The Best Late Game Civilizations Tierlist | AoE2

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All right hello everyone and welcome back to another video today we’re doing a very chill tier list and I’m going to be talking about the best late game civilizations in 1 V1 Arabia and I’m hopefully going to include Romans at the end of the tier list as well I’m going

To stick them into the tier list and hopefully I remember if I forget again I am literally the stupidest top player there is in the game all right with all that said let’s go ahead and hop right in I’m going to go alphabetical order as always to the tier lists and we’re going

To go ahead and get started with the astics so again we’re talking about best late games for Arabia what I mean by late game is when you get to 200 pop you’re in Imperial age and it’s not like you have all this Technologies you can’t

Just jump to like okay you can get like C hitor no problem Monks f upgrade no problem Paladin all at the same time let’s be realistic about this like a realistic late late game comp we’re going to consider the fact that gold is a scarce resource consider the fact that

You can’t get all the tech in the world we’re going to talk about you know what is the usual late game that you can go for but I’ll consider some of the potential that you have with every civilization if you have all five relics for example that’ll account for a small

Factor but for the most part we’re going to be pretty realistic about what kind of late games you can get to all right now let’s get started with the Aztec now the Aztec can get some solid options in the late game but they are actually can

We go the opposite way can we start from the bottom from Vikings does that work no it’s not going to work too well okay we’ll start with asex my bad this is why I should edit these but I’m not I’m not going to all right we have the Aztec

Here um they have a decent late game uh the thing with the Aztec though is I feel like the late game kind of runs out of steam like I’m conflicted about it if theyve got gold the late game is insane you got Eagles that are like super

Spammy they got the mobility you also have monks with 95 HP potential you also have Siege H Siege Ram all the good stuff um so you actually have a lot of flexibility Champions you have the ATL skirmishers jagar Warriors that can come into play although Champions are much

Better than Jags to to be honest uh in most cases uh but yeah asex just kind of have a good amount of everything I just feel like sometimes when the gold runs out sometimes Pikeman and skirms aren’t enough but I’ve also lost late games even with hasari against Pikes and

Skirms from MX so in one hand they’re they are really good with Pike skrm on the other hand sometimes I feel like it’s not enough so I would put them overall on B tier for late game and I would say some matchups are harder than others for Aztec but overall especially

Archer I feel like where they can abuse the skirmishers I feel like then they’re really good and Eagles do really well against archives but sometimes against civs you could have some trouble if you can’t afford like monks and whatnot you could die herar raids and stuff cuz

Pikes are not as good as hals even with the plus eight attack all right next up we got bengali’s um Bengali leg game I got to think about this one actually Bengal leg game is pretty bad like yeah you have rra I’m going to put them C tier you

Have RAs but those are like kind of fake and you have elephant archers but in One V one rap elephant archers aren’t great you get really hard rated by like hiss most of the time and then elephant archers die to like monks and skirms quite hard like usually Bengal even struggle

To deal with like halb Monk and skrm like those kind of comps are really annoying from Bengal to deal with so I would say Bengali are like really good in late game in certain situations but because they’re lacking the plus four armor on their on their infantry on

Their HS especially I feel like sometimes you just die to like have skrm matchups and those can be really difficult to deal with some like casar Paladin with some skirms that could be super hard to deal with as balies especially if the guy can mix in Monks

To deal with the elephant archers as well so yeah good in certain situations but most of the time pretty bad next up we got berbers I think it’s going to be an easy a tier actually maybe even stier uh could could actually be stier to be

Honest it might be stier I’ll see maybe I’ll drop to to a tier later but I think bers are one of the best at like uh late game SES you have the cam laer which is better than a cab Archer for late game scenarios uh it also heals with unique

Dech that’s insane uh you also get cheap hiss can’t go wrong with those and you also on top of that get Champions and you get bomber cannons with Siege engineer so like bers literally have everything you need in late game to succeed and to have a good uh good time

You also have genitors if you need them and then full upgrade Elite skrm so very flexible I really enjoy the berbers actually in late game uh usually the problem with berbers is that you don’t get the late game or you’re a bit too linear like you playing like Knights and

Castle and so you if you go Knights at the Cavalier the guys’s on hops as simple as that and then sometimes transitioning from knights to C to camel Archer can be a tricky and usually camel Archer and knights or like Cavalry are your only two big options and so

Sometimes you get countered and pushed way too fast before you can get camel Archer and the Cavalry and Hisar cam Archer light Cav so that’s like their biggest weakness but if you get there then they’re super strong Bohemian late game now an arena this is easily like s year or like at

Least eighth year but Arabia I’m not convinced I think Bohemian late game can die to like Hisar raids plus like skur and bomber Cannon of most most civilizations honestly um which sounds really weird cuz the hfit are supposed to be insane and of course they are how

H is still really insane but when you have to deal with raids constantly on Arabia um then like boheman just really uh they don’t feel too hot to play and like your food monks aren’t really that good good um it’s too hard to get that upgrade and also have a good economy cuz

The problem with Bohemians is not like the problem is not running out of go the problem is actually surviving the constant rating so even if you run out of gold with behem you don’t usually have the food to pay 100 food per Monk and so I would say that upgrade or that

That option is kind of fake it’s not actually like a proper option so yeah I don’t know Bohemians and also last thing I’ll say about that like a mon is is not like a harar where you can just raid and like you can it’s flexible monk is like 100

Food and it sits in one place and late game you just get sned by harar most more often than not so like the 100 food monk just doesn’t really work out as good as you’d expect it would I I think I put them in C tier but above Bengali

Like it’s a good CER option if that makes sense next up we got the Britain’s uh Britain late game is actually insane like if you’ve got gold it’s really good I’m going to put them top of beat here because I think it’s contingent on having gold if you run out of gold

Britain are not that impressive what are your no gold options you have skirms with plus one range that’s pretty good you have light C with full upgrades minus Bloodlines and then you have how with your full upgrade so it’s not bad but missing blood lines on L have is

Pretty problematic so and like not having Hisar obviously so Britain are like average if you run out of gold but like they’re really good if you still have gold or if you have like the way I like to play them is have 50 lbos they

Never die and then you just Spam like L Cav and Hower to defend the longbo and to just trade and so what ends up happening is yeah you just get so much value with the lbos and they never die you have five trebs they never die you just protect them with everything and

Britain’s late game is insane in that situation so I can see them being bumped to a tier later but at the very least top of B tier okay next we have bulgarians um bulgarians late game is interesting they they’re lacking bomber Cannon which can sometimes hurt but they have really

Cheap Siege upgrades in The Siege Workshop they have one of the best hars in the game stup hasar is crazy they have the 200 swordman with extra armor is really good against hals in late game and of course they have their own hals they also get BRAC on skirms but they’re

Lacking the last armor on their skirms though so that’s a bit weird too so I would say bulgarians are like solid in late game but not 100% the best um I’ll probably put them bottom of B tier again harar is a really big factor for Arabia

And having stup hasar is crazy good but I would say stup harar is carrying the bulgarians like you need to have sasar and you need that to be very effective because or else it’s not going to look go too well and like if you have gold with bulgarians it’s not that important

Like gold just gets you either like conics or 200 swordsman or Siege or you can get like uh like heavy CA if you want so like gold helps you but your main unit is usually the stir up SAR which doesn’t cost gold but obviously gold is still important it’s not like

You don’t mind Golds with bulgarians or anything like that but it’s it’s one of the Cs that’s they gets better when there’s no gold cuz it’s no gold game is probably better than your opponent’s no gold game so I would say bulgarians really for L game even better in post L

Game in post s and if it wasn’t clear already this video isn’t about like there’s no gold on the map this is like late game you can still have a gold army it’s not like two hours in it’s more like 45 minutes to an hour in if that

Makes sense I should have clarified that at the start but of course I’m stupid and it happens it happens like that actually I shouldn’t say I’m stupid because if you say stuff subconsciously your mind starts to believe it or something I don’t know I read something about that where like you shouldn’t talk

Yourself down cuz like your mind actually believes that so you you should actually talk yourself up most of the time don’t be arrogant about it but most of the time you going to talk yourself up that’s why before a series before a tournament game you’ll never catch me

Saying oh I’m probably going to lose oh I’m not good enough this guy’s better than me because if I talk like that even if I’m just faking it for like the public and just like oh I’m I’m on stream trying to look good for my fans even if it’s like that subconsciously my

Brain actually registers the oh I’m I’m going to lose I’m going to lose to this guy so I’d never say that in I shouldn’t say that in videos either so okay self-realization here anyways this is the worst SE video I’ve made in my life by the way anyways I’m distracting

Wasting a lot of time anyways burgundians let’s keep going here the people are looking for cheers content not psychology contents from a non psychologist okay burundians um the game is interesting I think the fact that they get the gold from the Farms kind of helps them out quite a lot and if you

Have relics burundian Lake game is sick because you get food and gold for your relics but honestly aside from that Bugan Bugan late game isn’t that insane uh you’re missing blood lines your HS are kind of like lacking a little and you don’t have the most amount of like

Powerful late game options like cusia not bad Paladin is not bad but you’re missing bloodlines on paladins and then aside from that like I think the best option for B for Burgundian sorry hand Cannon bomber Cannon like those are really strong because they do extra damage but even then you’re missing

Siege Engineers so it’s hard to say where the L game Falls um I’ll probably say uh right around here they used to get carried by uh Flemish Evolution that that used to be their late game but it doesn’t really work too well anymore so I probably put them in C

Tier next we got burmes oh I love bures late game for bur um let’s see let me think you get full upgrade hars you get extra three attack on your HS and champions which is pretty solid you get bracer on your scrms yes you’re missing armor but like armor and scrs is

Not the most important in like most scenarios it’s only like really important against like arbalist and against heavy CA but usually against heav and aralas you don’t rely only on your skirms you’re relying on your maner cavalary hararis this is what people don’t understand about mmes they think

Oh I died to Archer SS every game Hera per are really bad no per are good you go maner Cavalry you raid the entire map with hars and Cavalry and then you swarm your opponent’s archers with 50 HS and if they have hals in front then you can

Go skirms with the purpose of sniping the helps and I think if you play it like that then the bres late game is actually fine versus AR blesses and you just trade them down until their gold runs out and you can win that way and against

Cavalry SS you have the hals with plus three attack and you have monks with cheap Tech so against hals against Cavalry CS you’re fine as well you also have arambai which is a really strong powerful anti- cave unit anti- infantry unit as well so yeah arambai is a power

Unit in general I I would put probably bise maybe even ahead of asex in late game I think the fact that they have hasar is also really helps yeah probably behind Britain this makes sense although I think brmes could beat Britain’s in late game but it could be a hard

Matchup all right next up we have byzantines uh oh this thing game is super strong I think it’s going to be my first eight C best Lake game listen it might be surprising that it’s not s tier to a lot of you guys because you might be thinking okay there’s no gold

Byzantines are the best s but they’re actually not the best of byzantin have amazing trash units scrms and HS but they’re lacking the last attack on their Hops and they’re lacking good hasard they’re missing blood LS and to attack and so often what happens with Byzantine is your late game isn’t actually the

Best uh a lot of Cs can actually match your late game and can out raid you and outpace you but where Byzantine shine is where they have a little bit of gold to go like heavy camels cheap heavy camels are so good they can go Hal skirms all

At once with some monks and Siege mixed in and they kind of go for this really big mix kind of a concoction of units if you will and they win the games that way that’s where byzantines truly excel in the late game uh they also have options like cateracts which shuts down infantry

Civilization so for a lot of those reasons byzantines are very good in late game um you also have Siege Rams of course bomber canons nothing wrong with them missing Siege engineer could hurt them but overall usually how you win late game with byzantian is you just

Trade a lot of Hobs and skirms and you trade not only like theost of gold but they’re cheaper so you save a lot of food and wood on them and so you just trade really efficiently like that and then with like your small amount of gold

You just go for like heavy camel or cat or something maybe even bombard Towers you just use your gold on something to support your trash weapons and that’s usually the way to go the trash units all right next we have Kelts listen Kelts on Clos Maps really solid

On open maps the late game is pretty mediocre I would say yeah I’m not a fan of k a game you have harar but they’re one of the worst in the game lacking L armor lacking Bloodlines so not great um Hower super solid they move a little

Faster skirms though no bracer no armor so the skirms are so bad um yeah not a fan of Kel’s late game you have to play with the siege but the siege is pretty limited on like Arabia with all the raiding going on so I would say probably a seive but I would

Probably put them ahead of Bengal no probably not cuz bengalis have monks as well they have some powerful gold units whereas Kels your only chance in late game to win is to like I’d say go like go how Siege and hope to like push really fast your opponent even if

They’re rainning it doesn’t do enough I think that’s the way to play Cal late game yes they have some good matchups like they can match up like well against certain civilizations but usually if your opponent has like monks or bomber Cannon or heavy like hurs plus AR Blas civilizations you’ll probably just die

To those because you’ll get raid to death and they’ll just use bomber canons to snipe your siege all right next up we got Chinese the game is like middle of the pack it’s like they have a little bit of everything and there’s nothing really wrong with the ch Chinese in late game

But there’s nothing too right about Chinese in late game as well sorry my cat is not allowed to be here it NOS as well because it moves the mic so I’m just going to slowly push her off the table there perfect she’ll jump off and she’ll be

Fine happy as well uh okay right so Chinese nothing wrong about them late game but they have a lot of options like heavy camo uh they have chenu Aras you know super solid tegram where are they lacking in late game no bomber Cannon and no Siege engineer so honer Wars

They’re lacking bomber cannons they’re lacking um so yeah Chinese could run into some pretty big problems uh in the late game from those options they’re also lacking like some really strong monk Tech actually now that I think about it do Chinese get Siege Engineers I’m not sure let me check wait I don’t

Want to something wrong I was Tous about that uh Chinese please yeah you’re missing it okay I just have to double check my bad yeah so Chinese missing Siege Engineers that’s pretty bad and uh yeah you like you have to play with like heavy camo plus aralas

Plus hals and hope that the mainline units are enough you also don’t get hiss but you get everything else full upgrade in terms of trash units you get Champions but no supplies so it’s pretty decent in every regard I’ll probably put them like bottom of beat here I think a standard like strong

Hisar usually can be Chinese unless Chinese goes double gold comp like heavy camel plus aralas then it’s like okay that’s really strong but usually that’s not like the Chinese late game being really good that’s more or less like Chinese like mid game being really good it gets ahead and then it

Finishes you off with ar blast and heavy camo and that’s the way it it just wins but usually like in late game you can go like even with like bulgarians you just go like heavy Scorpion or oners plus hals and and harar and you got Mobility

You got power and you can easily beat the Chinese like that well not easily but it’s possible all right next up we got the cumans cumans late game is like M I would say like pretty solid but not the best like you kind of rely a lot on your faster producing stables for

Haars hasar spam but even that’s not like that good like Bulgarian harar are way better than harar even if they produce faster your harar justes better so I would say late game is like pretty average uh I’ll probably throw them in top of seat here yeah maybe actually probably less yeah probably

Like right here middle of seats here you don’t have bombard cannons and you don’t have bracers so like you’re pretty mediocre on like what options you can go for so they’re getting hard carried by the fast producing haar if it’s a good game for fast producing haar and that’s

Enough then sure you can win but otherwise missing bra on skirms Kip Chu is not the most impressive late game units they don’t really have any powerful gold unit that like just never dies that’s really strong like Kip Chu is okay at that role but not great not

Like a mangga die so I don’t know I think I think cumans L game is like pretty whack uh where are they strong probably like after 2tc booming or like being super far ahead that they all en Castle you and that that’s enough or like they just raid you to death sure

But most of the time it’s a pretty average Hisar in late game next up javidan uh oh man the you guys are probably expecting to see javidan really low I’m thinking of putting them D tier just so white BR can make a reaction video and then I can reply with my own

Reaction video and I don’t know I feel like that’s a fun way to go about it but I that would be lying cuz trevians don’t have a DTI late game their late game is actually decent I think wood steel and the faster firing skirmishers are actually insane so I would put probably

DVID in late game around um probably top of SE here because you’re still missing Hisar and that’s like kind of problematic so I put them in top of C here the the wood steal in their hals is really good it makes it so hals beat other hals consistently it

Makes it so hals can even beat Champions light Cav is also really good against other skirm even if you’re missing a ton of upgrades on light C you just hurting you’re hitting for so much so it’s a strong unit or a decent unit at the very least and your skirms firing

So much faster is also really solid you also get bomber cannons so nothing too bad there and if you’re able to go Champions with your gold you’re able to go likei swordsman in some cases is okay and then you can go like AR bless plus bomber Cannon and okay their late game

Is really not that bad uh especially like I said Wu seal being the thing that actually carries them like Champions and helps are really good um so yeah good infantry they also have Siege H I think so it’s also not bad sieg I don’t think they have they have the elephant so

Siege elephant plus Siege hitor is not bad too um but yeah not a bad for late game but obviously not one of the better ones but it’s not like a bad late game uh next you have Ethiopians uh I think I put Ethiopians actually like above Chinese uh maybe yeah I think

Right there’s perfect theay game is insane if you can go like AR Blas plus Siege and help that’s like a really good late game for Ethiopians uh it is contingent on you having gold so in fact fact if you have gold it’s maybe even better than something like azex but azex

Have a better trash game so they’re a bit higher same with bulgarians but contingent on having gold Ethiopians are really freaking good chatel Warriors are always great against skirms if the opponent is not on scrms you have aralas h plus bomber Cannon plus honor plus cedam and it’s such an insane

Composition um yeah like faster firing Aras torsion engine Siege it’s crazy good Hower of for full upgrades you also get harar but you’re lacking armor the last armor on harar and you’re also lacking blood l so there are a bit dubious I would still make it sometimes

It’s not bad but it’s not great either so that’s kind of how I think about Ethiopians but I i’ probably put them right there I’m happy with it uh next we have Franks oh the game is actually really freaking good if you have gold but if you’re not a gold

They’re pretty bad so I probably put them yeah probably right behind Ethiopians actually maybe even right behind Chinese yeah cuz even if you have gold it’s not like the late game is that insane but I probably put them right here um uh it’s really close like Frank

Chinese is 100% skill match up I’m probably put it right here though uh Franks if they have gold have a lot of options people think it’s only Paladin yes Paladin is the most powerful but you also have a really good siege like heavy scorpion plus honer with Siege Ram uh

Sorry with Siege Engineers you have cap Ram only and you also get bomber Cannon so you have a really good siege and you also have full upgrade HS so and champions are also I think you’re you might be only missing supplies but other than that you have full upgrade Champion

You also have throwing axan and henir so you have a lot of options and on top of that you also have the 192 HP Paladin so I think Franks are like really solid if they have gold but if you don’t have gold they start falling off so I put

Them in the beat here um but yeah it is obviously contingent a little bit of having gold uh they’re not terrible if you run out of gold you still get full upgrade H light cab with 72 HP it’s not bad and uh yeah you also get you

Know pretty bad scrms actually but you know decent late game overall contingent on gold to be powerful uh next we have Goths Goths L game is actually very good um yeah I love goth L game I think this going to be another a tier Sith probably even ahead of Byzantine because the

Thing about goth is that you don’t need a lot of gold for them to function if you get the elite husk roll I could even see goth being s late game actually um yeah I’ll probably put them s late game probably even ahead of berbers that’s quite the jump for gos

But I I trly believe it’s like you even get harar with missing upgrad so even if you want harar you have it you’re just missing last armor other than that your full upgrades amazing infantry Champions Hower and husk girl are really good you’re missing the last armor but you

Produce so fast they so cheap amazing infantry extra attack vers buildings they’re great and you don’t need that much gold the hus girl and the champion are so cheap on gold that you can get by with a few relics and just selling with the market like you don’t need that much

Gold for Goths only issue with Goths only downside to the late game is that some matchups like totin for example are really hard to win but even in those matchups SCS can still win by using like hand caner ear mixed in with hus girls I’ve done it in the past i’ I’ve beaten

Viper don’t don’t make me Viper don’t make me look for the video for the game I made a video for sure this just been a long time it was me Goths versus his Toons on ghost Le this was like four years ago or three years ago when I was

Terrible when first came out I was garbage and I still won with gots cuz I went like some harar hand Cannon and then switched into hus girl later or something like that and it was actually insane so even in the hard matchups you can still win with the gods because you

Do have some decent options okay next up we got the garas oo Gara L game is sick actually they’re really freaking good probably put them in a tier right behind Byzantine maybe even ahead of Byzantine though let me think yeah yeah so basically the reason why they’re

Insane is the the upgrade that makes them cheaper on the food is super insane uh all your units 25% less food I think 20 or 25 something like that and you also get like the sh shers which are insane heavy camo which is insane versus

The C uh you missing H you only have spear true you have full get skrm the unique units is really really solid as well um so overall I would say Karas have a pretty good late game I’m going to put it behind butine just to play it

Safe but durl game is really insane especially with all the units being cheaper on the food cost you also get bomber cannons so you’re not lacking in that department which is that’s the most important Siege weapon on Arabia it’s the most flexible between pushing buildings units and being able to move

Freely next up we got hindustani another really freaking good late game s I’ll probably put it top of B tier though I don’t think it Compares 100% with the top of a tier but actually no it it probably does actually let me think about this one as well M Camel insane

Hand Canon n range insane you get hasaral upgrades you get Pikeman only we get skral upgrade H yeah I’ll probably put it around here I still think something some like garas ends up having more good matchups but hindustani is like really solid as well so yeah I

Probably put this around e here I think that sounds pretty good I might move them around but these are really good the reason why garas and hindustani have like sometimes awkward late game is that sometimes you just need to have like the Paladin or the night line and you don’t

Have it so that’s the only downside to them but aside from that they have amazing late games also hindistan have cheaper bills so I think with the cheaper bills we push them ahead of garas this is important in late game if you get raided you have to remake your

Vills hindustani get cheaper vills in late game they get to remake them a lot more easily than other civilizations and that’s a huge plus to late game on Arabia so I’ll stick them a little bit further ahead than garas next up we got hunts um decently game

For the Hunts I’ll probably put them uh right here I think that makes sense hunts are solid because you have heavy CA that are discounted a pretty decent discount imp full upgrade haars faster working stables and also Tarkin that are pretty solid uh hunts are great in late

Game no complaints super good um passable skirms as well you’re only missing the last armor on skirms so that’s like solid and you also get hals you’re missing only the last armor for HS so again you get a little bit of everything with hunts but their Mainline units CA

And harar full upgrades and pretty solid so yeah six six si in late game the weakness of hunts is really just getting there without dying setting up your map without houses is awkward but once you get to late game it’s a really smooth tip uh next we got Incas oh Incas

Actually have an insane late game right now I’m going to put them probably top of eight TI uh the late game is nuts because you can go like came or Eagle for your gold units and then you just go like a mix of halb skirm and even

Slinger if you needed if needed against certain matchup and you just like a bunch of food units that are naturally being discounted from the Inca bonus and then you also have on top of that mons and siege that could work so I would say Incas are really really really good even

If you’re run out of gold it’s not like Aztec where they have some weaknesses Incas have amazing trash like hals on a discount skirms pull upgrade on a discount so it’s it’s basically like byzantines but Incas have better gold units and that’s like the big difference between them and Byzantine and in my

Opinion what makes them better uh next we’ got the Italians super solid late game like pretty much right down the middle they can do harar full upgrades they got coner if you need them they got Aras with a little bit of extra armor uh they got skirms they got

Gen Expo they got bomber cannon at a discount uh so Italian leg game is like super solid right down the center does everything right does everything fine I might put them right near Ethiopians honestly thing is like Italians only beat Ethiopians if if they run out of gold otherwise Ethiopians have a better

Late game uh but actually yeah yeah maybe I put him Ethiopians is better cuz I think ethopians have much higher potential to the late game so I put it like that actually no Italians are missing hops as well I’ll throw them down one more I think right here is

Fine decent right down the middle gameplay uh uh good options Cavalier full upgrades so solid just missing Paladin of course but yeah really really solid C middle of the back is great uh next we have Japanese I love the Civ uh Japanese I mean listen I remember

Watching Spirit of the law like eight years ago I was one of the first viewers on his channel by the way he doesn’t even know that I don’t think but um yeah I was one of the first viewers on his channel not not to brag or anything but

I was like a really high rated player but I was like craving like A2 content like there wasn’t a lot of content back then and then I I stumbled across spe L Channel I was like wow this guy’s like he makes good videos like he’d make

Videos on like one of the first ones like fish traps or Farms I was like oh let’s eat this up he had a few other videos I was interested in and I was like okay this guy is sick so I was one of the first few videos was also like a

Japanese uh late game and I always liked how he talked about Japanese strength and late game is about mixing their units and it stuck with me because even though I was a high player I still like I only played hunt like new civs I didn’t really know much about it so it

Stuck with me because I was like this guy has a point actually Japanese have a really good mix of options really strong hals great infantry in terms of gold units Champions and Samurai um full upgrades even with supplies for the Champions you also get Aras full upgrades you get the Yama Towers which

Are really freaking good and you get trebes with catap peruto that can pack and unpack you also get Siege Engineers so H rep play is good so like you you do a little bit of everything and so the best late game with the Japanese from what I found Hal skirm nothing else just

Trash units with Siege monk Towers it’s so good you literally just go like a bunch of trash units with Siege monks and towers and you’re able to slow push the entire map and because you go no gold units you can spend all your gold on buying stone for Towers or on the

Siege in monk units so it’s such a good way to play with Japanese and it has a lot of success for me uh so that being said Japanese L game super solid if you play that style it gets even better I I’d probably put them they also have

Decent light cap I’ll probably put them slightly even above aex maybe yeah maybe even above burmes yeah I I value a Japanese leg game pretty highly for that reason their hubs are also really insane so I probably put them around there uh they probably struggle to like close games against the

Higher upstairs like how do you deal with freaking cheap skirms SARS with the unique unit mixed in could be pretty hard with bomber Cannon you know it has some some awkward matchups excuse me I put that up it has some awkward matchups against the top STS but otherwise pretty

Solid uh next we got KR I think KR a great late game I’ll probably put them in bot uh bottom of eight TI hasar spam with Farms amazing ballist elephant and scorpions amazing gold units SE jums if you need them super solid and then you have scrms

And Hal that are passable you’re missing only last armor on hals or yeah last armor and squares I think which is like okay that’s pretty bad but like it’s passable and then you’re only missing thumb ring on skrm which is not that bad and you have AR blet if you need them

You have um you know solid Siege options trebs Siege Engineers so I think if you go like harar plus like yeah harar maybe skirm and then ballista scorp it can be insane combination uh yeah they can do do raiding game or death ball game so they’re really good at both of those

Styles so for me ater for K their economy carries them though next have Koreans uh also easy a tier debating about above K but Korean late game is actually actually no it’s not an easy a tier wait I was thinking like the the discount on wood units but is it that

Good actually yeah it’s pretty good HS and scrms are at a discount which is really huge and they also get the amazing towers and if they have a bit of gold they can go either wagons or aralas usually and those are like two very solid options Aras had a discount as

Well which is pretty good so you save a lot of wood when you play the S and their towers also really good C Hors with 10 range can be insane barans yeah with C engineer is pretty good yeah yeah let’s put let’s put Koreans bottom of a

But I I can see them being like top of B but I’ll put them there my intuition was right lithuanians dude I hate lithu lithu Le game it should be so freaking insane on paper but it ends up being so mediocre let me let me run it through and the C has

Changed a lot it it got changed for the worst in my opinion I’m going to make a video about this cuz I’m not happy about it uh lithuanians got changed for the worse I hate this now basically the late game went for being super strong very flexible to now being very mediocre like

You you need relics or else your late game sucks let me explain it to you you’re missing blast furnace and you’re also missing last armor on HS so even with the unique Tech the Hal has same Pierce armor as a generic full upgrade Hal but you’re missing one melee armor

Versus a generic fil upgr Hal so you’re actually weaker than a Hal not only that you’re missing two attack so if it’s Hal vers Hal the Lithuanian player who has a unique Tech is three damage less than a generic H so if it’s h on Hal you get

Destroyed and then okay maybe skirms are good yeah skirms are the only thing good about Lithuanian late game you get really good skirms full upgrades that move fast that move faster and they also have the extra Pierce armor those are good so Lian scrms are good HS are bad

HS are bad and their Cavalry is only good if you have relics otherwise their harar winged harar oh so good it’s the same stat as a regular harar except five more HP that’s it so the winged harar the upgrade costs more than regular haar for five extra HP think of it you’re

Missing the last attack upgrade so you either 7 plus four for generic harar with 95 HP same armor winged harar has 9 plus two for Lithuanian so 11 attack versus 11 attack and only has 100 HP versus 95 HP so it’s 5 more HP that’s it and bonus against gunpowder which no one

Cares about for the most part so Lithuanian L game is really not good if you have relics for lius okay that’s great skrm lius is solid but it has so much potential it used to be so insane when they had Blast Furnace but now it’s

Not very good it’s not insane I I would probably put it like uh probably above burmes right here like that that’s kind of where I put them contingent if you have relics they’re insane maybe with relics they jump up here but on average we get two relics to three

Relics yeah they’re not a very strong late game s in my opinion I mean maybe I can bump them a little bit I don’t know maybe I’m being a little stingy but lithuanians could easily be S Year back in the day but now I I’ll put them ahead

Of Britains I guess uh cuz I think they win the the Britain matchup and they probably beat a lot of these guys as well just CU their scrms carry them but yeah not as good as they could be I spent too much time there anyways let’s

Go next magar s TI late game right behind the berbers could easily be ahead of them in C in certain matchups but right behind the bers for me magga Le is insane magga cower incredible units followed up by Maga harar actually they’re ahead of bers they might even be

Ahead of gods actually they they’re crazy late game like magaa are insane Maga harar are great and Maga harar from the stable the other one being cheaper is also really good so you can go for a mix of those or one of those two units plus the ca it’s insane it’s incredible

Uh you also get Siege Engineers so your trebs are good your only thing you’re missing is like bombard Cannon but you can snipe enemy cannons with your C archers so yeah if you play CA plus harar with the Civ you’ll almost never lose the problem with the Civ is getting

There getting there is really hard but if you get there it’s amazing civilization uh next up we got Malay Lake game Malay is not incredible it’s like okay I would say yeah you get it does like everything fine but nothing spectacular I’ll probably put them like behind the Japanese maybe even behind Burmese

Yeah right there seems fine yeah if you have some gold they’re pretty good actually no even behind asex probably yeah I mean the good part about m is early imp but if you don’t have early imp play pressure it’s not that good actually hold on I’m dropping them

A little bit here yeah dropping them right here their light C is abysmal it’s really bad they have good elephants because they’re cheap that’s fine their skirm F upgrade R upgrade Siege engineer monks all good options for Malay cits are also not bad in certain matchups

That wins them the meso matchups so for all those reasons Ethiopians are like oh sorry Malay are like solid but the late game it lacks a little bit of like a power unit and they just don’t really have that 200 Swordsmen are good though late game 200 swordsman costing no gold

Is good um so maybe that can bump them a little bit higher than maybe Ethiopians but Ethiopians have a higher power Spike I think higher ceiling um so I would put Malaya there and I’m pretty happy with it t swordsman are not that good once they lost supplies the late game T

Swordsman they’re good but they’re not like that that hiss usually deal with them and can raid around them so no problem next we have malion contingent on gold malion are really good late game because they have like heavy camel with fimba Cavalier with FBA light cab with

Fimba so really strong stable no Hower though but the Pikes actually Pier sum is not bad uh you are missing the last two attack on the Pikes though so they’re not bad but not great Champions also not a bad option champ scws we call them not a great option but not bad

Versus Archer GTO are also pretty good you have cannons which are solid so balance of a good late game I would say but um probably contingent on them having gold uh I think I’d put them somewhere in the in the B tier Um I can see them being right around there yeah more options than these two SES but just weaker overall than those SES that makes sense for me right there uh next we have Mayans I’m going to put Mayans in a pretty high category but again it is going to be contingent on

Them having gold but once they have gold their late games actually really solid it only has one weakness which is C jit in my opinion maybe heavy scorpions in C in certain cases as well but usually so is their only weakness otherwise they do really well um I’ll put them ahead of

Burmes right here so basically like Mayans they have their only good option when the gold runs out they have full upgrade Hal and they have the skirms which shoot two two javelins that’s like the only special thing they have but if they have gold 100 HP Eagles are nuts

Like ridiculously broken and plumed archers or ar bless being cheaper are also really strong options so if you have gold the Aras eego combo with hals is so insane if you don’t have gold they’re pretty mediocre I would say so I put them around there yeah maybe a

Little higher up a little lower up to you but for me it seems pretty solid to put them right around there uh next you have Mongols hey that’s another s here above magers Mongol epic late game so freaking strong harar with extra HP Mega one of the most

Broken units in the game all kinds of the best siege that moves faster Siege engineer everything is insane you’re missing cannons but it literally doesn’t matter cuz Mega that can snipe cannons left and right bro the civilization just has no weakness it’s so op in the late

Game in my opinion the only problem with Muggles is that you don’t get to hyper leate game like most smart players will kill you either in Castle age like before you get to like hyper amounts of Mega die or in early imp when you don’t you’re not ready to fight yet so like

The problem with Mongol is that they’re a little slow but if you’re able to get the late game comp Mongol amazing like literally incredible uh next up we got Persians H pretty decent late game actually trash bows are okay it’s really expensive unit though cost a lot of wood and the upgrad

Is expensive too so not amazing Paladin solid missing only bracer you have the last armor even on scrms so scrms are okay you have hand Cannon bomber Cannon but missing Siege engineers um where does that leave the Persians somewhere in the seat here surely yeah full upgrade I put probably

Put them top of C here like nothing wrong with them trash bows are interesting but nothing great for the for the Persians uh next we have poles that’s going to be actually an S I’m just debating where I put them it it might actually be the best

Late game in the game by the way uh I think Wing harar are straight up overpowered I might even put them ahead of Mongols okay this is is like close Mongol and poles it’s very close I think if you have full full workor setup with poles like undisturbed full workk setup

Plus Wing Hisar spam plus AR bless plus bomber Canon with each engineer if you get to that comp which is not that unrealistic it just that it’s hard to play because setting up full works is like literally AIDS if you get to that setup and you can hold it po Day game is

The best if you start getting raided all over the place it gets pretty hard so I would say it’s very even between polls and Mongols the reason why wingar are able to compete with like even versus meai is because you can spam them for so cheap with the PO Farms with crop

Rotation so you can just send like 50 hazards just jump on the magodai kill five or 10 and then continue playing from there and you have Aras that do good damage against the Mongol Cav they do good damage against yours so it’s a bit like back and forth but usually the

The splash damage of the wingar is enough to win those fights I would say but it’s like super close I’m going to put Mongol ahead just for Nostalgia stake but I’ll put po here Portuguese super good late game s I’m going to try to go a little faster uh cheaper gold

Units means you get to them really really like really fast you also get light C upgrades uh how only missing Squires sheesh my my knowledge is on point I know I know like everything about these CS respect to me it’s the best thing I’ve done in this tier list

Video um I probably made like three mistakes or or more you guys can probably butchering me in the comments about it but I think I’ve been nailing it so far anyways I have to go faster what am I doing um port let’s go bottom of a actually actually aead of

Koreans actually aead of K yeah head K makes sense cuz they have like really good AR Blas solid H really good bomber Cannon good Cav Cavalier as well not bad organ guns are crazy good yeah so I would say yeah they probably die out to these SES like nine range hand can

Probably destroys them and Sharm Riders plus like you know cheap units can destroy them as well but I’d say around here Portuguese makes sense uh um yeah it’s pretty good like AR Blas Cannon CV or organ gun Cannon CV next we got sariss another top tier um top tier C

I’m put them in a tier actually yeah bottom of a s have really good Tory but no bonuses no special bonuses on their units so for Arabia you can’t really get to Mook too often but it is an option but you can get to like really strong

Camel you can get to full upgrade harar full upgrade cier with yeah par tactics as well so pretty solid yeah not much to say like pretty pretty good text Tre just not a lot of bonuses to help you get there uh or or on your units you’re playing with like

Generic full upgrade units but a good mix of them Sicilian late game is solid yeah have the Farms that never run out is really good Um you have a good siege if it gets there sergeants are a decent option and then you also get you also get like yeah not much else actually decent Cavalier they’re a bit weird I feel like they have some good matchups but some pretty bad matchups I’ll put the top of

C yeah put them top of C not very confident in that though yeah they’re a bit of a weird C let me know where you guys play Sicilians I’ll put them here I think their Farm bonus never ending Farms can be like carrying them a little bits also the fact that they have

Hal SP upgrades kful upgrades and also they take less bonus damage I feel like that could be pretty strong too uh next we have Slavs J’s super good uh I’m going to put Slavs Probably probably right here actually really good harar plus h spam with dra is incredible as well good siege good monks oh maybe they can go even higher yeah probably right right here above Malay that makes sense for them I think it’s the economy that carries them but J is also really good

Actually is really good they might go even higher uh yeah I probably put them right here actually I think slabs are like super good I I probably prefer them over bulgarians in late game as well Jina is really strong plus having hars that are cheaper even if Bulgarian have better

Harar you should be fine and yeah get good siege you have the death inat castles castles costing some wood less stone is super good too yeah I like it uh next we got Spanish uh Spanish L game is super first they have everything full up grids Supremacy villagers bomber

Cannons kist and Paladin as your gold units Spanish is sick I’ll probably put Spanish right here right yeah right above burmes you have better Tech than them that sounds pretty good for me tar late game one of the best in the game probably put them yeah probably

Somewhere in stier bottom of eser really good C really good harar that’s the best comp in 1 V1 Arabia by the way heavy C harar is the best comp in 1 V1 Arabia so like harar is do a really good job getting there and you also have kiks

That are super good too um really good value unit so I would say for for those reasons stars are super high up there also 19 range TS is nuts really insane uh and then you also get in some cases flaming camels can be good or that could be interesting against elephant SS

Usually and yeah pretty good SI overall uh next two this is this SI is not that that good late game on Arabia actually I think this late game is pretty mediocre it’s kind of contingent on having gold if you have gold that’s really good in certain matchups like

Against Frank ston late game looks amazing uh I probably put two’s Lake game around somewhere here yeah I think thing is they’re missing like even light Cav the scouts are like okay in late game but the Scout caval is like nah it’s pretty it’s like okay at

Best uh their hals are good and if they have gold like yeah they have Siege Engineers so Hand Cannon bomber cannon with Hal is like pretty solid with monks like if they have gold they’re look pretty good but once they run at Gold they’re kind of like a fish out of water

I’ll probably put the T in slight ahead of Gans though but they’re pretty similar in what they can do next we have Turks uh for me that’s going to be top of a tier actually uh really good hars really good CA but they are a a weaker

Harar CA compared to like the tars and bers usually um but actually no not really no actually not really let me think about this one cuz you also get bomber cans extra two range and bomber tawus now they’re actually might be stronger than tarus slightly stronger than tatara so I put them in

The stier as well um again the problem with Turks is that you have trouble getting to late game uh but if you get there they’re quite insane you also have Janis series and hand cannons that could help out in certain cases next Vietnamese okay this will be 8e SI I’m

Sure of it delate game is like really good with Imperial scrims being crazy strong light C full upgrades except missing last two attack which is not the most important how missing last attack so they’re like pretty mid mid-table but I I’d probably prefer them over even bus

Maybe even over Incas cuz imrs I think carry them so hard um and also R archers are insanely good and elephants can be really strong for the Vietnamese too you also get sieg Engineers so I probably put them ahead of Incas even I think the mcrm is like the key though here and

Then next up we have Vikings probably pretty bad uh C uh probably summer in the SE here chins helps a little bit for sure Champions are and berserks are okay skirms AR blast are okay as well yeah I’ll probably put them like I guess right here makes sense yeah so that’s

Solid so hey we didn’t use the D tier at all I mean you can throw like the bottom three in DTI if you want but I don’t think like Kel is that much wor worse than like twons oh actually that match up is impossible that match up is

Unplayable never mind I don’t think Kels like that much worse than Vikings for example and like okay there’s certain matchups where Kels Siege help can be insane but most matchups Kels aren’t winning so that’s the way to go even like Mayans where like Kels are supposed

To be better against them or like good against them mines can still win because they have like egos to rate them and stuff like that that’s going to be it for the tier list for late game SES let me know if you agree or disagree let me know in the comments what you

Think if you do things differently and also let me know in the comments what other tier list you want to see also if you made it this far in the tier list video and you’re still watching for whatever reason I know you’re a true and

Dedicated Hera fan so if you’re a fan of me and looking for extra content and looking for build orders go ahead and check out my patreon link in description below it’s also a great place to support me and much appreciate any of your support there as well if you’re

Interested thanks for watching guys like comment subscribe on this video for more and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace

age of empires 2 tier list


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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