Professional Player (2800) vs 2 Brothers (1500/1200) | AoE2

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the video today we’re going to be doing another 1v2 as you guys know the series continues going continues strong and let’s go ahead and introduce the players here you got myself playing in the blue and I think I’m gonna go random on this

Particular game uh that’s my ELO and rank and we got Boomer uh first upon here 1500 super solid has a positive win rate as well and we’ve got the hairless bear 1200 elf 1v1 1350 on Team game though not bad and again good win rates decent amount played and uh we’re gonna

Be playing on African clearing if you guys want to play in these games as well all you have to do is join my Discord Link in the description below there’s a few attached to every game but I have flexible Set uh flexible scheduling and every game gets made into a YouTube

Video so if that’s something you’re interested in if you want to challenge me with your friends with your homies definitely go ahead and look into that if you’re interested I’m gonna go random let’s go ahead and hop right in glhf and let’s see what Boomer and hairless bear

Have for me and they’re gonna go Maggers and franks I’ve got random for this one I got Celts oh I already know what I want to do okay I’ve played couch for one of these before uh it wasn’t on African Syrian okay we got a nice spawn here I’m gonna

Go ahead and TC right away and we’ll put their colors perfect they did give me the uh the blue color here as well and let me see if I can put the APM counter here as well and basically AFK right now but there’s nothing much going on all right there we

Go I should have the APM counter show up right there uh yeah that should be nice all right cool all right fantastic clearing of course Very solid uh very solid map very popular map for team games as well from what I’ve seen and we scouting with my sheep because I

Don’t really need to eat the Sheep I can eat the oh the shore fish either way whether I have the sheep or whether I don’t oh enemy’s so close oh no oh my God that could actually be problematic enemy so freaking close okay um I’m not sure how I want to deal with

That I have a decent sip for a Siege brush though so maybe I tried to like FC with a Siege push I’m almost guaranteed they will go Scouts one of them will go Scouts for sure Magus and franks though they’re both Scott rushing sieves so like I’m not

Sure what they have in mind they could be both Scout brushing uh so we’ll see it could be both Scout rushing um and uh yeah so I just want to mention as well uh I just got the I got the guys permission to talk about this just in

Case you know I didn’t want to mention it but these guys are actually two brothers who played the game together and they decided to go for the 1v2 as a mutual birthday present which I thought was so freaking wholesome it was a guy who grew up with a bunch of Brothers as

Well love to see that close bond between them sharing av2 in common uh that’s really awesome so yeah big shout out to them for uh staying close together and for challenging me two Bros going at it I love that vibe oh oh okay oh you can’t hide from me get out of the

Corner with my lumber cam spot awesome yeah I just thought I’d share that because you know I I like kind of like the story I thought you guys might might have uh might have appreciated it as well I think a lot of you guys watching on

YouTube could uh could relate to that as well um I’m sure there’s a lot of people that play this game with their siblings oh are there brother or sister I’ve seen I’ve got a bunch of comments about it at the very least uh look at that bortra

Coming in again I showcased it on my last African clearing video and I’m doing it again this time around I’m taking that far board first uh just because I was already headed there but no particular reason other than that very nice and we’ll just go three on wood with

Kelt that should be more than enough cows obviously gather slightly faster than the woods all right cool and yeah the reason I went random is because like uh I’m not really sure what the best sieve on African clearing is I think you could say Chinese might be one of them um

Maybe something like Mayans could be solid also uniqueness like Spanish are always not too bad on Nomad starts so there was a few options but I I really didn’t want to narrow it down to one and I’m honestly pretty happy with Kelts I feel like if I can get where’s Castle

Edge it’s not too bad so I’ve got one guy close by both can start rush I’m gonna watch out I’m in a wall in my Woodland in fact and I think my plan is to just fast castle and if I have to make a Barracks experience and I’ve have to make some

Towers I will uh to defend myself so that’s kind of my a situation here kind of what I’m thinking about I’m gonna make all my houses in a wall in my Woodline very nice I would like one more board though I think it’s like a little too

A little too few at just two rhinos there’s one there I can learn it it’s far but I can alerts uh hoping for one that’s a little closer but I don’t think we’ll find let’s see that one’s super far I’ll house while that eventually we will

Need another Mill so I think we can go set that one up right now I see another Mill but it’s our first Mill another Dark Age building sheep around here I don’t really think I even want to go for those sheep though oh and I think they found me which is pretty bad

Wait but I’m not gonna take that sheep because I don’t think he saw my TC the Sheep only has two line of sides oh oh I missed oh I messed up the the guy ran back right away oh that’s bad that’s a lot of time

Um even the pros mess up what can we do one’s perfect that mess up really cost me a lot though that wasn’t truly truly ready send some more to the Woodland I think FC is the correct trap if I try to fast Furrow I think what ends up

Happening is I’m gonna stay in a few days for way too long I might make another pass at that board though I think it’s worth maybe when I get to zoom let’s try it seven Bill zero definitely send four to take the uh take the zebra afterwards maybe even now

This is better than being on a lot of shore fish all right we’ll go one more Bill 22 up that should be enough to make like a a Barracks as well I will need a Barracks I’m sure I will get guaranteed Sky Rush guaranteed let’s take one more of those guys

Okay this time we got Loom kicking in I hope this guy’s gonna troll me and run back again that would suck what are you doing nice I think I should be okay now oh let’s go up nice very nice very nice beautiful all right oh that guy’s a little close a close buddy

A little too close to my face and then we actually can just take the the gold right here so we don’t need a mining cap which is which is huge you get to save 100 gold oh sorry 100 Wood um that is pretty massive I like that sent right back here

On two houses we’ll close here okay he’s up uh or one guys up I don’t know who that is I need to make a Barrack though I wanna up with Mark uh blacksmith but I just need a Barrack for safety it’s completely on the side of the Fast Gas in here

I think that’s a Scott Rush Builder with mattress I don’t think that’s a fc build because I’m already doing a really sharp FC if they’re doing one pop faster I mean I would be impressed I would say like that that might be the best 1500 on the

Planet if you’re doing it like that you need a bit more gold okay let’s get a spear because I think they know where I am I don’t know why all three were building the markets but I’ll do one more bill here damn it I can’t okay that’s fine it’s fine not a big

Deal yeah just a little bit of out of time not a huge deal here a little spear after this I think these guys can just go to this Lake I want to wall my Woods Pope I’m gonna be in time I think I should be cool foreign oh

My Lord okay she’s doing archers um I think I could go stable and make one two nights you could also go Siege Workshop here but I think stable is actually better because the the mobility of the Knights versus Scouts will be really helpful here let’s do that

Oh man after a rocky start there with the Archer Rush kind of spooked me though I’m not gonna lie I was just chilling mind of my own business and I don’t know where the archers came they didn’t archers it wasn’t a Scott Rush um luckily I rolled a bit further

Forward but I think I could be in trouble here there’s two two Spears aren’t gonna be great let’s make a scout oh same with arches and Scouts that’s pretty cool yeah keep my Spears alive Oh they got that brother synergy but you gotta hit that he’s playing freaking well Let’s run back here maybe he forgets about me Nice they both solid uh Nice I got away with that pretty sick clearing but it’s gonna have to I think a monster oh no this guy’s here that seashell push him yeah let’s go aggressive you see a aggressive with the Celts I can scout the my Scouts that sounds redundant uh that’s some of that luckily my wood

Economy is actually very solid I’ve got nine Villas basically undisturbed which is huge nice all right yeah we’ll go for a couple magnets maybe okay so this is Frank’s guy oh I’m getting all kinds of sheep which is helpful for that DC for sure All right oh archers what do I do um I have to defend here but I want to push I think defending is better actually there’s nothing really to defense foreign Pro very solid because of the attack ground feature it’s really hard to use I’m gonna make it look easy it’s not

Easy at all but it’s very powerful I’m making a trade card oh my God I mean the Market’s there but it’s too golden trip it’s not very lucrative I could make another town center I think that would be useful up here they’re attacking me here but he’s not

Doing much I think that’s fine uh-huh add a few nights I want to go Pikes if I needed yeah well some more just in case second continue pushing a little bit foreign I’m shooting in between the uh market and the house so here I’m gonna be able to kill both of them

At the same time okay I have to address this uh that has to be addressed oh this was a really bad time though because uh if I go he might have a stable and then go for Knights until clear me up I might have to bring the siege I don’t

I don’t really know what to do here I’m panicking oh they’re playing well it’s the brotherly synergy uh let’s bring my Siege I guess I don’t want to lose all these I think I underreacted there I didn’t realize the Archer’s gonna reach me like that

Uh we lost a few of those already there is a couple of nights this one night there I wonder if he’s gonna try to snipe The Siege standby and nice that was a good attack ground good splits yeah nice splits really nice one because they’re doing well um situation here

I need the monks just those guys oh I lost all my Woodland okay that’s really bad I think that’s the worst thing that can happen to me right now I’ve got zero on wood man this guy’s maybe looking to pressure me a lot here oh cast this for him as well Um no it’s not looking too hot let’s see if I can read a little bit here if I can read a little bit the house here I feel this nice it’s fine man ruthless you’re funny all messed up foreign a big shot and it’s got a nice clear up there I actually can’t clean those guys up pretty sad you can really think about it yeah let’s go try again on those guys I want another uh Town Center here one day oh I like he’s going back he’s going back that’s amazing maybe I distract him on this side I have

To hit him because attack notification he’s setting up his army so he’s gonna be distracted oh exactly I’m looking for but he’s actually watching what this guy’s crazy in the castle the brothers I need another to see here oh not so easy now and you’re getting overloaded a little bit

Now it’s hard oh the app was everywhere crazy I said the one it should be nice pretty girls still think it’s somewhat okay this guy’s kind of pushing a lot I’m 42c as well it’s not looking bad prices are obscene though oh good micro I have to ask my girl like crazy here

X-Men I’ll post a freaking good man these guys are freaking subscribers then these guys are insane splitting in everything I thought your name was Boomer how can you have these hands that extend I gotta extend the economy while making houses it’s not easy yeah I need to get a castle myself here

Don’t want wood waiters the knights was a temporary thing guys it was not supposed to be part of the plan I actually was forced into it because of the archers ideally I was on Pikeman this whole time just to defend my Magnus and whatnot but then after fine it’s not like they’re

Bad it’s just celt Knights don’t scale and pick it up Rolex guys it’s a luxury I want to do it one day but foreign ers oh Castle there as well maybe we go in them I think that might be the right solution the Magnolia should be able to do a lot

Of work here let’s see what I can find one shot can really change the game I think I’m doing okay but it’s not I wouldn’t know if I’m winning or not he’s gonna react and I just hit attack ground not bad not great but not bad

I never gotta worry about him a little bit I need to make a few words I want to go inputs I have to make a few words to defend Shirley that’s fine well that’s The block oh close I still get the block a little bit but it’s worthless Cheeky oh man that’s cheeky all right um I gotta go away you got Outpost everywhere I got that push yeah we got a roadway to clear this off I do have my own push happening here though pretty solid around oh man freaking intense game I’m getting rated everywhere that’s really annoying it’s my uh no don’t hit my Farms oh my God it’s falling apart a little bit

Yeah can I just get this cast from that’s right I don’t think so all right we gotta we gotta go up here What is my biggest problem all right Foreign no who whoever’s getting outposts everywhere well freaking played that’s so freaking good like actually amazing I think it’s the orange player he’s doing so well with those swing them in okay I can go for that clean up that plus your armor now the knife has done a great job rating me

As well all right we should be able to clear this oh my elbows got stuck on a Outpost though not amazing All right you got them I got them all that’s it okay let’s just pretend we’re all here it’s just so he these the rest of us alone Pro moves pretend like you’re dead I’m gonna send the Knights of the red blindly I just need to get some information

Uh this Castle back here should be good I I got a m but the economy looks more fragile than ever lost my market as well I would like a crab it’s nice I want to send them in but I don’t even know where yeah we got away with that nice

A little white flag didn’t really do much yeah okay I need to kill a micro player first yeah it’s gonna be a problem I could kill it with seed sure but I think it would be nice let’s wait for the quote I think it’s worth it

Have to wait for this world these things are destroying man they got armor are you gonna attack now Much better run that trap damn that sucks dude I’m just chasing that guy away Not bad gotta hit this I gotta hit this oh I hit it big I hit it big oh let’s go I need a university I think I got one now University for ballistics would be amazing but I’m not yet I need to get wood okay let’s bear Frank player I’m

Not worried about Franklin I think kelt have a good matching with strength it’s fine that is okay nice do you like that oh those bills are dying how’s the feel man look at the outposts I get this guy’s Vision away from me man they know about everything

And that was my turn to attack I want to get into the Imperial players base though be nice oh what how did he manage I thought I killed all this yeah oh well done all right let’s go for the next Castle Oh see it’s still causing issues here that’s nice

Maybe I can Loki get a castle right here I think it’s fine just to control the golds they might have a TC there though arson that’s attack upgrade oh yeah I had something everything’s being rated there you’re in the DC so you can’t read me it’s effectively

Let’s put on my economy a little bit it’s in the woods in here oh the castle might get denied that’s my traps that’s pretty good ah castle got denied but I am reading a lot I think that’s worth it from Stone here I’m interested in

I’m gonna have to get that up then we’ll see a keep coming in at the wrong time oh I gotta win fast oh I gotta win pass that’s not good that’s not good at all how is it possible though I feel like I’m doing a lot of damage to them

Okay I spit the pressure continue attacking I think the magger player like I said scares me more the Franklin I mean the Paladin Hindi to helps later anyways you can deal with those guys CA though with the extra range even The Siege is really not not that good enough for Stuff

But right now he’s pretty spread out it’s pretty weak oh actually not that we got a decent amounts yeah scattered okay oh I need stronghold oh that’s a sick upgrade my infantry heals him in my castles it’s actually Blast for my words yeah that sounds really good do cats get herbal medicine

Yeah we do it’s not Tech kind of redundant then isn’t herbal medicine just better I wonder I guess that’s not the exact same effect but What’s enough maybe I textedram or no I think it’s enough I think I just have to spam casters everywhere now castle where though nothing here nothing here you guys can just go to wood or maybe up here actually okay so that’s fine the gold I’m controlling most of

The map Lighting in a choke points smart that castle I really want to get that castle up I think I can as well here I think this should be able to it’s important as well I just Pace these guys GG is called let’s freaking go

I’ll drop a well played I think they did a really good job gigibo played fantastic game here like actually the amazing game these African clearing games are just always delivering this Castle was never really made I don’t know where my bills went they went all the way around

Fun game but that castle had been devastating there’s no gold but I would hit the wood Crazy game lifted we managed to do it two of you won an African clearing was two intermediate players super solid game from them I hope they had a good time I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys watched this video back and see the game from my perspective that would

Be super cool uh but yeah great stuff here with the Celts I love the world Raiders I think like 14 plus four 85 HP they got buffed a little bit 85 is super solid um that’s a great unit and it’s hard to deal with and it was hard for them to

Deal with I think MVP The Outpost game yeah The Outpost super MVP so well done there and let’s take a look at the statue real quick before ending the video well I had a bigger economy I think that’s what kind of carried me they kept up pretty well in Villas

Actually but I think my economy just came in too fast yeah if they had slightly faster Castle times it would have been like probably GG I would probably lose that’s kind of what they were missing there behind the feudal age pressure well listen guys thank you so much for

Watching hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to like comment subscribe if you did enjoy and again if you want to play in these games Linked In My Discord is in the description just join my Discord and then you’ll see me online you can message me and you can set up

The game that way there’s a fee to it but you can pay the fee and we can get started right away super flexible and I’m glad you guys are continuing to enjoy this many people are saying this your favorite series on YouTube for Age of Empires which means the world to me

And it’s absolutely incredible and let’s keep it going thanks for watching catch you guys next time peace stay safe and have a good rest of your day peace

hera aoe2


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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