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Today we’re going to be doing a 2V1 against Xbox players the top two Xbox players in fact as one of them just left because he’s obviously way too scared to sit in a lobby but of course I’m not telling the full story because I played a 3v1 against them and you guys probably

Saw that video and I got smacked listen I’m not afraid to admit it I got smacked and they were holding controllers while doing it did it feel great but I’m back at it here and I’m gonna try my best so I’m back at it it’s 2V1 I took out one

Of their opponents it was too hard on three of you when I couldn’t do it it was too weak I I was a disgrace to the entire mouse and keyboard Community but now I’m gonna redeem myself in a 2V1 100 winner take all shout out to the Xbox Community for sponsoring this they

Impressed me the first time they were better than I thought they were but I am not a quitter and I’m back and I approve myself in this 2V1 and I already got them shaking one of them left my Lobby he was asking for handicap they’re looking for any advantage they can get

Quite frankly and it’s uh it’s pretty disgusting so you know what I am going to shut them down for once ah I’m gonna shut them down once and for all here in the studio one and I’m stalling and I’m talking endlessly because this guy won’t join back so now I’m just talking and

Talking and talking because this intro has to continue on it’s going to be random sieve and you know if you’re holding the control while watching this you’re the enemy and I’m coming for you next that’s what I’m saying top two Xbox players but doing this

Oh 300 bits from I am Hansen thank you for 300 bits bro that’s gonna make it to the YouTube video actually I’ll probably edit it out I’m not gonna lie this is taking too long oh no he’s back it’s gonna make it to the video thanks to 300

Bits let’s go and if you guys are on YouTube just know we’re gunning for a hundred thousand subscribers and if you’re on Twitch go subscribe to my YouTube and if you’re on YouTube again come down to my Twitter Channel we’d love to see you around link is always in

The description all right let’s hop in let’s go I got Beaver man five in the chat he’s saying good luck here I hope you destroy them he turned on his own teammates around them yes all right let’s do it go back have fun three players Arabia

Let’s do this good luck have fun all right it’s serious mode activated now random stuff please keep like Minds oh Franks that’s good they got for me smellions those are pretty good too though I’m actually not sure how good Franks are maybe I can play Knights and

Pike something like that I don’t know Knight Siege monk something like that could be good too I’m gonna open up with Scouts though probably probably the best thing I can open up with let’s do it let’s do it alrighty all right so Frank’s versus I’m losing my throat man my voice

Holy Molly I talked too much trash that’s what happened to me that’s what happens boys all right so the plan is I need to do damage to one of them early that’s been the theme I was not able to ever do damage to one of them early in

The three one maybe here I can manage it I’m dealing with one less human It’s a pretty big deal yo shark Thanksgiving what’s up bro appreciate it I got everyone reporting on this game the the fate of the PC players if I lose this game the next tournament in the apartment cup or whatever it is KOTV 17 it’s going to be run by Xbox players because everyone’s

Gonna move there so this is literally the fates of PC gaming when it comes to ab2 all right but I do well I do well under pressure here guys I know I’m getting clowned in the chat as well losing the Xbox players bro it’s a little bit more embarrassing than when

Others first out it’s kind of crazy man let’s get my mail going it was a big hit to the egos big hits the ego but it’s okay all right I’m gonna get my house first as well how does dog get rust out of nowhere it’s always nice to squeeze his name in there

Solo ghost is the best Xbox player okay that’s a legend yeah I’m totally joking by the way I love those maybe I shouldn’t uh throw his name around like that so I gotta show some respect you know maybe you guys are right about that I have another bore somewhere right should have it

Should be around here somewhere as well I have a lot of sheep I guess I took my boards earlier I can’t remember I took both boys down there school at school and I try to do 25 no Loom I should have done that in the last game

Just gained an advantage from the early game by skipping Loom it’s actually pretty good I don’t know if I make it though here let’s see I should I got it nice yo Dar dancer thinks you’re getting accepted Mr Fish 22 bro I appreciate it thank you thank you

I’ll stay on one line I guess one was easier to defend it kind of sucks okay that’s what it is gotta continue trying to learn though because in theory I should just be able to find them later anyway so I don’t need to stop them that fast not a priority

Nice all right I got Loom first thing in feudal age though don’t agree too hard let me go ahead and make her stable and I’ll probably wallet in front of my goals down here and then this The Edge this is The Edge and I’m good so I have

Already my entire wall strategy set up as well which is obviously really important to do for sure okay thank you fourth house of stone there so I mean someone’s around here I’m gonna go ahead and uh stable there going up And already a little bit of walls which is fair enough Uh oh we’ll do some damage this guy’s gonna go archers the malion player come on player archers I imagine Burmese player will be on Scouts he’s not up yet though let’s go hit up Donald Trump a little bit here Ideally I want to hit the Archer flare but whatever I’ll just go for whatever I can Archer is well defended so we got his farm Spears out until they’re ready All right maybe we can raid around those fears [Applause] foreign not getting very much a lot of spear as well a lot of Spears I wonder if those will come forward gotta gotta continue attacking so the screws don’t attack me like the spirits attacked me it’s gonna be super annoying to deal with It might might have to even make uh skirmishers actually maybe instead of Walling I’m gonna go skirms I think it’s actually just better straight up better than Walling up because if I wall up I still have to deal with the Archer player so going skirms here is literally the only correct choice

Let’s go try to cut the Archer car off maybe ranges from blacksmith yeah makes sense Like one mistake that he does notice is that he’s camping at home too long with the archers he I think he’s been playing The Archers a lot if he got in the habit of attacking a little earlier it would be like pretty good that would be beneficial a bit of lag

Here I can’t really engage can’t microphone under that line I don’t know where the other guy’s at now scout player so that sucks that I have to make a range but I swear it’s the only way to survive here if I can survive stochastic I think that’s pretty solid It’s not on gold yeah he’s definitely further behind my build make a job tracking my Scouts though if I might need a bit of a blacksmith the wall in the Woodland it’s kind of hard to do anything aggressive but that’s I mean that’s fine I don’t mind

Yeah it should be one that leaves a lot more room to like beat them in Castle scrims to where I can actually uh second form of this guy that’s not too bad keeping my eyes killing the mini map as well send one Archer forward I need one more Stern

I don’t really want to get Fletching to be honest that’s like I have to delays my castle each time a little bit fine all right let’s go wall like this what I initially wanted to do should I get my walls done just a little later on transition from this Woodland to Farms

See you there and here they come I think I can take this bike though Hold on let me Know that’s not a good fight that’s trying to find yeah it’s a mistake to Target myself here should definitely continue targeting my Army but that’s fine make it out and now I’m gonna be playing some cows I wanna attack you know what I want to attack now the Burmese player my scrums

Will easily deal with his fears and so now I can definitely do damage to his gold which is really exposed so I feel really good about that trade it was going really well for them until he started attacking my bills he killed one I think but like one video doesn’t

Matter I’m already up anyway but like me having this Army Now is really big I thought he could make a tower he actually needs a tower I don’t know if he realizes yet though that he needs one he actually really needs one [Applause] nice Sports enough gold which is great I don’t know if I want to do more than that we’ll probably need three Stables because I need to always win fights like I always stress on point that is when he fights a Super Key probably move to the back gold now

That’s why he’s not fighting it Foreign Thank you I need to keep some defense here Stuff from a PC that’s good to see that guy’s out of the game Knights as well oh this is good this is good now Monastery for me has a lot of value Thank you it’s looking good that’s getting kind of wrecked which is nice I’ve been positioning only one two Stables this whole time though foreign that’s kind of bad he should have definitely stuck on archers or just gone camels uh Knights is definitely not the right choice here and it’s kind of costing him

A little bit also red should not Empire because the Hold on Thank you so good Foreign Nice Nice I just realized they don’t really face Farms well because that might be an Xbox thing thank you I’m not sure though I’m just type in a few of their Farms this game I need to go back and heal those guys those guys are fresh though we can fight

With them there’s any better scores Reds almost dead the other guy Geo nice and fine Market would be less economy is a mess monks will fix that for a little bit though that’s not a winning fight a little but I’m not worth it go home I wanna in a market now

Here we go nice got a bow saw all right let’s continue making nights I’m not really interested in a faster info anything like that Oh he just deleted the ball fair enough give me those bro I’m about to show some drama that’s what I’m about to say that’s what I would say honestly I don’t think they picked the best two players I think without Beaver man it seems just not it

Big mistake on them they needed Beaver man they didn’t appreciate it when he was here that’s enough I have started the pots their whole friendship is broken though Beaver man five he’s he was the guy bro that was the guy carrying Thank you all right I’m about to go crazy on red I don’t really want to waste any more time healing I’ll keep the knights on deep uh unlocked on defense and any reinforcements let the rest go forward and that’s why we need defense Give me that oh my God that’s how it feels like it’s Mr yo by the way then I gotta deal with that on Xbox so I’m sure I probably transitioned I actually want to hit him exactly this moment to stop the fight transition by the way then you hear his Burmese and it was going to be tempting I don’t know what that’s about I’m not too worried about it though Foreign awesome why is still not helping red with these Knights Oh yes Got four conversions today Plus Everybody That’s not home nice All right I kind of nuked that guy’s economy oh it’s the same on Xbox as the PC the ring in the town Bell I know that sounds I grew up with that sound oh I would like this done like completely done not like thin host Good up there That sounds awesome I mean after this is out of economy ten plus six oh he got forimba oh those guys are strong actually I have to watch out I think the teal player is actually pretty strong oh I think they’re red player sling is he sling how did the killer afford that

This game is not over not at all actually I’m gonna pick up some relics so I’m kind of scared if I lose now We’re in the cab are really really strong like I’m pretty scared of that thank you one triple dude wonders there looking for extra res I have the defense here again for remicab or strong like it’s not a weak unit it’s actually stronger than mine All right nice I mean that’s fine I kind of expected that Thank you foreign Thank you all right I need to go red fast and then just hope to hold whatever he’s got going my way this camera stronger That should be a decent fight though uh where’s the heat go here I don’t know or something foreign To feel complete the red is literally on zerovilles right now like I have more brain cells than he has got villagers that’s how bad he’s done foreign I’m just gonna go right down now maybe he’s on that gold the hobby just wishes clutch I needed that okay nice red

It’s not on that gold okay he was on this one oh he’s next thing he doesn’t like my raids all right let’s find some traps I kind of want to lose the cab at the front oh hold on I don’t really care about too many you got my Paladin everywhere someone helps chasing him it’s looking pretty good here Out of the game close DJ we won let’s go man GG that’s what I’m saying guys that’s what I’m saying you’ll never catch me losing a two Xbox players you know what I mean you’ll never catch it fun games though once again props to these guys uh better level than I

Expected if you guys didn’t see the 3v1 I played against the Xbox players make sure to check that one out as well hope you guys enjoyed these two videos and shout out to Xbox Community for setting up this little show match I think it’s a nice way to bring the Xbox Community

With the PC the mouse keyboard community and as a spokesperson for the mouse and keyboard Community I can clearly say that one of us is equal to two of them but in the end we’re all equal thank you so much for watching guys and let’s go

Ahead and look at the stats here before we end off the game and uh yeah I mean he kind of uh kind of fell off a little bit but uh you know definitely was solid at some point I thought solo ghost can clutch it I’m not

Gonna lie so yeah it was a really fun game and then one last quick look at the map and uh yeah I think uh this guy’s base got white but he was you know he was trying rebooming and solo ghost did a pretty good job expanding and

Everything like that so Gigi well played and all jokes aside like I said it was a really fun one and I hope you guys enjoyed as well like comment subscribe if you enjoyed catch you guys later on YouTube peace

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I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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