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Age of Empires II has a new Definitive Edition and it’s time to check out the new graphics and gameplay! Here we’re playing some …

Ladies and gentlemen guys and gals welcome back to Age of Empires 2 definitive edition and we are here in the art of war advanced tutorial campaign and as you can see we’ve gotten all the gold medals except for one which is the fast castle Age and so far the

Hardest one for me has been booming which we did manage to do in about 45 minutes but first let’s see what the fast castle age is all about a good commander must learn to be decisive in war hesitation or mistakes can mean the difference between victory and defeat

Just as a soldier practises his spear thrusts so too must a commander learn to be efficient and repeat tasks until he knows them by heart sons who says a clever fighter wins his battles by making no mistakes making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory for it means conquering an enemy

That is already defeated few generals make it this far let us see if you are one of them alright well as common strategies in multiplayer games is the fast castle Age today you’ll learn to execute a particular build order for this a build order is a set of

Instructions to be strictly followed in order to guarantee the most efficient gameplay they are quite common in multiplayer games so research them in your free time first of all it is very important to never leave your Town Center idle check your town center regularly to see if a villager is being

Trained if not use the go to town center pile key to jump over to your town center and click the Create villager button to train or queue up another villager if you do not have enough food force your villagers gathering food to drop off their resources use of rally

Flagging a town center to tell your town set to send new villages to a resource or construction site on completion or when garrison when village is that newly created or when they finish a task they can go idle keep an eye on the idle indicator on the

Top panel and click on it to use the idle village of hotkey to cycle between idle villages and send them back to work remember Bill daughters are a great way to get better at the game but do not forget to strategize note one game is the same so you’ll often need to think

Outside the box good luck alright well we’re gonna give it our best shot here make no mistakes we might just make some mistakes so what are we doing here train a total of 27 villages build two houses advance the castle age that’s the main objectives but we have

Maybe a build order to follow hints okay for more information at the prop together and exploring very important use your most damaged villager to build farms that way that close to the town centre and safe interesting that’s a multi multiplayer thing right there you can see what tasks your villagers

Assigned to mixed queuing for units and techs okay another feature the modernized shift queuing okay and build a market and blacksmith these buildings are cheapest and therefore fastest way to the castle age skipping loom is research as risky but will allow you to advance to the next age more quickly I’ve been skipping

Loom so it’s so I guess we’re skipping loom all right let’s give this a shot Let’s get the sheep in here first thank you [Applause] okay let’s do this okay good keep the villagers coming I know I’m not being super efficient here and scout the map yeah okay good do that okay let’s try our best yes 27 villagers is rather high I’ve been used to getting

21 but maybe that’s a couple extra villages when they are created let’s do this make sure that your Scout keeps on exploring you need to find all eight sheep and both oh no I missed I miss Mike wrote this okay you are building a lumber camp yeah okay let’s set this

Note let’s set this here we’re gonna do this you guys are doing that to that next okay we’re gonna need villagers going to there okay we found one boar over there we can scout with sheep coming this way found two more very good let’s set this one here I’m not training delicious

There’s a second ball later okay I found the two boys are there unless keeps on exploring you need to find all okay okay I gotta lure this ball [Applause] okay you’re doing that I probably shouldn’t have taken the villager off of this then we’re gonna bring this back

You guys going to kill this boar okay having things fall idle damn it this is it’s pretty it’s pretty tricky it’s pretty tricky we gotta do that a little bit of micro to keep things coming here okay good okay I feel like we need to

Get a mill with the next villager okay I know I’m not doing this perfectly and I’m not doing this perfectly but here we go the second boer is over here okay you guys we need to kill this bore how this is so bad this is so messed up but okay

Keep running a little bit closer okay good get that bore okay we’ll probably need another house do that okay we’re going for 27 villagers after you guys do that you’re killing this thing okay probably need six forages it it’s asking for that you create to collect wood okay well let’s

Get the forages up first five out of ten Lumberjacks ten ten Lumberjacks is that correct no the second Lumberjacks more productive and ensure that you have two places to collect wood from in case of an enemy attacked I’m just doing that for now send the idle villagers to gather from

Sheep okay this sheep is gonna stand right there how many do I have on berries seven so we do need 27 villagers do that okay 27 villages we’re gonna need farms or something already probably not we probably should just go mass on those berries right but okay that’s just

I think they’ll give us a little bit of leeway here so we need four five six seven next three villagers have built a mining town okay oh this is it’s stressful it’s stressful mining chem so the last three villages of the 27 go to the mining camp to advance to the next

Age once the next one is trained cue the feudal age research at your town centre okay we got three minutes left I don’t think we can do this in time but let’s just finish this now our only objective is to go to the castle age so we don’t

Actually have to do much else we just need food so let us shift these guys into farming shall we we just need enough wood to build the essential keep an eye on your village for to make sure that they do not be idle once you reach the feudal age you will hear 325

Million and we’ll listen need 800 food no I’m not trading anymore villagers not doing any of that I’m going for this has how much food well you have two more sheep I didn’t even realize you’re doing that next we need 800 food and it’s 200 gold right so

I just need to build the two buildings with these guys one minute left cheese I don’t think I can do this start building eight farms almost in the next age let’s do this research and then we just need to get to the next age come on come on that count

Hopefully you’re happy with your time if not feel free to try again did I do it did I do it did I do it first try maybe I did maybe I did there was a few seconds left but it doesn’t always count it so so accurately feudal age 13 20

Cows later doesn’t it doesn’t count because we didn’t actually get there let’s return to challenges I did it yes look at that fast Castle age gold medal I now have gold medal on all of these look at them look at them shiny gold medals I’m not as bad as I thought I was

I just needed some practice that I actually did in what 12 minutes that’s amazing first try first try on the fast Castle age obviously not the best I’m sure pros could do it much much faster but I think my shortcuts which are probably bad in an actual

Multiplayer game did it for me because I managed I just I just skipped some villagers and I just didn’t do what he said a little bit cutting corners to get the objective but hey a victory is a victory anyway that is the art of war fast Castle age I hope you enjoyed this

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I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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