bad MAP I actually think fundamentally Mirage is a very well designed map you know when people used

To joke that like oh pretty inch it’s just a retake simulator Mirage is a good retake simulator those are the three ticks I want to see think in your brain all the greatest to the extra on that [ __ ] map on CT side like that’s where all of meister and crimsby are then

They’re like you know what I mean pick any of them Zee world [ __ ] rain like they’re all winning the coaches on that map it’s the best but it’s actually low-key it’s not the best spot ever because it is simplistic but some maps can be simplistically good obviously not

Every map has to be [ __ ] super in-depth so you wouldn’t want that in the game next to infertile it’s the best design map in CS go like obviously it comes before but like the the structure you know it’s it’s fine you know to do

It like on the city Side b side like you can do all of the things so it’s uh it’s very it’s very well designed see more cool funny interesting Clips based on topics from my content well subscribe to this Channel and or you know be a pleb and don’t Foreign

map pool


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