Coop Showmatch: TheViper & DauT VS TaToH & JorDan

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So we’re playing a co-op so much it’s a delicious GL 101 Corp so much you guys know the host it was also host of delicious World Cup uh danger duck or mystery moose he goes by different names uh you might have seen wipe of his doubt there’s a tattoo Jordan before but this

Is not 2v2 it’s a one-on-one Corp so much so all five games are gonna be played no matter what it’s like some interesting band system as well we’ll just adapt on the spot probably there 38 dollars per game and these are the five Maps doppelganger burrito brawl jambalaya Journey Crossfire cooking and

Pizza Deluxe doppelganger just looks like African Reed beds pretty much burrito brawl looks like the Dual enchiladas your jambalaya Journey which is when ghosts goulash ah we had like a ghastly goulash map during the delicious world that looked like this Crossfire cooking totally new map for the series

One has thesis in the North and South while the other and east and west pier and then pizza at the end yeah you go to the draft I expect it oh here okay okay after you clicks yesterday I trust you today high Dental Maps uh I did look through

Them while I was waiting for you well maybe you should then jump no no I tell you I tell you it will take it will click it looks like if it clicks it click okay so there’s five Maps right top do you know how to draft works by

The way it’s going to be a random bands after each pick okay now I know yeah now you know so we have one two this map what’s the best for two TC pants Chinese Koreans yeah sure sure do you get 100 foot per TC that’s a good question go check before I

Pick them what’s it called tell me what it’s called burrito burrito duel something or we pick first wait wait wait wait wait wait oh yeah you get you get extra food let’s Finance where are they okay okay it’s 400 foot man okay with my game at least yeah one

Game is done that clicked that was a fast click oh bengales oh yes no it clicks you see and it is such for the pressure and then it clicks and it’s enough where water can be played and monks will be insane right hopefully they don’t know oh insta pick the pressure

Okay so notices well we pick we pick what we do pizza Portuguese pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza well don’t ignore Pizza I think ribbetts what do you play Japanese but take something okay there is Corner fish right yeah with only three persons look at these

Charts so okay we got three what is the next map well we need pizza oh Japanese can be for pizza can’t go wrong with Inca oh we pick again man African weed Birds I still think like Marlins is probably still better than Japanese we could go pulse

Villager Towers oh I’m sold it clicked it’s clicked like it’s a co-op mode right so somebody will be able to micro those Villages forever yeah yeah yeah the last time we go random here that confident in our past I’m done we’ll pick the video just for here go random

If if we get our videos it’s meant to be okay but they randomly they copy us yeah we don’t have a choice we don’t have a choice well we have to do this in first game is African redbuds it’s a style man but it’s good right we got five pop for the dog

And it’s better than Japanese so it’s fine exactly who who does that uh you might cry macro we agreed no are we ready who does what yeah let’s see who’s the cows first we adapt we adapt try hards I was first yeah six six will restart I

Take the Scout I take the scout why do you went to the Woodland uh why not well we have so much APM now combined I mean not that much but more than you more more than usual we can scout with the Sheep yeah it’s not that far away it’s not somewhat

So you’re scouting okay okay I’m scouting yeah man this is real this should ruin my tournament man I I need to be toxic for this you will lose or something uh we have boar here man what is that number well it’s a beautiful one don’t worry we push stop moving the scout s

Why did he move there it’s not finding okay okay we are second there sorry what yeah yeah wait Tisa gives 10 pop oh yeah no we have a hat in the middle of the map oh true we don’t need a house because we get five popular videos oh so smart

No I don’t export them carpet oh wait I’m not sure if I trust you with this what is this what the idle time man it’s perfect like it was far away you were busy with the board I didn’t think you were able to pay attention again

Uh we could wall actually the dock quite easy and make a Ridge Forest Fishbone Um yeah we don’t fish we don’t fish we keep it later where’s the poor oh it’s there is there I take a take okay wait are they gonna laymos well no they send a judge to like look at us but they will just be just passing look

Look I’m debating they won’t see it coming this is perfect now they send one guy to uh check the dock did you are the walls safe well you can check and fix oh this is the stick in the board I’m scouting we need two of them um why

Well exactly all the wheels are safe yeah maybe do him so we can go fuel so we can afford it a question is what do we make a choice right the dock is ripped yeah but do we go skirms send the boys sending the boys

That man this is perfect the dog is such a good debate double Barrack we can afford it wait wait we need a we need to go where’s the goal uh there so far away that’s what I said where are you going go left go left I think it’s safer

I don’t want to be on that Hill it looks ugly man my villagers are not getting to the middle wait is that real the entrance only on the side what the hell um oh that’s a lower dock I love it uh money cam sorry like you take Stone

Angle at the same time you can ride them right and you’re even quick one okay they have two on gold they had six on wood so they will be on toodles soon as well are you sure about double move I’m thinking should we but I forgot

We don’t make any militia no no no no no no we wait for supplies yeah yeah do we make a fire if you can afford if you make again we got two on the wood right ugly yeah yeah we need houses the dock will go down and we’ll lose five pop house

Yes this is I have experience with your videos I qfi right we have we have gold we have gold but will the class we find out soon but then again they might still take yeah no fire no fire no fire oh we cannot produce anything but they care so much

You have to micro oh they’re at the dock the other dock but no fish no fish is fine should we sneak and make a new dog once they leave I think so right if we have one we have very few videos yeah but we have wood we

Don’t make we’re not making wood units so I do I do I do okay okay do we attack with you or do we wait for more uh go here go here with like three I mean their gold is there wood is on the left it’s a handicap

What the hell Lord I gotta kill I gotta kill oh look at the house killer oh you know I made them close and then they still abuse it do we send some militia home uh not yet not yet oh it’s going easy but well you can’t do more as well

I take the militia I take some militia okay we can send to a home now yeah you go there I go left yeah yeah like uh Rush Hour it’s almost like they have four eyes we have more man arms coming we can send two home to clean up the other stuff okay you

Don’t you tell me then you do it man yeah I’m just I’m asking confirmation you’re not a strategy it’s a team okay okay oh man we are so good here oh this Village is there anyway which one oh yeah oh there’s a wolf the bear what is the Villager like second one is

Arches sorry I had to micro the Army I had to micro the Army on the front roll over the place stop moving it how would I really just stand up being there anyway I don’t know maybe I okay I removed my TC from The Gather point I cannot select it anymore

You do all TC oh my God I take care of that I take care need to check their fish we need storm what do we need blacksmith we need it we’re getting so much fish from the wood food something from the fish we need we need another fisting email but we carry so much it

Doesn’t matter oh he got stretching as well oh God uh uh range range range range and then blacksmith it’s good it’s good okay okay oh we can type Rush with the front Villages as well we have resources for that I guess we do [Laughter] um well just one Tower well we can’t oh

Yeah yeah yeah they’re trying to keep why do you stop I wasn’t looking that I was creating stuff yeah Google creates squirms oh he saw us in the middle the Scout found us oh and he’s getting them the thing is it creates another thing is do you think they see our Wheels there

That’s a good Tower that’s a good Tower I like it that’s an amazing one but probably is what do we do at home yeah yeah yeah yeah just give like two squirms to their home and we’re fine uh next beer we have double barracks or make lemon arms we have supplies if he

Micros oft wait but how can we run into this even two of us are controlling that’s your side of the things I’m focusing elsewhere we have so much wood are we even macroing at home oh you’re micro you’re micro dissecting us wait I’m there okay okay stop eating what is your army

Because I chewed up Farms okay now you have some wood we need blacksmith yes yes At home now you can use them forward why is their score so high because they killed Mana Orange it’s fine I mean it’s debate we kill the stable we kill the production they’re dead oh you’re talking my language we don’t have gold for Fletching infantry armor you do it

Oh oh maybe we need Fletching oh they all sent everything there I thought they were coming to attack we don’t have gold everything why did you put everything off on gold I didn’t know they had one Village there yeah are you Michael in the front I kind of am okay I can tell

We need clutching yeah yeah when you go I’m taking it oh no yeah because you’ve removed the microphone right to the front yeah I need to check economy do something with my life oh we’re losing the oh it’s a valley I sent one villager already there but he

Has one HP as well who cares I’m finding the taco man what don’t have a choice they’re diving this is good trade for us we’re talking about the score doesn’t agree with you I was a good change how to trade good we have bare head units there it’s almost like someone

Missed Michael before I came foreign is not looking good at least their economy is good at home because we have surface in the middle we’re fine Um yeah fine I killed it no I killed it no we we killed it yes Let’s go they are fully walled man what to do we’re almost up anyway do we need markets where’s that Village or forward they’re also approaching us that’s disrespects so I guess rules admin uh what what do we make from the Army well we go cast this and then we make

Full long sword we have the production already we have the production Market zoom zoom oh the gold a quick wallet I did yeah I will cry well I guess you’re about to cry Jordan oh Woodland are you taking care of that okay definitely took care of it well I did look at him

Okay oh that was open okay we’re fine we’re fine Another single one in the middle why would we need in the middle oh we have yeah okay okay do we need a third Barrack oh the path am I what look at that they can enter from their base we have to go to Japan to enter how is this fair that was

That was basically killing our plan this is honestly the map lost so far I I mean everybody see that already like yeah defend at home uh TC we will have stone on TC somewhere and we send everything there not by much so we’ll do it easy on Golden wood they’re going wood uh

You go aggressive [Laughter] we need good damage on the on the home we can’t get wood with the new TC it’s fine it’s fine we actually didn’t lose that of course score is irrelevant The maritime Army is not doing a lot oh they got nights I’m even migrants even though uh our plan is better than anybody okay this was a map window I mean like come on look at this we can’t enter the middle our plan was to get food yeah our

Plan was to get food in the middle we cannot enter yeah everything was actually blocked how was this one this should be a replay and now we ended up wasting dravidians here that hurts the most right at least okay it’s not the way but Lee was the radiance like

They’re still open for us no no dresses look The Outpost brush the whole map is that disrespectful I I feel disrespected I was trying to pick our color so he can see everything uh have you already clicked in ah these guys just not playing by the rules Uh I’m bottom and bottom yeah well you are I back since the correct one uh uh how do we spread our why are you building house okay good good your billing house because we need it yeah I’ll do loom so you don’t know and I guess they are left and right yes

They will be here and here so who makes ducks house you build a house yeah you’re the first job to build once we have like 12 on wood on foot we can start going forward I guess do we need a lumber camp or dog first just trying to find that there’s so much

Wood man again I’m stuck with the woodlands insane okay I go doc I dog first I think we need a long weekend first okay have a good Lumber cam you do Lumber cam okay will they do Gill nuts in Village play well yes that’s the pick the two I do a house yes

Oh yeah I guess six Village or something because we need house okay we have two I have two yeah I’m already going to build a dog should fit well you got two videos thank you you have two at zero stop sorry you’re the production oh how many

Minutes you have I have um I I did Loom I killed him I did Loom it’s not fair thank you hi okay now you should put more yeah how’s the sauce you do you do you’re doing it I’m doing house okay I’m doing the house anyway okay you’re getting the dog our house

Okay do I get the dog or not I think no we need a few days right then we need to go aggressive because they have burgundians oh we go fast Castle oh we get so many villages I’m doing a dog uh relationship once we get wood but we need more wood

I do a house okay okay this is good so good do we go monks or do we go kind of like Kratos I like brothers as well we need a house I’m making it it’s almost done stop it closing my units well you can Roth I can go Monk there you go

Should I get the mining camp uh where what’s it called like uh I don’t have easy Stone here so if you want to go okay just lovely what’s the plan well fast Castle I think this one is out oh don’t lose this discount give me on the hill man

Okay as we go fast gas along yeah yeah then I would say we go TCS and monsters you can put TC on Stone and go big okay okay I queued up I mean he sent the Villager okay okay he wants to take our dog well He thinks he can pass there is one docking off or do you want to dock your corner as well oh he cannot weld it in Freely uh wait what’s Happening Here I’m not sure what I’m building here uh do you have every time I want to build

Something you take my pieces like can you build anything I can’t I’m okay done now okay are you controlling my Villages no I only did once when you had like three idols I didn’t like that okay do we let that rock or do we talk ourselves

Uh well I mean we can just send them later are you getting gold we need to click up I am I have six on goals I will be the market let me market okay you’re the market I do blacksmith oh we got extra Wheels stop spending

Stuff for me I need a little more blacksmith help we need house because we’re gonna we got someone else and then the buildings around who do we go up where do we go up um my case you can grow up okay well we’re housed anyway go up nice you are ready

Wheelbarrow I guess oh another Scout is here is full HP damage almost like they had two I I well there’s my second Scout oh we forgot to drop to the middle well it’s like two medals right no there’s one that’s only one middle now

Yeah do I make this in the middle or on the stone or what is the plan I have a lot of scout you don’t need the Scout we will have multiple armor yeah okay they don’t have fish in the left corner I was fixing them why you touched my wheels because you did not fix Ed imagine all the villagers okay okay

We need to what’s the plan now where do we who uh where mutt everybody got 20c I will build okay see each extra and then I will no no no no no no no no no I will uh they walled here I’m on are you moncrust this guy I’m on

Crush this guy or what wait we need fun yeah true true you build some Farms I am taking the gold so I don’t have the oh you’re taking the stone okay okay yeah yeah yeah they have Market we haven’t scouted this at all they have an access table I think

Because I see another Scout to foolish p okay one TC each Advantage just think you should do it in the middle I’m not sure I don’t think it’s good but what is in the middle two Scouts I know Well Middle is decent they’re a relics too cannot build in the middle

Oh that’s a good spot that’s supposed in the Middle look at that spot look at that spot and cry okay that’s a good one they’re being annoying with Scouts here it’s almost like they know we’re going monks they’ll just pick up products and go write us you’re done [Applause] oh yeah no

Ah shoot oh God damn it why can’t avoid that oh it’s because the duck is blocked I couldn’t build these yet because they’re the scouts are here I’m picking up the religion like I’m doing everything oh demo here’s demo huge has the demo but he cannot reach

You right next to my dog left side I’m trying well left side please I cannot roll it completely off TC finish so we’re good I think we are they go to the fish in the middle oh how do you deal with that you need a castle there buy it buy it

Where did I build it cannot be too close to the dark I guess these yeah that’s fine oh we should have gone yes that is light covers fine you sold it huh that’s what they did oh nice you need to see it man I wasn’t watching man can you do some Monk upgrades

Instead of producing monkeys oh they’re a bit like a castle there as well what oh and rather so good I mean the Costas they can cost us man it will have many demos there and many coasters about your marks what you’re doing stop controlling myself I’m not

Yeah right I wasn’t I was fully quick bowling here man no copper no copper are you controlling the rather or not I don’t know because every time she’s like there’s another player control messed up here I’m not touching anything above the middle except resources score is catching up we’re pulling ahead

Leave Another Castle look at this what is this you’re scared they should be who cost us what the hell is Costas okay makes sense actually should we go in we have somebody else There’s so much For myself stop going making videos we need to stop making gold units as well then do you need help I’m not touching anything of your stuff resources okay that I am touching tough score God I will buy wood I’m buying a new town already uh is this safe

I don’t know I keep buying stuff and you keep telling where do you need a second do you need a second cast on your side well it could be good no never mind no I don’t think so I can guess on them okay I go in on my side

Then I do a castle on my side because they have a castle there now we go Pike Monk an imp there you go Pokemon Emmy I’m doing The Outpost the division and we need some the fish and chips yeah I know but I didn’t want to spend the woods someone has been complaining

Well now I build my stuff okay so I can do fish traps now so yes it can finally uh keep mine we got eight wheels oh look at this look at this oh wait I convert them and take a picture yes yes yes uh do we get the Barrack stable okay I

Have two Barracks yeah yeah I see I built this table for you as well it’s a nice guy yep uh today running with tratters guess there’s no need to risk it where well under the castle here uh I mean you can go you can go to the

Top side I mean you can just it’s Palisade right you can break it from your side from here uh question um I will need all the resources for traps and such yeah I was questioning University but I guess you got it yeah don’t spend more than gold now we need a

I need a trip oh [ __ ] that’s fine I’m making myself who makes thrust I made already can I do a second castle you need no I don’t think oh those extra villagers are not uh exactly working uh if you can rate this is very easy to read eventually don’t care

We need to stop making videos though uh yes yes we have too many other conscription well I cannot go only rattas right I’ll just add some Barracks slap down some hops foreign this is wide open for ready do we have help upgrades and such I’m doing how about for it

Man this is the best they got Hill here I don’t like it I mean we need to break like we should be able to ride them on their that side so easy right yeah but kind of want to take care of the middle as well you can they’re still going full Cavalry so

Cops are doing good I give you ballistics okay making progress here God why don’t you join and trap this with me and then we can take care of the top afterwards you need another Castle no I just need the stone to repair this one okay then I don’t spend it oh they’re here

Yeah this one but we don’t have we don’t have an archery range for your router I’m searching for whole carbs anyway right if you can repair I’m going for the traps it’s fine build a new one okay you can build I don’t need it He’s coming in there okay you better quick pull that outage man you have so much Idol don’t touch my things I cannot man do your two things are touching me as well do we have castles we don’t keep enough Farms like how is missing we don’t need farms for rata

Are you watching those helps bro watching them die what counts but every time I click either it’s there how it’s even possible when there’s two of us foreign ERS now we can just add some scrums you need four traps in the middle well it would be nice to clean the middle up yeah you get ready to take over to control them I like the skull control oh did we do division upgrade oh we did not

We can’t afford it we need bikes Pikes Spike spikes where are the middle tabs I sent wait where are they going where are they because they’re able to do some storms they will lose the traps yeah yeah we we lost them I literally just clicked them into the

Middle so I don’t know where they went to the middle then well they’re not there anymore makes sense uh we needed attack switch I’ll add some forms we need a [ __ ] in the middle will be the worst how do you build us well with the hot dog hotkey S Yeah but I mean like we’re taking full control everywhere else on the map so yeah it looks good for you but for me Okay uh oh you’re holding fine what’s up you’re fine yeah yeah I killed them I will demo that I will demotato oh that’s the dream isn’t that kind of worse than Outpost rushing I think it’s even bigger disrespect honestly yeah they’re dead their economies are in shambles we go elephant archers

We go elephant no no don’t think we can afford Marketplace are insane wait wait wait wait for the demo we don’t don’t think before the demo we need something heard out take their fish that’s gonna hurt yeah yeah okay okay and upgrading the perfect time but kinda

Got stuck there and he’s not even looking so who cares what upgrade did you do I mean heavy ship oh I’ll have a demo okay they are so dead careful dogs can be repaired yeah yeah I just bought Stone I think we might need to make some more bills again

Population is a lie Is the middle fully hours feels yes yeah we have control right now I take those battles to the right doubt yeah yeah because I don’t need anything Luigi easy it clicks this is more exhausting it’s hard damn hard this game easy snack maybe the video hey hey give one second it bad

Okay in Thailand we actually pulled the head economically quite fast not here but like there because they have the Scout stairs we have more Eco population here for sure yeah Eco was better overall ten thousand more wood damn found one so message to play uh play this apparently you start two like

I think it’s just spread yeah two in the middle and then some like in the corner and like where do we build this is like in the middle I guess it’s impossible I think one should be on the wood on the outskirts right on this in the around

The circle the the bamboo and then the question is the second one I’m thinking we could build it where we see a good short fish and deep fish on the shore I don’t know okay once TC maybe in this area places To make it easy on the on this side you go for the Woodland like here is the game lagging for you yeah I found a good spot here with the deers and surface yeah it’s a good spot it’s kind of blocking me I still like the spot okay okay

Yep I’ll do one there we kind of use the optimum time now we got double Castle lithuanians will be insane what do they have persons okay they’re going one of them is going to the middle they’re the relics in the map that’s a good question and the game is shopping I wonder if

It’s something with the script s let’s say no a command say no he’s like I’m wondering if there’s something that’s always going to happen restart we’re gonna search good spots they will see our plans I think it’s fine now wait no no no persons mm-hmm

Oh wait we have to do middle now we have to look at the Village you build one there I will take two Villages for the bottom yeah hope you find something there well I have I have wood here so just do it there jackpot oh maybe it would be a

Better even up there like between the forests as well this is really good I mean everything goes on food here oh I guess you go for the wooden houses wait they can afford wait are they doing two TC’s or are they doing oh they no now they can maybe they are

Cheating too wait we need houses no we got 10. I do loom right away with your TV because you’re finished you’re going to be housed right no it’s not too long it’s just seven percent after so let’s just make those well like you make a house now yeah yeah just kill bills

Do I take the wood you take ah we want you on wood though kind of as well well eventually but I go for having for like look at the TC yeah but like we don’t need the food right away right that’s the thing oh that’s true oh yeah this is stupid

We can go up let me see not quite but I mean we probably need a house first in Lombard but then again do we want to make fish I guess check the corner if there’s good fish there then maybe there is there is some I mean the top looks nice

Who makes the house eyebrows a house yeah you do you do because I’m on wood uh uh a year ago food and gold constantly you go constantly on wood and we are fine that sounds fun let’s take one whole game well I have boar as well next to me cool I have gold

As well next to me I mean making a dog hair makes sense I think it’s super safe right yeah and they’re for sure Yeah of course what class is that and we need a house house oh there’s two pieces now go fight yeah yeah or we can Dutch them whoa but but we need that is amazing but we need to find the TC though they might have a doctor oh do we already build a dog

We’re starting to run a bit low on food we can’t maintain production anymore can I block this guy probably not three snipe fish and chips villager can you I mean they can just run away in micro forever I wouldn’t do it should I do it I mean it’s decent damage

I might as well right it’s just one way they probably depends they probably depend on that yeah for sure I mean they may have opened one TC and dock right as well with the amount of fish and chips they have there I think so yeah yeah

I took one board here we have enough wood income right I will take the board as well okay fuel to take the down the fish he’s happy from here yeah then I try to find one more boredom should we maybe even stop the wheels that’s like 28.

Probably worth it like do we have two buildings producing here um well we should right yeah I’ll do a second building then on my side yeah yeah this is good this is good uh do we wanna idle now and go up I think so yeah

Um I think it won’t even be that long so therefore oh I know what they’re doing one TC with Doc and now douching careful with the wheels you might be enriched try okay now what do you do with those villagers well spread around take some food take

Some gold whatever well what do we need I guess I take the balls no I’ll take all the wood on the top because you’ll be migrating probably so or like do I make a decision I think I make it easy somewhere I mean I can do a

Second TC up here right and we have two pieces together it’s easier to play like that and you can go and be funnier with those guys but I cannot be too funny uh where’s the stone on this map well you can take stone with some of the guys

And be funny with the other guys well I can make a meal here just and they can go past Castle after should I go on some gold then I will go on gold I will go over here maybe do a second dock down here oh yeah

Look at the house maybe you should put like four wheels there to block him running when we make a fire uh it’s all the old empty right I see one I can well I can drop uh movie to fish and chips okay if you want do your second season now or do

We be funny can I block all this with those fish let’s do a fire first um so we do TC on my side or your side okay hopefully it’s not fast I made a hole oh you didn’t have to do it all right like with so much aisle now that’s our

Food I don’t care man oh house you don’t need more gold right you’re taking gold yeah yeah yeah okay well they have fishing oh careful down there yeah yeah Michael the fire not sure if that’s right how much do you need yes you escaped he cannot

So I’m not worth it put them back to work already are you making this scene well you could have well you can just pass that wall down there right see we didn’t need those bills to be idle oh true oh you’re doing a dock down there okay uh we need a market

Are you taking I’ll take Stone hey we got food for the TC can we put the fish back to work now know to Kill Them All uh do we click up and collect relics because they had they probably have fish like here and here as well I’m gonna

Send the wheel to the top to check we can go cast that and we drop a cast and do lightly relics relics right yeah as well uh yeah don’t spend wood that’s two buildings Idols Plus if we go like this are you on Stone somewhere I’m taking Stone now

On the bottom is popping uh-huh tell me if you ever go off gold so I need to take all there but there is one two okay like if you’re being forced off I mean I would just need a little bit of wood for the meal we can buy some yeah

Closed captioning not available we left fish on top as well and we’re up and we got all right this is over they are dead it was over before it started yep the solitis okay you want a castle do they still have that TC should we cast um yeah

Do we get back or something do we need or you can make one wherever wherever you need it we will need stable and saturated bloodlines we don’t need that yet you can build whatever you want so busy here oh they have a dock on the left we can send Lighty there

We need pieces we got food oh that’s true but the first castle first castle Yeah oh without fast fast it’s lowest prevail you can’t build it on your own wheels you have to build it where you’re not standing I’m standing everywhere oh I have a bad feeling about this

I have a bad feeling about this start getting good feeling that’s all about bad feelings I make house oh there’s a scout here oh you have that water okay you’re fine you’re fine thank you chilling are you willing to see us uh I don’t understand yet I wouldn’t know

Wait do they have all uh what’s the word I forgot what I’m saying here give me okay I will buy wait stop Hispanic stuff did you get to Alex from the middle uh I already have one second is on the way were all the relics in the middle when

You check them out yeah yeah yeah yeah okay who’s making farms uh no one so far I’ll start adding Okay they have stable here as well so I might but we don’t have much Stone control do you think we can get it do you think we get it so we get it so we got the Relic No we took it God damn it hahaha still make light cap e how many kisses do we have all right I’m adding one we’re gonna have five okay okay I was about 10. which fraction do you think I reached the TC with the castle Fletching yeah I do

I think it would benefit if you wait a bit more in the middle as well yeah yeah doing that but from their monks as well so we have three relics I’m not sure how many the map has conversion man this is such a beastly raising unit yep

Oh we’re being Castle dropped oh on the monastery I take the release and run run yeah I might need some units there down the road can I read well can you get afford another Castle uh nope they have control there in a seal all right I don’t know where we got on Stone

Can we do the range upgrade for the uh we do that that’s the next step it’s scheduled without I need Lightyear I’m here uh do you want relics or not there you want the Lighty you the the TC range this range is on the way actually I will connect

Well you take care of those places huh not my job okay he got Masterpiece all good I see conversions no worries yeah we’ll stay up to relax we’re fine okay not commercial stupid game okay I don’t think that I don’t think we have more relics to find do you need more relics not really we need another Castle soon right I’m taking Stone here hopefully we can keep

That the final Stone on the map to take yes Castle here would be insane can’t you take that stone yeah yeah I will buy Stone dropper castle and take it I found more Stone as well now oh sniping too much this was insane do we need upgrades for a light day does

It help solution doesn’t hurt you can tease Rush as well yes you can why are you building a second blacksmith wait you already have one well you build one oh where was I did you cancel it that castle and they were like Baba oh you should that should have been a TC

Man yeah that’s where I thought the bottom and the left was supposed to be connected we can go only down Kill from here well the one with the three siblings that clicked now we have to see missed a huge equal it 30 bills yeah oh it’s apparently random what’s connected

Wait so that yeah look at this they must have gone dock opening and the second easy to do Japanese or Incas well it’s two TC’s one is like like either we will have West and East or we’ll have North and South like the last time and just oh

Yeah summer Towers on this map but the Inca cheaper Towers though that’s true but they’re not justama they are not here thinking because with the eagle will because let’s do it wait if they have Lancers though we are like it’s civilos I build a house I build a

House wait I go north or west wait I’m North I’m North well I was Northwest I am North okay but last time I was home yes we meet here right there on the T-shirt now we have to wait not yet not yet yeah uh well you can just build a mill right

Because they are under there they’re on the Paris you didn’t tell me the resurface manhunts are amazing I told you no no I don’t know Maybe no no that came after actually there’s more cows than I thought it was and the rolling is not that hard

Wait do we have plan what do we do uh full Infantry they will open Scouts though but here should be easy cancel your Villages it’s like you create like what I need to make your TC man why because you like get three of them but I’m queuing always uh yes in both

TC’s yeah we’re both doing things like that doesn’t make sense house house uh yes we need the lumber Camp soon uh who has the best mode let me see uh oh I think well yours isn’t that much better I guess here maybe yeah I will do it huh so do we get up

Uh I mean the fish looks nice but it’s so vulnerable right I took your TC’s Waypoint by mistake oh okay um like I said I mean this fish looks nice right wait you can dock the left side as well I think you can okay you can drop this as well

Keep taking your villagers we can switch if you want to see it will be a bigger mess y uh well they sure they have Loom right but they will like our Eagles to be useless in feudal okay I come I come to the left you [Laughter] what about the whole Frontier

Imagine your walls okay you take both Eagles okay we should be able to pick up now right I did the mill already well I will do the mill as well okay okay do I do Lumber as well probably we’ll need it eventually are you gonna sling no so well do I ball

Or not what’s the plan well I need unit s we go full infantry armor right away and then we Market Castle age you may experience the Eagles to survive and then we have armor on the bills as well that means we need to walk yeah you go

Full walls and we do barracks on my side all right we does that you said you were going to wall yes and then you laughed at me oh how not your map is it might be so open and MBL would it’s okay if you want the wall there is an opener

They will snipe our Eagles that’s good huh I will go on gold I hear a low yellow it’s Legend all my gold is forward so you have to take the gold okay maybe we should maybe I should full volume the barracks there hello me too well I’m not falling fast but we don’t

Have a barracks okay Army on my side but I think it makes sense to have armed your side but okay we’re committed we are more than committed we just make space in the opening right well I’m finishing the ball so I only hope there is no Hole uh okay

I’ll do Market blacksmith here then as well oh God the pet finding but do we make much Army Village question or just deals I’m Walt that’s it I’m checked okay I hope so if this is open I’ll be resign I already kicked your Builder so it’s not well it’s going there

Uh wait is it open no it’s because you’re fully walled and that’s the closest yeah it’s not open why are you checking me why didn’t you check yourself I’m I’m doing it I mean so like what what do you need cellstone sell everything yeah I’m slinging well we we only we need

Golden Foods okay this is coming up so you can clean up in a second or I click up mini door wheels on gold right we’re fully walled everywhere now we need to balance Eagle for food and wood let’s do my horse just because I’ll just finish the gate to relax

We have 19 on they’re going to have the Ultras I guess it makes sense get on scouting eagle or something I have a Spearman okay we need the barracks in there so don’t spend wood oh I’ve made the mic okay no Fletching yet for them they’re making

Farms oh they can’t have to right I’m getting mine in Camp like half of economy’s world okay what is this oh oh what were they scared of whoa they win Scouts feudal age back they don’t know man chilling absolutely uh do we want to add TC as well um

And then they realize there’s no hope Scouts and they will after them not flashing yet for them Scout upgrades yeah they’re going tonight stop facing Eagles please yeah yeah they were going there because well you can go cheap Pikeman as well but Eagles okay which side their Stables are on left right

Mail track your bill where is disaster I’m busy yeah oh they’re scorpion they’re four forward uh well if you cannot stop the forward come on come on oh I can help as well wait why are you okay you touch you touch I guess we do where is something

But I’m making monk but they were faster but why didn’t you get Pike when I told you they’re cheap no we can’t go back now do they have scorpion I am I creating the walls once we’re a monk we can engage maybe we bought enough time Will it get conversion already they have Monk and Hill and scorpions maybe we should go and defend from inside house house do we go on the fence on the inside what do you mean did I go here so we have Hill as well I don’t know do we come on Focus To this is enough here we got one night conversion I mean it’s a snow we clean up right I think so they also didn’t kill any of our monks well still somewhat close but how we score is not better for us like any fight should be good for us right on paper yes

I will get yourself another TC I don’t trust you no we have we have everything is under control now I will take two Eagles to be annoying to some economy on the right do that okay but they’re breaking uh make it easy don’t spend wood I need Oh that’s why the score is lying So we have to be careful with demos you can you can stop now with your hands okay okay oh look look at these idiots All right we’re in cruise control right and if you fish so oh let’s learn to add car washers okay give me a plus two armor you can use the Stonewall that is making a house when you are like 300 population we’re fine now foreign this looks nice look at the production

Metal I guess look at the production here yeah yeah and healing production fan production did we send the boys already upgrades now well cannot do anything when you’re like spanning stuff I’m sending 20 Wheels I’ll take adding more production on the hill perfect you need more Eagles to have fun over

There or we’ll drop a group later on yeah just let me get the gas lap first exactly we can probably benefit from these in the middle oh that’s got a lot of the message see what that time is so but you all enjoy your team it’s a nightmare

The gold is quite limited well that’s why we take a tease in the middle no look what he is doing here oh luckily you can quick wall well we can send my bills now to the middle Make it easy with those because I don’t have the resources you know we are sharing resources oh God don’t let him in don’t let him in like I was trying to make a monk oh yeah but some of these depending my [ __ ] man Oh I cannot stop this anymore another TC there everything is a good card but this is here there is our army well they did they did win that fight in the middle huh okay but of course suddenly I was thinking you won the game now I look at the score

Well they have a nice night car washer combo is pretty good and that was like Dragon Ball Telecom earlier yeah where did things go wrong I think we didn’t have a lead they had fish they had pressure they added thesis felt good man maybe maybe it’s over them wait let me

Do a castle in the middle Yeah I like that I don’t need to turn red more on the right we needed Imperial age right that’s our power well we still have 94 but they have I think they have two and above and they have Army everywhere breathing and well this was amazing my friends

No I still like their plan yeah I’m still probably rated right side a bit more they had no production there right they were open for the raids I think that castle was not needed imagine Imperial age with Incas on this map like yeah yeah we didn’t have a plus two for a while

And then attack upgrades too well you’re supposed to do those and then having equal or they have 30 more bills yeah way better equal weren’t you supposed to do Eco somebody keeps us spending my stuff man well we can win the last game on Pizza is fine and pause

They have Frank smuggles that’s kind of as well but those those friends or Mongols have bonus on Villages right well it pulls a [ __ ] here yeah yeah we need Japanese we have meals then and everything yeah counter Mongols and Franks and we can open a militia on one Lake I like the

Sound of that if they go Mongols I think we should commit all the burials to lame the whole thing well there’s too much things they are bores and everything we’re gonna do Lancers wait wait this is different Shore fish is on top left hold this bottom Paris is right okay here

Okay okay and the lumber came here to connect yeah yeah they hit you baited us man wait is there a villager fight allowed I saw the Villager attacker a special Slater we name everything right should I spend word on uh he admit this is here okay do I spend more than palestized

To lame divorce well it’s Mongols right wait we can make a DC One More TC right away how well because we have wood okay don’t do it well you need to hear well you are blaming or I made a Lamborghini that’s so stupid I’ll just just build a uh

Wait I thought we couldn’t afford it is here make this secure then that makes sense well they have uh wait did they do yeah that’s it after I lay him after them and there’s so much to lame still well you take it this year right you just name yourself basically double bass yeah

They have that right I don’t like our opening well they probably messed up as well you think they’re blaming us yeah yeah how do we click the surface uh I got it I got it on the closest one yeah yeah okay and the DC I guess DC cannot click on it

Yeah waypoints will never be there yeah I think I got it I think I got it don’t touch don’t touch okay I’ll get it Well a bit slow start yeah the human score I guess that’s not scouting I will try to go and blame the other stuff as well here why are we taking storm and I believe you about it man well not with the TC Oh let’s just do loom oh the slices feel so small but I guess it makes sense since it’s only one sure what are you doing with those villagers naming no never mind that’s fine Oh I did Masterpiece lame no that was so sick but where I don’t see it even it was such a nice lame oh here laughs again that’s what this plan this plan is planned in my TC as well Army what do we do monks my arms

Things Tower here so he cannot drop out right that would be nice do we know where the second this is well they take a Ryan elephant there uh well yeah second piece is here they have two there and there oh we can do something here that’s why I

Was naming so much around 13c up there we’ll need a house soon are you Masterpiece in there I guess they didn’t make DC on that slice right yeah yeah they have TC here in here not on the berry yeah what are you the slices feel so small yeah

Oh he bought your Villages here where my villager They’re attacking us here our first at what point do we go up your Idol’s here yes we can already go out oh I must have pissed again Get Wrecked whoever that is building building let’s just go up oh yeah what’s our plan do we go first castle maybe even I don’t

Know they’re eating cows up on the top so they’re hunt bonus Among Us is not that strong oh you know what we go yes for everything but then we need a castle drop as well well we go yeah yeah we go Thomas why do we have so much gold out

I don’t touch your things man you yell at me yeah I’ll make a chocolate choppy here as well towards the outside yeah I mean we should be able to fast Castle right I mean no problem can I have wood for a lumber cam yeah yeah But we need buildings like we’re spending all the water well I we haven’t had much water income lately if you have noticed that’s true let’s just do what I pay we’ll do a little bit longer Village I wanted to make a tower man I’ll make one well you keep spending

Stuff for me no you can where where do you want the tower behind the TC yeah let me Outpost first my ass here oh I don’t like that that’s enriched as DC one tile for the back please that’s better what do we do against here do I have wallet um you can

As long as it like as long as it doesn’t get a stable in there right and it’s fine I’m building Mr wheelbarrow oh because he cut here oh God she just doesn’t stop her but I think I take control okay okay do we have a second building or

Something uh we have no building you take care of the buildings okay okay Avenger oh we’re in there Mickey Mouse are you doing blacksmith I don’t know what I’m doing man it’s too messy I do blacksmith Yes do we have a Barracks like I would like one stable no we don’t you need a Barrels in your corner so if you don’t need a burst then I will make one make one they’re okay oh do I do a tower there or do we just let it go down

Uh that’s not Bueno yeah I guess and we can we need to drop outside on the bigger store I’m going big here now no choice you have seed Russia paired out yeah I’m building a tower we need your summer first only a guard Tower we’re gonna really suffer on food income I agree

Yeah we talked about it Why did you first smaller than you don’t know all right well you took over now we need the University first sure if you will get in time well the botkin oh yeah the stars did not accomplish anything yeah stop making those from my TC I’m trying to stop

Remove it from your control group is she very much Let’s do what upgrade remember someone safe with the towers now though yeah they already have Farmers like we can only dream about Farmers but we have a lot of food income here so like food is not a problem right now I mean they don’t have stone anymore right

But they have a lot of gold we have look at the tower defense maybe a castle drop an imp and just hope for the best I like the plan of hoping Sense at this point they’re being annoying here and I have one for a seat Workshop right yeah somebody income I need a second tower please okay I can’t get much more food income so we need to go in here we are almost there I guess but we need a castle tool we accomplish

Nothing you’re pushing our Towers though so we kind of need to repair let’s go where’s our buildings oh my God thank you what else can go wrong go up go go make house no I thought it was not a Castle Rock house actually we’re going to imp we’re more stoned out

Another Castle yeah they will they’re coming here be careful well they cannot cut unless they’re up to him so where do we do the castle though finally that’s the only thing we care about some units as well like carvelas or something um some Rangers here I guess

That makes sense though like where do we do where do we do our Castle okay okay do we get policy I get ballistic okay I think we should do a masonry rather first it’s even here maybe make sure we chop out and uh well it’s already chopped out well that’s

What our goal is if we can push that and take them off gold yeah but yeah we need to freaking get the castle already and that Tower is not important right yeah it’s just buying time well just like it’s Japanese go for Castle here and I’ll make it more forward under TC

Oh no no no no what is this Castle it’s a hill yeah but it’s not even open there is it it’s his yeah sure behind if not every drop in at the moment what unit do we make the herbalist you make carpools from this side and I push

For castles on this side it’s okay can we afford anything racism yasama oh yes Sam is not important right I guess not but racer will be important oh they’re here good morning the gold is running low I guess that’s a slight can you show oh look at him are you getting ready sir

You are getting bracer are you you’re somebody we can’t afford if you can’t I can’t either well we can do it in a second in a second okay now we do now we’ll do another day so how am I going over this if we don’t have gold we can sell wood

He’s doing Siege maybe they go fast and or faster uh honors reasonably well here huh problems they are outside that’s ugly can we get keep Maybe what do we need I mean I’m struggling to get to the freaking tab second tab because somebody keeps telling stuff from me

Oh you can make it now I needed to make uh Arboles man crossbows killing all here man we got this come back come back for them oh [ __ ] I think they’re going through a lounge around I’m afraid of their economy must be feeling good having one we’re doing another Castle

Oh deny denied uh not sure if that’s possible not for that attitude I think anything wrong way I’m getting the the best tablet in the game the summer what do we do against the drill orders should be a summer ah look at him here Okay oh they can’t repair the castle they’re in trouble man that’s a good sign that they don’t have time they don’t have gold for uh I’m all over them here and they free the gold spot as well manga are coming here we are our trip safe

You might want to keep bills with our traps I actually think they cannot afford honor right now we can push this there might be hope yeah yeah they have a drill but not I can’t save the Trap one second one second yes there Trevor all the wheels there’s so many wheels here

I like that we need to stop them from cutting is there anything there can do well we got the gold and they’re losing all the villagers man yeah yeah I think it’s possible and we are back in resources now you made a ram doubt around careful save her don’t lose our trips Can we have four thumb ring and the time is fast we need houses houses Do we get house can we afford house why not it’s like a cheap percentage in here oh boy that’s a lot of Siege Rams we’re gonna lose our ranges Oh there’s a sidewall right yeah they will have gold but they have taken a lot of damage right can you take take the T-shirt out but my crossbows cannot go in then the Trump I feel like our gold income is hurting I will go to the goal as soon as it

Cleans those freaking round can they afford one today well the regular mango die yes that we’re gonna lose a lot of Wheels potentially here don’t tell me stuff I don’t know I’m doing good here well I held for now please note for now is the word I’m using

Those words I want to hear we’re gonna get mega house Cube houses here I’m not paying attention there trust me I’m watching elsewhere you cannot drop Newcastle do we need it the fine needs our base on the right is that I will stop playing with you now hold base right

Second so what can I play with on our on the other side uh they will call it mangroves you know you need other units I just focus on eco yeah he will come at Seagram and Mangrove from this side now we have a lot of gold what do we want to make

I’m making Towers so far I need more wood well Bible I don’t care oh don’t buy too much it’s uh it’s not Angel yet though still foreign still hurts like a [ __ ] We need to commit on a unit well look Pike is the only choice harborless well then the owner goes right yeah but they don’t have drill yet uh honors they don’t have a lead manga I think the Eco is hurting a little they’re preparing the keyboard we’re almost through here though

No well we have good upgrades for crossbow but we don’t know we got laundry now I think we need a lot of traps oh and they got it we need a burrito don’t spend one we can buy okay just opened yeah I’m trying to look at the Bruto

No there’s no point running away damn they’re fast well how do we do it just maybe like cabbage is probably the best bet this might be hard to see yeah I think it’s close damn I think if we knew we could do second TC right away we would win we slowed

Ourselves too much down we were Oh you mean no they had to start we didn’t know we could do two TC’s and lumber can that’s Japanese oh let’s look at the Village account yikes man Viper how did you mess up with two two games without I is impressive right yeah relax relax

Don’t talk about the tournaments when we are players so much exactly guys how much more did you have this this game at the start what like you could afford two thesis but 650 yeah 650 oh disaster uh we thought we could only build two

TCS we only had 550. so we did a bit of an adapted opening oh it didn’t work well I I felt the second TC was a little bit late yeah yeah because we didn’t think we could afford we were like what was hunting on the right side man that

Was me wrecked I was so pissed we were all over the place to be fair how did you know that that was on the north on that uh enchilada I know a lot about it okay but I killed quick while even on the cat how did you split your attention

I was doing macro and Jordan was micro the hands game we it’s play one PC right yeah he was using the Army okay okay ggs GG see us yeah yes all right that was the uh Co-op show match shout out to Danger dog for hosting again I enjoy Co-op and

I would like to play more of that uh yeah hope you enjoyed

theviper aoe2


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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