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Whatever your mukbangs never know like I don’t mind eating on stream but I wouldn’t want the whole thing to be about eating I can see the appeal of mukbang if it’s like if it’s like different foods and stuff or like interesting foods but if it’s just someone stuffing their face I don’t

Really see the appeal like that’s just like I don’t know it’s like inhumane at that point would you ever do a mukbang stream Mr ambio oh but I practice with patreons these days oh my teammates and I am most most of the time but there hasn’t been a

Tournament a while to be honest worth practicing for and no no okay okay it makes sense make sense okay well Spanish versus Romans yo honestly I gotta be honest you honestly gotta be honest guy for real I think when when Romans first came out I was saying that they’re like 80 or like

Really solid and then NBL was like no they’re like seed here or like easier and I was like I think he’s wrong on that but I think he’s right now that I’ve played against him a few times I think Romans are kind of bad like they have good options but they’re

Just so hard to get to they have a good Eco but it’s not geared towards any solid option I don’t know uh Romans feel very very awkward to play that being said I might lose to them here sounds like the Vikings but it’s different than the Vikings since Vikings

Have like easy options to get to but they just have weak options Romans have very powerful options but just hard to get to I always feel forced to play infantry I know because the Infantry is so powerful but if the guy goes archers you’ll lose every single time that’s the problem with them

I don’t know that’s a bit of a weird situation it was a tactical Scouts so maybe I surprised him after I met our arms myself I think Romans the powerful deathmastiff yeah but there’s only like three people in the world that still play Deathmatch so it’s not really worth even thinking about

If I’m being completely honest right now let’s go dark builds what’s the Dow builds I play Deathmatch well we found one of them and that’s how survivalists players match up as Romans for Spanish okay cool nice though where are you going dog that’s the Scouts of the Kong okay

For sure it involves the markets can’t remember the last time I’ve seen I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen dot win a game without making a Marcus uh it just doesn’t happen he’s the biggest Market I’ve used in the game it was really worship I think so yeah see Monday

I think it is indeed the worst of overall the market user okay fair maybe not an abuser okay he’s the biggest Market user fair enough envious Healthcare of times yesterday damn yo this is some good games there I’ve been like dude I’ve been seeing it Parts MBL going at it like every night

As well it’s looking good I have to be careful because these guys are playing so much at night and then like all of a sudden they’re gonna just be beating me left and right then I start playing them again I need to get in I have to start playing with them as well

They’re like training on like 10 times gravity like go through right now at nights just playing against each other I’m gonna be left behind uh I think we can go I don’t I don’t really want middle arms I thought about it but Nay it’s gonna if I go in my arms I’m so screwed because then I’m not gonna really be able to afford archers uh behind it if you goes my arms just came over complaints

I don’t really want to go Scouts either though so maybe I’ll have to play arch we’ll see I might just do nothing and see until I see what he’s up to is there a particular reason why people get Loom yeah actually explain your bills if you don’t and you get armors if

You don’t get it your bills are like super squishy oh this is bad I haven’t even found him yet so I have to react to what he’s doing things stable though if he’s on the other side but I’ll wait I don’t want to commit just yet okay thank you not bad

Not too shabby I’m stuck in with a minute thank you Monday Monday uh I’m not gonna lie a little bit messy but I think we stabilized here chases us away oh I’m chilling actually Big Time chilling right now for what reason I don’t know Thank you Is it fine I think it is foreign Nice trapped in that arm that was nice nice work him down oh I think we counter cover that one foreign That’s crazy I’m literally just minding my own business you want to delete all my villagers 72 to delete all my fills bro honestly what did my bills do like literally they did nothing else all my bills for 72 Subs I don’t mind I’ll actually do it I think I think I can still win this the game as well by the way it’s we’re losing bills we’re losing stock s Thank you I told you guys even if we delete all of us we actually won this game actually I’m not sure that’s true actually no it should be true right like you can’t if I have a monster he can’t just fight my Knights I can just remake my bills

Wait you got scammed so hard you give the 10 subs and I can’t do these builds the game is over the Kim Tim bro how are you so slow you you took like two minutes to get the subs what do you want me to do man next game then bro these don’t transfer

Uh I’ll try to delete you five bills over time bro I don’t know if this I don’t know what to tell you damn man thanks for the tank is subs for bro bro foreign

aoe2 1v1


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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