Goths vs Sicilians | 1v1 Arabia | vs Dark | AoE2

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All right shout out to dark for waiting shout out to the towns the viewers for waiting hello Brown what’s up thanks a 30 months Brown kimchi thank you so much bro all righty nice just in time for chair stream how are you doing Cher yeah man I can

Understand that but you have to I know it’s hard but it is as it is at the moment we all know you’re the MVP in this stream carrying her all the time and you don’t get the recognition we love you man yo a sub for the chair

Yo juicy was selling so 25 months man I really appreciate it I’m running haven’t been here much but really love catching the stream oh you’re a great streamer always spreading positivity keep listen if that’s busy for you you can’t really spend as much time on the Stream totally understand this it’s great to

Have you around and thank you so much for the continuing to support nonetheless and run in thanks for the prime stuff for five months you’ve been running away from me for a while but for the last five months you’ve been here man thank you alrighty thank you

What do we got here goths I should probably be picking up Bloom thoughts versus Sicilians oh man two sips that are in my opinion pretty worthless actually not a fan of either of them uh Fireball if you want to watch the freaking Andy match well the last one we

Just played are the tournament one if you watch the tournament it’s up on my gameplay Channel gameplay on YouTube oh that was risky actually could have killed the board with my PC there so I’m gonna have to be careful about that but nonetheless let’s go ahead and gather my res or foreign

S um I think Goths are better yeah Goths are not bad actually I think Sicilians are pretty bad though I think I prefer dribidians over Sicilians yeah I think the Hunts lasting longer never mind I take it back gods are okay they’re definitely not bad the ceilings have a hand pretty bad

Okay I must have missed it thanks anyway no problem man no problem do you think a second unit for the monitor would be useful um I don’t know maybe maybe what would it be right like uh Monastery has to be like a non-combat building so monks are already strong maybe you can

Split the responsibility of the monk one guy who’s the Healer and collects relics the other guy who’s a com like a combat oriented monk who can convert maybe but I mean that’s you’re going into like a whole different uh kind of worms there so I I would

Probably say no to another unit for the monastery I think what my spice things up is making another unit from the barracks but I’m not 100 sold on that either but I uh I don’t think it would be the worst idea ever uh I think I’m missing too much sheep yeah

There been any interest from Esports sponsors to jump into ab2 scene uh we’re actually in contact with one right now I don’t want to Spill the Beans but we’re in contact with and with uh you know an organization who wants to sponsor uh sponsor able to and sponsor us so

I don’t want to spill the beans but we’ll see we’ll see how it goes I will need to talk about it once it’s official advice for hotstock 1800s um yeah I mean when it comes to 1800s you’re already at a pretty solid level but you’re almost definitely if you’re

Hard stuck having some bad habits or having some moments in your game that you’re just never gonna improve no matter how much you play um that’s like the definition of hard stuck and we have to do something else we can’t the spam game has been fill these diamond games isn’t working so my

Biggest recommendation there is probably taking a step back watching your recorded games of the typical game they play uh and then trying to analyze where things are going wrong you’re able to do that 1800 if not you can you know guess coaching around us once you analyze

Where things go wrong watch a pro player and see how they handle the same situation and how they do it better and then try to copy or learn from them copy them okay after one game used to jump in and be okay okay I’m excited so I think that’s some decent ass I

Think that’s some decent advice and I think that that should help at all elos but especially 1800s where I think you can self-analyze a little bit better than maybe a beginner would all right let’s go ahead and look around for something around here okay a friend of mine watched the highest level bot

When you want to stop and adopted strategy it’s okay learning from the AI okay fair enough I think watching the highest level player is probably better than the highest level bot but I guess it’s a place to start why not Let’s uh let’s get some Spears on the

Field get some spearming why not bad Okay I have to pause a little bit here a bit of house situation is this guy even on the same plane of existence I mean where the hell is he oh he’s on this side in the corner it’s my stable so the wrong side and my Bear’s on the wrong side

That’s not very nice In case you figured out what he’s going for but uh yeah it’s a little awkward here because he has initiative or he probably should not have initiative I think I was ready to fight a lot earlier than he was experience your action no problem Spears are cheaper for the Gods

If there’s any spear on spear action I want to take it actually spear on spear is better for me because I don’t want my spirits hitting his Scouts I do less damage so spirit and Scout on Scout is the best way for me to play this one

It does have a dungeon here oh he’s mixing in a sergeant oh that’s interesting oh third guy I didn’t see that mixing and a sergeant is fascinating I don’t know if that’s correct though let’s see I mean it can’t be that bad tennis that guy is strong what’s the stats on choo choo

Only downside is I guess it just saps the gold right it’s 50 30. the cost of a Sergeant’s terrible it’s not that expensive it’s Arabia Arabia What’s going on Civ bonus first castle for free I would not want to play against that stuff give it something guys they’re uses an open map you realize if you give that bonus to magali it’s gonna make Bengali really good and close enough and it’s not going to help them that much for

Open maps right that would make some guys completely op on every single closed mouth I think what would be cool is if it gets the first castle for free but it does not have a unique in it I think that would be a really nice balance but it might not be that cool for people to buy it Everyone likes unique notes thank you hmm Oh I mean if I get away with those guys that’s amazing right I can just heal them up thank you so much Hera for the TTL colossian tournament and for all your amazing content oh it’s my pleasure oh God bless you as well man thank you so much okay that’s awesome

I didn’t join the Coliseum yeah we can just heal the scouts but in the meantime let’s go ahead and actually Scout with them keep my screws on the front to make sure no skills run in and we’re off to the castle in the castle Edge what can I go for here

I think ideally I want to go for my economy because it Goths are a bit of a late game Powerhouse they’re not really a sieve that thrives in early Castle age so I think playing with some monks sounds pretty good uh wouldn’t even mind light cap overall so I might go Lakehead monks

Oh warlord’s announced soon yeah it’s another disco tournament yeah perfect yeah that idea was fantastic actually oh he wants to actually rush me here a little bit oh that’s that’s somewhat cool actually Um he’s up much faster as well I killed the Ville um but I was yep so much faster I wonder I guess my macro isn’t doing my favorites he’s got a lot of wood probably can take a couple off that ‘d be okay I mean he gets the dungeon is

Not doing that much Yeah I can’t stop him from breaking down here Foreign Okay we can just go on this side no problem Foreign at the same time I don’t want to lose units fighting for a blacksmith all right we got a monk for free basically we just go back and heal so we trade a monk for a house that’s not a bad trip oh okay foreign That’s kind of crazy I actually really need that Monk I have this month though it’s not bad yeah we have to counter attack him here 100 Did you make my blessing this woman has a chance and I’m looking to just Catherine myself here yeah I like these making pounds to this year because I can cast the drop but the thing is he’s actually building up to First Crusade me so I have to watch out for that Uh question is do I want have a great video with fish Crusade or do I want long shirts I think I want cab I think it’s about monsters is that I wouldn’t be able to actually deal with the cast on my base whereas with cap I can read around but foreign Foreign Foreign Would just not do anything here because I can’t really get across the map with Infantry and I would just die to like uh monks and casts and stuff what’s up grass so thank God I chose Cavalry here despite it being like golf Cavalry not great but

I got sir not too bad with the cab Yeah we’re dead now end up foreign Yeah I think now it’s a good time the stable’s on control group so the sake of keeping on those five guys have to make a run for it by the way thank you gas was going down notification uh keeping any castles up that’s just because it’s impossible to really keep them up You could use a market they don’t have one definitely Market over there Beautiful foreign Nice good raids here about to get a chance here which is nice I think I thought you traps first I trade like half reveals here for sure Doesn’t even have a lead Sergeant so his play is really pulled down now I have a lot of bills so I’m not gonna delete I’m gonna actually stockpile uh resources here I’m just gonna stock the stockpile the res and continue getting further for their head by a picking up relics like this

And be just obviously piling up all the rest buildings on the sides everything all the Blasted upgrades for sure be nice okay yeah that’s a bit annoying Let’s go hit this have the hill here which is very valuable I don’t see him putting up much of a fight against the hill yeah that might kill the council Nice Elite Sergeants Now the gothic game we should be in a great position I already have all the relics as well foreign Yeah I don’t see how you could have played better to be honest strategy wise the two TC’s forward it baited me to make a castle and I didn’t realize just fast enough as well espanol what’s up next to the 200 bits man thanks a lot man I really appreciate it

Yeah ahead of my population but I mean with the Fast Temp anything can happen foreign

aoe2 1v1


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