Goths vs Mayans | 1v1 Arabia | vs Sebastian | AoE2

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All right but anyways let’s focus up here goth or mines aha what are you going to do with verus Goths now it’s not so easy anymore I got the counter pick this time guys he went mines both times but this time we’re ready thank God I went goth that’s nice

Yeah I don’t think there’s anything on the line for a win here but of course we’re always gunting for the win with these challenges you don’t know me if you think I’m not going to gun for the win 15minute dark AG can be brutal I agree I think it’s going to

We’re going to yeah we have to really get creative here I’m going to send a Ville for right away I want to try to lame as much as possible cuz if I can lame him that could actually delay him just as much as myself I think that

Would be ideal and then dushing going for some militia at some point in dark Edge sounds really good too so those are like kind of my two ideas as to what I want to do and this is a good start I can already start hitting those gazel

And start to take them off the map the thing is those could actually be extra G gazel I’m not sure if those are his or extra let’s take a look no those are his okay so we’re going to send a second Ville forward here and hopefully oh last

Game I also ran my skeleton to the town center so a lot of bad things happened last game this an elephant yeah it is he’s got he’s got I don’t think I can do anything with Eagle there a little too strong for me to my taste maybe take that

One send a second V forward okay we can go for this elephant right away though and then this vill just runs around here looking for some damage that’s a decent Lumber Camp don’t mind that one at all I’m going to ideally try to hit the uh

I think he sees this F now going try hit the uh wood line think it’s it’s not that good with mines he has Loom already it’s actually not great wait I wasn’t supposed to do this yeah I got it Spe taking so much punishment he’s still chasing that man all right congratulations man that was pretty annoying we did kind of force him to like fight a bit more here which is nice the more we get into this crazy Dark Age the better Uh I’m also missing sheep which sucks let’s try to find sheep spee For oh how long are those guys that up for oh really you’re joking man he’s panicking a little bit spe all right 5050 always lucky let’s go man oh I I I can click up now it’s been 13 minutes and save up all right not bad I think this is

Okay archers will be pretty hard to defend here though okay can I try to full ball actually let’s see what I can do if I can full while I me it would be amazing I some even say necessary all we click up archers will still be able to harass My Woodland

Though all right nice yeah it take me a a while to hit Castle AG uh sorry FAL age so it’s going to be way more than 15 minutes here in the dark AG all right nice I 10 seconds early no I’m still in Dark Age I’m 15 15 minutes

I’m still in Dark Age so it’s completely fine I could I could click up like 13 minutes for example this F doesn’t make it won’t be able to win the fight I think we want to play into husk ideally here so we’ll try just that

We did we did so much damage this is actually like a very uh a very nice game all right cool so guy can go over there this guy need to I need to W the side somehow I mean I should continue like running around the rosie with this

Guys rning around Rosie those guys and then I’ll go for a market run around continue to buy more time cuz I think we’re in a solid position here can I is this W if I do that I hope it’s wal oh I should send another Village to

Check though just in case man it’s not wal I lose but if it’s wal I’m chilling that blacksmith is going to annoy me it’s going to be my demise okay now we’re fine militias are dying but it doesn’t really matter cuz we should be on the way to

Castle very soon now have a very nice economy okay we’re wed here okay perfect this is looking pretty sick one more villain I’ll go up and we should already get on Stone here all my militi have gotten cleaned up which I guess it sucks but it’s to be

Expected I I don’t think there’s a world where I don’t lose all my militia here so we’re going to go hus scrs and casted ideally there we go we’re on the way up and I do I have the power here it’s perfectly 5 times away where you can’t actually re range

It or can he range it I don’t think he can no he can’t range these BS perfect these BS he can range though however so these Wills have to leave thank God I made the pass like that even one one t for would been nice okay horse caller

Probably a luxury at this point let’s see I think if there’s a tower coming I have to count the tower no no you can’t you can’t be like even poking out of a tile you have to be ex actually here yeah perfect that in the K game no I did

Not I don’t think he was that close either I have to play better from the start she’s getting harassed with that’s okay if you buy 100 Stone I think we’re fine uh he’s actually using the market himself I think cuz I didn’t buy food so

Uh he he’s using the market to trying to click out fast two ranges okay doesn’t he just die a hus here this Tower is completely fine as well only thing that’s not fine is him getting in Market all this I’m going to make a castle here it’s completely

Fine I actually like that he tower Tower drop that uh cuz now like he has no answer to the castle oh that’s criminal that she died my castle blocked her and the upgrade you need on the hush is actually dots you don’t need any more armor on

Them you already take one damage from quos all right let’s delete the market now go for this and uh and horse crawler yeah good thing I didn’t get horse C earlier cuz or else I wouldn’t be able to afford the market so I was right about

That and just being fully walled is very nice here okay strats looking solid guys 15minute dark AG I think we’re managing here he kept one archer in there can I range him cannot I’m tempted to get Fletching and range that one guy also I should be chasing those bills

Right let’s stay on onec here for a little bit while I get my H production set where do those vills go they actually just vanished at what point do we start making another town Center okay he’s going to go plumes okay so I think this is fine we

Might just run into the situation where we have to add some economy in order to win and dude I’m going to get fling guys I cannot be bothered with this one guy in stone walls I mean Hello seriously man now pums do a little better against husk but husk still should dominate them

Those guys are a little a little out of the map he died I could use the the castle to hit the stone walls though I’m kind of dumb whatever I am dumb it’s fine nothing I can really do about being dumb and getting fling is never bad anyway spe spe

Do ster 69 up thanks for three months you’re one oh he’s going to try to come forward here he wants that Hill there don’t want to let him get that hill hill is mine I don’t know I guess he gets the hill I mean much I can do about this be Fa try spread down spread a little thinner we probably want to play towards the full cast all in cast I love how I have a house in his base kind of like uh bit of an impostor here hope he doesn’t deny that by the way of course you will though why

Not why should it not be a 99% P Center that’s annoying and my mon goes down sheesh oh Fletching pain off look at that wasn’t just to kill that Archer after all let’s go for a bit of a Siege workot push Maybe think go work my way towards uh profusion here I think his hus did more damage to my economy than my own hus I think a monke near TC does more damage to me than a bin Paladin by the way oh my God the one HP hos killed them all my villagers that’s

Bad house E fore my house I had an imposter there That’s nice it’s a nice little catch a lot of plumes though how do I deal with those guys I’m still a cast lit luckily he can’t really transition offs way it’s like all he has Spe There I know have horse crawler I mean what is my freaking economy I go down Yep for sh Oh my God Spe where’s your economy it doesn’t even exist I want to raid but I don’t know where to go I SP ring around the road this Castle now E K this Market that has to do something to him nice looking good here looking like he’s almost almost dead oh look at that 15minute darkish challenge and a lot of stress in the mid game man I thought gos should do well against Archer but I guess it’s a very

Close match up versus pled archers it seems I don’t know why that was so hard like I I feel like I should have won a lot more easily but Mayes are just so overpowered I mean they don’t have even a lot of economy a lot of farms and they

Can make makes so many units like he afforded Elite plumer that’s wild to me it’s wild forward Castle really fast them just afford so much damn not too bad though that’s

aoe2 1v1


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