Civilization Economy Tier List, 2023 | AoE2: DE

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these! In this video, we cover the relative economic strengths of all 43 civs currently in …

Hey guys it’s orenlu and it has actually been three months since I’ve made a tier list so it’s high time I do another one and this is going to be as the title and up there says it’s gonna be about civilization’s economies I did make a

Video on this two years ago actually a little more than two years ago uh but it this is sort of a topic that I’ve been talking about a lot on stream recently so I thought it would be nice to cover in this more standardized setting and uh

Yeah obviously Lots changed in the last two years so let’s just go ahead and Dive Right In uh s tier civs obviously those are going to be the very best sieves uh economically in the game civs whose economic strength is so powerful that you need to if you’re facing them

You need to sort of adapt your game plan game plan to the fact that their Eco is going to be better than yours at your sips are just sort of like the good economy sieves that you know that you’re just gonna be working with a solid EcoBoost throughout a game uh be tier

Sibs you know okay Eco you’re not going to fall far behind but you’re not likely going to be able to get ahead with economy see tier sips Are the SIMS that technically have Eco bonuses but they’re usually very minor and there’s only a couple of deter sips that have no real

Eco bonus and I guess I should explain what is an Eco bonus in this context and I would say it’s anything that helps you in the Dark Age pretty much any sort of Dark Age boost and then does it help you boom does it help you get to a fast cast

Late does it help you grow your resource intake or does it let you do that more cheaply or faster or something like that I would not consider unit discounts to be a an Eco bonus simply because that doesn’t help you grow your economy it just saves you resources when going for

Specific military strategy in general there is like a couple exceptions but that’s just the parameters I’m framing for this video because you can quickly fall down the rabbit hole of well this technically saves you resources so it’s an Eco bonus which I don’t think like Magyar free forging and stuff like that

That’s not an Eco bonus it doesn’t help your economy it doesn’t grow your economy at all it’s like if that’s an ecosystem like 90 of the bonuses in the game are an Eco bonus so we’re just going to try and use a bit of a more narrow definition uh and yeah let’s just

Get right into it finally uh Aztecs starting things off gonna be in a solid a tier uh this these guys used to be like borderline s tier economically back when they had free Loom and the five extra carry capacity now it’s only plus three you do start with 50 extra gold

Which can be nice on a fast Castle map where you don’t need to get Loom you just need to make like a few trips with your gold miners and then you’re good to go but in general their farming isn’t as good as it used to be it’s still a very

Strong serve economically and throughout the course of a game it is the best Eco of the three American civs but it’s not quite quite as good as it used to be Bengali is gonna be in the a tier as well of course the main Eco strength of

This sieve is Gonna Come From the two extra villagers that they get from each of their TCS with each age up plus Mahayana to help you out in the late game having you uh your villagers cost less population space uh so you have like an early game-ish boost and a late

Game boost and it’s really good like bengalis are a strong Civ uh economically but it still takes time for like the two extra villagers you get in feudal age or even the four extra bills you get on your way up to if you go for

A fast Castle it takes a bit for that to pay off uh especially against some of the sieves that are like faster and getting their extra Eco bonuses rolling so I don’t think bengales are like quite quite top tier but they’re definitely a very strong a tier uh Eco zip Contender

Like they have a good Eco throughout the entire game which is nice especially for Sid with lots of expensive units Berber is going to be going in the seat here the only thing that can count possibly as an Eco bonus is uh the faster moving villagers which does help you out a

Little bit you may think it helps out your Farmers a lot it does not it’s like a two and a half percent increase to your farming rate it’s it’s really not that big carry capacity matters a lot more as a farming bonus than movement speed that’s why the Aztec bonus is a

Good farming bonus and the Berber one it’s more of a utility bonus like defensive utility bonus also it is only five percent in Dark Age which isn’t as fun anymore uh the fast removing fishing ships and trade cogs are also technically Eco bonuses uh but again

It’s more of a minor thing uh so yeah it’s technically an Eco bonus but not much of one Bohemians despite what Hera says we’re gonna put them in the B tier uh Hera did a top five ecosives video like a few weeks ago I’ll link that in the comment uh comments or description

That one uh but Bohemians it’s a nice sieve economically it’s decent you have the cheaper blacksmiths and universities you get the free mining upgrades all four of them now that is good but it doesn’t help you really expand your economy oh yeah also your villagers benefit from fervor which is nice but

Like the Berber bonus it doesn’t help out your farming as much as you might think if the Bohemian eco was so strong let me phrase it like this you would think that they would be a good Arabia sieve they have because there are sips like Vikings that you would that

Normally they wouldn’t logically be a good Arabia so if they don’t have a great Tech Tree and they don’t have good Mobility options but their economy is so powerful that it just doesn’t matter and of course Vikings are a totally fine or abusive Bohemians don’t have that luxury it’s

Still a little slow and although you’re faster working uh gold biters is nice and helping you churn out maybe some Army faster and it’s good for like the clownish low Eco plays it’s not really enough to put you over the top economically if you’re playing Arena where Bohemians shine you don’t

Pick Bohemians on Arena because their boom is insane you pick it because Hal pofnizza kills like everything in the game and plus hand cannons you pick them for their army composition and not necessarily their economy especially relative to the better sieves that are in the game as far as booming goes so I

Do think that they’re a perfectly fine B tier as they have a bunch of nice bonuses that can sort of add up over time but I don’t think they’re anything higher than b tier Britain’s gonna be in the a tier uh Britain’s it’s just always been super solid economically in the

Early game you have the 25 faster working Shepherds you just get more food faster any sort of food bonus and Dark Age is going to be really good and then you have the um cheaper Town centers in the castle age which can allow you to just grow

Your Eco super quickly just get all those TC TC’s down pump out villagers as much as possible and unlike a lot of other Archer civs you can play them in a more High Eco approach quite effectively whereas most archives tend to be more uh low Eco because archers are cheap but

Yeah britons can do that quite nicely strong eight here I don’t think that’s going to be too controversial uh bulgarians see tier your only Eco bonus is that your town centers cost 50 uh less Stone which is nice you can add four extra TC’s without having to mine

Any stone but beyond that it’s it’s just there are better sips out there economically it’s like the the worst version of the britons bonus Town centers aren’t that sound expensive and you don’t add that many of them at least all at once so yeah I mean it’s it’s like nice to

Have but it’s not the biggest deal in the world burgundians despite their nerves still an S tier ecosive and I would say they’re probably the third best sieve economically in AOE too you have the cheaper Eco upgrades on the food cost that are available in age earlier also you have Burgundian

Vineyards to generate gold while you farm and you have relics that generate food while they generate gold so that’s like four Eco bonuses and one uh yeah burgundy is just insane economically you can play them really passively on open maps that we see a lot at the high level

Just Palisade yourself in get those early Eco upgrades drop a castle make some kustier grab some relics and then you’re on your way and what’s great about burgundians is that you have an amazing Eco throughout the entire game right that early Eco upgrades with the discount you get that early boost over

Your opponent because getting double bit ax at like 15 pop is just like good uh getting Farms with horse collar and Dark Age with heavy plow and feudal age like that’s all really good but even as you progress through the game with the Relic bonus and with Burgundian Vineyards you actually have

That really strong economic presence throughout like a two-hour game which is not something that a lot of sieves can boast so burgundians definitely one of the key selling points of the Civ is their economy a solid beat here reasonably High beat here at that uh Burmese you just have

The free wood upgrades that’s it but hey free what upgrades are nice it means you can get that little bit of extra food income as quickly as possible you have the you can almost always afford horse collar which is nice and it’s just a nice bit of uh wood savings throughout

You know the game but still in terms of resources saved it’s not that much the wood upgrades aren’t that expensive and at the end of the day as soon as your opponent researches the wood upgrades themselves you have no more Eco bonus maybe in a very uh loose sense of

Ecoboise you could say that seeing where the relics are on the map as a Nico bonus but I I think that’s really pushing it uh yeah I think BT is fine byzantines D tier one day the fast imp guilds play will be a top tier Eco move but uh

Beyond that byzantines don’t have an Eco bonus cheaper trash units does not help you grow your economy and it doesn’t help you go for anything that isn’t a trash based strategy which are really great with byzantines like military unit discount businesses are usually some of the better bonuses in the game but I

Just don’t think especially for the purposes of what we’re talking about uh in this video it’s that doesn’t quite fit the bill Kilts a tier I kind of think of this as a slightly better more flexible version of the Burmese bonus as you get the uh faster working

Lumberjacks as soon as the game starts so you can build up that economy in Dark Age and any bonus you get in the dark age is really good because it just helps you get to those more important power spikes a little bit faster and you can

Get the Eco upgrades on top of it right you I mean you don’t have two mansaw but you can get double bit X and bosaw at the same time that everyone else does so instead of having you know just the 20 faster working Lumberjacks as soon as

You hit feudal age as Burmese you are getting 35 faster working Lumberjacks once you research double bit X so there’s like maybe a small timing where the Burmese savings are a bit more but I think in general the Celts bonus is going to be more solid uh throughout the

Game and also it does help you throughout the entirety of the game so it’s only five percent more in post compared to acid with two mansaw but it’s it’s still nice Chinese um this is tricky because they did just get nerfed recently I’m still going to

Put them in the S tier but with the caveat that it’s a little bit complicated now if Chinese can get off to their good start it is still an incredibly strong set of economically throughout the early to mid game getting the extra villagers does offset the fewer resources you

Start with in a lot of cases it doesn’t help you as much once you get to like mid Castle age but that’s when the the tech discount really comes into play it is only 5 10 15 and futile through Imperial age now out but it’s still something your Farms give you extra food

10 more and your town centers even give you a little bit of extra housing space which does matter in early Castle age when you’re dropping TCS just getting that little bit of extra wood savings is Handy is it the is it quite as good as

It used to be no but I still think it’s solid enough to be asked here on any standard map but you also have to consider that in any sort of map where you have fish under your TC hunt readily available right next to your TC like an

Enclosed or if you are playing a regicide Fortress which is a really popular setting uh Chinese immediately become like tippy tippy top best here so I I think that if it’s like basically s tier on regular land maps and there are a few maps that are played commonly in

Tournaments that are you know if they just shoot to the very top I think totally fine putting a nest here cumins s tier and I would make the argument that humans have the single best economy in the game of any Civ except maybe one that we’ll get to later I think he kind

Of flip the two no sieve makes you bend your game game plan like humans in terms of okay I’m up against humans I literally need to go all in or do some sort of crazy uh greedy play myself or I’m just gonna die and we see that

Happen a lot in tournaments where people are struggling to punish the human boom as players are just getting better and better at defending it but that second TC and feudal age just gets you so many more resources so much faster that it is actually oppressive in a ton of

Different situations and there’s like only one other sieve I think that can really match that um and what can be says that the human bonus is only a timing bonus it doesn’t help you throughout the entire game like once your opponents catch up in villagers they’ll like humans don’t have

An Eco bonus at that point and they also have a bad Tech tree that said that timing window when you just have so many more resources than your opponent is enough to completely swing game after game after game after game uh obviously it’s conditional you can’t get away with

It every time but I think players can get away with it consistently enough in enough different settings that it’s it’s easily one of if not the best Eco bonuses uh dravidians gonna be putting them in the C tier um it would be like a high seat here

It’s definitely a better bonus than uh the extra wood by the way uh and if you’re looking more at Water Maps I guess I’m not really talking about water that much uh if we’re talking water Maps then you’re jumping up to b or even eight here because you have the extra

Housing space from the docks which is super good early on and the fishing ships that have longer carry or more carry capacity which again it’s great but mostly I’m thinking about the extra 200 wood that you’re getting when you age up it can help you drop a TC uh in

Castle age it can help you drop an archery range quickly and feudal age it’s it’s a nice you know quick bonus but beyond that you don’t have any Eco bonus or video it’s a much more of a military focused sieve in general yeah it’s gonna be tricky when we were

Factoring in the the water bonuses because obviously they’re very situational as water baths aren’t super popular but yeah I just think that if we’re looking looking at high B tier low a tier on water maps and C tier on land Maps so this is generally land Maps so

Let’s put that in seat here Ethiopians same exact deal at an extra 100 would air food and gold food and gold uh when you reach the next stage it can be really nice it also means that if you’re playing an FC map where you don’t need

To get Lumen futile age like an arena sometimes Black Forest uh that sort of thing you don’t need to gather any gold whatsoever because what happens is you start with 100 gold you’ll hit feet late and then you’ll have the 200 gold needed for Castle age and then when you hit

Castle age you’ll have 100 more gold so you can even afford a monk so that leads to a very smooth early game plan uh but that’s kind of it Ethiopians can’t really keep up economically with a lot of the other top saves uh I mean I would

Put them on the higher end of C tier I mean I’m not ranking these sieves within the tiers because I think that becomes really tricky uh or am I should I am I that crazy you know what I I didn’t do this in my uh my practice list that I

Made or the list I made ahead of time uh but you know what let’s let’s go absolutely wild guys yeah let’s do that for now uh Franks Franks Franks Franks uh do you still have faster working foragers and you have the free Farm upgrades that’s a double bonus and that

Is gonna be enough to put them in a tier I don’t think they’re going to be better than Celts which is just gonna be more consistent throughout the game but still kind of like Burmese you can usually get the other Eco upgrade in this case double bid Expo saw quite easily and

Then the foragers just give you a really smooth early game Frank’s totally fine so economically not really pushing the the upper tiers but a strong Eco is part of why Franks are a great Civ good s so with Goths I do think that you have

The okay so you have the bonus that you get loom instantly so you can get a villa head when you your opposed took up to feudal age on maps where you get loom and Dark Age which is like most maps and you now have the longer lasting hunt and

I do think that’s good enough to put Goths and beat here it’s hard to say like on maps with a ton of hunt yes you could argue higher for them but if we’re talking about most standard Maps uh the longer lasting Hunt is really nice but it’s not anything that’s going to help

You beyond the early game same with loom you can kind of get a villager head that way yeah I’m gonna I think like there in B tier is fine for now wouldn’t really uh put them any higher though good jurors kind of a weird one probably around as good as Aztecs let’s

Bump him up a little bit above Aztecs so in the early game you can Garrison your sheep in your bills which is basically an extra food gatherer from the beginning of the game so you’re using all of your sheep at once basically then it kind of Peters off for the mid game

But then once you get shot through Us in late Castle age I know I say military discounts don’t really make for Eco bonuses but that is such a huge discount for almost everything that you do as a sieve so that won’t apply basically on water Maps or if you’re going for mostly

Siege that aren’t your armored elephants so I am going to break my own rules and put that as an Eco bonus because it really does make a big impact in the late game with like it’s almost impossible to find a strategy that you do with creatures that doesn’t involve

Making a lot of food units so for that reason I am going to be putting them in uh a tier quite solidly if you don’t want to include shot three as at all maybe you bump them down to like low a tier High B tier because they do have a

Very smooth early game if you get the trickiness down but you know this is my video I do what I want gosh darn it hindustanies oh how the mighty have fallen uh you do get your 5 10 15 20 cheaper villagers throughout the game and you also have grand trunk

Road which improves your uh gold economy and you even have the Caravan Sarai to help you out in team games oh yeah Aztecs also have the extra gold from relics I totally forgot about that they have that anyway uh you do have a nice slew of bonuses as hindustanis they

Don’t have the overwhelming economic presence that they used to but it’s still I think plenty solid enough to be a respectable a tier uh yeah I think right here on the list is totally fine for the sieve extra golden come potentially great trade bonus in the

Late game and then of course the main one is your cheaper villagers it’s not that big of a bonus but it is quite nice um yeah it’s a little bit better than Goths is it better than Burmese from an economy standpoint yeah I think it is

Okay we’ll put Huns right there so your only Eco bonus is that obviously you don’t need to build houses but you start with minus 100 Wood uh I mean on Nomad Maps it is absolutely awful because you can’t make a dock right away so that aside uh hunts are otherwise like really

S like Smooth to play not needing to build houses it’s the wood savings it’s the Villager Time Savings and it’s just the convenience factor you don’t need to relegate the brain power in APM to build houses so all of that is quite nice but uh we have a lot of sieves with very

Strong economies right now and Huns are not gonna Really Gonna Be I think any higher than high B tier obviously missing houses does create an issue in a lot of cases where you don’t have houses to wall with so hunts are not a great defensive but that’s not really what I’m

Looking at here I’m looking more just I’m trying to be as laser focused on the economy side of things as much as possible ink good because I think we’re gonna put the maybe right behind Bohemians uh again you have the food discount Incas are less likely to be

Making a food heavy armies than our cultures and their units just Cost Less food in general but it is still enough that like I feel like you kind of have to count it because it’s just such an incredibly broad bonus but beyond that you still have the extra llama that you

Get for your entire team now and the houses that give you extra housing space and even the buildings that cost less Stone so we have a several very solid bonuses scattered in there uh I think definitely up there with Bohemians for like High beat here but I don’t think

You can really punch into the a tier uh with that sort of bonuses you just don’t really get the raw booming power or the savings that some other sieves do it can be tricky because it is very smooth to play Incas but a lot of it has to do

With the fact that you have like an okay Eco and your armies are super cheap so that that does help can we bring them into low a tier it is really smooth to play Incas but are they like great at booming not really I mean like they’re

Fine it’s more suited to aggressive Maps it’s really tricky yeah I think I might even put them ahead of Bohemians if you really want to put them in a tier and you feel strongly about that I’m not gonna say you’re crazy but uh yeah don’t really think a whole lot else definitely

Not any higher than that not as not as good as Nico’s Aztecs like in a in a vacuum Italians in a similar vein to Ethiopians and dravidians you have the cheaper age up I mean again we’re talking about water Maps more we’re jumping up to like

B tier a tier uh I’m gonna put them at the top I also think uh Ethiopians are better than dravidians well the trivia is better on water factoring water at least a little bit I think Italians are like not the worst sieve in the world

You do have the cheaper age up to help you on any map uh but beyond that it’s not really anything that crazy you can maybe click up to Castle age a villager faster or something like that uh feudal age a little bit faster not the biggest

Deal in the world in a similar vein Japanese uh this is kind of interesting because you have a ton of great Savings in the early game without the half cost drop-off sites and you have the super fishing ship so if you’re fish booming then they’re amazing if you’re not then

It really Peters off after the early game let’s go ahead and put Japanese right ahead of Italians I think we’ll do that it’s pretty close like they’re these guys are definitely definitely like pushing beat here especially the more you consider water Maps but I think

That’s okay uh come here s tier uh gonna be putting them right behind burgundians one of the best economies in the game easily you don’t need the uh buildings to unlock other buildings this gives you a super smooth early game just tons and tons of savings whether it be on

Aggressive Maps we’re skipping the barracks is super helpful to being able to skip the market to go for a fast Castle on something like Nomad to in Arena style okay let’s just stop build a buildings that we don’t need to and just click up to Castle age on 23 pop and

Then boom it is such a flexible bonus in the early game and then on um as the game goes on you have your Farmers really kick in that are just immediately dropping off food for you constantly those two bonuses are both very powerful and then when put together

You get one of the best sivs economically in the game I probably put them maybe like at four or something behind burgundians super super good Koreans you do have the free mining upgrades all right next is gonna be the Koreans and they have the faster working Stone miners which is technically an Eco

Bonus although not much of one but now they have the wood discount on all of their units which again it’s unit discounts I don’t normally say are Eco bonuses but it’s such an incredibly broad one although uh it doesn’t include Siege units I’m still going to put them behind Ethiopians it

It gets really tricky um but yeah I I think that the wood bonus is at least a little bit more narrow than Incas and gujures so yeah uh I I think there is fine Koreans are not as if you play for their economy play for their really efficient armies and

Fantastic late game Lithuanian um I think right there might be fine better than Huns maybe not around as good as Burmese so lithuanians who start with 100 extra food and you get a hundred more food whenever you place an additional Town Center this does help

You boom it helps you get off to a good fast start on basically any map and it’s just a good solid all-around bonus it’s not usually going to win new games they don’t have the extra 150 food anymore so they’re not as potent on hybrid Maps but

Still you can’t send villagers to Wood early on and get early fishing ships out that way so it is still a relevant bonus in that sort of situation and getting an extra 100 food when you build a TC means you can queue up two villagers instantly so that’s quite nice for sure uh

Mid-beat here I think is perfectly fine for the sieve magyars deter they don’t have an Eco bonus but only they have cheaper Scouts okay that doesn’t help you unless you’re Scout rushing and there are unfortunately for medgarra’s many situations where you don’t want to scout Rush uh same goes

For free forging like I alluded to earlier that is a narrow enough uh unit discount that I can be okay not including it I mean it’s just one specific type of unit you play Maggers because they’re super strong aggressively with their armies and they have an insane late game with mega

Hussars and Cav archers but uh booming and high Eco sorts of situations is not their strength Malay uh s tier gonna be I think between Khmer and Chinese uh you get two extra villagers basically when you reach feudal age because of the faster age up another almost three

Villagers when you hit Castle age and you have an insane fish boom with the discounted fish traps that last basically forever so on land Maps you have one of the best ecos in the game on water Maps it’s just as good if not even slightly better uh you know if they like

Full fish boot Maps like BF they are one of the very bestives out there Malay super super strong economically I don’t think there’s really uh a whole lot you could say against that there are sieves that are a little bit better because it is kind of timing based unless you’re

Using fish traps but it’s certainly a good enough bonus to get you pretty far ahead it’s kind of like bengali’s except your the extra villagers come in relatively speaking you can get maybe even a little bit more of them a little bit faster and then you also have the

Fish trap aspect of it so I do think that they are a bit better than bengali’s but we’re kind of talking a lower tier s a lower s tier Civ versus a high a tier Civ so the difference isn’t super huge between these two you get extra villagers uh Molly

I I think I might put them right behind bengalis maybe you could argue their borderline s here before they got nerfed uh with the more efficient gold miners used to be 15 now it’s only 10 but you also have the web discount on buildings which is amazing on Nomad start maps or

Hybrid Maps where you can get fishing ships out uh faster than your opponent super super powerful in that situation you just get extra gold relative to your opponent you also get more gold overall which is really helpful and having a strong wood bonus and a strong gold

Bonus just it gives you so much flexibility in what you can do and that’s one of the reasons that monuments are such a potent save in a variety of settings is the Broad tech tree and the strong economy kind of like Chinese but malians are more aggressively oriented I

Don’t quite think it’s asked here anymore though Mayans maybe right there that’s a pretty good spot for them I mean if you would like argue no Celts are better than Mayans or new or Cults are worse than Mayans Franks are better than by like okay fine like this is just delineating between

The tears a little bit uh you get extra fill at the start of the game at the cost of 50 food that’s still a nice bonus helps you out just getting more resources faster and of course the big one is the longer lasting resources super strong bonus in the early game

With all of your early food sources lasting longer it does help you uh in the late game as well as there’s just you get more resources overall to play with so you have a strong early bonus and a strong late bonus there isn’t a whole lot going for you in the mid game

Though so it’s not I as overbearing as some other sieves but I think that it just helps you out faster in so many more cases that said it’s not as much of a booming bonus as like Aztecs are so is Aztec Eco maybe even a little bit better now I’m doubting

Myself because that sex also The Relic bonus too maybe it was under selling Aztecs a little bit Aztecs Eco it’s still really good maybe like just a tad better like I mean all of these sieves are pretty close this is what happens when I try and order stuff within tiers

I like will change my mind 50 times uh Mongols going to be get that High beat here obviously on maps where there’s a ton of hunt they jump up to EST here I don’t think that’s too too surprising uh you can’t get a quick feudal age really really nicely uh

You can go for super fast Castle age as well which is nice but beyond that they don’t have anything it’s a sieve that you have a very fast opening and amazing late game not really a whole lot in between is it even worse than like lithuanians maybe and it depends on the

Map a little bit as well like maps with like Fast up times being important matters can matter a lot but it certainly isn’t enough to do you any favors on closed Maps I don’t know it may be a little bit lower in B tier I like Mongols a lot but maybe not any

Higher than that Persians uh either the top of B tier or the bottom of a tier I’m not super sold on Persians these days okay no actually because of the strength on hybrid Maps we’ll put them in a tier uh Maps freaking a fishing ship out right away is really

Powerful for the Persians and you can get a big Eco Elite that way and that is why they are picked in a lot of very aggressive Maps uh hybrid Maps as well as Nomad style Maps because you can get that fishing ship out and then of course

You have the faster working TCS that help you progressively threat the game but not in Dark Age just more in futile castle and Imperial age now it this also becomes more difficult to support villager production from all of those TCS so it’s not necessarily like as good

As you may think but it is still a bonus for sure it does help you gather more resources faster and persons have a very expensive Army so that is quite nice and especially because of the strength on like early aggressive water or slash hybrid Maps I I think Persians certainly

Can can scooch into the uh the a tier all right poles this is the sieve that I I can go back and forth all day between humans and poles is the best of economically in aoe2 let’s put polls at number one uh polls I guess technically only have two Eco bonuses the gold

That’s generated from Stone Miners and of course the full vark like humans poles can bend your entire opponent’s game plan based around the fact that you can just sit on your butt like close close yourself off in a small little area and then get to your full bark

Farms and then you can get uh shocked privileges which I’m not including as part of this by the way still even without like shock to privileges the Eco aspect of Falls is absolutely crazy it has to be conditional with the folvarks which is why it’s like even remotely

Balanced but it gives you a fantastic economy from Dark Age all the way through post Imperial age like burgundians like Khmer which is incredibly powerful so I I really like Paul Eco for that reason it’s possibly the single best economy in the game uh you can just get so many more resources

Than your opponent that you just flatten them and in so many situations again like even without shocked privileges it you can just kill them with so many units so yeah Paul’s absolutely top tier economically uh Portuguese this one um maybe top of maybe below Incas yeah let’s put them below Incas it’s it’s

Very close between like these three serves especially so Portuguese you do have the wood that you get from foragers so you have a very smooth early game now you have the gold discount on all your units which again it is a you know a unit discount but it

Is so broadly applicable that I kind of have to count it a little bit uh and then of course you have the faderia which I do count as an Eco bonus as it just gives you resources over time for free uh which is obviously helpful in a

Fast temp scenario and in the super late game so you have like these little bonuses that can help you throughout a game and then a really Broad tech tree and some strong units so like Portuguese are one of the most well-rounded saves in all of aoe2 right now they’re good on

Every single setting basically but their Eco is like good but I don’t think a major factor as to why the Sip is like shining so much but they are still very smooth to play uh which oh and they have the faster researching texts as well so

You know what let’s bump them over Incas so yeah so you do have like a lot of little bonuses going for you that can add up to like a pretty solid sieve economically saracens this is so hard to place economically you have the market bonus which is it you have the cheaper

Markets and the market trade being better uh this bonus is somewhere between the bottom of C tier and like you know lowest here it all depends on how you can use the market can you leverage it for a fast cash late timing to which like if you’re trying to use your

Eco bonus to get to Castle quickly for an attack if you’re trying to use it to Boom you can do all of that it helps in a super long game it’s just getting more efficient uh you know trades at the market I’m going to put saracens right

There but they can go in so many different places depending on how the market can be utilized which I don’t think any player in the world has really come to Leverage The saracen Market as much as it can be used it’s just very tricky uh Sicilians another like decent

B-tier sieve Sicilian Eco is pretty good you have the Farms that can last a very long time as you benefit more than double from all of the farm upgrades and you have the TCS that build 100 faster so it doesn’t help you a ton in the

Early game but as far as like mid to late game uh you do have a very strong Eco also you have an extra 100 Stone which you can even use to sell at the market to get a bit of a better Castle age time or you can just plop down up to

Four TCS without or three extra TCS without needing to bite any stone so you actually kind of have three Eco bonuses none of them really are like over the top great but they are quite solid across the board so yeah sicilian’s pretty pretty good Eco in in general

They’re not the most exciting Civ in the world but having a bad Eco is not really the reason why although it is a bit slower to start compared to some Civ so it’s not like any higher than like mid to high beat here slubs you have technically two bonuses the main one

Being the farming bonus and the other one being uh military buildings giving you five hop space and like a house low a tier seems fine like the farming bonus it it’s a little slow to start off but then it will help you more and more and more over the course of the game

Until it’s really good uh once you have a bunch of farms going but it isn’t as fast acting as the Khmer bonus as the Khmer bonus just gives you more food quickly and it helps in like low farm number situations you can also build farms without a mill which is nice in

Some situations as well whereas Slavs it’s much more of a gradual process and Khmer also have other bonuses as well to help them out so yeah I think low a tiers is fine for the sieve also the t-nets is that a Nico bonus I don’t know you’re technically getting more castles

For stone mind no it’s probably not a decompass that’s why I said like it’s it’s really hard to draw the line of where an Eco bone is uh like ends and like a military and defensive bonus begins in AOE too uh Spanish [Laughter] it’s tough they’re somewhere around here

Maybe you’re there you have the faster working Builders which does give you a small amount of time saved whenever you’re building anything um except your first TC on Nomad that was uh changed a little while ago uh beyond that you get a little bit of gold when you research Technologies which can

Lead to like some smoother place and I mean it’s just free resources basically so it does it definitely counts as an Eco bonus but you also have the trade bonus and team games which is one of the most powerful like Eco team bonuses so maybe for that reasonable low we scooch

Them up to the bottom of B tier it’s like a c tier otherwise but like in any sort of Team game situation you might just be able to scooch into beat here if you don’t value team games then yeah you knock them down to seat here but if you

Do value team games then I do think that team games are just as legitimate of a way to play aoe2 competitively as 1v1s then okay put Spanish right there Maybe just above Spanish actually tadars aren’t super economically focused they’re much more of like a military and timing sieve uh you have the longer lasting sheep and the TCS that spawn extra sheep uh not including your first DC so expertisees after that it can help you delay that farm transition it is

Just extra food that you’re getting it’s nice it can help out but you todders are barely having a huge eco bonus over most of us unless you’re like playing a map with 10 million sheep on it but that’s not usually the case most Maps don’t have any more than eight sheep or maybe

Like a little bit more per player yeah it’s a solid bonus but not I think anything that is super super exciting it’s just nice to have two tones I think we can think about tutons in a pretty similar way to the slobs I do like the fact that

You can get the Farms out more cheaply which means you can it’s more of a front loaded bonus than the Slavs right because you just get those wood savings immediately when you want to place the farm as opposed to just getting gradually more food over time so you can

Make more Farms with fewer villagers on wood and as and if anyone’s tried booming with two-ton’s nose it is just a very very smooth experience having all those wood savings it is actually their only Eco bonus but it’s a very powerful one and enough to put them into a solid eight here

You have faster wrecking gold miners which is an Eco bonus but it’s a very narrow one yeah I’ll put them right there because like all of these bonuses can be used for really sick timings and that can help you boom but beyond that it’s like Turks you just get more gold

Which does help in like a fast imp scenario you can have fewer miners Gathering the resource to sustain your army which I it is you know economically oriented but it’s tough right I don’t think that uh the the fantastically strong range units of Turks is why you

Play the sieve right it’s not because of the Eco it’s just the gold is is a nice little boost on top Vietnamese oh it looks so ugly they’re gonna have to change sieves guys just so we don’t have the the double wide tears yeah I would say I would have said they

Were beat here before but ever since they have the faster researching text as well uh giving you real Barrel quite quickly hand cart quickly and just getting all those other cup grades a little bit faster and they don’t cost wood it’s really nice you see where your

Opponent’s TC is which can kind of count as Nico bonus because you can really reliably lure deer unless you have like a map where you can’t reliably lure a deer which happens sometimes uh depending on the map as well so I wouldn’t say that’s like a big Eco bonus

Or like a consistent one at least but I will say that Vietnamese are still a very solid Civ economically oh yeah I should put them in a tier somewhere it’s definitely like faster and getting value than uh some of these sieves maybe right above hindustanies it’s not like V

Vietnamese are still like a tippy tippy top ecosive also you have paper money to help you in the late game which is not awful by the way it’s like getting two extra relics in the late game which is nice as Vietnamese their units tend to cost a lot of wood

Um is it better than slobs yes probably are two tones better than yours also probably this is why you don’t want me ranking stuff guys I’m nowhere near consistent enough anyway last but not least we will have the Vikings and I will be putting them right there at

Number five Vikings they are a fantastic Civ economically they can have an Eco that is strong enough to make a sieve that is otherwise very unremarkable work in a lot of situations that said do they create this Unstoppable like force in a game that the saves above them do I

Don’t really think so their boom is quite good but it’s all timing based right polls burgundians and Khmer all have amazing economies throughout the entirety of a game humans are like Vikings it’s all timing based but is the Viking Eco as absolutely oppressive as the human Eco no not at all it’s more

Consistent but nowhere near as strong so yeah I think putting Vikings in at number five is perfectly reasonable so let’s go ahead and take a look at this list I think the S tier is fine this is definitely just the S tier I had in my

Mind when I went into the video and I think the ordering makes plenty of sense uh a tier I like Tuton Eco more than Frank’s do I like it more than Mayans and Aztecs it’s like very close I think putting them there is fine uh britons

Are they too high now britons are really smooth maybe like they don’t have anything to helping them out in the feudal age though so maybe put Celts a little bit above them Vietnamese over gujers jerseys are quite smooth in the early game but they really don’t have

Anything going for them in the mid game though and like if you don’t want to count shot three as at all like yours are going to fall all the way down to B tier It’s Tricky sloths any size Persians I think all of that is fine Portuguese Incas Bohemian Sicilians Hans

Lithuanians Mongols yeah that seems fine to me c tier again like a lot of these Sims you can reorganize based like within the tiers that is all fine and then byzantines mag ears I mean you can these both these Sims basically just have no Eco bonus so

Put them in whatever order you like are berbers better than bulgarians well bulgarians will maybe have a slightly better boom I don’t know it doesn’t matter that much much hey guys or Lou from the future here and uh it was only during editing the video did I realize

Uh I forgot a Sith Romans aren’t part of the uh the tier maker syphilis for this so you can see that with some incredibly great editing I have placed romance on the tier list right between bengalis and malians uh Roman Eco is super good five percent faster everything five percent

Faster gathering on all resources from all forms and you build five percent faster and repair five percent faster this just gives you a smooth little boost throughout the entirety of a game it’s not likely going to give you an overwhelming advantage in and of itself

But it is enough that you can get in a spot where you’re ahead and then just stay ahead throughout a lot of a game I think that as people are playing Romans more and more they’re realizing that this is a a very strong tool that the

Sieve has at its disposal it’s not quite as tier I think but it is still very very good um so high eight here for sure that said for realsies now we are done with the tier list so let me know what you guys think of this one in the

Comments uh and of course thank you all for Watching Special shout out to my patreon supporters who helped make this all possible with Anonymous and Tristan in the Great Wolf tier and then Carolyn elvenor liquid egg product riru Tandoori and folder in the direwolf tier thank

You guys all so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

age of empires 2 tier list


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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