Persians vs Aztecs | 1v1 Arabia | vs Sitaux | AoE2

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Massive one monk Garrison for building that’s a bit too random I don’t like that as much as I think it would be nice but uh Persians asked to go that’s a hard matchup I feel like I haven’t played Persians in Forever this is quite nice

Muffin my man with the tier 3 for 45 months big guy what’s good man thanks so much man really appreciate it it’s the second tier three of the day do you guys think we’ll get a third tier three today I don’t think it’s possible I only have like five total

Or like maybe like eight total something like that thank you Muffin 45 months you guys a legend I know I know Andy’s gifted a ton of Subs muffin is a legend been with us for a long time yo Peak something next to the prime stuff appreciate it bro

What do we get for tier three a personal Tick Tock dance or something you only get like two new emotes it’s like the Hera hype and the Hera 3 we take those thank you uh no no Tick Tock dances though not yet although that is uh maybe the future of the channel we’ll

See yeah I’ve learned a decent amount of History through ab2 though I mean not like full-blown history but like for example when I was learning about the hundred year war in uh in college I was like bam Joan of Arc played the campaign my teacher’s like what I’m like

Nothing I know who she is though and I felt pretty good about myself you know and uh yeah just other things like that they’re talking about Willy models I’m like battle for Scotland don’t even worry about it things like that you know it’ll be Toto what’s up that’s pulling some gazelles

My students get every bonus questions on tests that’s actually hella cool I kind of choked there what I wanted to do you get one chance to time travel to Medieval period where and where where and when do you go oh that’s such a good question um

Oh God the thing is the medieval period is cool and all but it probably sucks ass to live in there because like I don’t know um guys help me out where do I go in the Medieval ages I need help here give me a few options that I’ll pick

I think yeah I think in Medieval ages it’s cool because like I don’t know like I I like the bow and arrow and like the swords and everything I like the way people like in general the society function but I also don’t like I wouldn’t want to live there either

Britain France or Germany okay I’ll go I’ll go to England like Britain I guess I’ll go oh no no no I want to be the Vikings who invaded Britain no that sounds dope actually that’s why that’s what I want to be yeah let’s go mihai 06 let’s go mihi 06

Subscribing to me yo can someone check if this guy subscribed to me hi if you’re not subscribed to me hi you are changing your name to let’s go hera2k9 that’s what you’re changing your name to right now if you’re not sub to mihai you’re changing your name gonna Baghdad Arabs had good science

Awesome hygiene true yeah living amongst the Arabs those are my people too I’m down that sounds good come on go ahead and get that you gotta Focus though this game I’m already 21 pop which is pretty late that’s okay yeah let me skip the room together 20 pop click all right

Yo me hi 06 I said uh tier one sub bro I appreciate it sorry to shame you about that that’s good for this side see hair in this natural habitat and what is my natural habitat everyone Arabia oh so he’s up really fast I have no room I’m really scared he

Doesn’t try to lose the game on the spot no I keep killing my animals oh yeah yeah it’s terrible it’s Miss clicking them oh I know why I don’t have my Razor program opened it’s terrible man green Arabia more than orange Arabia that’s the only correct opinion golds

Are stable but I don’t know if I can afford horse collar because I’m gonna have to switch to range very fast foreign He’s got a lot of army guys this is about to be a very hard game too you got this thanks man do you believe in me triage go wrong the summer scrims him back the way that’s what happened right there my streams are not grouping well it’s just in the annoying

Wait I win the fight actually I should not be scared We’re always running into Hills so I can’t ever stop never fight it so that’s the berries it just gives them up thank you good defense from him good job bro well done it’s my best interest to wait for flashing at this point I want to continue attacking though Thank you not bad not great though and armor Pull on my face hello I’m gonna go again on the attack wheelbarrow and let’s go to the last archers I know I know it’s not too bad but things have to continue attacking him because if he just gets to cancellation he goes it’s gonna be hard so let’s see what I can do

You have to delete this house I mean that’s just two Farms that I need I need that space I’m letting me in here is really strange she should let the eagle die and not let me in that was a terrible decision he’s counter-attacking as well No no no what I literally walled it they bumped on each other that’s what happens that’s actually really bad uh yeah yeah I’m pretty upset about that one foreign That hole costs so much not even Wilder that’s the annoying part like I didn’t even play bad like that was good for me oh well I think I still think we’re okay but to be a little bit of a harder again Let’s go back to these guts Today he was trying to hide hi here how are you hello neighbor what’s up Renee ready hello all righty oh Citron what’s up hello roll up hello the man is Inca Tower still a thing no no I got completely nerfed it’s actually not uh really a thing anymore I mean you can

Still tell our dinkas but you don’t get the extra arm Run Villas so it’s not like obnoxious like it was before I don’t think I want to fight that anyway he’s going to be casting soon there I actually think I want to have a TC first but I think I have to go Workshop all right I don’t have to see my workshop though it looks like he’s gonna see it naturally here not a great fight Foreign Still think I’m okay what else let’s do I only like both stupid range the seagulls like I feel like I’d just rather have more nights good defense Okay my like At first I can be on the map come on heal fast that was a really really bad fight as well good trades for him I’m having trouble I don’t know what to do here foreign Amazing that’s literally maybe game when you move actually sounds small but three eagles will completely turn the tide of a fight just for free like that’s really really important I don’t think he should be there He’s getting the relics though it sucks at least you should be And yes but this course has he’s on one maybe one TC or something scores nothing his favorite at all here it’s the perfect time here let’s go for this so we have to heal those guys but those guys are fresh On markets some more Farms foreign foreign That is the future If he gets the Relic sure but we have to have big economy and try to win before our gold runs Downs so I’ll probably go all out for the gold the Castle’s not bad it’s okay in chemistry I’m fast that I can continue making units just to defend myself

He goes here at absolutely near the castle that castle would be great though let’s go pick up knights with those reinforcements I want one more Mega now Oh not amazing Maybe I should not have fit in my cab there Oh my God Foreign Foreign That I think we’re surviving here right someone kill this guy foreign okay that’s enough man that’s actually enough I have to defend my Farms you guys watch my top five most annoying things in the game now you understand why all right um I think we’re chilling though I think we have it You know what the winning move where’s the counter castle that was so good I feel like the counter Caster really slowed him down he wasted like 40 Eagles there not 40. like 30 equals over the course of the game After this game I think I’ve earned some pizza guys I’ll go heat up my pizza I’m finna go World elephants on his ass if he doesn’t resign It’s just a Casper she has no chance all right let’s just send the hesars in that this upgrade’s important because inscription I already have it nice all right well I do a live stream soon no probably not It has the relics so I don’t want to be too soft on him either like there is a small chance for this I think his relics are good but if you have no economy and my cop isn’t even lacking like I’m not lacking gold yeah his relics are not enough to save him there I mean pretty fun game pretty fun game got really messy for a second I started watching I started playing av2

Let’s read this message up started playing ab2 from early July and have started binge watching your videos they’ve been super duper helpful today’s my first time in the Stream High here I just started playing 82 from early July okay you copy pasted the message twice Sierra welcome to the

Stream welcome to the community and it’s great to have you here all right pretty fun one there a lot of hills for me I had five relics but it’s not enough sorry that one not no worries no worries welcome to the community thanks for stopping by e

aoe2 1v1


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