Honeywell PTM7950 vs Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut EXTREME – Ai was wrong about the Honeywell pad

Hello so we’re back and this time we have an interesting test remember my video remember this video we test the Honeywell PTM 7950 we test the the thermal pad and uh we didn’t see much difference compared with like a regular thermop paste now after a while I really understand

What’s going on with this with this thermal pad the thermal pad really improved after few used so I done probably like five six more uh tests and uh really got better now let’s do a test again okay so let’s start the test now I seen on the last video people

Said sorry you have to run some extensive test you know those are laptops is no point I mean very soon you’ll see the temperature is reaching like 95 degrees and it clock it will drop so a long test means nearly nothing it’s not like desktops when the desktops they keep like a constant

Temperature here the temperature it will hit you know the it will hit the highest limit and the CPU it will lower the clock you’ll see now in few seconds so you see the temperature is going up we have 95 and now the CPU clock look look at the clock it’s like 3 point

Something starting from 4.4 if I remember so you see it’s not Point running like a long test on a laptop because the clock it will drop but let’s uh you know the idea is just to show you uh how the test looks now now check the score yeah check the score 23

417 now on the last uh last time you remember was like 22714 which was exactly like a regular thermal past you remember we checked the the Greaser the regular one C or not so now now you can see the performance is better now I understand what’s the story

With those thermal pads so uh there is no evaporation rate so they are really good like um like industrial industrial application or let’s say a gaming laptop you will never open and never replace the thermal paste I mean clearly yeah they are good you know I can’t say those

Thermal pads are not good now the question is you know we are Gamers we don’t care about thermal pads I mean a gamer it will always open the laptop to clean the fast to replace the thermal paste and this doesn’t really make sense I mean if you never want to touch your

Laptop then yeah this is making sense but the gamers usually they care about their own stuff and I got my hands on this one and I have to order straight from Germany because it’s is not available this is some new product yeah this is a new thermal paste from thermal

Grizzly it’s uh conductor not extreme yeah this is not the normal one it’s the extreme one now this is not advertise I’m not advertising anything you don’t have to buy them you know I’m just curious for myself if I can bring some improvement on uh on my personal laptop

Because you know Diana she’s playing a lot this laptop especially on the morning you know having the coffee is playing so uh having this score in mind yeah 2 3 4 17 now I’m really sorry I didn’t start the recording after I open the laptop I forgot about that but

Anyway uh that’s the thermal pad which I cleaned and I will tell you a secret yeah before I was using liquid metal a liquid metal it will react with a copper uh using the normal thermal paste because I used before you know the creona thermal paste it will work fine for

Weeks but after like one two months I open the the laptop because they start getting worse and uh you have the thermal paste but the thermal paste is turning on black on some black smudge because it’s reacting with actually the Gallum which is inside of the copper uh the copper plate so I

Always take out some black thingy instead of the thermal paste which I actually uh use it here so I believe from liquid metal is not come back to ter normal Thal paste but with the thermal pad and I’m really sorry I didn’t start the recording it’s

Nothing black with the with the with the honey well thermal pad so I believe if you before use uh liquid metal the only way to switch back is to go to the thermal pad and not to usual thermal paste now everything is uh clean let’s open this let’s

Try the new liquid metal conductor out extreme so that’s what we have here and we have the syringe yeah is here and we have few things which we don’t need them we need a needle and let’s apply thermal paste even here uh I seen people doing mistakes I

Mean yeah if this is going to the motherboard then you will have problems but the people are making a confusion they are confusing like applying thermal paste here with the amount of uh sorry the liquid metal with the amount of liquid metal which is let’s say on the PlayStation

5 you don’t really need a lot yeah it is very risky you just l a little bit actually you don’t really want a thermal paste yeah you don’t want something like that but because this is not perfect and this is not perfect it will always be imperfections and and uh this surface it

Will not completely touch with this surface and that’s why we are using the thermal paste so we have the CPU let’s see I’m curious the performance of this liquid metal let’s try with this amount pretty cool right yeah it is cool okay you know what here is too much

You see this is too much you see here it’s a lot of thermal P liquid metal sitting for nothing so I’m going to move to the GPU and I’m going to use the liquid metal here I’m going to take from here and move it there okay so everything is ready it’s

Just you know just a little bit just a little bit so we can uh put it all back together okay okay we have the laptop on let’s connect the HDMI and let’s run that test one more time wait what 23 239 that’s crazy let me check okay that’s a little bit insane I

Mean check this score and check the score we had with the with the honey well huh and this is liquid metal let’s redo the test one more time exactly same score 23 2 44 I mean why suppose the thermal paste is suppose the liquid metal to be better

Right I mean I will not edit the video I will open to check together I mean this is a little bit crazy if I if if I get same performance with the with the thermal pad then it’s no point using liquid metal right let’s take out the heat sing and have a

Look I me I mean everything was done properly I cleaned the surface I Bond the the liquid metal so here we have the liquid metal you can see it’s actually bond with the with the copper and here you have the liquid metal and you can see it’s actually bond with the CPU and

GPU why is performing that poor I mean I I don’t even know you know this is performing poor or actually the the pad is is is better you know what I pay extra for the extreme one because I heard actually the performance are fantastic well on this point I don’t think

It’s I don’t think it’s worth to risk with the liquid metal if you you can use a thermal pad and give the same uh same performance I think I will come back using uh the honey World thermal pad I will stop now yeah I will come back to the thermal

Pad I’m really sorry but it is what it is check here we test it together okay well thank you for watching and uh see you on the next one bye

extreme ai


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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