Playing with JAPANESE – Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend

Age of Empires IV Gameplay Ranked Matches with different civilizations. I am a Age of Empires Noob training so one day I can …

Okay cool every time all this time I thought Japanese don’t have keeps but they do they Do I was so wrong I thought that this was the replacement for the keeps but it’s it’s not actually is this automatic where the thing just goes okay let’s let’s try some some Matches let’s try some uh there is no ranked yet right yeah it’s not ranked yet just go one onone uh so sad Empire Wars is available here and not Nomad Nomad is pretty fun we may do some Nomad later let’s try let’s try quick match I guess everyone will use Japanese

Or bizantine or basically all the new civilizations right I I wouldn’t be surprised I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see everyone use the same civilization at least for the beginning of this new new version of AOE my new portrait nice actually I didn’t know it this turn into silver pretty cool I’m

Not a super fan of collecting this type of things But it’s a nice touch Cliff side interesting let’s go red let’s go right here huh 100 I’m sure he has played more than this I’m sure he’s Japanese I’m sure of it Anna AIT well let’s see let’s see I have um trying some build orders from bortex let’s see let’s see how it Goes where is the ship in this map I guess we got the answer already I don’t know what to expect against the aits I guess we might as well create the house there so we want to have some nice early Wheelbarrow only one sheep only one sheep that’s a bity now in Japanese the house also serve as wheel barel so we will get that one early and we will put four on gold because we’re losing quite a bit of gold in the early game do four and then we will just switch to

Food and wood no sheep no sheep the good thing is it’s also a meal so that nice ring The Thumb Bell it’s pretty cool very cool very cool uh I think it might be a good idea to check where’s our opponent his resources okay early early stun I wonder for what

Can harass there definitely now Japanese also get stor upgrades so one two three four um creat a farm PR nice GE gold GE deer in the Back also take one of one of this might as well might as well put the house There now we’re no near aging up So that’s soon as we can we will get this nice steel Arrow to be pretty good pretty good going to get archers soon as we can as is this the last chip I think it’s The Last Ship we may need to go berries oh I have some ship here just in time

Sh how do you wall this map a nice early Archer Wrench enough uh really the point here Point going to build this one and also going to build a barx nice in the front go here and as soon as we can we’ll put this oh we can go for some Arch and put everything on wood and also we

Will get double bradu and should get this upgrade as soon as we Can you get a samurai too can get a one house Here get one house and also uh okay to go here forgot to to make the upgrade for oh that’s a that’s a p that’s a p we lost our we lost our Scout let’s try not to lose those uh viable resources let for sieg engineering let’s try to harass with what we have

Let’s go here and of course uh they’re walking too much so just put that the problem let me is this gu will go I hope they they get on Time yeah we forc him to create for man then let’s not try to lose Army here oh we have a a place to come Here another house just in case Al let’s try to harass a little bit here he’s going with horeman so let see if we can find any Villagers let’s let’s go here let’s go for the we should wall this I think just in case uh there you go I don’t know if it’s the best wall but work I can try to put a couple of farms here you just go with this Then let’s try not to forget to create villagers Japan is pretty good with infantry we able to get a nice forget to sign your villagers here and we should be able to get another one always nice always nice to being able to destroy the production buildings I guess let’s go for the Very this oh my god oh did I lose mying R that’s not good not good at All For I don’t know where his villagers that’s the problem it’s okay if we can manage to at this point I think we should be able to get uh get some Stone here Mo some guys here have some boost the economy for oh my God that WF I’m not doing a very

Good job on killing his Economy What is this guy doing here I guess I can just be a our all let’s upgrade this I can I think I can put a little bit more on Gold It’s always harder too to attack did my Scope I don’t have much production I think may be a good idea to add a another barck soon he may be in this gold yep here you are I I should be able to get another another y h will go down for Sure Spee fore fore Speee speee speech Fore think we can Retreat we don’t have much military left should be able to get a second time Center too maybe this may be a good spot here next to the gold Let’s keep putting some pressure I think I mean it’s a little bit hard to to dive in with the oh we have a upgrade Also I should be able to get get more Upgrades I mean these archers are not really good so I will just transition to Samurai and I will have much more on gold because I will need those upgrades I have quite a bit yeah 13 un should be be enough oh come on P oh this guy is Steven Seo let let’s go for that I think we can attack here soon enough we need uh we need this for sure Always nice to this first Farms let’s just go back we don’t need to things so it might be a good idea to put a Siege Workshop here why do I have only one of oh I I know sorry I Had I have way More and yeah we may need a production upgrade got more more infantry don’t need much uh okay I know you’re there so I can I can just go back here I I forgot I don’t have the banner Man oh you can see you can you can hear the bell I think we can we can fight this one For I mean we’re fighting against the Town Center which is never a good never a good thing but after we deal with this have a stable Knights will be nice also this guy uh should put Here four five six 7 8 n regroup I think we need a MAG now be able to get one very Soon I think what I can what I can do is go harass uh get a samurai like this I mean The Archers are quite bad honestly so bad I think just put it down Center in your base I feel I’m going to need much more elers to do That oh that’s Not uh I’m not sure what let’s just keep mining this get a now Fore guesse fore spee Okay as long as heing his space for fly need to need to close this somehow I don’t know how to close my Face E foreign speech Foreign spee for what’s This Go no no no no No Yes This Fls Spee he had a lot of production the problem is he lost his second Town Center here Y how are you doing good good having fun with with the Japanese had a yeah economy wise we had way more gold way more food and also now he lost a lot of villager here

He had the Villager count at the beginning and then this is when I went the second down Center and this thing started to work well prettyy fun uh but they’re they’re quite weak this archers this is not even better than archers and not even upgraded six plus two this should

Have is think yeah should have six plus two hey uh yeah yeah first actually this is my first multiplayer as the Japanese there is no rant ladder yet because it’s close because of the um yeah I still forgetting this things it’s still close uh I don’t know when they will

Open but you can do a quick match this was a quick match and looks like it remembers your oh my God what’s this it it remembers your ELO so you kind of get match against players who kind of have the same skill level even if it quick quick match is quite nice quite

Nice quite Nice let’s see there is a there is a Nomad freefor all Nomat I guess everyone will choose Japanese the new the new Chinese also look very very cool very Cool this one looks fun oh yeah it’s very easy to get rusty in this game even if you don’t play like a week it’s quite A so you forget a lot of things this game is quite hard actually I think even for pros like they still playing for one week and they feel they don’t know how to play and of course they they play great right but I don’t know it’s but it’s like you

Know riding bicycle I don’t think you can are you ready to Battle oh I almost got k i I didn’t notice about the team I think it’s a great time to to try multiplayer with all the new civilizations no one really knows how to play them correctly I mean I say correctly but you know there is no one way to play a

Civilization you can play like whatever you want that’s the fun thing about this there’s so many choices so many choices yeah of course everyone we only got one guy who either don’t like the new civilizations or didn’t get the DLC yeah Tre Japanese two Tres Legacy

One bu thing one order of the Dragon order of the Dragon looks I mean I tried I didn’t like it that much I mean it was very simple it was very beginner friendly but it was a nice concept like very strong units yeah AIT looks uh if you like Abit

I think you will like aitz I haven’t D too too deep into yeah yis like I know they have many options but I really don’t feel they’re much difference they play differently differently they have uh some healer camels that look very interesting oh this is good this is have a very

Good see where we can put hopefully we have a good wood line deer here water actually japane very good with water uh oh no it’s put in the de I mean not the best spot but you know we we got to decide fast you don’t want to be wander in like

One minute with your villagers think is we have a neighbor here be something might get us in trouble what happened to the purple AAS are pretty cool I think I’ve been playing this game for since season 4 and I haven’t tried the AIT yet maybe because a friend of mine uses

Them I don’t want to use the same civilization maybe that but are quite uh quite interesting now we need to get a scout as soon as possible no okay no okay this one for sure you don’t you cannot dra from here come on I need to

Oh these guys need to attack on at the same time otherwise I get this Pro problem here anyway let’s just finish the town center and let’s go directly into Deer okay I mean we have a neighbor here we can even try try to be aggressive with with Japanese just for the

Lules uh we will need a house uh let’s see where we can put it now let let’s see the neighbor first because uh kind of worried about about him I want to see what kind of resources he has has now he’s already going gold here So I mean we can try to and go early Samurai that’s a thing we will need uh way more food let let’s try let’s Try yeah I think uh the gas are very creepy very creepy every time I see them I get scared even against Knights they’re quite strong they’re quite quite quite strong now we know his St Center is there we know we can harass the gold so we may need to sacrifice a little bit

Of foood just to just to support this strategy there you go Dark Age aggression with uh with Japanese that’s our champion there I hope we don’t lose him because uh otherwise going to be the Disaster never seen a game with so much like turning n there you go Aggression Successful let’s put a is there berries around here we don’t have berries So like here I click I don’t know if it’s the deer or I think I will I want to go Water quite a quite a bit of cheap I hope I don’t lose them what’s this a big Forest here what am I am I playing yeah uh this is enough boot actually we can go water later a lot of trees around us it’s a good thing H let’s go

Here no it’s always a good idea to put a my level one oh like the B horseman in this game are like nightmare we will have to fight for this gold maybe I quite successful I’m sure he’s here I don’t know why keep hitting that I’m sure he’s here got a couple

Of now the Japanese have require less wood for this I’m sure he built something here he must I mean otherwise he cannot get gold right oh he built a a Spearman kind of Spearman he actually be the barx that guy is cooking S and he will block the first attack I don’t think I can win this fight there are three I will just run run to my town center and at this point maybe a good idea to start rallying to nice blacksmith double gold here I hope he don’t he don’t know about

My I don’t know about this map I is full of wood like I want to put my my landmark maybe here we we have like 300 wood maybe it’s uh I no we don’t you don’t want to lose this guy oh no okay yeah it’s a big Forest here so

Might as well put the landmark there uh at this point we make this one yeah now so far we can’t die he’s going for the Imperial eum so we’ll be expecting to see And now I think we’re in a good position where we can Just oh that’s a lot of sheep I hope I don’t die I hope there’s no one here I don’t even know what kind of map this is Oh that’s a lot of hey he hey hey hey yeah um it’s a Pity actually pass no we cannot I just want to I just want to take this four yeah let’s put the let just two two many Min gold all the problem is we won’t be able to get much from this so I might as well stop the production of this ships at the Town Center is just going to it’s just going to be so Annoying let’s have some units just in Case yeah the the trees here are not really helping so at this point might go for another barx not the best layout want Put Some Farms here eventually because this thing is going To how much 800 I don’t I don’t think it’s worth the oh this thing will Actually I will just put things in that’s too many on wood actually what is he doing yeah these are hard than it so let’s just keep for here just to get some nice upgrades we could potentially aage I don’t know I don’t know if I want to a up one those Here go to St let’s go this to here because uh it’s a p but oh don’t go there just just go here to the sh line it’s not the best but that’s what we got at this point I think we can even go for Archer winch Yep I think we can win this we lost the Scout but Town Center also helping us let’s upgrade the the Town Center a little bit of Damage I think we can continue expansion yeah at this point we have too many um let’s just deal with those going For Yeah definitely have much more units than the game now we don’t want to get too close to this guy I can also put my Town Center here like the second Town Center it’s a bsy move but definitely possible definitely possible and then we can just get the goal from

Here this is going to mess up my Yeah luckily for us we have PS oh my God expansion is wild we lost this One H okay at least we can take his resources that’s good that’s good let’s see what what he has here and also we can star or expansion the fishing ships here uh we may need a scout Here actually I should put my second down Center here just to boost the economy of this ones I guess this this is fine I feel we should have another second Town Center Soon I’m the only one on H2 no there another guy uh we will need need to delete this One Spy let’s put it here it’s a good Spot let just go with the Scout this is a big gold paint yeah let’s see who’s next what’s this is this a Big Forest this is kind of wild like everyone’s very protected I don’t like the Sheep here I’m just going to put them here just so that we can put up farms eventually oh

Get those upgrades can actually a if we want It should be able to put some stone walls too nice and Safe have you seen this wall from the Ching that’s man what is this a maze or something what is this four 5 6 7 8 9 10 where I can’t show you that just in Case have too many on gold you can even a up to Imperial problem is which One is there any trade p here let’s just click click where the murder murder happen and unless That’s see can we upgrade this one let’s just let’s make some space okay we can we can go there actually we not fully protected Here I have a feeling this going to be a long game for okay okay it’s also doing the same is here yellow is already Imperial actually uh oh yeah we have these things come put them in the Town Center actually can we upgrade yes Please oh this guy true stay here now we need much more production Archer range barx one Stable is this full I think now it’s full oh we have a lot of gold here so if we want it we can boost or economy we can boom like I have no idea everyone’s doing the same everyone is Walling with stone walls might as well much fishing left not much not

Much but I guess if still worth it because you can go to for the Shor line fish we have a lot of food eventually we will get rid of those oh what happened here Yeah we need a Monastery Eon is pretty good that there are no relics around Here yeah I mean eventually he will arrive what people left one two only two yeah Japanese look quite cool actually Char also very very cool I I tried there is a really got around here maybe who knows you never know let can we upgrade this guy eventually we

Will problem is oh there is a trade po here okay let’s do this let’s do this I think this can serve a as a defensive point I think we need to get rid of those as soon as oh my God what’s blue plane sry Japanese we’re getting there boys get

There like U I don’t even know if we won the ship actually let’s just delete those No okay I think it’s will be the classic like let me go to Imperial and we will fight so I guess we will need some Siege Workshop here so let’s let’s expand a little bit let’s just grab this guys actually let’s just grab this guys we’ll put a a nice wall

Here and we’ll start putting some some Siege workshops and also some you know more production here now you don’t want your army to take forever oh so we will go with Him I haven’t find more relics not sure why how many cigarettes oh there you go this guy how much 600 gold Fore Foree I think we can also a sacred Victory here oh we only have two okay so what do we go for think we have insane e also upgrade this this this let’s just use it For actually it’s a it’s a good uh good idea to trade it’s only handful of gold here may be a good idea to try it so where do we put those we can put them in in The Siege Workshop this one we will put um let’s see Where this guy I get this one I now this one think we need another one of this Al so let’s uh put more walls just to be annoying Problem is where is the other secret Site oh my God this map I regret let’s just go fight I don’t want it to be this uh for a long fight either I mean that’s our army oh maybe we can TR slowly but Steady oh we need a university already have it uh let’s put it uh let’s put it in on this one let’s get those nice upgrades we have a lot of food too much actually too much on fruit sadly those on time to time to attack I guess like I don’t

Know if there is an opening here I hope not I think it’s not it’s pretty very safe let’s go for the yellow one I think we’ll also need some Villers just to have some Vision here do we go yellow or do we go pink Just upgrade the town centers I think our food economies too Good I forgot about the University let have some food have a lot of food can even go for a w Here what oh mercenary mus oh they can use the the traits for they can use the trace too hard go we’re getting close uh yeah let’s go for more gold let’s just go Here you want to see how this me too I mean uh I don’t know it’s uh one of those matches that you think you’re fine until you’re not let’s think about the wonder where we could put it potentially here in the middle or here here’s a good place I

Think let’s just put this Castle Here adding more and more I mean he must be there right oh my God come on I think I’m going To oh this is the order of the Dragon okay I’m going to try this push and if and if this doesn’t work I’m just gonna I don’t think I can win this fight I didn’t know this was the order of the Dr I tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to put walls I’m going to put so many walls here Wait I’m not ready Yet let’s go let’s go boys oh we can go one there do what do we need 8,000 resources each easy very easy just going to build a maze Here let’s go back every want to retreat oh we’re going to need a lot of magels and a lot of sprinkles and food I don’t need much food so just going to go here and upgrade this eventually we will get there there’s enough gold here here also have quite a big one Here now let’s see how this goes I don’t know how to how to beat the yellow one uh let’s go here and start building these walls just so that that they they take longer to to come maybe they will try to go from here so Huh I mean if he goes Wonder first I’m foree Fore speech foreign speech speech Foreign What can I go for guess just come caners and mag Els let’s go for another keep here Oh this also needs Stone I didn’t know that let’s just be another one and that’s it I hope they don’t Come oh my god really they’re fighting I just want to go for a long I don’t think I wanton these Traders okay I guess now I can yeah now I can do It No Fore what The foree spee oh dude let’s let’s have some foot okay let’s do this for oh I don’t have it’s 8,000 for each oh my God I should be able to get the stun soon for the one is gone yeah foreign foreign Speech think I need much more collection than This the Wonder it’s so Cute fore Foree you This I think they’re coming from it they’re coming from it oh he would find another way I have a feeling that this is not Enough let’s go for a Wonder Victory well how how long this this will take we need cannons cannons everywhere for foreign spee spee Speee uh I’m out of resources I have some Gold Ofe this a bad I don’t think so who created this map ah I don’t cannot I cannot uh put a wall There Defend the red player CH here I think I have enough Wood what is this CH 11 minutes I mean I guess we could try To Foreign speech fore foree spe speech fore Foree Foreign foreign foreign fore Speech You can Movish Oh my goe fore fore Speee foree Spee fore Speee fore spee Spee For Spe Oh my God but these are not even upgraded unit Might be Like the B dead oh my god Do Have you don’t even have this we need upgrades um the problem is I sold all my villagers I can just put this guys here really oh my God look it’s like a with no legs right I made it guys I bring the gold I bring the gold okay now we’re going to go For just Mass archers that’s my thing just let’s just go Mass archers and hopefully they will Feit in this wall how many military oh we still have a lot of people here in Wood let’s delete those it’s a lot of units have economic dude Japanese food economy is Insane let’s just go Here oh my God D no incend Aros I’m Dead for Speech fore Speech this this kind Of no M man I think I’m dead I think I’m dead oh only one minute foreign Foree oh The let’s let’s surrender to see this statistics No uh yeah I uh I thought about it I mean I’ve been doing a little things little by little just started twitch not so long ago oh man I should have gone for a Counterattack as soon as as soon as they like this still going so Anyway not really not sure it’s Japan is very strong I feel like their units are Very oh kind of weak I don’t know maybe it’s just me yeah maybe it’s just me it’s not run yet right No oh I’m definitely interested is iing of the branding all right catch you next time all right be I’ll be right back guys hopefully this is fast Enough For Oh right on time W LS let’s Go still hesitant to to try the IU bits maybe I like it also the tr’s Legacy something looks quite good looks looks quite good da okay let’s see uh if he goes very Agro he you know I might as well go for a house here I think I got to go for for

Some for water this time it’s a lot of water holes here now water give you Better and you know it’s very nice as Japanese you have the House serve as a meal so they can just drop the food here I will also create the the blacksmith oh one of ones are quite different from from Team games the good thing we can just create house around

Here that’s very good for us Actually by the way how’s the volume in the game it’s a little bit hard to to balance between like the volume of my voice and the volume of the game especially when there is like huge fights there’s a lot of noise from the Army hopefully you can can hear the hand

Caners from the Japanese which are very funny now what’s interesting they don’t really talk like that it’s just anime thing I guess I guess it’s just an anime anime thing cuz when I when I went to Japan people talk pretty normal I guess let’s go for for this trees let’s check the

Opponent I should grab four of those and where we can put it just here right here yeah okay down Center should be there now let’s try to do this push with the with the archers and the samurai quite good actually let’s try to find some spots we can harass okay we one

One oh like I said the good thing about the Japanese is will I destroy this I hope I hope I I don’t yeah I don’t the good thing is the house is serve as a as a meal too so it’s perfect for for this kind of cases

Where you’re just getting food from from the shorelines and where we have double gold Here uh we going try to harass here first Have some wood here but that’s of we Finish I will I need a so I need a black barx the good thing is can put a house here oh we have too much gold my Bad we also need this Go nice and Safe oh this gu eventually will we run out so we can put a house here let’s try to harass as much as we can with what we have we don’t want to get in range of the TC not yet I’m got to go for for the Berries also I need another bar Here we made it we didn’t made it our push was unsuccessful fore speee foree Why keep losing against these fights there’s so many I shouldn’t Be I think it’s we need a need St now for oh I know why I’m listen like he don’t Have he’s pushing quite strong here okay okay Secret SES capture it’s not good for us Forign speee spee The every time I have one type of unit he just gets the conter for let’s just get sumarized I like that The problem is For may go Castle soon check the stuff okay we take those we take Those oh forgot to create villagers capturing the SEC size I mean he’s not going to a secret site so must be here must be here um Yeah he’s oh actually he’s co Castle if W of the blacksmith quite successful at this point going for where’s my banner Man we can go Castle ourself too or maybe just decide to push with more units Let’s see we just need to check his resources probably he’s getting St he Not let check his gold in the back the problem with this Army is quite Slow so far have been the aggressive Here for I don’t know he’s what he’s cooking but he must be on something where his Villagers okay her he us us poee foreign fore upates Here let’s keep putting the pressure fore spee fore Speee oh thee for foree Fore Fore fore fore Speee Fore oops nice pressure for the Japanese actually I don’t know I’m not exctly sure where’s this units But fore speee speech Speech foreign Foree this these Sam are actually pretty Strong I don’t think this Happen okay nice oh I like the Japanese a lot they’re pretty pretty fun to play with they’re quite easy I don’t think think they’re I don’t think they’re weak by any means they’re quite a strong safe pretty cool uh biler we we forgot to produce villagers a little bit military

Count yeah there was a time where he was just killing everything but switching to Spears was a good call was a very good call The Archers are quite weak actually uh what else we had a lot of wood we should have either went for a second time Center or s for

Just you know finish our farm transition which which is quite nice this landmar is quite nice oh we didn’t get the double products that’s a mistake too so I didn’t get this one actually we were focusing a lot on the fight too actually the new wall system is quite

Nice or pretty safe in our base I like it I think it’s a very simple civilization to be honest I mean if you’re a beginner you may want to start with the this like I’m not a pro either so like I try to get this kind of

Aggression with the English and with the Ottomans I can’t just get it and the summar are quite nice this block attack they have it’s like op feel op like I feel they last more than what they should they have a lot of armor 6 M and these are the onam Musha quite cool

Quite cool uh economy yeah I mean that’s the good thing like you have three Farms should be around 12 Farms that you can get besides those may be busted by your town center Is oh there’s also a new campaign the Sultan’s Ascent like you’re going to use the either the aits that what the name of this yeah actually these are quite hard especially if you playing hard mode shall we try a new see oh my God this Nomad order of the TR is looks

So uh I don’t know let’s just try one more one V one and can just to get used to the Japanese I should be having new videos coming out I was casting some games with also Japanese and byzantines it’s quite interesting especially because the pros haven’t got

The the secet secret formula the formula to success that usually they have for when you know after a while like they already know pretty much how to play it I’m just following a build order order that bortic did few days ago it’s like very feudal Focus a lot of aggression at the

Beginning where when is the rank rank open I don’t know where when is the new season Oh when when is the new season uh for the rank matches maybe next week everyone everyone’s do quick much now for or no what’s this NAD For Okay uh Waring I don’t the hell is this oh no this is not what I sign up for let go purple I mean Japanese should be very good with Water 90% against a Japanese player oh oh okay okay now I don’t know where my opponent will be is this like you need a transform chip for this I don’t get it but for sure is water So And I guess this one’s will go here oh man I didn’t sign up for this anyway uh water Maps can be can be interesting can they eat more I think I think they he could he can can need the bo for Sure where’s the deep water there’s no deep water fish here oh here you go just the house here now most likely my opponent will be liking another Island I guess oh my God I think this is it well we have three gold bins and two stones so pretty good

Actually now it may not worth it to go to the other landmark where where you where you produce Farms automatically it may not worth it I guess it’s use a battle of chips well let’s see how how are Japanese Chips you should have the advantage here actually actually nice ships on the back can actually oh the other thing I forgot that for got the little wheel barrow just finish this and go here it’s nice to have Farms free Farms the reason is I think they do a

Better better job than this one but I don’t know let’s just go with the the Shinobi this time I guess and get a transport ship can get a should be aging up soon scrb those guys and put here there we got uh two ships even go for a third one as soon as

We can I think ad on gold should be more than enough this sustain the fishing production could be more than enough but we will see going to a up fast actually if we get like better ships than him maybe uh maybe a good thing and it’s good that our ships are in the

Back as soon as we can we send ships there Should be able get to get to AAP soon Up with n just so that we can have so we can get a junk we need uh at least 300 wood 600 wood here need so let’s upgrade this and we don’t need gold for this so instead are you going to for the moment stop the gold production can I just keep one

And I can create the war War double broad x with Barrow there you go our Chris Young let’s go with a we need a war Young we need it soon we have a lot of wood so just need to put more more on wood should be good to go what’s the fishing boat there oh my God no not like this well no more fishing boats for now now we just need to check where is

Let’s get this and we should get another we don’t know where he is but so okay it’s here what’s This fore Foree speech speech for speech fore Speee s the Kite it’s going down it’s going down it’s going Down okay so it was it was There call is where it came from is it here here it is it’s a big one a big one oh my God now it’s two of those for For okay let’s go with This I need I need my Ships Yes we just need to deal with this Thing oh this Dud oh my God you know we got got in action here uh archers are not really strong here let’s go for Samurai Now let’s see if he has more Fore Speee as long as we Have okay let’s go uh I think that threed is gone now we just need to check if there is more you also create a transport ship we put it Here I guess as long as I have the water I shouldn’t be worried where did he got this oh my God no if he has shipping ships here which he Does oh no I’m big Boys I think he’s been killing my villagers a lot We rich there no there I can I I can of miss my hand for so funny just okay it’s this is here the here are the this guys Here should be able oh My oh that spur a Lot What’s this guy oh my God I think the best thing I can do Is Hope this Works let put a transport Ship I hope it this this one’s dead because I’m run out of fore Okaye Now we have a lot Ofe I think we need a lot More a need a market Spe foree speee we need a huge sheep here No let’s hope they don’t get me That’s it what I’m talking about oh we love a lot of villagers for sure o didn’t see me let’s just go here now I don’t know if this is going to work just because really oh my God We should get this upgrade at least this one oh my God so there is Another It was a transport Ship I think we can cause some damage here but to be honest I’m not this doesn’t look very Promising The good thing is we have the demo Ships Sneaky boy just going to give some time Here this it Um let’s check our economy which is pretty Bad okay a little bit too Much For those explosive junks are saving Us Oh let’s make sure there is no hole There what kind of ship is This For we need to recover economically of Course for Spee spe Really that’s I Was they won’t be able to reach Here I don’t know the longer this game goes I think it’s pretty bad for me I’m not even in Peri I guess first having the water control and then it’s About check there no other Casal Here I don’t even think I can do some damage here ah this this game is very Sil it’s Go going to eat something and then come Back For For For E For For Okay Let’s see maybe we can we can try a a nomad to try to play with the to his legacy like I don’t look how many Maps there is in my preference okay uh reset no Golden Heights no water Basically no water so we can practice well I mean eventually I will want to practice water but this is Okay but black forest I hate It this is for sure uh I want I I think it’s very fun for Te games for one on one like turns into a game where you can just nice a ship battle which is fine I guess Okay go uh orange should let’s go red I like that red One B tr’s Legacy uh I don’t know what to expect from this I don’t know the the civilization I only know they can make Farms quite fast they’re cheap not as cheap as the English but like 48 I think 48 wood Eventually we will come back for This and then we will go for we can go for for berries and the next One I don’t know if you should go for keeping ships up I mean it’s like 1,000 resources it’s not it’s not a little little it’s a lot actually this map is quite easy to W there are like four leges four leges Here and hey basically you can just wall the parts that are not with water and you’re fully wall at least you get half the map so that’s good to know BR is a the distance is quite long to I forgot to get this this upgrad always try to get the little wood

Barrel at the beginning because with the japaneses it’s quite quite good it’s quite cheap so you want to you want to use it did he took my ship or did it just walk just walk I give like a percentage of your gold goes into stone which is nice it’s Nice We found we found him now CH his CH his legacy it’s not as passive as as the chin the regular chin is uh has more military upgrades let focus on the economy side at least I wouldn’t say it’s completely so meditation Gardens oh if I if I just stand here he

Don’t get the bonus you see I just need to stand here and and he won’t get the bonus which is good uh let’s try to do another house Here oh no no well they at least he didn’t get the ship it’s good now we know where he’s Gathering he’s going for a second Town Center is good for us to know be able to a up pretty soon I’m going to going to go for the Archers first and then we’re going To now we will get the all the upgrades I get all the upgs nice and Fast I should be getting this one first now we should be getting oh also double products you want to get this One yeah we’re we’re good now slowly will will shouldn’t be any threat but just in case for I mean even by standing here you don’t get much resources so Try good good dis s oh they’re very fast Actually what’s this B and let’s get the sieg engineering as soon as we can so he’s going Stables let’s let’s set some Spearman in the mix here that’s that’s good let’s just put some pressure in the gold Foree spee fore nice nice uh we don’t have yet so oh that’s already a second down Center here actually we can put some pressure in the second Town Center we should be able to take those that out For foree Foree I think two should be we can go portray but let’s see let’s just go with two I think we can bad Timing Let’s keep adding more units Yes that’s a nice nice push I like this build order is quite uh it’s quite Aggressive quite quite aggressive this is going very well for us especially if yeah here I forgot to create villagers my bad if you go for a second down Center like he tried to go to but he didn’t have the resources for that and he also went two

Landmarks already had a lot of army coming I should have created a second barck it’s a too many too many military on Q too many military yeah like military we were quite okay and Samurai do do quite good good against against Town centers because they just block the first attack so

There is an extra time you have there to push quite a Greedy Boy Greedy Boy yeah definitely with this wood we can go I mean at this point we have a lot of wood not bad not Bad Read it ala I don’t know what he will play But the p okay the P now I forgot to go to the stone to get my upgrades for the T Center like I feel it’s good for FAL AG okay this one will be very interesting just because this one should have stronger Units so I don’t know very will how to deal with that Creers where’s my sheep just go is quite far but still in range the Town Center I just need to be careful with I need to be careful with the with the archers they’re quite Strong Al as soon as we get this this upgrade let’s go for a black SMI here we may need to go Beres not not much spe okay I think I can go to his base let me just return this ship just in case and soon as we get four on gold we’re

Going to go on with no I do feel this civilization is easier like compared to the Ottomans I feel there is so many things to consider like how do you calculate your economy when you’re going for military schools like there is some economic bonus there hidden

But it’s like you don’t know exactly how much you’re getting therefore I don’t know how to balance my economy with the Ottomans let’s go for let’s go for this one and we can go for the ber is there now let’s see if this build order will work against this chat

I guess he will want to go castle Yeah like main work Gold It’s going to be the stable so let’s open up with some Barracks I think we can start now because it’s going to get really messy Here now this guys will be very far from the Town Center Let’s see if he has more more units only stable for now I Guessing foree fore At least let’s get K some Sh I forgot the upgrades uh we want Arrow we want this one and we this One we can go the archery range okay like we’re going to need a stable too that change a lot of things actually hopefully we can oh no it’s a very but Tiny well if you go here I might as well dude what kind of V is this oh these guys are really strong the good thing is we have uh I don’t want to fight against those the good thing is we were faster Defend for a moment for wall can help a lot I lost a lot of villagers I don’t think I need to se we have a we have an army I think we can we can fight quite protected except for these guys I need archers I need I need Stables to deal with that thing I don’t think I want to fight there I’m going to lose all my Army actually I just need Sam foree For Fore fore spee fore speech fore I just need Samurai and Spearman this looks pretty bad Actually for Speee Speee Fore Spee Oh my God I don’t know how to get This this alost is like heaven For oh did I just me no no actually winning actually Winning nice nice nice just need to deal with This Annoyance I really don’t know if that’s the hard part but that was really hard Now I need an upgrade for my Town Center oh we have eight Samurai oh we upgrade those so far I don’t know if he’s aing not but he ass why have so few nice dis guys I will just go Mass samur here oh my God fore spee fore spee speee now we will we will need cage units soon time recover like I hope this guy finish Sometime can go for a second down Center if we don’t die by oh my God B very really bad time are this better not yet we should take the engagement well we Can big guy H 7 Center 400 come on guys we need to work faster not a good time for thing is that at least we got this side w for or we can put it uh we could secure it here actually be good place let’s just do it nice and Safe tell me these are not veterans yet I mean I have to fight Like this guy just watching right like te might okay I’m going to lose this engagement and with that I may lose the fight here oh my God look at This I think I S niceeee I don’t have gold I can get gold like hopefully he don’t say this I need that door There there don’t go over there oh my God what’s this look at this is huge I’m just walking you know chilling Out dude the wooden area genius Genius I guess I I won’t be able To go let’s go let’s go now The Archers are going to are going to deal with this very easily and these are yeah I don’t think I can win this like he already have this yeah I mean the problem is this guys are like how do you deal with this Archer

Mass it’s all right I mean these are better than already but guess my build order was reallyy bad I should have gone focus on a second down Center as soon as I defended instead of going to attack and then get the economic Advantage I he already how many

Relics he has two three on the goal one is still uncontested and I guess in terms of villagers we pretty bad yeah even lower than him and he has better villagers so should have better Economy All right I think I wrap it up thank you guys I’ll see you in another moment more casted games coming soon for sure GNA cast more Japanese more byzantines there’s some interesting matches going out there with the Frost yeah see you

best age of empires 2 civilizations


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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