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While there’s a lot of Golden Stone In The Middle on this map the theme at least with the best players has been the players who dominate the water on the outside dominate the middle however there was a comment on one of my videos which I saw where someone mentioned the

Idea of maybe building fishing ships around the TC area well in this game Viper tries exactly that all right so I was curious on what Viper would go for and remember the importance like yeah eventually at the conclusion of this group it will be Viper Ley playing for

What might be first place we’ll see could also have massive ramifications on where tat goes because tat is still a heavy favorite to be able to rush in and maybe get that third place um Viper playing as the Malay not the dravidians he had Malay and dravidians as the most realistic options I

Felt and the last time we saw Viper play this map he was playing against the Malay as the Romans and while Viper won that game I did not think his approach was very good and I’m just being honest cuz Viper’s approach has been Stellar he’s looked amazing here

Today so you know not looking for reasons to hate in the poor snake but no seriously it just wasn’t clean but but I said the same thing about Hara the first time he played El Dorado and then the second time he played El Dorado you could tell it was like the first game

Had given him some things to work on and the main thing that has been really really solid on this map for the winners has been the water control uh malan and Malay both really good with that so I think for Malay you have the timings which is super nice advancing

Faster to the next stage more Vision on the docks as well is a pretty nice bonus um for the malion cheaper wood buildings that helps so much on a map where you’re going to be making multiple docks multiple production buildings lots of houses that adds up feels very

Smooth but two tiles of gold two tiles of stone available at each player’s base the rest of the golden Stones available in the middle and this is Viper’s home map we also had this selected as a home map by many other players this has been our opening game by the decision of many

Players in the draft we have seen El Dorado way more than I ever expected here in plat I thought especially in situations where you have a favorite versus an underdog you would never see the favorite pick this map because of how Allin this map can be

But I think really it feels that way it has the temptation to yeah get the TC and Castle up in the middle but how many times are we seeing games where players do that and then they don’t win because they don’t have the other aspects of

Their Eco sorted so it’s like the middle is a it’s also always visible I think it’s a massive bait like hey take me take me TC me TC me and then oh you’re dead because you forgot about fish would obviously be very different if there wasn’t fish on this version what the

Viper fish fishing here what huh your villagers are supposed to take these fish okay all right so this is but oh God pathing pathing the AE God Strike Back Viper makes a dock which could be received as a little bit of experimentation in the Age of Empires

God say take that he lost a villager soc’s going to see this SOC oh he doesn’t see it I mean there’s nothing you can really do about it but this tells me that Viper is going to try and fish trap with the Malay Malay fish traps do have like thousands of food on

It but you do need to invest 100 wood into the fish trap so um realistically I think the fact that your villagers could take this food anyhow and it’s right there and then the fact that there’s all this fish out here which your fishing ships K just travel

To pretty freely I don’t think that this is an optimal way to play Malay I think Viper is up 20 and he’s going to try something different here m m fish traps are cheaper it’s a good point guys it’s a good point now I want to know what sobec

Scouting looks like here sobec is going to scout the shoreline and he’s not going to see a dock which is just the weirdest freaking thing because in all of his preparation he’s probably like how do I counter the Malay fish how do I counter how do I win

Navy I’m going to go to Gold because I want to go for Navy here’s the other thing though Viper also doesn’t have a way to uh to kill the opponent’s fish if he doesn’t have a dock on the outside so sobec doesn’t see a dock but does that make him think Viper still

Probably has one on the outside or does he assume that the doc is here cuz he didn’t actually see this I mean the TC I’m trying to think about this more the TC does protect this really nicely it’s an interesting strategy I don’t think it’s anything Viper necessarily practiced I think it’s

Something he just thought about and he’s like let’s go it a shot here it’s it’s the safest fish boom you could have right I said safe fish so all right Viper will head to Gold Viper sending a villager this way he has not scouted soc’s dock but he

Should know because everyone else is docking the outside he should know sobec is docked so I think that villager that’s over here is currently wandering over there um sobec had Feud faster than Viper who’s the Malay which is pretty notable and soc’s making a fire Galley now I’m wondering where he sends it

Because if he just keeps it at home it’s fine you keep it at home and then you protect yourself s from Viper ships Viper got to keep an eye on the fish traps can someone remind me how cheap Malay fish traps are you guys want to see res collected

There’s no way it’s any different it’s got to be the same yeah okay the soc has collected more like the the only payoff for this is if you’re killing soc’s fish and if you know then you have the time to add into the fish trap so it’s more of a long-term

Choice like think about this Viper producing out of one dock offensively in a moment sobec already has two fires so Viper should never have a way of contesting soc’s fish I really like soc’s position and sobec finding this is huge had he gone the other way maybe

Would not have been huge he did also lose his Scout to Viper though Viper added a spear SOC was distracted sobec did not add a Barracks until now he’s on the way with that Viper already had one and I guess SOC didn’t know obviously sobec has six fishing ships Viper is fish

Trapping 33% cheaper three times the food oh I didn’t know the math stacked like that okay so now you’re getting thousands of food and Viper is adding more docks this is like black forest fish boom style and it’s so no soek is going to kill the

Fish because he doesn’t have a scout to check anymore and logic would dictate that there’s going to be fish on the outside so I mean he could still defend himself too um you know it’s not like that isn’t an opportunity and and now Viper loses his Scout Viper also lost a villager

Huh Viper lost the Villager I’m not sure to what I’m going to imagine oh wait we saw it at the start we saw it at the start I’m so sorry this game’s been all over the place just not used to that happening all right all right who runs out of wood

First who runs out of wood first between these two ladies uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh if only sobec had his other fires here if only sobec had his other fires they’re on the other side looking for viper fish sobec doesn’t have a clue that Viper is fish trapping around the starting TC area this is

Like is it big brain I think it’s kind of big brain I also think it’s it takes so long to pay off it might be very little tiny PE brain but there is some sense of logic attached to the thinking for Viper it’s just takes so much longer to pay

Off he still hasn’t been able to kill any Eco from sobec sobec needs a win desperately and if Viper loses this it is so much more difficult for him to ever get first place in in this group Viper hasn’t clicked up yet now he’s Walling up a bit he also has quite

A few villagers in Q so that’s a lot of food in there res collected for those really curious about it it’s even but food collected has been more for sobec and he’s had less investment into that and then he also saves wood on the buildings he builds for the middle and Viper’s

Putting wood into fish traps oh the demo oh oh get out of there people ooh nice demo from Viper the the idea to have a demo in that choke point was really smart from both Viper doesn’t have another one yet so he won’t be able to advance much further and he did

Misclick through there Here Comes SOC he’s going to come back it’s actually attacking Viper’s villager there with the fire but the other fire is coming over will SOC go for the middle feels like a good opportunity to I like how he added Scouts I like how he’s heading over towards Viper who

Hasn’t had a scout he lost his he’s just focusing on his fish traps I want to see sobec do the seven taunt so bad when he sees this cuz there’s got to be some confusion right now it’s a torney so he probably won’t

But I want to see him go ah when he sees the dog okay so he sees the vills the vills are going to run to the TC now he sees this and now he’s probably like oh boy I don’t know if that’s good or not TC in the middle now for sobec Viper

Will soon run out of gold at his base he’s only got 800 gold left so he’s halfway through it Scouts are through Viper’s making quite a few Spears here SOC has the L cab upgrade now SOC actually can attack the fish because Viper doesn’t have vills next to the

TC so you think it protects you but you actually have the pool villager to hop into the TC then actually these are fishing ships that haven’t had jobs that are waiting for the wood for the fish traps and that’s going to go down and again the TC’s now been garrisoned so

It’s not like you know that difficult for Viper to get there and okay sobec res collected I mean Viper he has more fishing ships and Viper’s collected more resources just so much wood but honestly like Viper’s going to zoom up to the next stage right he needs to

Click he’s missed his buildings cuz he’s been trying this new thing if he can click up and drop a castle defensively he’s not going to die to The Siege push SOC adding more fishing ships along this side which Viper cannot contest right now that is so

Important Viper on the way to Castle age can see The Siege Workshop coming up for SOC there’s a part of me that really wants this to work there’s a part of me that thinks it’d be epic for sobec to take advantage of this this experimentation and an every game counts

Format is it good is it not good I don’t know I I don’t think it is optimal I think if anything a combination of doing this while having docks on the outside would make a bit more sense potentially but I this is the first time I’ve seen this and it’s Viper we’re

Talking about he’s got a mind for Unique strategy Siege push begins from sobec who hasn’t been mining any stone by the way and Viper about to reach the next age Viper has trapped these units in here I want to see Viper go War Galley and try and kill the fish on the outside

I think that’s the key right now cuz if you have these fish and you kill the opponent’s fish it could be really good it’s much more realistic than building a castle in the middle just yet guys Viper might need to build a castle to protect his fish

Traps honestly like if he he loses this area he could lose all of his fish do you make Navy here nice micro from SOC he hasn’t lost these units yet I love the fact he’s added more fish Pikeman upgrade coming in for Viper and that Barracks more Knights coming

Through Viper has six Spears the other ones are split up right now but you do get the armor upgrades instantly upon arriving to the next stage for the Malay which is just so good Pike upgrade in so now Knights are probably not going to accomplish much SOC distracted pulls away Viper still no

Attacking here that’s the only fishing ship there for Viper on the outside Toc really using his micro ability to just at least keep those Pikeman there and now one of his monks is going to convert Viper’s Pike and Viper has to delete the pike guys Viper

Is soon going to be out of gold he’s already out of stone okay he doesn’t have access to the gold and the stone in the middle can he get there can he stop this can he somehow compete he doesn’t have a Barracks let’s check res collected now FYI Viper collected more he just

Surpassed the food count obviously had to collect a lot of that wood to be able to get the food Viper getting atonement to convert enemy monks but that costs gold as do his own monks and as does Redemption all of his gold is getting sunk into these

Monks do you make a demo here if you’re Viper run away with the fishing ships oh no make a demo what are you doing okay he hops out with atonement to convert soc’s monks No Redemption yet out of the TC back at the TC whoop whoop whoop big moves I think Redemption will

Be in now so Viper could switch to The Siege which I think is more valuable in converting the monks but I guess you can convert the monks and then convert The Siege he’s got uh 13 fish traps so I assume they all have fishing ships sobec dude just drop a castle in

The middle and back away right now you just need to play in towards counters to monks right now if you can Viper is going to try and make a move for the middle and there’s the castle for sobec now the Castle’s kind of awkward cuz Viper can see that and

Viper could still technically go here with the castle and get access to the middle soex adding Farms right now Viper has not done that at all ly is well let’s be honest he probably just going to look at the result later but let’s pretend L’s watching right now and L’s like come on

SOC let’s go Viper would be two wins behind ly after three rounds if he loses this game but if he wins it if he wins it that would be pretty ridiculous dude I mean that’s a lot of fishing ships and that’s a lot of fish traps and that’s a lot of monks and

There’s no real counter to the monks right now there’s no light C from sobec which yes he could consider now but Viper had Pikeman before so that’s probably why he didn’t do it I think sobec needs to use the market and buy his own castle just drop it

Right next to this do not get Viper access to Gold here Here Comes Viper sobec can see the vills sobec well I mean Viper’s used in the market soc’s not The Siege can be converted the monks can be converted that a lot of villagers from the snake Viper will not convert that meano

Cuz it gets deleted but Viper will build this castle and then he can take some gold and in the TC that protects everything he will click up to the Imperial age as if it was all by plan are you freaking kidding me dude are you freaking kidding me SOC you need

To take out the MTC you need to drop a castle right here this is his weakness this is his weakness yes yes drop the castle there and make it snappy he wants to drop it in Viper’s base right next to the docks he can’t fit it though there he

Goes okay so this is actually pretty big deal uh Viper is Malay though so he will advance very quickly to imp soc’s like get out of here fist traps also run away poor gobetto do not get inverted Viper is upgrading theocracy which will turn his docks into

Harbors so his docks will now be weapons also quite a few units here have switched sides oh my God what is happening here okay so I mean wait Viper deletes the dock I think that’s so fishing ships don’t go to the other fist traps I’m not exactly

Sure he will make it to the Imperial age Viper SOC could still have a fighting chance here he needs to have tons of light Cav gabeto doesn’t feel like it to me L Cav is the play you can kill the fish traps there’s no way Viper can

Garrison in the TC pretty soon that’s all of Viper’s food Eco and Viper’s going to make trebs but if you go like CF like stop with vills actually just spend all food on light CF even C can kill the trebs what a unique game here guys also

SOC has just been expanding with food Eco constantly he’s done a great job and ketto will see the arrows from the dock can I check res collected now Viper had more it’s just the wood though he’s not that far off with food I guess which is doable the the gold counts

Acceptable SOC it’s probably too late to imp we’re just going to have another treb pretty soon Viper could it it might flip-flop where Viper has no food and has all golden Stu Stone funnily enough like realistically I guess the theocracy upgrade makes it awkward for the GTO to kill the

Fish realistically though I think this is Viper’s vulnerability the middle obviously he’s going to reclaim soc’s adding the calav now it’s a little late right but the guys played phenomenally well and just stay in cast and get lots of upgrades here Viper has four mon he

Has one Pike he can’t afford a lot but Viper would eventually probably react by making more pikemen obviously you need food for that and this is exposed however Viper is going to have full stone and gold access and maybe he drops the second castle here the TC for soc’s going to go

Down sobec wanting to pressure this side of Viper EO he’s he’s trying to be patient with the l cap there’s tons of villagers exposed there to kill and Viper does he have Vision on it he does actually with the Malay doc Vision see that stable and I’m sure that’s been on his

Mind anyways like if your opponent’s being pushed off of gold they’re not going to make anything else this this kind of funny soex just made a bunch of mining camps so he could take as much gold as he can before it all goes down and here’s the leav leav have swooped in

Viper shs were not walled in Viper can wall but he didn’t know he does have some GTO which is very helpful here plus the castle fire but treb needs to stay alive as we see Towers from sobec to sobec has not finished guys and Viper TC is about to go down

And we see more Stables going up there for sobec we see kills here happening from sobec on Viper’s monks Viper treb survives this game is ridiculous and the stakes are so high the stakes are so high it’s such an important game where my mind keeps going though is

The fish right because if Viper has the fish he can make Pikeman I suppose if Viper has the gold he can buy food to make Pikeman but if it’s straight Pikeman in imp with imp armor because the upgrades being free and instant versus just Castle AG like

Have the only benefit SOC really has is mobility and I’m not sure the mobility will be enough Viper’s got 28 Pikes and what a game I mean Viper his docks are getting kills and he’s getting bracer for them oh my God what a crazy crazy Strat here Pikes finding Great

Kills Pik ketto headed this way Viper with full Golden Stone control poor SOC already lost the previous two games still trying his hardest here he’s still got to pop population lead he is going to lose some fish on the outside but of course the fish on the outside

Have now reached a point where it’s inefficient compared to the fish traps that’s that’s a big aspect right so you know the long-term payoff is really what the fist traps are about and this has gone long term which makes the strategy feel somewhat legit because it’s really hard

To pra to to punish this type of area Viper dropping a castle here we’ll swing his trebs over here to uh be able to Tre down that castle from so cuz it is still a problem he was able to add fish traps when he was able to breathe a little bit

Earlier in the game but like this is now a high pressure scenario it’s harder for him to play that whole fish Boom game but I mean unfortunately for sobec this Castle is going to drop you can’t engage against the trebs right now um in the middle Viper still got

Golden Stone Viper camit Warriors have found some random pickoffs Viper Pikeman doing really good job like soc’s trying to add skirms he doesn’t have gold so he’s going for a unit that costs wood and food but it’s the armor upgrades being in free for Malay and just a

Couple kit Warriors out of the castles that means you do enough Viper wins 3 it was really important for him to win 3 0 to still have a chance at that first place and Viper gets the job done just experimental strategy probably a strategy that just

Has the biggest ring of Viper to it you you’ll maybe see in ttlc three and as risky as it was as awkward as it was he gets the job done with the TC dock type thing if Viper hasn’t had a TC in a long time hasn’t exactly needed it he needed

The fist traps that’s his real Eco and then he needed the castle in the Middle with the trebs I feel for sobec because losing three is painful but sobec put up a really big fight in this series and every single game seriously I thought he played well he was not expected to be

Able to get wins against Viper today for him I I think it was doable if he had leab a bit earlier right he had so much economy it just took him a little too long to to for that light bulb to go off in his head I think he was caught in the

Mindset of guts go up to imp and I think if that was never on the cards for him and he just had more Army in the middle the initial C could have been denied uh you know maybe Viper’s fishing traps get sniped here and then Viper can’t make as

Many pikemen like the opportunities were definitely there but the strategy of doing this is is basically saying you will have your windows but if you don’t kill me I will have the advantage and that’s that’s the situation here right the fish trap advantage over the regular fishing ships which have been wandering all

Around um looks like many of them were actually sniped by Viper hard to focus on that and then obviously having the Golden Stone in the middle but like right about where did Viper drop that castle okay right about I mean he dropped it at the perfect time honestly

It didn’t feel very realistic right here for there to be more from sobec oh you know what else probably the most epic thing timing wise about this entire game from Viper so he’d been out with without gold for a while here watch his re climb he goes forward with the thought

Process of imping after this Castle before he even knew the castle would complete like right here CS res starts to go up I’ll just speed up it was like Castle instantly imp talk about hitting your timings because pretty soon like if he waits or if he didn’t have the res didn’t think about

It then maybe this TC isn’t around then he can’t go imp yeah maybe like even even with Viper being an imp right here you know couple more Stables couple of those upgrades being in for sobec maybe things go a little bit differently such a such a tough game such a tough player

To break though Viper wins three out so um great individual game which will ultimately hit the main channel of YouTube later on I hope people enjoyed it let’s though look at the the the standings and the results now okay these are the live standing so for those that

Possibly watching live and didn’t see the set yet sorry too late but live standing are reflected above biper really needed a 3 uh this is probably going to take me a second to update because it seems like it’s been a bit slow these days but just toss in

Here got lots of math to do there we go Viper then goes up and he’s seven and two after three rounds now look at the difference if SOC wins that game look at the difference in Viper’s transfer first drops all the way down to 20% might even fall in towards third

Because of that Victory though Viper is a bit closer um the final round for both Viper and ly will be against each other but L’s next round is against sobec where again sobec will aim to get a victory and then Viper’s round between them is against classic Pro and

Unfortunately what that means for sobec is he’s at two wins and he’s at the bottom one of the favorites to be relegated but you know if he wins versus classic Pro and then classic Pro doesn’t get any more wins and Vivy struggles to get wins you never know soc’s final two

Rounds though against ly and then against T which is why this says it’s going to be tricky for him and currently looks like classic Pro is favorite to survive but just like classic Pro and Vivy haven’t played yet so the classic Pro Vivy series might end up deciding things um but at the

Conclusion of three weeks in this group we have ly 8 Viper 7 tat 5 and then classic Pro 3 Vivy and sobec both at two uh excited to see tat though like I feel like I’m not factoring in tat for the first place run obviously it’s going to

Be really tough for him but Viper already played ly and Viper already played or sorry Tata already played ly and tat already played Viper so tat has uh he has Vivy who Viper and ly both three OED and then tat has sobec who Viper just three so realistically we could see tat getting

To 11 wins uh and that obviously could be enough for first depending on how the rest of the games go so really tight uh you know run towards the finish here with just two weeks to go in group stage remember first place in the group and this is for all groups goes immediately

To the quarters second and third place have to go in a round of 12 Playoffs where second place from one group plays third place from another group third place from another group plays second place from another group that’s how it all works in the uh playoff bracket and I can just

Show you in case you guys aren’t really sure so first would get a buy essentially to the quarters and then this would be the round of 12 so not only do you get the buy into the quarters if you win the group but then you’re not running into

Someone else who was first at least until the semi-finals whereas like if you fall into the second or third you’re then going up against a first place player in the quarter so big stuff now um one final clarification too um I had misspoke on what happens in the playoffs uh let’s

See what the handbooks say I said it was like Group C versus Group D according to the handbook it is second place in group b uh versus third place in group C second place in group Group D versus third place in group a uh second place at group a versus

Third place in group D and then second place in group C versus third and B sorry if that is confusing at all but basically that’s the structure I’ll we’ll look at the um what’s the wording here we will look at the potential matchups maybe come like the last week or something



I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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