The Most ‘Drip’ Unique Units Tierlist | AoE2

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Foreign hello everyone and welcome back to another video as you guys saw in the intro this is a tier list based on the drip of uniqueness now I barely know what that means like I have an idea of what drip means I’m gonna run with it uh

But I could be completely wrong in my definition but I’m not keeping up with the lingo going around these days I’ve kind of In My Own Lane uh and drip is not something I use growing up so this is new to me I’m going to give it a go

Here and uh shout out to the guy who commented seven days in a row and he actually had one of the top like comments on like every video or like every time he commented so I figured you know what the people want this and the

People will get it so here we go uh a tier list based on the drip of unique units I’ve got all the unicorns here including the Romans ones we’re gonna get started with the aramba now I’m gonna probably move things around here because I honestly don’t really know how to start

But uh we’re gonna figure this out together uh all right starting off with the Run by uh you know drip let’s just establish a definition we’re gonna use how cool they’re looking how swag they’re looking that’s a word I didn’t use it but people are using it I didn’t

Really like it but people were using it so I swag the the units are looking how cool they are uh you know the kind of street cred they’re rocking with something like that and the rampai I mean is that Dart in this hand I think

It is but it looks like his hand is the dart which is a bit weird listen I’m gonna put there around by I mean he’s got a horse like that automatically makes him freaking uh automatically makes them eighthier it’s pretty that’s pretty Savage all right moving on to the ballista elephants

I mean there’s something pretty scary about a Ballista elephant so like an elephant that has a Ballista on its back but no one’s commanding it it’s like that’s like hella scary they say elephants are intelligent but are they that intelligent to run the ballista on their own that’s pretty sick that’s that

Might even be asking I mean we’re starting off pretty strong but I don’t know I just gotta put the cat down she’s asked here in the uh drip to your list as well I don’t know Melissa elephant I’ll put it in beat here it’s a little

Clunky you know it’s not as smooth as you might expect but you know it definitely earns respect from the uh on the streets uh all right we got the Berserker here now Berserkers in general are pretty sick however the horns on the helmets that’s unhistorical Vikings did

Not have that so that’s you’re losing a little trip on on the horn actually no but you gained the drip because it’s not historical on the streets we don’t know that and the horns look cool so maybe you get points for the horns oh man

I think we might have to give him points to the horns another he’s got an ax and a shield uh big ass beard as well long hair in the back I mean he’s pretty he’s pretty dripped out let’s be honest here I’m gonna put the berserk in the S here all right

Um it is what it is man it is what it is the horns even boosted them further uh boyar he’s covered in chain mail he’s got a pretty sick ass weapon pretty nice Shield as well not sure what he’s rocking on his head though that’s definitely gonna lose him some points

Like I’m not feeling that one at all has the horse though so that’s like pretty good but I don’t know uh not really feeling the boy out too much but it’s not bad I think we’ll put him in the beat here yeah he’s got a horse that’s pretty sick

Camel Archer I love the little head scarf that’s pretty badass and they’re in the deserts you already know he’s doing that to conserve a little bit of or to keep himself a little cool conserve some of that uh that moisture up there I’m not trying to die from the

Suns that’s pretty sick get the bow gotta hold kind of rocking that bow in a cool ass manner like he’s posing for a photo gripping the reins of his horse as well or the camel oh he’s not a camel that’s even better than a horse okay the

Cam watch is going to be an S tier as well that might even be my favorite look sorry the berserk is going to drop like look at look at how he’s holding the bow That’s So Gangster all right the caraval detier I mean actually it’s pretty cool our ship’s cool

Yeah careful hold on take it back take it back we’re gonna step back here I said detier immediately because it’s like it’s not a person it’s a ship but ships can be drip see this is the problem we don’t know what drip means entirely so it’s a little it’s a little strange

To be ranking the caraval um but it is cool I mean it’s I guess ships are cool I’ll put it in the seat here people are going to disagree with me on that I don’t know ships are badass though that’s true but it’s just it’s hard I feel like it doesn’t doesn’t fit

Well with the theme we’ll see I’ll leave it at that the cat effect now holding a pretty basic sword he’s got a horse that’s a pretty huge not sure what the that is going on here he’s got the plate mail as well from what I can see

Um helmets okay I got the little like ponytail thing going on not bad it’s definitely better than the boy are uh might even be better than they’re around by now that I think about it the dart is throwing me off I remember saying it dropped a beat here the dart

Is throwing me off big time like does he have no the head is here and the darts here okay uh big ass bicep my brother but I don’t know the dart’s a little a little cringe I don’t know but maybe it’s uh maybe it’s Swag I don’t know it’s

It’s a little unique well we’ll leave it like that for now cataphract takes eights here next up we got the the shotgun thrower uh I I don’t think this unit looks cool at all I mean this looks super unthreatening it looks like he’s about to light up a disco before he

Lights up the battlefield so I feel like I don’t know he’s got some nice uh he also looks like he’s posing for the photo shoot but again it’s just not threatening he’s got a little party hat on as well which is a bit strange I’m not feeling the shotgun thrower uh I’m

Gonna put him in the detail right now I mean he’s really cool in game but as far as drip I feel like he’s I don’t know I feel like I feel like if you bump into him on the street you don’t even look back to apologies you just keep walking

Because what is he gonna do with those little circular things but he’s gonna hula hoop it on you it’s not it’s not that threatening you just move on it’s no big deal uh next we’ve got the Chuka new I’m actually not sure how to make use of

That but it looks cool what what’s going on here I’m not 100 sure but he’s got a nice weapon little like crossbow that shoots multiple arrows which is pretty sick uh I got some nice cloth as well I don’t know it looks pretty sick I’ll probably throw him in somewhere in

The beach here actually yeah probably I mean is he better than a than an elephant that walks and shoots by itself probably not let’s put him right there condo chair looks freaking sick I don’t know what’s going on here but the commentator looks hella tripped out I

Mean he’s got the armor on top he’s got the big ass sword The Shield it’s kind of just yeah kind of just looking solid all around I’ll throw him in the eighth year he’s pretty overall sick okay the Conquistador I don’t like the Hat I feel

Like we should lose the hat I don’t know I’m not a fan of that it looks like it’s made of pure Metal By the way that must be hella heavy I don’t know the only thing the closest thing I wish I had is a headset so I’m not sure how how hats

Made a metal would look like but or fuel but I’m not digging the metal hat my man and uh well holding the musket with one hand is pretty cool but I don’t think the musket is a cool weapon especially in this era like people are rocking bows

Spears and you’re just coming in with a musket like you’re basically cheating I don’t know we don’t like thank you sir much um I guess he’s okay but and I I’d probably I’d probably throw him in the bottom yeah I’m gonna put them in seats here

I’m not a huge fan even behind the Caribou he’s got a horse but that doesn’t make up for it all right the cool city that is this is a sick unit this is one of the coolest looking units in the entire game and he’s hella drip died he’s got his

His spear but it’s not a spear it’s like a sword on each side or like I don’t know what do you call that it’s definitely a name for it comment down below let me know but it’s a weapon has like that it can damage on both sides

He’s just flailing that around which is sick uh covered in in male one hand on the on the weapon one hand on the horse that’s that’s so sick that’s definitely sier it looks hella cool in the game as well so that’s definitely tripped out again I don’t know why I’m using this

Word so much it’s just I feel like I have to uh okay the faming camel um what does it look like it has the fuse in its mouth like it’s it looks like if it lets go of the fuse then it explodes maybe that’s how it works

Actually but I don’t know it’s got a bunch of like hay looking things and some explosives I guess trapped its back I’m not a huge fan of the look I’m not gonna lie not a huge fan of flaming camel look was I mean they’re a fun unit for sure

But I don’t know it’s just I mean I guess it’s kind of cool again it is a camel by itself that will explode that will explode if it runs up on you and there’s something there’s something pretty sick about that oh put him there I don’t know it’s not looking

Good like if this was I don’t know if this was a costume I just wouldn’t think it looks too impressive but it’s obviously the real deal uh next up at the Flemish militia not that cool of a weapon it’s kind of just like a lame-ass beer he’s got a male stances whatever

I don’t know it looks like he’s doing a long dress in game which is a bit weird um I’ll probably throw him somewhere in the beat here probably behind the chicken noodle I’m not a huge fan of him next up we got the gibetto um

Okay I can see that the weapon is cool it’s like she’s flailing like swords basically what does he get better shoot again are they just throwing swords that’s hella cool uh I like the colorings the yellow some little white hat as well I think this looks pretty

Cool it’s not the coolest unit ever but it’s not bad it’s definitely solid I’ll probably throw it right above here in the Beats here next up we got the janitor this guy’s Rocking The Savage beard out here look at the beard uh hat again not 100 fill

In the hat but it’s not bad I don’t know maybe that’s not a hat guy I like this style of the camelotra way more than a hat and the helmet’s pretty sick too but the hats I don’t know hats I’m not really feeling this the party hats the metal hat I’m

Not feeling the hats guys uh like look at this look at this guy oh my God this guy looks like okay this guy looks like his mom dressed him up to go to war and he’s not really feeling it with that hat on anyways we’re still in the janitor uh the

Shortest the sword shield is pretty sick though uh and you are like you are throwing chaplains that’s pretty sick you’re in a horse too I’ll probably put him above uh right here in the beach here maybe yeah we’ll put him above I’m not feeling the darts though put him a buffet around bye

I feel really out of my element doing this by the way because I’m just ranking like units based on their looks which is this has nothing to do with me being a pro AOE two player but I I hope this is what the people want that’s all that’s

All I’m counting on here all right let’s take a look at this guy the Genovese crossbow look he he doesn’t look like he wants to be there he’s got the Hat there kind of slouched down he’s got a frown on his face The Shield is not even

Holding his mom put it there just for the picture and then he’s holding the crossbow like he’s never held one in this life this guy is not looking good at all he’s the opposite of dripped out but I’m still putting it ahead of the chakram again I’m just not feeling what

This guy’s rocking with the discs at least this guy’s got a real weapon to sense all right let’s take a look at the gulab I like this look okay listen he’s got a hat but the hat looks like it’s got some gold on top it looks somewhat solid it’s

Got the chain mail the pretty sick Shield uh and he’s got a spear and he runs fast so that that’s pretty cool that’s pretty cool running fast definitely gives you some drip 100 percent people would probably disagree with me on that but I don’t know he’s looking okay he’s

Looking okay I’ll definitely put him is he better than a sword throwing a better I think I mean he looks cooler with the chainmail I’m just a sucker for chainmail I put him up here I think that’s fine all right next time we’ve got the hoof Knits

This is not dripped out at all I don’t know I’m biased against gunpowder though because I’m not a huge fan of gunpowder but I mean he doesn’t have a cannon he’s kind of crouched down behind it as well with the wheels I don’t know I just feel

Like this guy’s the hoofness is the kind of guy that all he talks about is the fact that he’s got a cannon you know what I mean because he the the person is nothing it’s just a Canon that’s interesting so he’d always talk about the Canon to seem interesting and I feel

Like I’d get bored of that guy real fast is that cool you got a cannon bro oh you got it in Castle age that’s that’s fantastic chemistry Castle sounds good man listen No One Cares I’m not picking Bohemians anyways that’s kind of how I feel like a conversations would go

Nonetheless cool Canon I’ll put you above the Conch next thing we got the the husk girl actually he’s got abs above his chest plate that is bad ass that’s sick he’s got a similar look to the kind of terrible country definitely looks cooler up top but for the ABS we’ll definitely

Throw him uh pretty high up there in the eighth year still yeah Haley he’s looking cool but the condo looks slightly cooler up top again it’s the ABS that I’m kind of uh yeah kind of impressed by uh the the freaking the freaking his sight wagon I don’t know what’s going on

I feel like they might roll down the window and they’re selling hot dogs it’s a food truck it’s a hot dog stand I’m not sure what it is I’m not buying that this is like exclusively a military vehicle when I see it right at first glance doesn’t

Look interesting but it is pretty cool if you got some people inside of it you know you got to get it’s kind of cozy in there you got some some coverage from other arrows or whatever guns or whatever people are using at that time I don’t know the function’s cool but its

Look is not cool and it looks terrible in game Imo um just got buffed but that has nothing to do with the situation but this unit’s actually really good now by the way uh but anyways it’s uh yeah it looks like a food truck more than anything else and I

Don’t know I’m not feeling the the drip scale for this one it’s still better than this guy this guy does not want to be here and this guy is looking for the the club more than anything with those uh those round things I don’t know I

Just you know I don’t I’ve never been to a club or a disc or anything like that I just imagining like if these are lighting up that’s exactly what the stereotype of like a disco is but I have no idea what I’m talking about here so I don’t know I’ll

Leave this aside on the chakram thrower maybe I’m wrong on this one but it doesn’t look intimidating anyways we’ll put the sidewagon here for now uh next we got the Imperial Campbell again he’s rocking uh rocking a hat I’m not a huge fan of that one but he’s got a nice

Looking sword sick ass shield and he’s on a camo which is immediately badass I’ll put them in the eighth year right there mainly for the shield I I love two swords like that I think it looks like next up we got the Imperial skirmisher uh it’s not bad it’s okay I think they

Look cool in game The Shield is nice I guess um it looks okay I’ll put him at the top of seats here Imperial skirm let’s drop this guy he looks like he’s kind of slouching let’s drop him down to the CT right here yeah behind the ship as well

I don’t like the the posture man it’s a little slouching it’s like I’ll just get the tech already so I can move out like okay no one cares bro we’re gonna Nerf the tech anyways I want to tournament with him though so maybe I should bump

Him but I’m good oh the Jaguar Warrior is swagged out bro this guy is looking sick that’s gonna go straight somewhere up here in the S here I’m gonna probably put it above the berserk just I think he’s rocking a gangster ass look with the with the Jaguar hat oh that’s

Freaking sick he’s also like with a nice looking Shield he’s rocking a club this guy looks like he’ll fight in a proper war and on the streets in the same way like this it’s an after-school fight or if it’s a war and he’s showing up in the same address

That’s pretty sick I I like the I never really noticed that he’s got like a little dead Jaguar also that’s definitely a real dead Jaguar because back in the day did probably didn’t have fake stuff I don’t know I’m just making that up I assume didn’t have fake stuff

Like that uh so that’s definitely a real jaguar which is super super drip uh so yeah that’s definitely an Esther might even be better than the camera was looking swag that with the little grip on the uh on the bow there by the way after this video I’m never

Using the word swag or drip in my life I’m just I’m literally doing it for this video and that’s it so just enjoy it for now at last next we got the janissary again not a huge fan of guns they never seemed cool

To me uh wish you can go back to bow and arrow where I might actually sign up for the military if we did but guns are not interesting for me um he’s also not looking that cool he’s looking like an average Joe he just has

A big gun in an era where guns weren’t really like doing much like it wasn’t really popular so guns Just carried him I don’t know it looks like an average Joe not that interesting I guess he’s got a nice dress thingy on um but yeah nice little long shirt I

Don’t know I’m not really not really too interested in the Genesis here I put them right there next we’ve got the Cameo um I mean the vest is a bit strange this the weapon’s cool though weapons hella cool and games are looking nice and the hat is pretty sick

I’ll probably put this guy bot yeah I bottom of a I think feels good you can tell he didn’t know what to do with this handle that’s for sure and in game they’re looking pretty sick so we’ll give the comics extra points for how they look in game Karambit Warrior

Absolutely sick ass weapon look at that sword in both hands um he’s got his hair in a but he’s got a man bun I think that’s pretty sick like I’m the right person I had a man bun could look cool especially if it’s a certain type of

Person though it has to be someone who’s athletic and muscular has to be and usually those are people that with the with the with the man button okay I’m gonna put crambit pretty high up uh but actually right above the camping I think it’s fine I still think

These guys the armor look cooler but the double sword is segment keep rocking that uh also he’s like half pop so what is he forefoot it’s pretty chill four foot I mean actually you probably lose points for being short though and I’m just assuming he’s sure because

He’s half pop okay anyways yeah yeah he’s short it’s four foot it’s just move out of the way okay just move out of the way um yeah you got two swords all right sure I got those at the dollar store move out of the way I’m gonna continue walking

Um anyways that’s probably a very offensive to short people but whatever let’s just move on I’m talking about the video game guys I promise all right uh next up short Kings out there don’t hate okay you guys are Kings too Kesha is next this guy looks like he’s super

Materialistic when he fights he’s just taking the money like he’s just robbing him and fight how else did he get the gold uh but he’s pretty sick but he’s using the gold obviously to spice up the armor really cool uh coloring a pretty stick helmet too the weapon is like a

Spear but he uses it in a cool way he’s like spearing down on this on the on the horse which is actually pretty sick so he’s like charging in with the spear I think that’s a cool look yeah it can actually looks hella sick in game

Too I’m gonna put him pretty high up there yeah right there yeah that’s pretty sick okay next up we got the kip Jackson he’s firing three arrows a shot which is pretty sick um he’s not a horse which definitely gives points the the bow is shaped a bit weird

Kip Chucks I mean they’re pretty sick I think he’s got long hair and like a long ponytail that’s kind of how I’m imagining it right now Chuck Chuck I mean it’s either really cool or really lame but I think I’m going for the really cool setup I’ll put them right here behind the

Karambit actually no I put him on top of Beats here the janitor still looks cool though actually yeah Jennifer looks cool though put him right there next up we got the conic okay this guy seems like he’s the tryhard because like everyone’s like okay I’ll just bring a

Sword and he’s gonna bring a freaking ball and chain a spiked ball and chain uh I mean that’s pretty sick I gotta respect it I don’t know there’s probably a word for that but I’m just thinking of the ball and chain from Zelda Twilight Princess And that’s pretty sick weapon

He’s using a kind of mini version of that uh I think it’s a cool weapon though I’m not gonna lie helmet uh kind of covering his eyes Shields okay I mean he’s the weapon’s kind of carrying him a little bit I’ll put him above the uh around by I don’t know this

Is way cooler than the dart anyways uh yeah let’s just throw him down I think the boy looks cooler than the around by all right next up we got the latest uh again not a fan of the pointy helmet point he had it doesn’t look that cool

Uh I mean some of the pointy ones are nice I guess but this one it just doesn’t look good uh Shield not that interesting it looks like a wooden Shield this guy can just catch on fire real quick probably wouldn’t be that effective in a battlefield it looks it

Looks really cool in game though I feel like the lightest looks really cool in the game um yeah I’ll put it I’ll put a top beat here probably above the janitor as well looks pretty sick next up we got the lumba okay this is going to be SCI I know I said the

Caribou doesn’t look good because it looks like a generic ship but the Viking Longboat is absolutely sick I’m gonna put it even I mean it’s the combo it’s like burger and fries the Vikings on the long boots and it’s it’s perfect yeah long boots are really really cool um

Yeah definitely like I feel like if I saw them invading me back in the day I’d be like oh my God it’s a sick boat oh they’re coming to kill me then I go alert at the guards but I lose like like 10 seconds on just admiring the boat

Maybe that’s why they’re so successful in their raids I don’t know anyways uh Britain’s the longbowmen um I don’t know is he dripped out a kind of a lame roll he’s just he’s shooting from 12 range away it looks okay but it looks like he’s too methodological is that I hope that’s the

Word it’s like oh I need to be exactly here I need 12 range please mind your distance he’s like the guy when there was the lockdown he’s like three feet please keep her mask on three feet I’m counting it that’s like what I imagine the Longbow his

Personality would be like and I don’t know I feel like that can get a little tea yesterday around like yeah I’ll maintain the total Range man relax don’t shoot don’t shoot so I I think this guy is a little bit um a little bit uh

Bit of a scrooge I don’t know if it’s the right word either but uh yeah a bit tedious to be around might get exhausting but still I mean shooting from 12 range is pretty impressive I put him behind the Imperial scrum right there sounds fine

Mag your histor this used to be one of my favorite units in the game so I’m gonna rate it pretty high I’m gonna put it probably at the top of eighth here actually all right next we got the mammaluke mammaluke is pretty sick he’s right I think he’s writing a camel he’s

Got a pretty sick uh sword and he’s also a sword thrower which is definitely a drip thing to do again throwing swords gets you a lot of points uh I I like that helmet for some reason a little scarf that only shows your eyes I think that’s really cool I think that’s really

Cool again the condo has it it’s really sick this guy’s got it I think that’s really really sick like only showing your eyes is badass so I’m gonna put the mam look pretty high up there they look okay in game though they’re not great looking in game

I put them right there I think that’s fine next up we got the mega die um again he’s looking pretty sick like the cam lotion look how he’s holding the bow with just one hand um golden helmet with the red flag red little like feather it’s not too bad I

Like the little thingy going on here as well they look pretty sick in game as well so it’s a lot of things in favor of the mangatai um they also just they were really successful in their rates like I think Genghis Khan is the guy with the most uh

Uh with the most uh like descendancy or whatever the the longest line of descendants so that’s I mean they were definitely very successful in the raids does that drip I don’t know they were good at what they did I mean that’s interesting I don’t know they look cool too I’ll put

I’ll put Genghis Khan I mean somewhere pretty high I guess right here I mean what they did it was not great though they were yeah they were definitely pillaging a lot of towns which is not very nice but they were looking cool doing it so hey next up we

Got the missionary he’s not a donkey but I mean uh he’s gonna abandon and a big ass book I mean it’s not the style I like but you gotta respect the commitment to ride up on a donkey I think that’s pretty nice we’ll definitely put them above the

Above yeah we’ll definitely put them right here I think that’s pretty sick people might disagree I mean the bandanas carrying him for sure and bandanas carrying him hard all right that’s been like that next time I got the oh Butch nice little beard uh the hoodie mysterious sick ass weapon okay

Pretty cool belt as well yeah he’s pretty he’s pretty dripped out I like that yeah we’ll put him pretty high up I like the look honestly the Obits in game they look pretty sick too they’re kind of like sturdy with their ax which is obviously very solid very scary looking very intimidating

Um put them above the manga die right here I still like the look of the janitor I don’t know next up we got the Oregon gun again similar to uh yeah to the bombard Canada it’s all he’s going to talk about it’s always going to talk about he’s like a

Faceless man look at this guy he’s got a head he’s putting his head low it’s almost like a coward he’s hiding behind the weapon at least this guy’s looking this guy’s not even looking um also it’s got a really small head but I mean it’s fair enough I don’t I don’t

Think the Oregon’s particularly good looking I also don’t think it looks great in game but again I’m not a fan of guns I’m very biased against guns they’re not cool looking to me at all next I’ve got the bloomed Archer this guy’s looking sick um really sick hat yeah just good style

Overall and he’s got the he’s got the bow yeah pretty sick I’m gonna probably put him uh above the Cameo keep it actually Cameo cat is slightly more interesting yeah I think like that looks nice next we got the Wrath okay be on a chariot is super cool but these things

Look so bad in game like maybe I’m biased because they’re so clunky to use so immediately their drip value goes down but I mean he is on a chariot you can fight with a sword and a bow he’s looking pretty cool uh being on a chariot’s carrying him

Hard I’ll put him high up actually I’ll put him high up I think the chariot’s sick put on top of B yeah but I don’t like this unit in game like it it doesn’t feel nice to me it doesn’t look nice I also got the rotten Archer

The shield on the on the top on like the shoulder is pretty nice uh the hats I mean the hat is like traditional like that’s that’s kind of nice it’s better than like the metal hat that the Conch is wearing what the hell is that um and I guess the bow is interesting

This looks a little generic but the rat and Arch is pretty sick he looks like he’s got some nice armor those sturdy looking uh looking Archer there um probably put him bottom of beat here makes sense oh the samurai I love how this unit looks I think Samurai in general are super cool

Um it looks beefy as well and his weapons looking hella sick he also fights like a gangster have you ever seen a samurai fight in Game they look freaking sick I’m gonna put them at the bottom of s here uh yeah he knew what he was doing

When he picked Japanese as his favorite sieve Samurai definitely very cool next we got the sergeants uh the weapon does not look intimidating The Shield I mean it’s a long Shield which is kind of nice but and I like the circular Shields a bit more I think you can Shield wall

With these ones though I’m not 100 sure it looks kind of nice but the weapon is just not intimidating at all and he’s not looking like nice either yeah I’m not a fan of the sergeants whatsoever here above the janist area because at least he’s got like the uniform for um I don’t

Know he looks like he’s got more this guy looks like he just grabbed the gun I’m sorry but this guy looks like he’s at least invested into the costume a bit more uh I should tell Warriors sick weapons kind of reminds me of the karambits a little bit uh nice little

Like hat again traditional stuff that it’s much I like that more than the metal again look at this guy’s hat not like not liking that hat at all so the chotel is definitely looking a little bit more uh more fancy more interesting more drip if you might

Put them in the bottom of eight deer here next you got the Shrum Rider I’m what this guy looks famished bro get this guy a burger or something looks so skinny he looks very is that a beard I can’t even tell but the weapon does not look nice at all um

No I don’t like how this guy looks whatsoever I’m sorry this is gonna go in the detail maybe even this guy looks terrible he’s not a horse it’s the only thing saving him I I maybe I’m just not seeing the picture but the weapon looks like it looks like a freaking RuneScape weapon

I’m sorry it looks does not look interesting at all um not a fan of anything this guy looks like yeah not someone I’d be uh you know not someone I’d be like oh damn like that guy’s you know looking fancy or whatever it is not drip that at all

Not swagged out whatsoever that’s deter for me Slinger not sure what’s on his head honestly it’s a bandana but then he went crazy and put a feather to it also I think this guy’s walking around with a pouch full of rocks if you think about it because that’s the only way so

He’s just holding rocks let me imagine this he’s holding a bag of rocks and he can and he’s got like something to sling it with that’s not a cool look whatsoever The Shield is like the Inca shield in game I don’t know I don’t really like that this thing looks honestly definitely the

Worst of like the mezzo yeah the mess of stuff yeah he’s like the odd man out I just can’t imagine someone holding a bag of rocks to be that interesting um he’s gonna go behind the donkey actually and even behind the skirm and not he’s more interesting than lumberman

Actually got the Tarkin don’t like the metal hats he’s got some wool oh this is kind of a cool a cool look though is that some wool or something looks like he’s wearing some like freaking animal further he’s got a torch which is not that interesting

I don’t know that that does look a little lame to me but then again let me imagine if someone came to me on a horse with a torch would I be scared not really because you’re just gonna let my house on fire like I’ll just leave if you he’s gonna let my

Clothes on fire I guess he’s gonna burn me with the torch that’s not us that’s not as like gangsters pulling up with a freaking like sword like this I don’t know no talking’s not looking good they’re also kind of if you think about how they

Want to do it they want to hit like the houses like they’re going to raid the civilians that’s not cool at all now tarkin’s not dripped out no personality the style is okay and the torch is lame um still looking better than the Slinger though the torch is better than a bag of

Rocks all right Teutonic Knight guys but the only thing too it’s gonna hit s0 on my list the two tank Knight looks absolutely absolutely badass the helmet’s sick again only the eyes revealed the cape on one side and then this the big ass sword just nonchalantly

On the side here uh definitely sick like the outfits uh super traditional as well with like the attire again super super badass I think I’m gonna put him right behind the Jaguar though I think the Jaguar is cooler than the cape but I’m not 100 sure I guess the sword is cooler

Than a club though okay let’s bump him okay he might even be at the top actually they look hella cool in game okay top of SDR for the Teutonic Knights I said it they’re dripped out the coolest looking in the game potentially uh this ship nah not interesting

Whatsoever it’s too clunky it’s too big it doesn’t look good in game either I don’t really see anything interesting about it it’s gonna be in the in the the D tier yeah I think the food truck looks somewhat cooler I don’t know I put it like this all

Right throwing X-Men nice beard double ax on him you gotta be hella strong to to rock two axes but also like he’s fighting with one but if he needs to throw it because it is throwing action it’s kind of an Impulse like he he he he recognizes it’s an

Impulse and he’s gonna throw his first ax so he keeps the spare that’s responsibility right there that’s like playing off your weaknesses you know that’s pretty sick um the the armor is not the coolest but I love the double ax I think that’s giving him a lot of points the ax in

General is a really cool weapon I’m gonna put him pretty high up there yeah right above the mammal look I think because of the axes uh Turtle ship okay that’s freaking sick I love the Turtle ships as well I’m gonna put it probably even above the lamba and maybe even

Above the Berserker I think the turtle ship looks really freaking cool the spikes on the back it looks like a turtle sick ass head probably breathes fire somehow as well and then shoots cannons and this is looking hella sick is this real by the way Turtle ships

This is a real thing that would be really cool comment down below if you guys know more about history than I do a roomy Swordsman he’s rocking a whip that’s so that’s so lame I don’t like the whip whatsoever The Shield looks like it’s kid size like

He it looks like he bought the kid Shield to save money that’s what it looks like I don’t like the kids Shield he’s wearing shorts Viper this your unit man I this is not looking cool at all this is not dripped out he just above the the show armor

Rider again this guy’s looking famished this guy just above that that’s fine um next up we got the war elephant here again War elephant’s pretty sick it’s kind of like the ballista element but there’s no one on you the war elephant looks more intimidating than the ballista elephant for sure

So I’ll probably put it above yeah right here I think that’s pretty sick yeah right here well if it is pretty sick I like that next we got the war wagon um Again The Chariot style is cool I like that it’s wooden I feel like the Tarkin

Would counter this just by putting on fire um It looks interesting yeah I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily dripped out but it looks interesting like it’s it would be nice to have but it’s not something I would say like looks really really cool I don’t know I’ll put it

Probably above the missionary seems fine uh next we got the wood Raider the weapon again it’s kind of he’s kind of suffering from the same thing that Sergeant’s suffering from it’s not that big so it’s like kind of like a small thing he’s hitting fast with it he looks

Cool with the long hair though it’s just nice the pants I mean I don’t know it looks like some clown pants I’m not gonna lie Shield’s also not that impressive yeah roadway is going to suffer on this one guys and I think he’s gonna suffer

I’ll put him bottom of B yeah I put a bottom of beat here well I might move things around though we’ll see uh next Centurion I think this Centurion looks dope uh it’s a thing above the helmet which is looking cool he’s got a little bit of a cape sick ass

Shield sword and Horus against standard can’t go wrong with those I think Centurion deserves an eight gear spot also looks really cool in game I love this unit I think it’s sick and then the legionary uh looks better than a champion I think he’s got a cape and

Game as well I don’t know but this The Shield’s nice helmet’s okay it’s pretty solid I think it’s like above average I probably put the legionary above there around above the Boyer I think that’s a solid spot for the uh for the legionary and we’re just uh I think we’ll buff the

The wratha and the latest here and we just buff the mega Hazard to eight here NSO to SD and I think I’m pretty happy with how this looks yeah it doesn’t have no two two rows in the same category uh pretty happy with how this looks again

I’m not even sure if I got the idea of what a dripped out unit is but this is my unique unit tier list about how drip uniqueness are and I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys did make sure to like comment subscribe and comment about

What the next year list should be because apparently we’re taking suggestions now thanks for watching guys I’ll catch you in the next one peace also wait last thing if you made it this far you’re a fan and if you’re a fan you might want more content definitely check

Out my patreon if you haven’t already link is in the description below it’s also a way to support me further and if you give suggestions on patreon I’m more likely to actually make them happen that’s it take take care guys and see you later peace foreign

age of empires 2 tier list


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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